CR: Chapter 204

If there was no Yu Hanjiang today then what would everyone have done? In fact, everyone had been at a loss. When the head of the infected person was hit and it was found that the bugs could actually merge and upgrade, it was estimated that everyone was in a hurry and just wanted to escape as soon as possible.

However, Yu Hanjiang used his rich practical experience and calm commands to forcibly suppress the group of bugs, allowing his teammates to divide their work and cooperate. Thus, they managed to wipe out the 50 infected people in the supermarket!

Everyone deeply admired Group Leader Yu from the bottom of their hearts.

After the battle, everyone’s tense nerves eased slightly but it was difficult to guarantee there weren’t other bugs in the supermarket who wanted to engage in sneak attacks. Yu Hanjiang glanced at his teammates and said, “Grab the supplies and leave here quickly.”

It was inconvenient to push the shopping carts and Xiao Lou instantly made a decision. “Take the scissors to open up the boxes and pack the items in the backpacks. Everyone will carry the bags.”

Ye Qi, Liu Qiao and Qu Wanyue grabbed the Scissors card and opened the boxes of the milk, chocolate, biscuits and other goods. Xiao Lou and Yu Hanjiang unzipped the eight schoolbags and placed them on the ground while Long Sen, Old Mo and Shao Qingge were responsible for sorting and packing.

Everyone worked together quickly fill up every bag.

Yu Hanjiang decisively ordered, “If you can’t fit it then throw it away. We can’t bring too many things and let it affect our actions.”

After the bags were filled, Yu Hanjiang picked a few light ones and handed them to Liu Qiao, Qu Wanyue, Ye Qi and Xiao Lou. The other four heavier bags containing milk, mineral water etc were carried by the four strong men.

Each person carried a black and Yu Hanjiang led the team. “Go quickly.

The eight people lined up and Yu Hanjiang kicked down the barrier at the cash register. Then he quickly headed for the exit of the supermarket with his teammates.


At this time, the entrance of the supermarket.

A small team of ten came in with shopping carts. The leader in front was a middle-aged man with a beard. He frowned slightly and wondered, “Why is the supermarket so cold? It doesn’t seem right.”

A curly-haired woman beside him said, “It is really wrong. There are no staff responsible for weighing in the fruits and vegetables and no one in the cooked food and raw meats area. The supermarket is clearly open. Why isn’t there even one employee?”

The group looked at each other.

The empty supermarket was so cold that everyone shivered.

The bearded man spoke in a low voice. “Everyone, be alert and grab the supplies at the fastest speed. We will quickly leave!”

The group followed their captain into the supermarket and didn’t see anyone along the way. There was a type of burnt smell in the air. Everyone quickly walked to the daily necessities area and as they headed to the cashier, everyone stopped suddenly.

It was because they saw a very tragic scene!

They saw a mess on the ground. There were countless pieces of glass scattered, a few insecticide bottles thrown to the ground and some of the supermarket shelves had pieces of clothing from the employees. There were also charred corpses everywhere. There had obviously been a fierce battle.

The bearded man speculated, “It should be a challenger team that encountered the bugs and destroyed them.”

It was impossible for the bugs to set fire to burn humans. Their parasitic method was through scratching, biting and blood transmission to turn the other person into their ‘own kind.’

This scene was full of charred corpses. It was obvious that these supermarket employees were burned to death by a strong team of challengers.

The curly-haired woman mused, “Why use fire? Do they have cards that attack with fire?”

The bearded man’s face was calm. “I think it is more likely that these challengers have discovered the weakness of the bugs and exterminated them. Look at this scene. You can’t even find the traces of a bug’s body. They are obviously dead.”

The curly-haired woman added, “They should be a powerful group from a guild. 50 infected people were killed by them and the fire didn’t spread through the supermarket or even destroy the supermarket. They controlled the battle into this small area. The person in charge is calm, strategic and ruthless.”

The bearded man wondered, “Will it be people from the Distant Association?”

The woman frowned. “It is possible.”

Next to them, a small teenager asked, “Sister Hui, don’t you have a fire attack card? If we encounter a bug then try burning it directly with fire.”

The woman nodded. “I can try it. Everyone, let’s leave now.”

The 10 people left the supermarket and headed to the elevator entrance.

Just then, they found that two teams were facing each other. The atmosphere was fierce and the group immediately stopped. They hid in a corner and watched alertly.

The two sides confronting each other were a team of 10 girls and a total of eight people who were a mix of men and women.

