CR: Chapter 16

No. 6 sat in his chair, eyes full of incredulity.

The other players also looked different. Everyone didn’t expect the effect of the transfer bead to be so powerful, directly letting the two people get the biggest card hand type. This was simply the king hitting the little king on the head, making blood flow!

The No. 6 player lost all his gold coins.

The keeper glanced at him. “No. 6, you have lost your gold coins and are knocked out.”

No. 6’s entire body started to tremble violently. His expression couldn’t be seen with the mask but his eyes full of tears caused Xiao Lou’s heart to sting. Everyone was unlucky when coming to this Card World. No.6 just wanted to live.

Using the transfer bead at the same time as Yu Hanjiang and PKing with him, this luck was really a bit bad. It was thrilling that Yu Hanjiang won and a pity that No. 6 lost.

Behind the keeper, a black door slowly opened. The teenager made the ‘please’ gesture and sad, “Go, I hope you can come out alive.”

No. 6 stood up and turned to the door. His feet fell, every step looking extraordinarily difficult.

Yu Hanjiang looked at his back and whispered, “I’m sorry.”

No. 6 and looked back at Yu Hanjiang, speaking in a choked-up voice. “No, it doesn’t matter. I just wanted to win against you… in fact, since coming to this strange world, I have been thinking I could at least pass the first few levels. I didn’t expect it to be so fast…”

He paused before suddenly smiling, “For me, it is a relief!”

He gritted his teeth and walked resolutely into the pure black door. The door closed slowly behind him.

The atmosphere inside the room was even more depressing. Xiao Lou felt like his heart was firmly held by one hand.

Since entering the Card World, he had been alone and his spirit was highly tense. His desire to live urged him to keep moving forward. He had no time to stop and think carefully about the problems of ‘life’ and ‘death.’

Now he directly saw a living person being eliminated but couldn’t do anything about it.

Xiao Lou gently closed his eyes and clenched his fists under the table, quickly adjusting his mentality.

He didn’t have the energy to grieve for others. If he didn’t concentrate, the next person to be eliminated might be him.

No. 6 left and the room fell into a suffocating silence.

Just then, the No.4 curly-haired woman suddenly stood up and roared toward the keeper, “Hearts, Diamonds and Spades all have a clearance rule. Only the Clubs room uses luck to eliminate people. This is too unfair!”

The teenager looked up at her coldly. “Luck is also a type of strength.”

The woman raged, “If it is pure luck then why don’t you set up a table of mahjong? This old lady often plays mahjong!”

The teenager whispered to her, “Do you think that No. 3 can win just because of luck?”

This question caused the woman to freeze for a moment. She turned to look at Yu Hanjiang with some doubts, seeing his deep and calm eyes.

The teenager ordered, “Sit down or do you want to go out directly?”

The woman was stunned and didn’t say anything else, sitting back down stiffly.

This episode made everyone in the room feel awkward but the teenager spoke like nothing happened. “The third game begins. I’ll remind you again. Please pay attention to the timing of using the transfer bead.”

Everyone had 1,000 gold coins deducted again.

The third round started with No. 3. Yu Hanjiang took a card. He started with the 8 of Clubs and got 7 of Spades. This added up to 15 points and he discarded it directly.

No. 4 was still a bit agitated after exchanging words with the keeper. This round, she was hotheaded and directly used the transfer bead. Once it was her turn, she simply dumped all her coins into the pool. “All in!”

There were three games with a 1,000 bet for each game. Her first call failed and she had another 1,000 gold coins deducted. At this time, she only had 6,000 left.

She went all in and if others wanted to follow then they needed to bet at least 6,000.

No. 5 folded. No. 6 was eliminated and the No. 7 high ponytail girl folded her cards. The No. 1 Xiao Lou did the same. Only No. 2 was left. If she folded then No. 4 would automatically become the winner.

However, at this time, the No. 2 girl spoke in a quivering voice, “I-I will call.”

Her voice was extremely weak and couldn’t be heard if people didn’t listen carefully. Fortunately, the room was very quiet and her faint voice passed smoothly into everyone’s ears.

The No. 4 woman thought victory was within her grasp and her expression under the mask slightly distorted. She didn’t expect that this little girl with the lowest sense of existence would actually stand up to her at this time!

The cards were dealt and it quickly entered the fifth round.

