CR: Chapter 185

They returned to their personal space and saw A of Hearts smiling in a friendly manner.

Ye Qi couldn’t help complaining when he saw A of Hearts. “Sister, can’t you be more reliable? You actually had me play the female top draw of a brothel. Thank you for thinking about it!”

A of Hearts smiled. “Your age and specialty means you are most suitable for this role. Otherwise? Do you want me to let Old Mo play it?”

Mo Xuemin’s mouth twitched. “Give me a break.”

Ye Qi was depressed and didn’t want to care about this smiling keeper.

A of Hearts glanced at Xiao Lou and Yu Hanjiang. “What about the two of you? Are you satisfied with the identities I arranged?”

Yu Hanjiang, “…”

Xiao Lou, “…”

Should they say they were satisfied or dissatisfied?

Yu Hanjiang’s face was stiff and he decided not to answer this question. Xiao Lou’s ears had turned slightly red. Obviously, he remembered the days when he shared the bed with Yu Hanjiang. Although they only chattered under the quilt every night, Yu Hanjiang was right beside him. They were under the same quilt and the strong hormonal breath of this man spread all around it. It made Xiao Lou’s heart beat faster just thinking about it.

A of Hearts smiled when she saw that they didn’t answer. “Congratulations on your perfect clearance. Let’s look at your rewards, the plot card.”

The plot card for Beacon in Troubled Times appeared in front of them. They originally thought the plot card would reproduce the story of the imperial concubine poisoning the empress, just like the previous plot card. They didn’t expect that they were actually the protagonists!

The timeline of the plot card was exactly the year after they left the secret room. The emperor gave a big reward to the prince’s mansion. Then due to Xiao Yu’s outstanding performance undercover, he became a deputy general in the army under General Lin’s recommendation and was transferred back to Jiangzhou. He would be responsible for the border security of Zhao and Qi.

In this way, he could often see his brother and stare at Yu Hanjiang, lest Yu Hanjiang bully his brother.

Yu Hanjiang and Xiao Lou loved each other. In order to avoid being criticized for having no children, the two of them adopted a son and a daughter in Jiangzhou, both of whom had lost their parents during the war. Looking at the scene of two cute children calling Yu Hanjiang ‘Father’ and Xiao Lou ‘Mother’…

Xiao Lou’s ears were red.

What, did the Hearts sister get something wrong with the plot card this time?

Ye Qi was stunned as he watched Yu daren and Mrs Yu show ‘affection’ with their ‘son and daughter’ on the screen. His expression was complicated as he wondered, “What is this plot card? Why are we playing it in?”

A of HEarts smiled. “You have affected the world of Beacon in Troubled Times and you naturally can’t disappear into thin air. This plot card is your experience in that world. Don’t worry and just watch the story.”

Five years later, Yu Hanjiang returned to the capital and was promoted all the way up to become His Majesty’s left arm.

Xiao Lou took Liu Qiao with him and Liu Qiao opened a medical clinic in the capital to treat the sick.

After Qu Wanyue returned to the capital with the Ninth Princess, the Ninth Princess heard that she was in love with Long Sen, a guard of the prince’s mansion, and decided to let her marry Long Sen.

Mo Xuemin had been following Yu Hanjiang and Yu Hanjiang also took him back to the capital.

As for Shao Qingge and Ye Qi…

Due to the collapse of the Fragrant Sky House, Girl Ye used the help of Master Shao and bought the building in Jiangzhou. He opened a restaurant and became the small boss. Shao Qingge invested in the building and they made money. They happily counted their money every day.

Ye Qi laughed. “I’m very satisfied with the ending arranged for me!”

Shao Qingge narrowed his eyes. “What about me? I didn’t marry a wife or have children?”

A of Hearts told him, “You are a passerby who isn’t important in this secret room. Therefore, your follow-up plot isn’t included.”

Shao Qingge, “……”

Did those who lay down to win have no human rights? Why did Yu Hanjiang and Xiao Lou end up as winners of life with children while he only invested in a restaurant?

Everyone in the plot card was dressed in ancient clothes and had their own endings.

Xiao Lou’s mood was complicated. It was as if he really experienced a husband and wife life with Yu Hanjiang.

Not only were they a loving husband and wife, they also adopted two children. Yu Hanjiang later became the prime minister, who was below one person and above 10,000 people. However, he was clean and honest all his life. He consistently stayed with Xiao Lou and never took a concubine. Xiao Lou also assisted his husband, helping Yu Hanjiang analyze and give opinions on court difficulties…

The two of them lived until they were 70 years old before they died one after another and were buried together.

Yu Hanjiang, “……”

This plot card made everyone feel complicated. It was as if they had split bodies in another world?

Yu Hanjiang glanced at Xiao Lou and found that the other person avoided his eyes, ears red.

His heart was moved and he couldn’t help whispering in Xiao Lou’s ear, “This ending is perfect. What do you think?”

Xiao Lou, “…Okay.”

The ending of Beacon in Troubled Times was that the emperor became a bright ruler of his generation, Yu Hanjiang was a prime minister praised by the people and Shao Qingge became the richest man in Daqi. Meanwhile, Long Sen, Qu Wanyue, Mo Xuemin, Liu Qiao and Ye Qi all had their own place.

They weren’t passersby in this world but participated in the plot of the world. They changed the pattern of the four countries and assisted the emperor in calming down the troubled time, so that the common people lived a peaceful and content life. This was the ‘perfect’ clearance.

Even if it was all portrayed in the plot card.

Still, the ending of Beacon in Troubled Times was indeed perfect.

He just wondered if Yu Hanjiang’s ‘perfect’ was meant literally or if he was referring to their life as husband and wife. Xiao Lou couldn’t be sure and he didn’t dare to ask.

After all, Yu Hanjiang behaved very honestly in the world of the secret room. The two of them might’ve shared the same bed every day but they didn’t have any intimate actions. The so-called ‘wedding room’ was just something in their memories and didn’t really happen. They didn’t hug or kiss in bed. At most, Yu Hanjiang had gently grabbed his shoulder and called him ‘Madam.’

Xiao Lou was flustered and quickly put the plot card into the card package.

He wouldn’t open this plot card again.

Looking at himself and Yu Hanjiang in ancient times, seeing the interpretation of a husband and wife in Daqi, he really felt…

Too beautiful.

Such love was so beautiful that he couldn’t believe in it.

Looking at the modern clothing—jeans, white shirts or dresses—on his teammates, it was like a dream through time and space and they finally woke up.

Xiao Lou’s heart felt lost.

Previously, he only wanted to return to the main city after clearing the instance. Yet after clearing it… he didn’t want to give it up.

Yu Hanjiang was also reminiscing on the plot just now. Living together with Xiao Lou was exactly what he hoped for when he left the world of Beacon in Troubled Times. Unexpectedly, in that world, he and Xiao Lou really acted as a husband and wife for a lifetime.

Neither of them spoke and their teammates glanced at each other.

Why were Professor Xiao and Group Leader Yu in a daze?

Couldn’t they see the glittering chests right in front of them?

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