CR: Chapter 197

The sudden change stunned the surrounding doctors.

The male doctor who was bitten jumped from his seat in shock. “Why are you biting me?”

The emergency department head smiled and licked the blood from his lips with relish, his dark eyes gradually turned scarlet.

The director of the infectious diseases department was the first to respond. “He is infected. Quickly control him!”

Several people hurriedly stepped forward to try and subdue him. However, the infected person acted quickly and flipped the chair over with a kick. He crawled flexibly like a bug under the table. Several people not only failed to control him but were also bitten by him!

The meeting room was chaotic and the old dead shouted, “Quickly, security guards! You have to catch him!”

The moment he yelled, a group of security guards rushed over.

The dean sighed with relief. He thought the security guard would control the infected person but unexpectedly, once the security guards rushed into the meeting room, they quickly grabbed the other doctors and started biting like mad dogs.

Harsh screams rang throughout the room. “Ah, my finger was bitten off!”

”My god, are these security guards also infected?”

Xiao Lou’s expression changed. The director of the emergency department, Xu Rongrong who sent the mother and daughter to the emergency department as well as the security guards who dealt with the emergency at that time were all bitten by the mother and daughter and infected with the parasites.

The old dean’s expression changed and he quickly fled the meeting room. Several doctors also followed him out. The leaders of this hospital were worthy of their experience. They ran faster than rabbits when escaping.

Xiao Lou was sitting by the window and it was inconvenient to run. The security guards looked at him in unison. Everyone had a smile on their faces and they licked their lips like they saw the most delicious food.

Xiao Lou thought of the unknown parasites in their brains and couldn’t help the hair on his body rising. He immediately retreated to the window. Xu Rongrong was closest to him and reached out to grab his arm. Just as her hand was about to touch Xiao Lou, a bullet suddenly broke through the window—

There was a loud bang as a hole appeared in the window and a bullet precisely hit Xu Rongrong’s forehead!


Yu Hanjiang’s marksmanship was extremely accurate. Xiao Lou stared at the woman who fell at his feet and couldn’t help sweating. The security guards and infected doctor surrounded him and Yu Hanjiang’s voice rang in his mind. “Hurry, jump out the window!”

Xiao Lou didn’t hesitate. He turned around, pushed open the window and jumped out.

This was the eighth floor! Xiao Lou hadn’t done such a thrilling thing even when he was a child. As he jumped out the window, he couldn’t help closing his eyes. It was too high and he didn’t dare look down.

The next second, his body felt empty as white silk wrapped around his waist. The next second, a strong force passed through the white silk as Yu Hanjiang pulled with force. Suddenly—

Xiao Lou was pulled directly by YU Hanjiang to the top of the opposite inspection building! Due to inertia, Xiao Lou’s body fluttered forward uncontrollably. Yu Hanjiang immediately stretched out his arms and steadily caught him.

Xiao Lou fell into this man’s arms. Yu Hanjiang gently hugged him and asked in a low voice, “Are you okay?”

Xiao Lou felt that his heart was about to jump out of his chest. He was pulled directly from the air by Yu Hanjiang and pulled over 20 metres in the air. This was just like acrobatics and it was too exciting!

He looked up and met Yu Hanjiang’s concerned eyes. Then after discovering he was still in this man’s arms, Xiao Lou’s cheeks slightly reddened. He instantly stood up and took a step back, pretending to be calm. “I’m fine. They didn’t touch me.”

From the window of the opposite building, the group of security guards and doctors stared at Xiao Lou intently. The scarlet eyes were like hunters staring at their prey. Unfortunately, they couldn’t leap through the air and touch Xiao Lou.

Yu Hanjiang saw the eyes in the distance and frowned. “We should quickly withdraw.”

The two people no longer hesitated. They went downstairs and left the hospital.

The infection situation in the outpatient building was much more serious. People didn’t know there was a dangerous parasite at the time. So after the mother and daughter bit the doctors and nurses in the emergency department, people didn’t pay attention to it. The bitten people changed and continued to bite others…

The entire building was filled with harsh screams and some immune-weakened people died right on the spot. Xiao Lou couldn’t bear to see anymore and followed Yu Hanjiang to quickly flee from the hospital. On the street, the pedestrians looked normal. For the moment, the outbreak didn’t seem to have spread to the streets.

Xiao Lou recalled what happened just now and was really worried.

Fortunately, he was careful enough. He wore two layers of gloves when dealing with the wounds of the mother and daughter and didn’t touch the parasite. Otherwise, the slightest bit of carelessness might’ve caused him to be infected as well!

This unknown parasite should enter the body through the bloodstream and quickly capture the human brain. Perhaps those who died after being infected was because their brain environment wasn’t suitable for the survival of the parasite. Therefore, they died directly from a cerebral hemorrhage. Those who survived had their bodies taken away by the parasite. The parasite wanted to reproduce and would naturally control the body of the infected human to attack other humans.

A person with a parasite could speak normally. Was it a type of bug creature with IQ?

Yu Hanjiang saw Xiao Lou’s pale face and gently held his shoulder, whispering comforting words, “It’s fine. Let’s go to the square to meet Ye Qi and gather. At the meeting just now, did the doctors come to any conclusions?”

Xiao Lou took deep breaths and calmed down. Then he explained to Yu Hanjiang through the heart channel, “It is an unidentified parasitic infection that is much more powerful than the zombie virus. Those who are infected with the zombie virus are slow and have no consciousness. They are a group of clumsy, walking dead. Meanwhile, this parasite will eat the human brain to control the human body and make the human body more flexible. I just saw an infected person crawling on the ground like a bug.”

Xiao Lou couldn’t help clenching his fists when he recalled that scene. “An infected person is equivalent to being brain dead while the body is controlled by the parasite. These parasites have an ID and can direct humans to speak and act. In the eyes of the parasite, us humans are the freshest and most delicious food.”

Yu Hanjiang, “……”

He had expected a higher level zombie. He didn’t expect that the brain of an infected person would be parasitized by an unknown organism.

On the surface, an infected person looked normal. They could walk, talk and smile. However, their brain was already occupied by a parasite that could attack humans at any time, allowing the parasites to multiply quickly.

If the outbreak wasn’t contained then the entire city might become a nest of the parasites.

It was really worthy of being an A-grade survival room!

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