The No. 4 woman found that her hand was A, A, 2, 3 and 3, adding up to 10 points. It was 0.5 short from the biggest hand, the king. This type of hand was called ‘five small’ and she looked at the card hands listed on the screen again. ‘Five small’ was the third largest hand among all of them.

The woman held her breath and looked at No. 2. No. 2 revealed her cards with a pale and thin hand.

J of Hearts, J of Diamonds, Q of Clubs, Q of Diamonds and Q of Spades—five small people!

If the case where 10.5 wasn’t made, the ‘five small people’ was bigger than ‘five small’. The No. 2 girl had won.

The curly-haired woman collapsed and threw the cards on the table, her eyes bloodshot. “Why? I also used the transfer bead. Why is my luck worse than you?”

The No. 2 girl was startled by the scream and bowed her head. “I’m sorry…”

The keeper opened his mouth calmly. “No. 4 is eliminated from the game. Please enter the Nightmare Room and accept the punishment.”

The woman reluctantly stared at No. 2 and turned to the Nightmare Room.

She walked to the door only to suddenly turn back, declaring coldly, “Don’t be proud too early. It is painful to stay in this strange Card World for even one more day. It is better to just die! You are alive now but perhaps afterwards, you will suffer a more terrible torture!”

Her eyes swept across the room, leaving a cold and bitter look before she walked into the black door.

The door closed behind her.

Xiao Lou didn’t speak. He gazed at Yu Hanjiang and the latter looked back at him. The two people looked at each other.

Who didn’t know the cruelty of the Card World? However, if they gave up hope, who could save them?

She hadn’t yet noticed the rule of the transfer bead and it was normal to be eliminated.

Xiao Lou looked thoughtfully at the teenage guard.

The second game, Yu Hanjiang and No. 6 PKed. The former got the king hand while the latter got all J, Q and Ks. In the third game, No. 2 and No. 4 PKed. No. 2 got JJQQQ while No. 4 got AA223, all small cards…

There were 52 cards and how low was the probability of getting these cards in five rounds of dealing? Wasn’t the coincidence a bit too much?

Xiao Lou carefully pondered on the words of the teenager. Did No. 3 really win through luck? What if it wasn’t luck?

Xiao Lou’s back suddenly froze.

The transfer bead allowed the users to get the best cards, what did this mean? For the person who used the transfer bead, the cards in their hands could be controlled. Who could control the cards in everyone’s hands? It was none other than the Clubs teenager sitting in the middle and shuffling!

In other words, this card game wasn’t based on luck, winning or losing didn’t depend on the timing of the transfer bead. The Clubs teenager was clear about who would get what cards.

Xiao Lou understood the true rules behind the 2 of Clubs’ elimination of people.


Out of seven players, two were eliminated in the blink of an eye and only five people remained.

The teenager spoke faintly, “Continue.”

The fourth game should start with No. 4. Since No. 4 was eliminated, it went counterclockwise to No. 5.

The braided man had won the first game and had many chips in his hand. He had been watching the past few games leisurely and also didn’t intend to participate in the fourth game. He simply folded his cards.

No. 7 asked for a card and looked at Xiao Lou. Xiao Lou smiled kindly at her and the girl was stunned. She seemed to understand Xiao Lou’s meaning. She blinked at Xiao Lou and then pushed all the chips in her hand into the prize pool. “All in!”

It was Xiao Lou turn and he declared, “Fold.”

No. 2 just won a game and wouldn’t fight in this one. She followed by folding her cards.

Yu Hanjiang also folded his cards. Since everyone folded, the No. 7 woman won without a fight, receiving 5,000 gold coins. She was very clever and instantly understood what Xiao Lou meant.

At present, No 2, 3 and 5 had each won a game and only he and No. 7 hadn’t won.

The two people didn’t have to use the transfer bead to fight. Use it separately and win one game each, living together to the end. Although everyone in the Clubs room was an opponent, there was no hate for anyone. If they could live together, there was no need to push people to a dead end.

Xiao Lou’s eyes were very friendly and there was a gentle smile in his eyes. The No. 7 girl understood this and used the transfer bead first, going all in. She guessed that No. 1 would fold his cards. In the fifth game, if No. 1 bet then she would simply fold her cards and let the other side win.

They didn’t know each other but two people were already eliminated. There was some tacit understanding.

After the fierce matches in the first three games, the fourth game was surprisingly mild. The No. 7 girl won easily.

