CR: Chapter 19

Yu Hanjiang suddenly thought of a question. “By the way, a few days before the accident, did you come in contact with playing cards?”

Xiao Lou thought of New Year’s Even when his cousin pulled him to play Fight the Landlord and blurted out, “On New Year’s Eve, I played a few games of cards at home.” Seeing the look of ‘as expected’ in Yu Hanjiang’s eyes, Xiao Lou could help being confused. “What do you mean? The rules of selection for the Card World is related to playing cards?”

“I’m just guessing,” Yu Hanjiang replied. “The day before the accident, I went to my uncle’s house for some New Year’s greetings and played a few games of cards. There are card elements everywhere so maybe it really is related to playing cards.”

“It is related to cards…” Xiao Lou touched his chin and looked thoughtfully at the card wall in front of him. “In the end, we played cards, were selected by the Card World and killed in the real world? Or were we selected by the Card World after we died because we played cards? This order is critical.”

“Yes, if it is the former then the Card World’s ability is beyond our imagination. It can create accidents at any time after selecting the player, killing people in the real world.” Yu Hanjiang frowned and held his arms as he thought. “If it is the latter, can we understand this as the world where souls go after death? Only those who have played cards will come here after dying?”

“There are too few leads and we need to find other challengers to seek evidence.” Xiao Lou concluded.

“…” The Clubs teenager stood to the side and listened to them chatting. They had met again after a long separation and obviously forgot the presence of the keeper.

Yu Hanjiang stated, “No matter the rules of the selection, this world is too real.”

“It is like a huge came.” Xiao Lou carefully considered the adjective and said, “When I left the Spades room by helicopter I found that there were many copies of the Zombie Town, just like an instance in a game. The four keepers can also split into countless copies to go to different spaces and talk to the challengers, just like NPCs in a game?”

“I’m not an NPC.” The Clubs teenager interjected.

“…” The sudden voice startled the two men and they looked back at him.

“I’ve always been here, can’t you see?” The Clubs teenager’s voice was filled with some doubts.

“Cough.” Xiao Lou thought they had been talking too much and actually ignored this guy. He looked at the teenager and asked with a smile, “Yes, how long can we rest? It was hard to get through all the D-grade secret rooms. Surely we don’t have to go to the next level immediately?”

“A 30 minutes break.” A of Clubs replied. “At this time, you should become familiar with each other and discuss which secret room to go to next.”

“The rules of the Card World’s selection…” Xiao Lou hadn’t finished his words when A of Clubs interrupted. “Don’t ask me, I won’t disclose any information to you.”

“Okay.” Xiao Lou dispelled his ideas.

Since the two people’s space had merged, the rest sofa became two and there was a table in the middle. Xiao Lou nodded and Yu Hanjiang and went to the sofa to sit down. Yu Hanjiang also followed.

A 30 minutes break allowed them to rest and exchange information with each other.

Yu Hanjiang asked, “What cards did you get in the previous rooms?”

Since they teamed up, it was necessary to know the card situation of their teammate.

Xiao Lou took out his card pack and put it on the table and  Yu Hanjiang did the same.

The Rose Funeral plot card, the fruit knife and the rose perfume were from perfectly clearing the 2 of Hearts secret room. The Zombie Virus and Special Effects Vaccine were from perfectly clearing the 2 of Spades secret room. Both people had these cards.

For the 2 of Diamonds secret room, Yu Hanjiang didn’t get the Folding Paper. However, he still had the Nine Palaces Grid. He found that Xiao Lou didn’t have it and was very surprised. “Where is your Nine Palaces Grid? This question should be the simplest and I remember that you also refreshed the world record of the 2 of Diamonds room. How can you not have Nine Palaces Grid?”

Xiao Lou smiled bitterly. “I ran out using it on the zombies.”

Yu Hanjiang, “…”

What did this person go through in Zombie Town? He actually used up all of Nine Palaces Grid?

Xiao Lou saw that his Nine Palaces Grid hadn’t been used and asked with surprise, “This card hasn’t been used? Then how did you clear Zombie Town and set a world record?”

