CR: Chapter 186

The team perfectly cleared 8 of Hearts and received an S-grade score. The rewards naturally wouldn’t be lacking.

Xiao Lou returned to his senses and found his teammates looking at him doubtfully from behind. He realized he had been distracted by the plot card and his eyes were a bit red as he coughed. “What are the rewards for this room?”

Ye Qi had been waiting for this sentence and he actively looked at A of Hearts. “Sister Hearts, we spent almost half a month in this room and it is an A-grade secret room, which is much more difficult than the B and C grade rooms. Shouldn’t the rewards be a bit more?”

A of Hearts smiled. “Of course. I’ll give you the fixed rewards first.”

She flicked her fingers and 10 new cards appeared in front of the group. So many cards were neatly arranged together and Xiao Lou couldn’t help his eyes brightening. The result was that after he took a look—

There were actually eight cards that were the clothing they wore in the ancient secret room!

For example, there was Yu Hanjiang’s ‘prime minister’s official uniform’, Xiao Lou’s ‘moon white long dress’, Long Sen’s ‘black night clothing’, Shao Qingge’s ‘silk clothing’ and even Ye Qi’s ‘custom-made Fragrant Sky House costume.’

Seeing this card, Ye Qi almost coughed up blood. “What the hell is the Fragrant Sky House custom clothing? I don’t want to recall the experience of wearing these red clothes as a woman. You actually turned these clothes into cards to reward us? The clothes don’t have much combat power!”

A of Hearts explained, “These are the commemorative cards of 8 of Hearts. In the future, if you are lacking clothing then you can change into these clothes at any time. The advantage is that they can be turned into cards and are convenient to carry. You can bring them to any secret room and can cosplay at any time.”

Everyone, “……”

Qu Wanyue curiously took the card and tried it. She found that after activating the card, she automatically changed into the clothing. It was the set of men’s clothing she wore in Beacon in Troubled Times and she looked heroic.

Qu Wanyue smiled with satisfaction. “You can change clothes in an instant so it is very convenient. It is also tailor-made and the size is right. This type of costume can’t be bought in the City of the Moon. We might need to wear it in the future.”

Compared to ordinary clothes that they had to wear on their bodies, the clothing cards obtained from the Hearts room could be changed into instantly as long as they were activated. This was equivalent to storing a set of clothing that everyone could change into at any time and any place.

The card was easy to carry and only occupied one card slot. Since it was sent by the keeper, everyone naturally had to accept it. Perhaps they would be short of clothing in the future.

Everyone put away their clothing card. There were 10 cards suspended in the air. Apart from the eight clothing cards, there were two other cards. Ye Qi wondered, “Are these two clothing as well? Professor Xiao, take a look.”

Xiao Lou nodded, reached for a card and turned it over.

[Tool Card: Special Poison Pill]

Rarity: A

Description: The key story item in the world Beacon in Troubled Times. It can be obtained after a perfect clearance.

A team limited card. The team that signed the same contract can only carry one.

A pill developed by Imperial Concubine Xian that looks like rock candy. It is actually highly toxic. Once mixed into tea, vegetables, fruits or meals, it will melt immediately, leaving no traces. It is colourless and odourless. Every use of one capsule is enough to poison an adult man weighing 80 kg.

Capacity: 8 capsules. The card is invalid after they are all used up.

As a good law-abiding citizen, this card is disabled in the main cities.

Ye Qi, “……”

Imperial Concubine Xian didn’t come out but she gave a poison pill to everyone.

Xiao Lou handed the card to Yu Hanjiang, who frowned slightly after taking it. “Giving us the tool of Imperial Concubine Xian means we can also poison people unknowingly, killing them.”

So far, they hadn’t killed anyone. They caught the murderer in the Hearts room and relied on everyone’s strength to clear the Spades room. Meanwhile, they never encountered any dangers in the DIamonds and Clubs room. According to Brother Jiu, J Of Clubs was a direct confrontation with hunters that was 10 times their number. If they didn’t kill then they would naturally be killed by hunters.

These cards naturally had to be used in a critical life or death moment.

Xiao Lou didn’t want his teammates to panic for the time being and calmly gave the card to Yu Hanjiang. “This card is dangerous. Anyone can use it. If someone steals it, we might end up being poisoned instead. So.. it will be kept by Group Leader Yu for the moment.”

Yu Hanjiang nodded and placed the card in his card pack.

Xiao Lou opened the last fixed reward card.

[Tool Card: White Veil]

Rarity: A

Description: A veil commonly used by the fourth young lady of the prince’s mansion in Beacon in Troubled Times. It can be obtained through a perfect clearance.

