CR: Chapter 199

Shao Qingge was their ‘gold master father’ who had the strong ability to make money. Thanks to him, everyone lived in a villa and ate well. They never had to worry about having no money to spend. However, when it came to combat ability, Shao Qingge was the weakest one on the team.

Liu Qiao, Long Sen and Qu Wanyue could run away if they couldn’t fight. Old Mo had a lot of space flipping cards, Model Room and the Marble card. If he was really attacked then he could find a way to hide. Yu Hanjiang, Xiao Lou and Ye Qi had a lot of combat and control cards.

Yet for Shao Qingge, all the cards he drew were the ATM machine, Stock Curve, Rich and Willfull… if he was in trouble, did he have to summon an ATM machine, withdraw money on the spot and smash people with it?

The more they thought about it, the more disturbed they became. Xiao Lou wondered in a worried manner, “Does he have any escape cards if he encounters an attack?”

Ye Qi’s face was white. “The low level cards were used against the sharks in the World Weekly. Currently, he only has cards such as the ATM Machine, Stock Curve and Rich and Willfull. He has no attack power at all!”

Rich and Willfull might be able to copy other people’s cards but the key was that he needed a card to copy! If he was alone then what could he copy?

Ye Qi became more and more worried and clenched his fists tightly. “What are we going to do? This city is so big. How can we find him?”

Just as everyone was panicking, Yu Hanjiang suddenly spoke calmly, “Don’t worry, Shao Qingge has a way to escape. In 8 of Hearts, many cards were banned and Shao Qingge spent 5 million to copy Ye Qi’s teleportation card.”

Everyone, “……”

It seemed to be the case?

Xiao Lou thought about it. “Yes, Chief Shao spent 5 million to copy the teleportation card and we used the two teleportation cards as support. The copied cards can be taken out of the secret room so it should be in his hands.”

Ye Qi heard this and was finally relieved. It was really chaotic. It was obviously his card that had been copied and in the past, he complained that it cost too much. He was so anxious that he actually forgot about this.

Ye Qi scratched his head. “It’s okay if he has the teleportation card. No matter how flexibly these parasites can move, they can’t teleport 50 metres. There should definitely be no problem with Chief Shao escaping. However, why isn’t he here yet? Surely that lazy person hasn’t overslept?!”

Xiao Lou was also very puzzled. Shao Qingge might normally like to sleep lazily but he never dropped the ball at critical moments. It was impossible for him to oversleep. This was too late and he must be in trouble.

The group waited anxiously.

The city was so big and finding someone was like searching for a needle in a haystack. Yu Hanjiang thought about it and suggested, “The five of you wait in the clothing store. Xiao Lou and I will go out to look. Perhaps he didn’t see the sky lantern in the air and is still looking for us in the square.”

Ye Qi volunteered. “I’ll go too! I have the teleportation card and can take you away if there is trouble.”

Yu Hanjiang nodded and took Ye Qi and Xiao Lou outside. The remaining four people stayed in the clothing store.

Nothing happened in the square and the streets were very calm.

The moment the trio went outside, they heard the deafening sound of car horns. A closer look showed there was a car accident in the city centre. Six cars had rear-ended each other and several pedestrians were killed. The road was blocked and the traffic police were busy dealing with it.

The frontmost car had the window open. The driver was tilted forward, his eyes red with blood.

Xiao Lou’s expression changed. “This should be an infected person. His brain tissue couldn’t feed the parasite and he died suddenly while driving, hitting pedestrians. As a result, the cars behind him rear-ended each other.”

Ye Qi got goosebumps again. “These parasites are quite picky. If some human brains aren’t suitable for their survival then they will be directly killed. If they are suitable, will the brains be used as a hotbed?”

Xiao Lou’s expression was sullen. “Selective parasitism. I don’t know yet who will die after infection and who will mutate.”

He looked down the street. There was a long line of cars outside the car. He was about to wonder if Shao Qingge was in a certain car when he saw a tall man running toward him breathlessly. It was Shao Qingge!

The three of them greeted him immediately.

