CR: Chapter 206

It was unknown where the Luoying Pavilion team went after leaving the supermarket. Xiao Lou didn’t want to blame the captain. She had been attacked by her teammate without any psychological preparation and her method was indeed very decisive. If she dragged things out then the entire team was likely to be buried. Would she feel guilty later if she understood that she could take her team member through the instance?

Xiao Lou put away his thoughts. He looked around and found there were no infected people nearby. Therefore, he suggested in a confident manner, “I remember that there was a pharmacy on the road. We should go to the pharmacy to buy some commonly used medicine. Chief Shao’s cold should be cured as soon as possible.”

Yu Hanjiang nodded. “Let’s go.”

There was a pharmacy near the supermarket. Due to the traffic paralysis in the city centre and the outbreak in the central square, the nearby people had either died or ran. The streets were a mess and all the stores on the street were closed.

The door of this pharmacy was locked and no one was inside. This was good news for Xiao Lou. The fact that no one was inside the pharmacy meant there was no danger of being attacked by the bugs. In today’s situation, they couldn’t care about paying for things. The door of the pharmacy was locked and it could only be smashed open.

Yu Hanjiang’s voice was low. “Everyone, get back.”

They quickly took a few steps back. Yu Hanjiang took out his weapon and fired a sharp shot at the glass door. There was a bang and the glass door was smashed by him. The broken glass scattered everywhere.

Yu Hanjiang flashed to avoid it. Once the glass fell to the ground, he kicked open the smashed door and was the first to enter the pharmacy.

His teammates followed him in. Xiao Lou knew most of the common medicines and quickly grabbed some medicine for colds, fevers, headaches and diarrhea from the shelves. He also grabbed some disinfectant cotton swabs, iodine and medical gauze. The bugs liked blood so if someone was wounded, it had to be treated as soon as possible. It was necessary to wrap the wound with gauze.

Xiao Lou also took a few bottles of medical alcohol. “The concentration of alcohol in this is relatively high. The packaging is like mineral water and it is easy to carry. It can be used to splash on the infected people to help burn them.”

Yu Hanjiang helped him grab a few more bottles. “The backpack is full. Grab a medicine box to hold the medicine separately.”

Xiao Lou grabbed a plastic medicine box from the pharmacy and placed the medicine and medical alcohol into it. Then he nodded at Yu Hanjiang. “Yes.”

Yu Hanjiang waved his hand. “Withdraw.”

They exited the pharmacy and headed to the corner where Old Mo’s decorating company was located. They had just walked to the door of the decorating company when an infected person jumped down from the wall, almost knocking Xiao Lou down!

Yu Hanjiang’s eyes were fast and he kicked the other person while grabbing Xiao Lou. He ordered, “Go in quickly!”

Old Mo opened the door and everyone quickly walked into the decorating company. Yu Hanjiang locked the big iron door from the inside.

Xiao Lou looked out of the window and his face was pale while his heart was thumping. “It seems that the infected people already have the characteristics of bugs. They can climb buildings at will or directly stick to buildings to jump down and suddenly attack.

Yu Hanjiang frowned. “I have observed that the infected person crawling outside should be alone. There are no signs of a large number of infected people nearby. It is likely that the infected people are busy chasing the local people in the urban areas.”

On the first day, those who stayed at home and didn’t go out or those who ran quickly weren’t infected. The challengers wouldn’t be surrounded by an army of infected people yet.

Xiao Lou stood by the window and observed carefully. He found that there were indeed only one or two infected people nearby. This relieved him. “It is temporarily safe. We should eat something first.”

It was 2:30 and everyone remembered that they had nothing to eat today.

Ye Qi’s stomach was growling from hunger. Old Mo grabbed an electric kettle and boiled some water from the mineral water bottles. He said, “The conditions here are limited. Everyone will have to eat instant noodles for lunch.”

In the survival room, everyone could eat instant noodles. They were very satisfied.

The instant noodles they grabbed this time were all in packets which made it convenient to be stuffed into the school bags. Xiao Lou also bought several plastic lunch boxes. Once the hot water was boiled, everyone ate the noodles in the lunch boxes. The different scents of the instant noodles floated in the air and the aroma of food made everyone a bit calmer.

The bugs weren’t discussed during the meal. They all tacitly didn’t mention the infected people and quickly ate their lunch. After a simple lunch, Liu Qiao and Qu Wanyue took the initiative to wash the dishes. This plastic lunch box could be used repeatedly. If conditions permitted, they could continue to eat hot food.

Yu Hanjiang asked, “Old Mo, do you have a computer here?”

Mo Xuemin nodded. “There is one in the company’s design department. The designer’s computer can be used.”