It was the female team from Luoying Pavilion and Xiao Lou’s team.

Xiao Lou’s team of eight had left the supermarket and found that the people from Luoying Pavilion hadn’t left. They were standing at the exit of the supermarket and frowning because the exit door had been locked. They could only enter but not exit!

The bugs were clever enough to open the entrance to pretend that the supermarket was operating normally but they blocked the iron door of the exit.

The door of the supermarket was a very thick anti-theft door. It was impossible to break with brute force.

As long as someone entered the supermarket, they wouldn’t be able to leave.

This way, there would be more and more people in their nest. The surviving humans in the city would definitely come to the supermarket to buy supplies if they wanted to live. The bugs just had to wait in the supermarket and their food would take the initiative to send themselves to the door.

No wonder why the bug s didn’t chase after the team from Luoying Pavilion. It was because they knew this group of girls couldn’t run away. They just had to clean up Xiao Lou’s team first and it would be a breeze to go and handle these girls.

Unfortunately, they didn’t expect to encounter Yu Hanjiang who directly used fire to burn them!

The squeaking death cries of the bugs were probably full of resentment and unwillingness?

After leaving the supermarket, the females of the Luoying Pavilion team found they couldn’t get out but they didn’t dare go back. They stayed here to find a method. Then after 10 minutes, Xiao Lou’s team arrived unharmed. The girls of the Luoying Pavilion team were all surprised.

There were so many infected people in the supermarket. How did the eight of them come out so smoothly?

The Luoying Pavilion girls immediately tensed in an alert manner. After all, the bugs could disguise themselves. If these eight people had been infected and wanted to take advantage of the challenger’ disguise to talk to them then it was really unpredictable!

Thus, the two sides formed this strange confrontational situation. There was a five metre isolation zone between the two teams and no one had any plans to step forward.

Xiao Lou saw that the exit was locked and said, “This group of bugs was very clever. They actually blocked the exit. It seems we can only return the same way.”

Yu Hanjiang nodded. “Go back and exit from the entrance of the supermarket.

Everyone turned to go back. At this moment, a girl from Luoying Pavilion suddenly opened her mouth. “Wait, what’s the situation in the supermarket?”

Xiao Lou informed them, “The infected people have been killed. If you want to go out then you can return the same way.”

The girls looked at each other with clear disbelief.

Xiao Lou told them, “If you don’t believe it then you can ask them.”

He looked back in the direction of the other team’s hiding place. “Come out.”

The bearded man walked out with his teammates and smiled. “It seems that some masters have burned all the bugs in the supermarket.”

Xiao Lou nodded. “Yes.”

The people of Luoying Pavilion saw another team also coming out of the supermarket without any challengers and believed Xiao Lou. The captain said, “Go, follow them. Leave the supermarket first before speaking.”

Xiao Lou headed back the same way and was followed by two teams of challengers. A total of 28 people from three teams returned to the supermarket and the Luoying Pavilion team saw the scorched bodies all over the place.

The tall captain spoke with a pale face. “You’re really good. I didn’t expect you to burn the infected people with fire.”

Xiao Lou explained, “If you directly destroy the head of an infected person then the bugs in their body will merge with the same kind nearby. After the fusion, they will upgrade and their strength is enhanced. Only fire can completely eliminate the bugs. This information is very useful. If you encounter infected people in the future, you should try to attack and exterminate them. Otherwise, hard to handle bosses will be raised.”

The other two teams heard this and their faces became ugly.

They could actually merge and upgrade? Were the bugs too refined?

Xiao Lou didn’t hesitate to share the key information with the other two teams. Although it wasn’t easy for challengers in this secret room to cooperate but they weren’t in a competitive relationship. Xiao Lou hoped that more challengers could survive.

In addition, there were no benefits to killing infected people indiscriminately. Everyone would suffer if a boss was raised.

The bearded uncle opened his mouth. “Thank you. We just came in from outside. At present, the traffic in the city centre has been paralyzed. The epidemic is spreading fast. There are almost no normal humans on the street. Everyone should be careful after going out.”

Yu Hanjiang’s group had been in the supermarket for 30 minutes. They hadn’t expected that in such a short time, the situation outside had become so severe.

Xiao Lou glanced at Yu Hanjiang and their eyes met.

The two people communicated through the heart channel. Yu Hanjiang told him, “Go back to Old Mo’s company first.”

At present, Mo Xuemin’s company was the only safe place. There were no strangers and the key was in Old Mo’s hand. They could use it as a base to plan a strategy for the next few days.

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