CR: Chapter 157

When Yu Hanjiang returned, he saw Xiao Lou anxiously pacing back and forth in the yard.

Xiao Lou had woken up in the middle of the night to find that Yu Hanjiang wasn’t around and had gone out to look. As a result, Group Leader Yu was gone. He was so anxious that he couldn’t speak well. His face was pale and his eyes were full of tension.

Yu Hanjiang immediately walked over, took off his cloak and draped it around Xiao Lou’s shoulder, whispering, “Why did you get up? It is currently autumn in Jiangzhou and it is cold at you. You should wear more clothes when going out.”

Xiao Lou was relieved to see the other person and his face relaxed a lot. He smiled and explained, “I was awakened by a nightmare in the middle of the night and came out to find you. As a result, I couldn’t find you anywhere and I thought something had happened to you…”

Yu Hanjiang gently hugged Xiao Lou’s shoulder and helped him fasten the cloak while speaking softly, “Don’t worry, I’m okay. I was also awakened by a dream and went to talk to Brother Jiu.”

The advantage of the Absolute Field card was that there were no limits in secret rooms. As long as Yu Hanjiang entered, Lu Jiuchuan could sense him and the brothers could meet at any time across secret rooms.

Yu Hanjiang and Lu Jiuchuan grew up together and had deep feelings. If Yu Hanjiang got into trouble as a child, he was embarrassed to tell his elders but he was willing to tell his older brother. Lu Jiuchuan would joke with him and give him some suggestions. Therefore, after realizing that he liked Xiao Lou, the first thing he thought about was to consult Brother Jiu and see if this person had any suggestions.

—Cherish the present.

Lu Jiuchuan had experienced annihilation in J of Clubs and struggled to come out of the nightmare room. His words left an impression on Yu Hanjiang. No one could guarantee what would happen next, no one could predict the future. What ha could do was ‘cherish the person in front of him. As long as he lived and cherished every day with Xiao Lou, there was no need to think too much.

Thinking of this, Yu Hanjiang’s gaze toward Xiao Lou became gentler. “Are you cold?”

Xiao Lou smiled and shook his head. “I’m fine. By the way, what did Brother Jiu say?”

“He said that their secret room was a court script involving the prince’s usurping and the plot was very complicated. However, there is no reference value. We aren’t in the same world at all.”

“It seems we can only rely on ourselves.”

Seeing Yu Hanjiang’s calm expression and remembering the dream just now, the plot of the wedding room once again appeared in Xiao Lou’s mind. Xiao Lou’s heart was beating like a drum but he pretended to be calm. “I want to tell you something but I can’t let other people hear it.”

Yu Hanjiang nodded.

The next moment, Xiao Lou summoned Qin Guan and they connected with the heart channel.

Qin Guan wore ancient clothing and him appearing in the ancient world didn’t show any disharmony. The ‘Heart has a Tacit Exchange of Romantic Feelings’ allowed them to spiritually connect and they could pass on their thoughts without moving their mouths. It was similar to the voice transmission in martial arts novels and could still be used in this world.

The two people sat under a tree and pretended to admire the moon while their spiritual worlds connected again.

Xiao Lou’s voice appeared in Yu Hanjiang’s mind. “I just dreamed a lot about the past and the entire setting became clear. I’m actually a man disguised as a woman in this world.”

Yu Hanjiang looked at him softly. “I also dreamed about this and it can explain a lot of doubts about this setting. For example, we have been married for four years and have no children. Moreover, the keeper wouldn’t let you change back to men’s clothing to cover up your true identity. Your father was in the Ministry of Criminal Affairs and offended too many people who would become suspicious if you changed back to men’s clothing.”

Xiao Lou nodded in agreement. “I also dreamed of Liu Qiao. She is the apprentice of my mother and is now the owner of a medicine house outside Jiangzhou. Old Mo only looked at the medical centres in the city while Liu Qiao is outside the city. The fourth young lady of the prince’s mansion often goes to study medicine outside the city. Liu Qiao should have clues about the fourth young lady.”

