CR: Chapter 203

On the surface, the infected people in the supermarket looked exactly like normal humans.

Everyone hadn’t thought of burning the infected people at first but after various tests, they found the infected people couldn’t be killed with sharp weapons, firearms or the zombie virus. Burning them with fire was indeed the best way at present.

Xiao Lou’s eyes swept all around him as he spoke to Yu Hanjiang, “For the fire source, I can use Bai Juyi’s Charcoal Seller skill to generate a charcoal fire. There are also many lights in the supermarket. However, how to ignite these infected people as a whole?”

They could throw a torch to ignite the clothes of the infected people but humans weren’t flammable. The infected people only needed to extinguish the flames on their clothes. A small fire couldn’t cause any harm to them. There had to be something that supported the combustion, allowing the fire to spread rapidly so it couldn’t be easily extinguished. It was best to instantly trap the infected person’s entire body in flames so it would be hard for the bugs to crawl out of the fire.

Xiao Lou’s first thought was using alcohol. The most convenient combustion aid in the supermarket was alcohol. As long as the alcohol concentration was high enough, it could be ignited by splashing it on people and naturally, it could make the fire spread quickly.

However, he remembered that the place where wine was sold was at the end of the supermarket, far away from them. It would take going around a few corners to get the wine. This section of the road would be very dangerous. Perhaps Ye Qi and Long Sen could use the teleportation card to get the alcohol but the infected person who just upgraded was very fast. Xiao Lou couldn’t help feeling worried if Ye Qi and Long Sen left the Compass’ safety circle.

After Compass reached full level, the invincible circle drawn by the second skill lasted up to 10 minutes.

Xiao Lou could see the countdown to the disappearance of the circular border. At this time, the border only had two minutes left. They had to find a way as soon as possible. Otherwise, once the transparent border drawn by the compass disappeared, this group of infected people would crazily launch an attack.

What should he do?

Xiao Lou frowned. He and Yu Hanjiang were connected through Heart has a Tacit Exchange of Romantic Feelings and they could sense each other’s thoughts. Just as Xiao Lou was thinking about whether to let Ye Qi use the teleportation card to get the alcohol on a shelf, Yu Hanjiang suddenly suggested, “Use the insecticides.”

Xiao Lou turned to look at him and Yu Hanjiang quickly explained, “The spray-type insecticides sold in supermarkets are flammable and explosive because the spraying is done by the propellant in the liquid tank. The main component of the propellant is propane or butane. These substances have an extremely low ignition point and are prone to explode.”

His teammates understood after hearing this.

This was the reason why there were sensors in the toilets of trains and airplanes. If someone used a spray then it would be reported to the police. All types of sprays contained propane and butane, which were dangerous and extremely explosive goods. Xiao Lou heard about one incident where a woman sprayed her face with sunscreen in the toilet of a high speed train. This triggered the alarm and forced the train to stop. The woman was taken to the Public Security Bureau for detention and education.

Yu Hanjiang was a police officer and must’ve seen many explosion-related cases. No wonder why he could think of using the insecticides to set a fire.

Xiao Lou suggested using fire to attack and Yu Hanjiang proposed using the insecticides to support combustion. The two of them worked together to find the best plan to defeat the enemy. Ye Qi was excited. “So my bottle of insecticide isn’t useless! It can help burn them!”

Xiao Lou nodded. “Yes, directly spray the insecticides on these infected people and then throw the fire. The infected people will instantly detonate.”

Yu Hanjiang looked at Xiao Lou and asked, “How much time is left for the compass’ circle?”

“Two minutes.”

Yu Hanjiang frowned. “Time is tight. We must make a quick decision!” His eyes passed over his teammates and he arranged it decisively. “There are too many infected people and we need to eliminate them in batches. Old Mo, you use the Model Room to lock up the left group of infected people and control them first. For the right group, Ye Qi will cooperate with Long Sen to control them one by one!”

Yu Hanjiang’s consideration was very thoughtful. If the infected people were sprayed with insecticides, exploded and the entire supermarket was ignited, their team would instantly fall into the crisis of fire. Once the compass circle failed, they would be affected by the fire and would need to escape from the flames they created. The best way was to control the fire as much as possible and exterminate the infected people before escaping with supplies.

The team members heard the arrangement and quickly started to act.

Yu Hanjiang once again flew up and used the white silk to grab several bottles of insecticides. He gave a bottle each to Liu Qiao, Qu Wanyue and Shao Qingge, leaving these three people responsible for spraying the insecticides.

Mo Xuemin’s Model Room could reach up to 100 square meters but there were many shelves in the supermarket. Once Model Room was released, there must be no obstacles and it had to be released into an open space. He glanced around and saw a free place near the cash registered. He visually inspected the length and width of the open space before changing the size of the model room, turning it into a narrow and long shape.

However, there were only one or two infected people in the open space at this time. Mo Xuemin exclaimed, “We must lead them in!”

Yu Hanjiang whispered. “I’ll do it.”

He quickly flew out of the compass’ circle using Liu Qiao’s light footwork card and landed near the cash register.