Effect: The fourth young lady loved to cover her face since childhood. After using the veil, people can’t see your face clearly and it is easy to mistake your identity.

Covering your face with the fourth young lady’s veil can make other people misjudge your features and fail to recognize who you are. The white veil has no cooldown restrictions and can be worn on the face at all times.

This card made people unrecognizable. It was equivalent to an item to cover up their identities when investigating a case in the following rooms. However, it had no attack or protection capabilities so it must be used with caution.

So far, the fixed rewards were over. There were eight tailor-made costume cards, two A-grade tool cards and the plot cards that had shown to everyone. The strength of the fixed reward cards in most secret rooms wasn’t very high. The key was the draw for the perfect clearance. Everyone was looking forward to the next draw.

Xiao Lou looked at the three treasure chests on the ground. “There are three chances to draw a card?”

A of Hearts replied, “Yes, the previous B-grade secret rooms rewarded you with two draws. At the A level, one treasure chest is added and you can send anyone to draw from it.” She paused and laughed. “You have an S-grade clearance and you are likely to draw S-grade cards.”

Xiao Lou glanced at everyone and asked, “Who wants to draw a card?”

Old Mo was very excited. He had cleared so many secret rooms but never got an S-grade evaluation. He used to get an A rating every time and most of his cards were A-grade cards. However, the biggest credit in this secret room went to Professor Xiao and Group Leader Yu so he was embarrassed to speak up.

Nevertheless, Xiao Lou seemed to see through Old Mo’s thoughts. His eyes fixed on Old Mo and he smiled warmly. “Old Mo, come.”

Mo Xuemin was flattered and immediately protested, “Cough, how can this be. I didn’t do anything…”

Xiao Lou smiled. “Don’t be modest. You found the clue to the assassins’ identity from a book. Locking onto the assassin plot line is naturally a great achievement. In addition, you are the only one among us who doesn’t have an S-grade card. Everyone else has one.”

Long Sen nodded. “Yes, I and Wanyue have many S-grade cards. Last time, you took us to lie down and win in the secret rooms and I got the soccer and badminton cards.”

Qu Wanyue agreed. “Old Mo, go quickly.”

Liu Qiao also said, “Old Mo, go and draw it. You currently have all A-grade cards and we need to strengthen your combat power.”

The team must have a clear backbone to rely on but they also couldn’t have any obvious shortcomings. The strength of Old Mo’s previous team was average and they only got an A-grade score every time. Old Mo didn’t have an S-grade card yet. Now that the opportunity was here, Xiao Lou naturally wanted Old Mo to enhance his strength.

The teammates all agree to Old Mo drawing the card. In any case, everyone was a whole. It was good for everyone to be strong to clear the secret rooms.

Under the encouragement of his teammates, Mo Xuemin rubbed his hands excitedly and walked to the golden treasure chest. He took a deep breath, closed his eyes and prayed. Then he reached into the treasure chest.

[Congratulations to Mo Xuemin for getting the S-grade Tool Card: Marble Brick!]

[Tool Card: Marble Brick]

Rarity: S

Description: There is a chance of obtaining it from the limited prize pool after getting a perfect clearance and S-grade evaluation.

Effect: Marble is a good material for home decoration such as the wall, floors and benches. Make use of a designer’s imagination and use it well. Maybe it can achieve unexpected results.

You can quickly build a wall of marble to make the enemy have nowhere to go during a pursuit or you spread a floor of marble to assist your teammates when encountering water. As long as the marbles are connected to each other, they will immediately become a solid whole.

Restrictions: This card has a total of 100 marble tiles, each with an area of 80cm x 80 cm. After use, this card will become grey and will be unavailable until it is refreshed the next time you enter a secret room.

Please don’t waste it.

Mo Xuemin thought about it. Wasn’t this card similar to Professor Xiao’s Compass? How could the marble tiles be moved?

They could become walls to block the enemy’s path or to block bullets when under siege. It could also be used to build a bridge when crossing water. As a building material, the usage of marble was flexible and variable. Giving him 100 tiles that were refreshed every time he entered a secret room, this was worthy of an S-grade tool card!

The tool cards he previously drew related to decorating were all A-grade cards. The effect was limited and the cooldown was relatively long. The strength of the S-grade tool cards was obviously improved by more than one level.

Mo Xuemin was excited and held this card like it was a treasure.

Xiao Lou told him, “Old Mo, draw another one.”

Mo Xuemin immediately waved his hand. “This is very embarrassing. You should draw it.”

Everyone told him, “We have several S-grade cards. You only have one!”

Mo Xuemin, “……”

He really followed an awesome team!