Shao Qingge was wearing an iron-grey suit, a plaid striped tie, black leather shoes and his chestnut hair was tied in a small ponytail behind him. This was the outfit of an overbearing president and combined with his handsome appearance, he was the standard configuration of a  protagonist.

It was just that at this time, he looked a bit flustered. His hair was slightly messy and there was a layer of sweat on his forehead. He was obviously tired from running too quickly.

Ye Qi asked worriedly, “Shao Qingge, why are you so late? Everybody thought you had an accident!”

Shao Qingge took a deep breath and explained. “I had an investment meeting this morning. It only ended at 12 and I immediately took a taxi to the square. However, the road was blocked for more than 30 minutes. The car wouldn’t move at all so I had to get off and run by myself.

Xiao Lou asked him, “No wonder why you arrived so late. You weren’t attacked?”

Just then, Shao Qingge touched his nose and coughed twice. Xiao Lou and Yu Hanjiang glanced at each other and instantly became alert.

Ye Qi stared at Shao Qingge with shock. “Are you infected?”

Shao Qingge just smiled. “My nose is itchy.”

The three people, “……”

Looking at the three people standing there like he was an enemy, Shao Qingge wondered, “I just coughed twice, what is with your expressions? Why are you looking at me like I’m a monster? What is the situation?”

Xiao Lou told Shao Qingge about the infection and parasites.

Shao Qingge quickly put away his smile and his face hardened. “No wonder… the driver of the taxi I just took was coughing. It seemed that he had also become infected. Fortunately, I got off halfway and ran over. If I continued to sit in the car, would he suddenly turn around and bite me?”

Yu Hanjiang nodded solemnly. “It is possible.”

“……” Shao Qingge rubbed his temple helplessly. “This time, the secret room is much harder than Zombie Town. As a Spade slag who only got a rating of C in Zombie Town, Shao Qingge had a headache after hearing Xiao Lou’s description. Not to mention, he had to survive 14 days this time.

“Since everyone is here, we will gather together to discuss the countermeasures as soon as possible.” Yu Hanjiang made a gesture to Old Mo in the clothing store and Old Mo, Liu Qiao and the Long Qu couple came out to join them.

They all looked at Shao Qingge with concern and Liu Qiao asked, “Chief Shao, are you okay?”

Shao Qingge said he was late due to a traffic jam and everyone let go of their worries.

The square was full of people and it wasn’t safe. After careful consideration, Old Mo suggested, “It is better to go to my decorating company. It is very close to the square and I can lock the door.”

They all had no opinion. Old Mo was the owner of the decorating company. They were taking the overpass to his store and had just reached the middle when they suddenly heard deafening screams, “Ahhhhhhh—”

Several drivers in the traffic jam queue suddenly got out of their cards, grabbed the pedestrians around them and bit wildly! The pedestrians were fleeing in horror. The drivers chased them all the way to the central square. The elderly basking in the sun, the young couples and the children taking photos in front of the sculpture were all bitten!

Hundreds of cars were blocked on the streets due to the rear-end collisions. The drivers in the back saw this horrible scene. Some people raised their windows and locked the doors. Some simply abandoned their cars and ran away.

The situation was chaotic and the traffic police couldn’t control it at all.

Xiao Lou saw with his own eyes that in a bus below the overpass, a passenger started to mutate. She was very thin but extremely agile. She shuttled back and forth on the bus and in the blink of an eye, all the passengers on the bus were bitten!

The closed vehicle was like hell. The cries of these people were cut off by the windows but through the windows, Xiao Lou could clearly see the terrified and desperate expressions of the bitten people…

The bus driver sensed that something was wrong and immediately opened the door. The bitten people quickly escaped from the bus. Some covered their necks, some covered their arms and some had ears bitten off. Some ran to the hospital while crying.

Once the bus doors opened, it only released more parasites and infected more people.

However, it didn’t matter. Even if the passengers of this bus didn’t come out, the drivers who got out of their cars and bit the passengers had spread the parasites to the central square and the pedestrians were infected.

At this rate of transmission, the entire city would fall within a day.