Yu Hanjiang whispered, “I picked up a stick in the street. The zombies are slow and I hit them in the head to kill them.”

Xiao Lou, “……”

Xiao Lou, whose legs were sore from running crazily, didn’t know if he should laugh or cry after hearing Group Leader Yu’s words.

It seemed that Yu Hanjiang really used a bulldozer to push past.

Yu Hanjiang saw the Tao Yuanming card on the table and couldn’t help wondering, “This card can really summon Tao Yuanming?”

“That’s right.” Xiao Lou pointed to the image of the character on the card and said, “The summoned Tao Yuanming looks the same as the one drawn on the card. He can find the Peach Blossom Spring once every 24 hours. Tao Yuanming’s skill is very strong and I can instantaneously move to the space, avoiding a crisis at a critical moment. The current card level is 3 and I can bring two people in. However, I have already used this card today and it can only be used after 24 hours.”

“Once you have a chance, bring me in to take a look.” Yu Hanjiang looked at the Tao Yuanming skill description with great interest. He followed up with the two cards of the compass and zombie leader. “The Compass is good. You can draw weapons at any time. This zombie leader is Liu Xiaoyuan?”

“It’s him.” Xiao Lou asked, “Did he ask you to open the door at the end?”


“How did you deal with it?”

“I saw he was dead and I killed him,” Yu Hanjiang stated calmly.

Xiao Lou, “……”

It was estimated that Liu Xiaoyuan didn’t have time to scream and summon the zombies before Yu Hanjiang used the stick to kill him. No wonder why Yu Hanjiang could perfectly clear the instance in 15 minutes. The man completely used violence to clear the instance.

Xiao Lou felt helpless—Group Leader Yu was the correct way to play the survival secret room!

Yu Hanjiang handed his own cards to Xiao Lou. “These are the S-grade cards that I drew.”

Xiao Lou picked them up and took a closer look.

[Weapon: Silver Moon]

Rarity: S

Description: After a perfect clearance, there is a very low probability of obtaining it from the limited card pool.

Data: Lightweight gun, caliber 5.5mm, weight 4kg, equipped with 8x variable optical sight, effective range of 500m, fires small caliber rifle bullets, magazine capacity of 10.

Additional skills: Precise Aim

After using the skill, you can immediately lock onto a target within range and pull the trigger to precisely aim at the other side’s head, resulting in a killing blow. The skill cooldown time is 5 minutes.

Note: The skill of the weapon card is for those who can’t use a gun. A master who can fire a gun can ignore the skill and open the scope to aim without being limited by the skill cooldown down. Once the bullets are used up, please buy them from the weapons dealer with gold coins.

Growth level 1 and the effective range will increase by 100 metres every level. At the maximum level, it reaches 1,500 metres.

It was a super light sniper gun, painted in dark silver, with a metallic cool light and a crescent-shaped mark that echoed the ‘Silver Moon’ name.

Xiao Lou got the Tao Yuanming card after clearing the 2 of Hearts secret room. He thought the style of this world was strange and others also drew strange summoning cards. He didn’t expect there to be such serious weapon cards.

This weapon wasn’t powerful in his hand. He hadn’t touched a gun and couldn’t use it at all.

However, in Group Leader Yu’s hands, it was like adding wings to a tiger.

Yu Hanjiang was a policeman and should be proficient in all types of firearms. The presence of this gun meant he could definitely kill targets from a long distance and it would be useful in future survival rooms.

Xiao Lou picked up the other S-grade card.

[Equipment: Gale

Rarity: S

Description: After a perfect clearance, there is a higher probability of obtaining it from the limited card draw pool. This is a pair of invisible boots and the size can be adjusted at any time according to the size of the user’s feet. It can’t be seen on the feet and won’t be damaged.

Additional skills: Monthly Gale

Increases the user’s movement speed by five times for five minutes after using the skill. The cooldown time is 30 minutes.

Growth level 1, every increase in level can increase the acceleration duration by one minute. The full level will increase it to 15 minutes.

Note: If you can’t beat it, the good choice is to run with the acceleration shoes 🙂

Xiao Lou, “…”

Group Leader Yu pulled two cards, a gun and a pair of shoes which were very practical. In particular, the pair of shoes. If Xiao Lou had these shoes then his experience in Zombie Town wouldn’t be so bad.