Every clearance was an S-grade evaluation and everyone had two or three S-grade cards. Even the soy sauce Shao Qingge had four S-grade cards. For example, there was Rich and Willful. Although this card required spending 5 million, he could directly copy any card and it was worthy of being an S-grade strength.

At present, Old Mo was indeed the poorest in the team. This time, the Hearts room gave three treasure chests and Xiao Lou asked him to draw two. There was no way to refuse this special care. Old Mo excitedly placed his hand in the second treasure chest.

[Congratulations to Mo Xuemin for getting the S-grade Tool Card: Perspective Converter!]

[Tool Card: Perspective Converter]

Rarity: S

Description: As a designer, when seeing 2D drawings, you must think of the 3D space. By seeing the 3D space, you can naturally measure and draw proportional drawings immediately. In a strange place, how good would it be to look down at the entire area from the perspective of a god and draw a 2D flat map of the area?

The Perspective Converter can immediately lock onto a 500 square metres range and switch to a god’s perspective, observing all the scenes, people and roads in the locked area to gain a more comprehensive and clear understanding of this area. Then draw a 2D floor plan.

Limit: Can be used once every 10 hours.

This card was rather strange and Ye Qi scratched his head. “It feels like switching between a 2D and 3D game?”

Xiao Lou’s eyes lit up. “This is a godly card in a maze.”

Mo Xuemin was excited. “Yes, if I encounter a fork in the maze then I can lock onto a 500 square metres area and switch to the god’s perspective to see the route. Then I can immediately rule out several wrong dead ends!”

It wasn’t just a maze in the Diamonds room. In some Spades and Hearts secret rooms, the card could be used to see the road.

Of course, this card wasn’t omnipotent. It could only look at an area of 500 square metres instead of the entire field. It must be used at key moments and key locations. Secondly, the cooldown time of 10 hours was too long. It could only be used once or twice at most in a limited time maze.

Still, it was better than nothing. Old Mo having this card would greatly help them through the maze level. Old Mo smiled and placed the two cards in his card pack.

There was one treasure chest left and Xiao Lou asked everyone, “Who will do the last draw?”

Ye Qi had many instruments in his hands, such as the erhu, guzheng, guitar and pipa. He felt too sorry to draw a card. Shao Qingge’s cards were ‘too bad’. They cost money to use a skill so he didn’t want to draw it at all. Liu Qiao had several fairy tale cards while the Long Qu couple had many sports and dance cards.

The group shook their heads.

Xiao Lou looked at Yu Hanjiang and the latter simply stated, “You go.”

The other teammates also smiled.

“Yes, Professor Xiao should do it!” Ye Qi excitedly exclaimed. “Professor Xiao’s luck means he draws a summoning card every time. Perhaps this time it is another character card!”

His teammates said so. Xiao Lou had to step forward and place his hand in the chest.

[Congratulations on drawing the S-grade summoning card, Xiao Yu!]

Xiao Lou, “???”

He was stunned and couldn’t react when he saw the message.

He opened the card and saw a familiar face in the front of the card. It was indeed Xiao Yu, his little brother in the 8 of Hearts secret room.

[Summoning Card: Xiao Yu]

Rarity: S

Description: From the custom secret room Beacon in Troubled Times that Xiao Lou’s team cleared. There is only one in the Card World and it is an out of print card.

Additional Skills 1: Seal the Throat with a Single Sword

Tips: Activate the card and summon Xiao Yu. Let Xiao Yu immediately attack the designated target and cut the opponent’s throat with a sword. Xiao Yu’s swordsmanship is excellent and launching an attack when the opponent is unprepared will generally achieve a one-hit kill. Of course, if he can suddenly attack from behind or secretly assassinate the target then the accuracy would be much higher.

This skill is extremely effective so it can only be used once every 24 hours.

Additional Skill 2: Protect the Older Brother

Effect: Xiao Yu liked to follow his older brother Xiao Lou since childhood. Whenever Xiao Lou encounters a crisis, Xiao Yu will take the initiative to help his brother fight. Since the world has changed, Xiao Yu can only display four successful abilities. He will use his sword to defend his most respected relative. Xiao Yu said, “I’ll fight anyone who hurts my brother.”

This skill is an automatically triggered one. As long as Xiao Lou encounters danger and is attacked, Xiao Yu will come out to protect his older brother.

Everyone, “……”

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1 year ago

Yes finally an offensive and protective card instead of a support one!!!
Go Xiao Yu go! Protect your brother!

kdj fan
kdj fan
3 months ago

thats so cute honestly. then ig he doesnt need the live saving coat anym?