The eight people stood on the overpass and saw their scene, their moods extremely complicated. 2 of Spades, Zombie Town was a world after the infection. Those zombies had completely lost consciousness. However, this was still a normal world. Suddenly, a group of people sitting biting like crazy days, eating the flesh of their own kind. This scene was really shocking.

Yu Hanjiang’s voice sank. “Go quickly!”

Everyone instantly followed him. Old Mo took everyone to the decorating company and locked the door. Everyone was worried and stood in the room without knowing what to say.

Yu Hanjiang spoke calmly, “Since we have come to a parasitic world, we have to find a way to survive. First, how much materials should we prepare for a 14 day survival period?”

Xiao Lou suggested. “We can prepare double what we did in Endless Seas. We drifted at sea and prepared for seven days, but we didn’t finish everything.”

Yu Hanjiang nodded. “This time, we have to pack lightly and we can’t bring too many supplies. We aren’t facing slow zombies and sharks with no IQ. They are parasites with an IQ. They will disguise themselves, can attack at any time and are very flexible.”

Xiao Lou agreed. “This time, we might be running for our lives the entire time. We can’t take too many things.”

Yu Hanjiang ordered decisively, “While the city still has a bit of order, go to the supermarket immediately and buy enough to fill a bag for each person. The easiest method to replenish energy and maintain shelf life is half a month’s worth of milk, biscuits, chocolate and water. Don’t pack too heavy a bag. It is best if you can walk and carry it easily.”

The group nodded.

Old Mo asked. “What about the money? Currently, the situation in the supermarket isn’t clear but it isn’t good for us to directly steal.”

Upon hearing this, Shao Qingge took out a card. In front of everyone’s eyes, an ATM machine appeared.

Shao Qingge smiled. “This S-rated card finally came in handy. Let’s withdraw money.”

The team members, “……”

There was Chief Shao and there was no need to worry about money! In 8 of Hearts, Shao Qingge carried several boxes of gold to Jiangzhou!

Shao Qingge quickly took out a few million and gave some to everyone. In any case, if they didn’t use it all then he would call the ATM machine and deposit it before clearing the instance. This way, they could take it back to the main city. It was very convenient.

After getting the money, Yu Hanjiang stated, “Let’s go. We have to act together. We have to buy the materials as soon as possible before the supermarket is occupied by parasites. Otherwise, we will be in trouble.”

Yu Hanjiang ordered them and everyone went to the nearby supermarket.

At this time, inside the supermarket.

Several young girls at the cash register were coughing. The chubby, middle-aged male manager told them, “These days, the flu is spreading everywhere. If you have a severe cold then go back and rest. See a doctor first. You can change shifts with colleagues who don’t have a cold.”

A girl with her hair in a ponytail smiled. “Thank you, manager.”

She looked good with beautiful eyes and delicate makeup. She was wearing red overalls and worked at the supermarket’s cash register. The beauty walked to the manager’s side, stood on tiptoe and tried to kiss his face.

The manager was surprised and smiled. “You don’t have to be so polite…”

As a result, just as her lips touched the man’s cheek, the girl’s eyes turned scarlet. Her sharp teeth aimed at the manager’s face and she took a hard bite, directly taking off a piece of flesh!


There was a horrifying, pig-like scream in the supermarket.

The cashiers around them saw the scene but instead of panicking, they just smiled. Their smiles were neat and tidy, like countless samples copied from the same model.

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2 years ago

Ok so I’ve been rereading this novel recently and I notice the author forgot they initially gave Shao Qingge an A rating for Zombie Town lol. Even in Financial Crisis he was the one to explain who the boss of 2 of Spades was to the other challengers (meaning he had to have gotten an A).

1 year ago
Reply to  mitama

yes many details keep changing. i think the writer forgot a lot.

Meow meow
Meow meow
1 year ago
Reply to  mitama

I think they retconned a lot of stuff like that. For eg, how would Shao Qingge be good at Spades when he didn’t have any good cards and was the CEO of a company, or the cards needing to be levelled up to unlock skills

Last edited 1 year ago by Meow meow
1 year ago

it’s creepy