CR: Chapter 149

7 of Hearts gave two treasure chests. Xiao Lou and Yu Hanjiang each walked up to one and placed their hand into the treasure chest at the same time, also taking it out at the same time. Xiao Lou knew the card he drew would be strange so he went to see Yu Hanjiang’s card first.

[Equipment Card: Glock 17]

Rarity: S

Description: A limited weapon. There is a chance of obtaining it from the draw with a perfect clearance and S-grade evaluation.

Weapon data: 9 mm calibre, 357 m/s, 620 g weight, a gun body length of 186 mm, equipped with 9 mm diameter handgun bullets, magazine capacity of 17.

This is the gun that policemen of many countries use. It is easy to carry and has high shooting accuracy for those who know how to use it.

Note: The handgun doesn’t have any skills. In the end, whether it shoots through the opponent’s head or accidentally shoots into your teammate’s back depends on the user’s own technique. This type of weapon isn’t recommended for rookies.

Once Xiao Lou saw this small, black handgun, he smiled and said, “Group Leader Yu, you really got this weapon again! You should be most comfortable with this gun, right? In reality, it is a police officer’s gun?”

Yu Hanjiang put away the card and nodded. “Yes, I am really most skilled with a handgun.

Ye Qi wasn’t interested in Yu Hanjiang’s various types of guns. He was very curious about Professor Xiao’s card. He came over and asked excitedly, “Professor Xiao, what type of card did you draw? Is it a poet again?”

Liu Qiao heard this and also walked over to see.

Xiao Lou’s mood was complicated as he revealed the card. He saw a thin woman drawn on the card. She was a plain, long gown and her hair was up in a simple bun. A plain hairpin was inserted from the side and her curved willow eyebrows made her facial features more beautiful and moving.

It was actually the talented woman Li Qingzhao of the Song Dynasty!

[Summoning Card: Li Qingzhao]

Rarity: S

Description: A limited character card. There is a chance of obtaining it from the draw with a perfect clearance and S-grade evaluation.

Li Qingzhao is the most famous female poets in history. She is one of the representatives of the graceful poets and is known as the most ‘talented woman in ancient times’.

Additional Skill 1: Searching, Seeking, Coldness and Desolation, Dreariness and Misery

Li Qingzhao’s famous work ‘A Long Melancholy Tune’ that depicts a sad scene. The skill will cause a 100 metre area around Li Qingzhao to be affected by her grief. The targets’ movement speed, attack speed and card skill release speeds are collectively reduced to 10%. It is like a movie playing in slow motion. During this period, all acceleration cards are invalidated and the speed won’t be restored until Li Qingzhao finishes reading the words.

Cooldown: 5 hours.

Additional Skill 2: Who Sent the Brocade from Beyond the Clouds? (Unlocked at level 10)

Use skills to pass brocades to designated targets using a flying pigeon. Your feelings of affection can be expressed across secret rooms and main cities. In addition to carrying letters, the flying pigeons can carry up to 100 kg (including cards). It doesn’t matter if you’re not with your loved one. You can send a flying pigeon to them.

Additional Skill 3: Stray Into the Depths of the Lotus Flowers (Unlocked at level 30)

Li Qingzhao indulged in the beautiful scenery but unexpectedly went the wrong way and rowed her boat into the depths of the lotus flowers. Use the skill in Hearts/Spades/Clubs to return yourself and your designated teammates to the position you were three minutes ago to avoid getting lost. In the Diamonds maze, you can specify a coordinate position. Once you use the skill, you and your designated teammates will immediately return to this coordinate point. The coordinate point can be changed every 30 minutes up to three times.

Xiao Lou took a closer look at the description of her skills.

This was a very strong function card. The first skill was a group control. During the time while Li Qingzhao was reading poetry, everyone’s speed would slow to 10%. This could be used as an evasive response to the enemy’s fierce firepower.

The flying pigeon could pass messages as well as materials accurately. In the later secret rooms, sometimes teammates would act separately instead of being all together. At this time, it would be very useful to use Who Sent the Brocade from Beyond the Clouds? to send news and clues.

Not much needed to be said about the third skill. It was maze magic.