Old Mo’s decorating company in 8 of Spades wasn’t large. It was just a 200 square metres store on the roadside that was divided into small offices such as the design department, the finance department and the engineering department. In the morning, there was a client. Then at lunch, everyone in the company went out. Old Mo had locked the door and went to the square to find his teammates. Now the company was empty and had become a temporary base for his team.

Yu Hanjiang stated, “Go and check some information online.”

A secret room with a modern background was more convenient to obtain information than ancient times. For example, during the Financial Crisis secret room, Chief Shao used the computer to control the stock market.  The bugs couldn’t destroy the circuits and networks of the city in a day and the computer could still access the Internet at the moment.

The team came to the design department. Old Mo turned on the computer and Yu Hanjiang quickly searched for information on the Internet.

Officials were trying to suppress public opinion and hadn’t announced the truth of the ‘parasitic infection’ but after experiencing the noon traffic jam and the horror scene of people being bitten and attacked, the entire city was in a state of panic.

Many residents were writing posts to discuss it. “Don’t go out these days. The streets are full of biting madmen?”

”Is it the rabies virus?”

”A medical student said this isn’t rabies. It should be an unknown microbial infection!”

“These infected people are terrible. I saw one bite my classmate’s ear.”

”Our school is closed. More than half of the students mutated. I’m afraid and don’t dare leave my house…”

The panic of the people quickly spread online.

The sky above the city was clear and blue but everyone’s hearts were filled with dark clouds.

Yu Hanjiang knew that these people could stay at home for three or four days at most. Soon, the water and electricity in the city would be cut off. Since the bugs knew how to turn off the heating, they would naturally know to destroy the water and electricity systems, forcing the residents out of their homes.

Power outages could be ignored. The main thing was the water being cut off without notice. How many residents had the habit of storing water at home? Without water to drink, they would soon be unable to sit still…

Yu Hanjiang made an estimate. “In three days at most, a large-scale human against bugs confrontation will erupt in the city and the number of infected people will multiply. We have to find a way to leave here as soon as possible.”

His teammates stood behind him and listened to him arrange things.

Yu Hanjiang entered the word ‘map’ in the search engine and a map of the entire city appeared in front of everyone.

The city was divided into five administrative districts, namely the central district, the west district, the north district, the south district and the east district. The name of each district was consistent with their geographical orientation and it was well distinguished.

Yu Hanjiang zoomed in on the map and carefully observed the building distribution from above.

His teammates looked at the dense map and only felt confused. However, Yu Hanjiang was a policeman. He often had to analyze the possible escape routes of criminals when catching them so he was very professional when it came to looking at maps.

The moment he saw the distribution of buildings in the city, he judged the city plan and made a decision. He pointed to the east of the map. “We will go to the east of the city.”

Everyone was puzzled.

In order to facilitate the understanding of his teammates, Yu Hanjiang explained in a low voice. “From a planning perspective, the centre district and west district are the financial and trade centres of the city. There are many large commercial squares and these two areas are the most prosperous areas in the city. The population density is the highest.”

The man’s long fingers gently slid to the northern area of the map. “The north district is home to the university city. All the universities in the city are concentrated here. Once an outbreak occurs, it will also be difficult to control.”

“The south district is an ecologically livable area with the city’s largest wetland park. The environment here is beautiful, the air is fresh and it is suitable for people to live in. This means that a large number of residential areas, high-rise buildings and newly developed real estate will be concentrated here. The bugs can climb on the buildings and it will be death if we go to the south.”

He glanced at the last area. “The east district is the logistics distribution centre. Usually, the city’s logistics center will have a large number of factories to store vegetables, goods, fruits, building materials and other items. The logistics point of express companies are also here. The low-rise buildings are more beneficial to us. Moreover, the logistics distribution centre is usually relatively remote and desolate. It is the best choice to avoid a swarm of bugs.”

Everyone heard this and understood. Ye Qi stared at Yu Hanjiang with admiration. “Group Leader Yu is so powerful. You can see so much information just by looking at the map…”

Shao Qingge joked, “After all, Group Leader Yu often fights against cunning murderers and has to guess where they are hiding. He will naturally be more professional than us when looking at a map.”

Xiao Lou was also full of admiration for this man.

After entering the Spades room, Yu Hanjiang’s skills could be used to the fullest. His flexibility and calmness when dealing with criminals for many years made his teammates more confident about his decisions.

There was such a reliable captain. Everyone was more confident that they could clear 8 of Spades!

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1 year ago

I was thinking that a way to try to survive the infection is to go inside super hot water, like almost boiling. I feel like that should kill the bugs or force them out.

5 hours ago

YHJ isn’t just good at spades. I think he is better than mc in hearts too.