Xiao Lou paused before adding, “In addition, I dreamed about the serial murder my father cracked at the Ministry of Criminal Affairs 10 years ago. There were eight people killed in a month in the capital. The result of the initial autopsy was a hanging suicide and the Ministry of Criminal Affairs also closed the cases as suicide. Later, my father detected a colourless and odorless powder from the diet of everyone who died and found it was highly toxic. This was characterized as murder. With the help of my father, the evidence left behind by the murderer was found. The Ministry of Criminal Affairs arrested the criminals but unfortunately, the principal person behind it had escaped by the time the net was closed.”

This was a memory unique to Xiao Lou and naturally Yu Hanjiang didn’t dream about it. Now he heard Xiao Lou’s story and couldn’t help frowning slightly. “Your memories are so detailed. Is this case in Jiangzhou also related to the murders in the capital that year?”

“I think so. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be necessary for these memories to be played back so clearly.”

Yu Hanjiang thought about it. “There are no dreams of other memories?”

Xiao Lou’s ears suddenly turned red and he lowered her head. “There are some, cough, past memories of you.” He quickly changed the topic. “Regarding my father, I only dreamed about the sensational capital murders but nothing else.”

Yu Hanjiang wondered in a low voice, “Then you didn’t dream about that candlelit night in the wedding room the night we got married?”

Xiao Lou, “………”

When would Group Leader Yu’s habit of throwing a straight ball change? How could he directly ask this type of question?! Xiao Lou was red-faced and tried to find excuses. “The wedding room… it is just a fake memory that didn’t really happen.”

Yu Hanjiang asked seriously, “I treated you like that in the dream, do you feel sick?”

Another straight ball was struck and Xiao Lou looked away awkwardly. “No. My dreams are very vague and I couldn’t see what happened. Cough, just regard it as a dream and don’t think about it.”

Yu Hanjiang touched his nose and was too embarrassed to continue discussing the topic. Both people’s hearts were beating like a drum as they remained silent, not knowing what to say.

At this moment, a dark shadow suddenly flashed over from the roof in the distance and the gentleness on Yu Hanjiang’s face was swept away. He suddenly stood up and frowned at the roof, his eyes as sharp as a sword as he shouted, “Who is it?!”

The dark shadow flew from the roof toward Yu Hanjiang like the wind. The sharp sword in his hand was detected instantly, the sharp point flashing with a dazzling light as it directly aimed at Yu Hanjiang!

Yu Hanjiang pushed Xiao Lou behind him and quickly took a few steps back.

Fortunately, he had practiced fighting techniques in real life and had rich experience in actual combat. His response to the attacks was extremely fast. His body seemed to have conditioned reflexes as he grabbed a branch to fight with the other person!

The assassin was strong in martial arts and the sword in his hand was extremely sharp. The branch was cut into several pieces by him. However, Yu Hanjiang dodged in an extremely flexible manner and didn’t fall.

In the blink of an eye, the two had already exchanged dozens of rounds. Xiao Lou watched the scene while sweating. On several occasions, the sharp sword tip swiped past Yu Hanjiang’s neck, only a few centimeters away from the blood vessels. Yu Hanjiang escaped in a thrilling manner. All of Xiao Lou’s attack and control cards were disabled and he couldn’t help feeling anxious.

The assassin found that Yu Hanjiang was tough and couldn’t be taken advantage of after a long time. He made a plan and pretended to stab toward Yu Hanjiang, but he suddenly turned the sword in the middle of the strike and aimed for Xiao Lou’s neck!

Xiao Lou also didn’t expect the assassin to suddenly change targets and attack him.

Yu Hanjiang’s pupils shrank and he didn’t hesitate to move Xiao Lou into his arms. His body turned sharply and he blocked the opponent’s offensive with his back. The sharp sword sliced through Yu Hanjiang’s shirt, leaving a bloody wound on his back!