The teenager’s eyes swept across the table. “The fifth game is starting, begin.”

Every person had the base amount of 1,000 gold coins deducted. At this point, Xiao Lou had five games deducted and the failed bet in the first game. He only had 4,000 gold coins in his hand.

He had folded five times and if he folded again, he would have fewer chips. He had to use the transfer bead in this game.

The No. 7 girl understood is meaning and certainly wouldn’t call. The No. 2 girl had won once and was timid. She wouldn’t fight with Xiao Lou. It was even more unlikely for Yu Hanjiang to face off with Xiao Lou.

The only unknown person was No. 5. This man with a braid had suddenly gone all in during the first game, relying on psychological warfare to beat everyone. Then he kept watching. If Xiao Lou speculated correctly, this man should often play poker games and be very familiar with all types of routines.

Moreover, No. 5 hadn’t used the transfer bead. If he happened to use it at the same time as Xiao Lou, look at the tragic situation of the second and third games when the transfer beads clashed. Xiao Lou might lose.

Xiao Lou took a deep breath and sat up straight.

The keeper stated, “In the fifth round, the order of cards is counterclockwise and No. 7 will start first.”

No. 7 got the card and after looking at Xiao Lou, she simply abandoned it. It was Xiao Lou’s turn.

He opened the first card and saw K of Clubs. Then he stated, “Give me a card.”

The teenager gave him a card and it was A of Clubs. He immediately used the transfer bead on his wrist under the table and said with a smile, “Call 1,000.”

“No. 2, please choose.”

No. 2 was cautious and directly folded her cards to ensure peace.

“No. 3, please choose.”

Yu Hanjiang decisively discarded his cards.

It was No. 5’s turn and everyone was tense. If he folded his cards then Xiao Lou would win directly. However, if he used the transfer bead then victory in this game wasn’t necessarily decided.

No. 5 was the first to win a beautiful psychological war and won 18,000 gold coins in one breath. Since the second game, he had been folding and watching. In the fifth game, he had 14,000 gold coins left.

Meanwhile, Xiao Lou only had 4,000 left. If No. 5 bet 4,000 then he could force Xiao Lou to go all in.

No. 5 didn’t do so. His narrow phoenix eyes curved in a smile as he said, “Call.”

The two girls who had already folded glanced at each other, their expressions a bit nervous. No. 5 had many gold coins and wouldn’t be eliminated even if he lost. No. 1 was different. He had too little money and if he lost then he might be thrown into the Nightmare Room.

Yu Hanjiang also nervously clenched his fists as he watched Xiao Lou. Xiao Lou just gave him a ‘don’t worry’ look.

The keeper opened his mouth. “The third round of dealing, No. 1 please choose.”

“I want a card and  call 1,000.”

No. 5 stated, “I want a card, call.”

“The fourth round of dealing.”

“I want a card and  call 1,000.”

No. 5 stated, “I want a card, call.”

One gold coin after another was thrown into the prize pool.

Xiao Lou and No.  5 continuously called!

Unlike the previous games, the two players in this game were very stable. They only invested 1,000 gold coins every time. It was just that Xiao Lou calling four times was no different from going all in. He only had 4,000 gold coins and now he had no more in his hand. If he lost then he would be eliminated.

Everyone’s hearts were in their throats.

The keeper stated, “The dealing has ended. Please reveal your cards.”

No. 5 smiled and opened his cards.

J of Hearts, Q of Spades, K of Diamonds, J of Clubs and K of Hearts. It was the ‘five small people’ hand.

Xiao Lou smiled and calmly opened his hand. K of Clubs, A of Clubs, 2 of Clubs, 3 of Clubs and 4 of Clubs!

1+2+3+4+K, the points were exactly 10:30. Another king!

Xiao Lou’s hand was even better than Yu Hanjiang’s king hand in the first game. Not only did he use five cards to perfectly create a 10.5, it was also a pure clubs A,2,3,4 flush!

The two sisters on the sidelines were frightened, their hands covered in cold sweat.

Yu Hanjiang’s clenched fists slowly loosened. He glanced at Xiao Lou and found that the latter was extremely calm.

In such a thrilling life and death situation, Xiao Lou was like… he already expected it?

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Ah it must be because in Chinese 10.5 is also 10:30 in time… 十點半… that’s my guess.

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