More than a dozen infected people saw him leave the enchantment alone and instantly turned around to chase him. The eight girls in charge of the cash register saw their prey had actually run out and stood in front of them. They entered the supermarket to join in on surrounding Yu Hanjiang.

The eight cash register girls all had strange smiles on their faces as they approached Yu Hanjiang step by step.

Xiao Lou saw this scene and felt like his heart was going to stop beating.

Yu Hanjiang was surrounded by 20 infected people alone. This was extremely dangerous!

Just then, Yu Hanjiang shouted loudly, “Old Mo, now!”

Mo Xuemin was frightened as he activated the card and quickly lowered the model room with Yu Hanjiang as the centre.

Just before the model room landed, Yu Hanjiang flew lightly and landed on the cash register of the supermarket. His actions were as fast as lightning. If he was just the slightest bit slower then he himself would be locked in the model room with the infected people… Old Mo’s palms were sweating and he had to admire Group Leader Yu’s reaction ability!

It would be over if Group Leader Yu was locked in with the infected people. Fortunately, Yu Hanjiang moved fast enough. Yu Hanjiang glanced at the infected people trapped in the model room and instantly flew back to the compass’ circle.

The model room that Old Mo made this type wasn’t a labyrinth but a fully transparent glass room. It was convenient for everyone to observe the situation of the infected people. Therefore, everyone could clearly see that the infected people locked inside were frantically using their bodies to hit the glass wall.

Ye Qi asked with a white face, “Uncle Mo, is your glass strong? Will it be broken?”

Mo Xuemin replied, “It shouldn’t be. The materials of the model room are the best. This time, I used double-layered soundproof glass…”

Yu Hanjiang questioned, “Is the glass bulletproof?”

Mo Xuemin froze for a moment. “It isn’t that advanced.”

Yu Hanjiang nodded and looked at the other infected people who hadn’t been trapped. These infected people were far away from Yu Hanjiang and hadn’t responded in time when he flew out of the circle just now. Thus, they didn’t chase him.

Now the group of infected people with scarlet eyes realized their own kind was trapped.

They became even more irritated as they crawled around the compass’ circle. Their mouths opened from time to time as they tried to break the circle with their own hands. However, Xiao Lou’s Compass was an S-grade tool card. The circle-shaped enchantment wasn’t affected by any attack during the invincible time and their actions were in vain.

Yu Hanjiang ordered, “Ye Qi, Long Sen, get ready to act!”

Ye Qi understood his meaning and took out Erhu.

There was a sad erhu sound. This was a large-scale group control skill that set all the infected people in place!

However, the erhu’s group control time was limited. Ye Qi picked up the flute and controlled them one by one while Long Sen also controlled them with Badminton. Liu Qiao, Shao Qingge and Qu Wanyue picked up three bottles of insecticides and walked out of the circle. They aimed at the infected people and sprayed!

Yu Hanjiang reminded them, “Be careful not to get the insecticide on yourself. Come back immediately after spraying!”

The three people acted quickly. Qu Wanyue had long legs thanks to Long Jump and she sprayed down from the sky! Shao Qingge flew behind the infected people with the teleportation card and sprayed from the back. Liu Qiao was responsible for the sides. The three people cooperated and in 10 seconds, they had sprayed all the infected people with the insecticides.

After spraying, the three of them returned to the enchantment. The next moment, Xiao Lou summoned Bai Juyi in the enchantment and a charcoal fire was generated.

Yu Hanjiang took out scissors and cut the white cloth into dozens of pieces. Each of them were rolled into a ball and lit. Then the lit cloth was quickly thrown out.

There was a loud bang and the insecticide-sprayed infected people had their bodies instantly swept up in afire!

One fireball after another was thrown out and the infected people continuously controlled by Ye Qi and Long Sen were burned into fireballs in the blink of an eye! Their entire bodies were surrounded by flames and the parasitic bugs in their bodies had no place to hide. The infected people no longer spoke human words but emitted terrifying squeaks of horror.

Xiao Lou listened to the screams of the bugs and the hairs on his back stood up.

The number of bugs was difficult to judge but based on the sharp screams, there were definitely many bug parasites in this group of infected people. If they hadn’t come up with the fire attack method and these bugs merged and upgraded, the consequences couldn’t be imagined!

Within half a minute, the infected people were burned to death.

The ground was full of charred bodies and there was a strong smell in the air. Not a single trace of the bugs could be seen.

It seemed that after the bugs were burned by fire, they directly burned to ashes without leaving any bodies behind!

The scene of ‘burning living people’ was terrible but everyone was relieved when they saw the black and grey surroundings.

Meanwhile, the infected people locked up in Mo Xuemin’s Model Room saw the scene of their companions being burned to death. Their scarlet eyes became bigger than a bronze bell and their faces showed a look of fear. They were afraid of fire but they were locked up and couldn’t escape.

It was unknown who gave the order but the situation in the room suddenly changed.

They saw the supermarket cashier girl who had the most beautiful appearance and best figure start to attack the same kind. More precisely, the other infected people were willingly attacked by her. They spontaneously gathered around her and extended their hands to be scratched by her, using the flow of blood to let the parasites in their bodies crawl up to her.