Xiao Lou heard the sound of a sword cutting through cloth and hurriedly asked, “Have you been hurt?”

Yu Hanjiang endured the severe pain and stood still as he whispered, “I’m fine…”

The assassin sneered. “Yu daren and his wife really have a deep affection for each other. Unfortunately, my Broken Soul poison means you can’t live another day.”

He left these words and jumped onto the roof.

Just as he was about to escape, a few people flew in from the outside. THe group of masked men in black quickly pulled out their swords and surrounded the assassin. The assassin was beaten up and soon caught.

A man in black grabbed the assassin and flew down from the roof, kneeling in front of Yu Hanjiang. “We were late and let Yu daren be frightened!”

The faces of the group were covered with a black veil and Yu Hanjiang frowned. “You are?”

The man in the lead lowered his fists and held his fists. “Daren, I am Long Sen, a shadow guard His Majesty has assigned to protect you in Jiangzhou.”

The man took off his veil to reveal a familiar face. It was Long Sen. He also held a toke with a feather pattern in his hand. Yu Hanjiang was relieved as he took the token and checked it, pretending not to know the other person.

Yu Hanjiang glanced at the captured assassin and coldly asked, “Who sent you?”

The assassin sneered. “It doesn’t matter who sent me. The important thing is that your death is coming. You can only blame yourself. You shouldn’t have come to Jiangzhou!”

The moment he finished speaking, he suddenly bit down on the poison capsule hidden in his tooth. Yu Hanjiang undid his clothes to look but didn’t find the mark. He wasn’t a hunter.

This should be a plot character of the Hearts room who was meant to assassinate the newly appointed Jiangzhou prefectural magistrate. Yu Hanjiang took a deep breath and looked at the people in black around him. “You return first. Shadow Guard Long, come with me.”

He took Xiao Lou and Long Sen into the house and closed the door behind him.

Long Sen saw no one outside and sorry, “I”m sorry Yu daren. We should’ve come a bit earlier but we encountered assassins on the road. These assassins were like ghosts and were very strong in martial arts, so it was difficult to deal with them.”

Yu Hanjiang wondered, “Aren’t you working as a guard in the prince’s mansion?”

“I also have an identity as the leader of Jiangzhou’s shadow guards. I was assigned to the prince’s mansion to monitor the prince’s movements. Two days ago, I received a secret letter sent by His Majesty that Yu daren is about to come to Jiangzhou with your wife to take office and it is likely someone will try to assassinate you. His Majesty asked me to mobilize the shadow guards to do my best to protect you and your wife.”

Yu Hanjiang nodded. “His Majesty also mentioned this matter to me.”

Long Sen was a guard of the prince’s mansion but in fact, the emperor had sent him to monitor the prince. Since he was the leader, it was much easier to deal with danger and at least the group of people brought by Long Sen could help.

Long Sen looked at the person in Yu Hanjiang’s arms and saw a woman with long hair covered in a blue cloak. He previously couldn’t see her face because it was dark but now that he looked carefully, Long Sen was stunned for a moment. “This is… the madam?”

At the familiar face, Long Sen slipped and nearly fell. Wasn’t this Professor Xiao?

Xiao Lou also noticed that Group Leader Yu’s posture was too close and immediately broke away from Group Leader Yu’s arms, looking at the other person anxiously. “Are you okay? Let me examine your back.”

Yu Hanjiang frowned. “It’s fine. It is just skin and flesh.”

Xiao Lou ignored his explanation and simply pressed him to sit down on a stool. Then Xiao Lou examined his back. He saw that the white clothes on the man’s back had been dyed red with blood! Xiao Lou’s fingers trembled slightly as he removed the clothes…

A 40 cm long wound slanted across Yu Hanjiang’s back. The wound was open and blood was constantly flowing. Obviously, this assassin’s sword was too sharp. It cut through the layer of muscles and almost cut to the ribs! It was such a deep wound yet this person actually said nothing?!