Yie Qi looked at the long card description and his brain was a bit dull. He couldn’t help feeling, “Professor Xiao, you really stabbed the hornet’s nest of poetry. The graceful poets are coming to you one by one!”

Xiao Lou helplessly smiled as he put away the Li Qingzhao card. “It is probably because I was bored in high school and specifically memorized these poems. I recited the most poems from the graceful school and the bold school of poetry…”

Yu Hanjiang said, “No wonder why in the previous Diamonds room, you just had to finish reading the question on poetry and you could immediately give the answer.”

Liu Qiao had a serious expression. “You’ve already obtained Liu Yong, Qin Guan and Li Qingzhao. They are three poets from the graceful school. Then will a poet from the bold school of poetry come to you next?”

Ye Qi laughed. “If you say this then Professor Xiao’s next card might be Su Shi!”

Xiao Lou also had this not so subtle feeling.

He had drawn three graceful poets. Will it be the turn of the bold poets next?


The four of them left the Hearts room and immediately entered 5 of Spades. They continued to clear the three Spades rooms. 5 of Spade and 6 of Spades were pure survival secret rooms. There was no perfect clearance and no reward chests given.

Thanks to the help of the attack strategy guide, the four of them survived the two secret rooms and managed to come out. 7 of Spades gave two treasure chests and this time Xiao Lou and Yu Hanjiang still went up to draw cards. Yu Hanjiang drew the limited weapon Mad Believers, which was the fiercest submachine gun!

So far, Yu Hanjiang’s weapons arsenal was really comprehensive.

There was the ultra-long-range sniper gun that could shoot a single target from a kilometer away Silver Moon. The melee and wilderness hunting flexible shotgun, Bloodthirsty Golden Shark. The portable, sneak attack and assassination handgun, Glock 17 and the group assault submachine gun Mad Believers.

As a firearms enthusiast, Yu Hanjiang had studied many types of guns in the real world and realized a dream in the Card World. He now had four guns, the sharp Night Devil Saber and the lightweight dagger Star Blade with the ability to stun when attacking from behind. Yu Hanjiang’s fighting ability would definitely make the enemy scared!

Yu Hanjiang was in a good mood as he placed his new card into the card pack.

Xiao Lou reached out to draw a card and Ye Qi, Liu Qiao and Yu Hanjiang looked at the same time to see—

[Congratulations on receiving the S-grade card ‘Summoning Card: Su Shi.]

Xiao Lou had a headache. “You’re right. I received too many graceful poets so this bold one was sent!”

The other three people glanced at each other. It seemed that these historical figures were very fond of Professor Xiao.

[Summoning Card: Su Shi]

Rarity: S

Description: A limited character card. There is a chance of obtaining it from the draw with a perfect clearance and S-grade evaluation.

Additional Skill 1: When Did the Bright Moon First Appear? Raise a Cup of Wine and Ask the Blue Sky… Yet One Hopes for Longevity, a Thousand Miles Apart, Seeing the Moon Together.

From Su Shi’s famous Water Melody.

After using the skill, Su Shi can immediately turn the sky into a full moon night. No matter what the current environment is, everyone in the scene will be attracted by the full moon in the sky. Even if you are a thousand miles apart, you must enjoy this beautiful moonlight. After the moon appears, the moon watching will last one minute. Within this minute, no one is allowed to do anything.

After Su Shi changes the scene to a ‘full moon night’, unless there are other cards that change the scene, the full moon night will last eight hours before it becomes daylight (Limited skill: can only be used once in a secret room).

Additional Skill 2: Great River Flows East, Waves Flushing Down, Thousands of Years’ Worth of Historical Figures!

From Su Shi’s famous Reminiscence of Red Cliffs

After using the skill, Su Shi seems to return to the red cliffs, looking down at the rolling Yangtze River and thinking about all types of heroes in history, a small unspeakable feeling of pride rising in his chest. Su Shi’s pride affects the teammates and enhances everyone’s combat power. Within 100 metres, all character cards will have their skill cooldown reset (Su Shi’s own skills won’t be reset).

Additional Skill 3: Dongpo Pork

After Su Shi was banished to Huangzhou, he reclaimed land called Dongpo and his favourite food became known as Dongpo Pork. This has been passed down to this day and is fragrant, delicious and not greasy.