The over a dozen people gathered together and the bugs in their bodies all came out from the wounds on the back of their hands. The bugs used the blood as a medium to quickly climb to the beautiful woman in the middle. This scene made Xiao Lou’s team dumbfounded.

Ye Qi couldn’t help cursing. “F*k, this is too disgusting. What are they doing?”

It was like the gathering of Zerg in a science fiction movie. Xiao Lou’s stomach filled with nausea but he tried to keep calm. “Perhaps they are aware of the danger and are starting to upgrade spontaneously.”

Everyone, “……”

Would they consciously upgrade? What type of situation would happen after 20 bugs spontaneously upgraded? Would the upgraded boss easily break the glass of Old Mo’s Model Room and furiously attack them to get revenge?

There were only 10 seconds left for the compass’ circle and Xiao Lou clenched his fists nervously. “The invincible effect only has 10 seconds remaining.”

Yu Hanjiang called out, “They must be interrupted!”

However, Old Mo’s Model Room was sealed. The infected people couldn’t get out and they couldn’t get in.

Just then, Yu Hanjiang made a crazy decision. He stared at the group of spontaneously fusing infected people with anger in his deep eyes. Then he directly took out the S-grade weapon card, Bloodthirsty Golden Shark!

Xiao Lou knew this gun. The gun’s body had blood-red stripes on it. It was black and red and looked very cool. This was a shotgun. The attack power was extremely fierce and bullets could be dispersed instantly to cause extensive damage.

Yu Hanjiang ordered sharply, “Everyone, back!”

In front of his teammates’ shocked eyes, Yu Hanjiang left the compass circle with the bottle of insecticide.

Xiao Lou spoke nervously, “Hanjiang…”’

Yu Hanjiang sent him a reassuring look and walked toward the glass room without looking back.

In the glass room, several infected people have already merged. Due to the bugs leaving their body, the shells of these infected people were like skin sacs with the blood drained. They fell to the ground softly.

After the fusion, the woman’s eyes were blood-red and her attack power and flexibility were significantly improved. She was about to smash the Model Room—

Just then, Yu Hanjiang suddenly raised his gun. He pulled the trigger with a blank face. There was a bang and the bullet of Bloodthirsty Golden Shark punched a huge hole through the glass room!

Shards of glass scattered all over the ground. Then Yu Hanjiang raised the bottle of insecticide and threw it vigorously. They saw the bottle of insecticide accurately fall into the glass room through the hole. Immediately afterwards, Yu Hanjiang aimed at the insecticide bottle and fired another shot.

Boom! Boom!

The bursting sound almost broke their eardrums!

Everyone watched this scene in a dumbfounded manner. They saw the insecticide bottle being precisely destroyed by Yu Hanjiang’s bullet. The bullet of the shotgun exploded the insecticide and the room was swallowed up by a blazing fire in three seconds!

Before the bugs had time to complete the fusion, the fire spread quickly and swept over the human bodies!

The humans were dressed in clothes and the flames burned their clothes, igniting their bodies in the blink of an eye. After the insecticide exploded, the liquid that was splashed out contained a lot of flammable and explosive chemicals. This contributed to the fire and the flames flourished. The entire Model Room couldn’t withstand the high temperature of the explosion and glass crashed to the ground.

Some of the infected people who weren’t burned wanted to find water to put out the fire but they were controlled by Ye Qi and Long Sen. They could only stare with wide eyes and make screams of terror.

The squeaking sounds were endless as the infected people in the fire fell to the ground and frantically rolled. This tragic scene that was like purgatory made Xiao Lou pale.

After half a minute… the world was finally quiet. The ground was covered with black corpses and the bugs were burned to ashes. Everyone had watched 50 infected people burn alive and a layer of sweat covered their backs.

Yu Hanjiang calmly walked back to his teammates as the invincible time for the compass ended.

His teammates didn’t know what to say.

At the moment when the bugs were spontaneously merging and upgrading into a boss that would be difficult to deal with, everyone had been at a loss. Unexpectedly, Yu Hanjiang suppressed this group of bugs using the most violent way.

He actually shot a hole in Old Mo’s Model Room and threw the insecticide into the hole before exploding it! It had to be said that his movements were really handsome. No wonder why he asked Old Mo if the glass of the Model Room was bulletproof. It turned out he had such a plan already.

Xiao Lou stared at Yu Hanjiang with admiration and quickly asked him, “Are you okay?”

Yu Hanjiang shook his head. “I’m fine.”

Xiao Lou’s concern made his heart slightly warm. The angry gaze couldn’t help softening as he patted Xiao Lou’s shoulder and whispered, “They’re all dead. Don’t worry.”

Xiao Lou was relieved. “It is thanks to you.”

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1 year ago

so handsome!

kdj fan
kdj fan
13 days ago

a bit sad that xiao lou isnt the strongest/most op as the mc but it also is good. too op mc can be boring for readers sometimes. plus the strongest yhj also has his flaws. they work well tgt. the whole team works well tgt. love it