Xiao Lou was so distressed that he gritted his teeth and wanted to chop that assassin to pieces!

Long Sen saw Xiao Lou’s ugly expression and was startled. He spoke in an ashamed manner, “It is my fault for not coming earlier…”

Xiao Lou clenched his fists firmly and whispered, “I don’t blame you, this is the plot we have to go through. The assassin’s sword is poisonous.” He saw that Yu Hanjiang’s wound was gradually turning black and took a deep breath to calm himself. Then he took a clean white cloth, found a few bottles of medicinal powder from his medicine cabinet and sprinkled them on Yu Hanjiang’s wound, temporarily stopping the blood flow.

It was such a deep wound and there was no anesthetic in ancient times. How much pain would Group Leader Yu be in? Yet Yu Hanjiang sat here without moving.

Xiao Lou admired the man’s perseverance and felt particularly distressed. He moved as lightly as possible, gentle spreading the powder around the wound and then wiping the surrounding blood with a sterile white cloth.

Yu Hanjiang looked calm as he clenched his fists to endure the sharp pain. He had been injured many times, sometimes more serious than now. Since this was a plot point of the secret room, either Xiao Lou was injured or he was injured. He would rather it be himself.

He blocked that sword for Xiao Lou with no hesitation and it was a subconscious reaction. How could he be willing to let his favourite person get hurt?

The wound on his back was very scary but Group Leader Yu seemed calm. Xiao Lou’s hands trembled slightly but he soon composed himself and helped Yu Hanjiang treat the wound, bandaging it with a white cloth.

Long Sen was as anxious as an ant on a hot pot beside them and couldn’t help saying, “The sword is poisonous and the wound is blackening. There are still two days until the prince’s birthday feast. The assassin seemed to say that Group Leader Yu can’t live for another day. Do we have to find a way to detoxify it?”

Xiao Lou spoke calmly. “Find Liu Qiao.”

Long Sen wondered, “Liu Qiao?”

Xiao Lou explained, “I just got a clue. Liu Qiao is at a medicine house outside Jiangzhou. My mother had a copy of a toxicology book that she passed to Liu Qiao before my mother died. Liu Qiao should be very good at detoxification.”

Xiao Lou moved to the front and looked at Yu Hanjiang. Yu Hanjiang was affected by the toxin. His mind wasn’t clear and his forehead was covered in sweat.

The assassin had attacked them at night in order to make them absent from the prince’s birthday banquet. the situation in Jiangzhou was complicated and obviously, some people didn’t want Yu Hanjiang to be the prefectural magistrate of Jiangzhou, let alone have Yu Hanjiang involved in the upcoming case.

Xiao Lou gently held Yu Hanjiang’s hand and spoke softly, “I have medicine for pain relief here. I’ll give you some and you have to hold on. Long Sen and I will take you to the medicine house immediately.”

Yu Hanjiang held Xiao Lou’s hand and replied in a low voice, “Yes, I’ll listen to my wife’s arrangements.”

Xiao Lou was very calm and was the first to think that this was the plot forcing them to go out of the city to find Liu Qiao. Yu Hanjiang glanced at Xiao Lou and told him, “Be careful, there might be a group of people lying in ambush at the medicine house to deal with you.”

Xiao Lou looked serious. “I know.”

Even if he knew that the risk of a crisis outside the city was high, he had to go. According to the plot setting, only Liu Qiao could detoxify this wound. Moreover, Yu Hanjiang was poisoned and in extreme pain. How could he let Group Leader Yu continue to suffer? If it wasn’t for Yu Hanjiang, he would be the one injured just now.

‘Thank you for saving my life. I will remember your kindness to me.’

Xiao Lou took a deep breath, glanced at Long Sen and calmly ordered, “Go and prepare two fast horses to leave the city tonight!”

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