After using this skill, Su Shi will take out a bowl of Dongpo Pork and give it to you. You can eat it yourself or use it to attract any prey in range. Dongpo Pork can attract all types of birds and beasts (including bird and beast summoning cards). They will actively follow the fragrance and approach.

Su Shi is so busy that he can only take out one bowl of Dongpo Pork a day.

As the representative of the bold poets, the strength of Su Shi’s card was really worthy of his position in the literary world.

The skill ‘When did the Bright Moon First Appear?’ could change the scene. If he summoned Su Shi on a sunny day, it would change the entire scene directly to a full moon night. Although this scene conversion wasn’t lethal or as clear as Old Mo’s dyeing card, the scene conversion when necessary would make it easier to formulate tactics. Assassination during a moonlit night or escape would be easier.

For example, at sea they could use Su Shi’s full moon night scene change and then Liu Qiao’s mermaid transformation card. Xiao Lou’s entire group would dive into the sea in the form of mermaids and the enemies wouldn’t be able to find them.

The second skill was even better. It reset the skills of all character cards!

Cards had skill cooldown times. Although the character cards such as Tao Yuanming, Liu Yong, Li Qingzhao, Qin Guan and Bai Juyi had strong skills, they also had many restrictions. IN particular, Tao Yuanming’s Peach Blossom Spring skill could only be used once in 24 hours. However, when inspired by Su Shi’s ‘Thousands of Years’ Worth of Historical Figures’, the card skills of all characters would be reset.

Remember Peach Blossom Spring could be used twice a day and the various control skills of other character cards could be refreshed immediately.

Su Shi could be called the leader of the character cards group. If he drew Su Shi and then another character card in the later period, Thousands of Years’ Worth of Historical Figures would reset all of the group’s skills and Xiao Lou’s fighting power would double instantly!

Yu Hanjiang looked at the smiling Su Shi on the card and praised, “This card is good.”

Liu Qiao also said, “The moment Su Shi came out, all the skills of the historical figures will reset. This is really strong.”

However, Ye Qi was focused on something else. “I actually want to taste the Dongpo Pork made by Su Shi himself!”

Xiao Lou, “……”

He was actually focused on the third skill about food? Xiao Lou didn’t know if he should laugh or cry as he used Su Shi’s third skill. He saw a chic ancient poet appear in front of him with a bowl of Dongpo Pork. The colour of the meat was so clear that people couldn’t help coveting it.

Ye Qi gulped. “Can… can I eat it?”

Xiao Lou smiled as he took out the chopsticks card from the card pack and handed it to Ye Qi. “Try it.”

Ye Qi excitedly took it from Su Shi. After taking the bowl, he picked up the chopsticks and took a bite. Then his eyes widened and he nodded like a squirrel. “It’s delicious! It is 100 times more delicious than the Dongpo Meat I used to eat at Zhejiang Restaurant!”

Xiao Lou was curious and also took a pair of chopsticks to taste it. He smiled and said, “Really delicious.”

Liu Qiao and Yu Hanjiang who also joined in, “……”

The four people quickly dived into the bowl of Dongpo Pork and ate it clean. Ye Qi was moved.”This is something I can brag about all my life. I have eaten Dongpo Pork made by Su Shi himself.

Liu Qiao said, “If you go back to the real world and say this, won’t people think you’re crazy?”

Ye Qi smiled and scratched his head. “Yes, this world is amazing.”

They not only tasted the Dongpo Pork tasted by everyone but they got Li Qingzhao’s flying pigeons. They also went to Tao Yuanming’s Peach Blossom Spring and met Liu Yong, Qin Guan and Di Renjie. They could even use Bai Juyi’s fire to get warm…

They really didn’t dare believe it.

Xiao Lou smiled and put away the Su Shi card. “Okay, we’ve cleared the six Hearts and Spades room. I don’t know how much time has passed in the main city but we should go back to see our teammates.”

He used the heart channel to look for Old Mo and ask about the progress. Mo Xuemin’s voice filled his mind. “Professor Xiao, we have finished the three Clubs room and finished 5 of Diamonds and 6 of Diamonds. We are currently looking for the path in 7 of Diamonds and will go to the exit immediately.”

Xiao Lou nodded. “Okay, we’ll see you at home!”

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