It seemed that he saw through Xiao Lou’s thoughts because Yu Hanjiang said, “This card is for you.”

Xiao Lou was naturally embarrassed to take it and immediately refused. “You drew this card. How can you casually give it to me?”

“You need it more.”

The man didn’t allow refusal and directly inserted the card into Xiao Lou’s card pack. “I usually train in a team and I emerged from police school. If I really want to run, few people can get past me.”

Group Leader Yu dealt with murderers all year round. A prisoner running for his life would definitely use all the strength of his body. If Yu Hanjiang couldn’t keep up then how could he catch the murderer? Besides, the card was already inserted into his card package. It would be too unreasonable to refuse now.

Xiao Lou had to accept the card and said with a smile, “Thank you.” He arranged his cards on the table in turn and asked, “Group Leader Yu, do you see any cards you are interested in?”

Yu Hanjiang’s eyes swept over the table. He thought about it before stating, “Give me the Folding Paper.”

Xiao Lou looked at him with amazement. “Do you still play origami games?”

“I played it as a child,” Yu Hanjiang replied. “I can fold some cars and small boats so perhaps it can be used later.”

“That’s great!” Xiao Lou could only fold a paper plane and it couldn’t carry people. Yu Hanjiang played origami games and could fold the paper. He would make the best use of it.

The two of them rearranged their cards while also becoming familiar with each other’s items.

Just then, A of Clubs suddenly reminded them, “The rest time is 5 minutes, please prepare for the next instance.”

Time passed quickly.

Fortunately, this 30 minutes break had already restored their physical strength.

Xiao Lou and Yu Hanjiang glanced at each other, got up at the same time and walked side by side to the card wall.

Their personal space was merged and the card wall was also merged.

At this point, the huge card wall had changed significantly.

The bottom room had 2 of Hearts, 2 of Diamonds, 2 of Spades and 2 of Clubs. Their lower right corners had the green ‘cleared’ written. There was also the two people’s respective clearance scores beside them. Yu Hanjiang’s clearance scores in Hearts and Spades was S while Diamonds was a B. Xiao Lou’s score in Hearts and Diamonds was S while Spades was A.

Neither of them had a rating for Clubs.

2 of Clubs was a challenge level and the record was the gold coins that the two people won. Xiao Lou had 10,000 gold coins and he used them to buy a contract. In the second game, Yu Hanjiang won No. 6’s money and folded the next few games. His final amount was 17,000.

Yu Hanjiang saw the gold coins data on the card wall, thought about it and handed 17 gold coins to Xiao Lou.

Xiao Lou wondered, “Why are you giving this to me?”

Yu Hanjiang explained, “Since we signed the contract and are bound to break through together, the gold coins will also be spent together. In the future, you should manage the accounts. I don’t have any idea about money and don’t remember how much it costs.”

…Then did he usually spend money and never keep account books?

The man’s serious eyes didn’t seem like he was joking. Xiao Lou had to accept the gold coins with a smile. “Okay, the gold coins will be temporarily kept by me. If you want to buy something then directly tell me.” He carefully placed the 17 gold coins into his pocket. The two people had so little money at present that they had to save some money.

Looking back at the card wall, he found that the top two rows of 3 and 4 of Hearts, 3 and 4 of Diamonds, 3 and 4 of Clubs and 3 and 4 of Spades—all eight cards had become the ‘optional’ bright state and the upper right corner of the cards had the single letter: C.

Xiao Lou asked, “These are all C-grade secret rooms?”

“Yes.” The teenager replied. “Clearing all D-grade secret rooms will automatically unlock C-grade secret rooms. Each suit of the C-grade level have two rooms and the difficulty is similar. You can freely choose one of them to enter.”

Xiao Lou glanced back at Yu Hanjiang. “Shall we go to the Hearts room first?”

Yu Hanjiang simply nodded. “No problem.”

A criminal policeman and forensic doctor, what else could they choose for the first time?

They would naturally go to the Hearts secret room to solve the mystery!

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