CR: Chapter 148

Xiao Lou and Yu Hanjiang returned to the villa. Qu Wanyue and Liu Qiao had already arrived home and had prepared dinner. Liu Qiao’s expression had calmed down a lot. She obviously believed Xiao Lou’s speculation and thought that as long as she cleared the secret rooms and went back to the past, she could save her sister in reality.

In fact, Xiao Lou’s speculation had no factual basis. It was entirely based on theory. No one knew what would happen after a challenger cleared all the secret rooms.It was just better to have a beautiful hope than a gloomy future.

After dinner, Xiao Lou called everyone to the living room, grabbed a laptop and opened Tang Ci’s USB disk.

There were four folders in the USB disk, marked with Hearts, Spades, Clubs and Diamonds. After opening, they were divided into the fifth, sixth and seventh levels. There was a total of 12 B-grade secret rooms and the strategy was very complete.

Among them, Hearts had a detailed plot description and it was divided into two versions. This was the same as what Old Mo had said before. There were two different plot directions in the low level secret rooms, just like the AB tests in an exam. After entering, one would be chosen randomly.

In addition, Diamonds listed the mechanism types as well as a complete maze map. It was a 3D version from a god’s perspective. It meant they could quickly find the right path out of the maze. The Spades strategy had some survival goals and survival techniques. The fifth, sixth and seventh Clubs rooms were all common playing card games.

After reading the strategy, Old Mo couldn’t help feeling, “This is really a strategy guide collected by the Intelligence Bureau. It isn’t unreasonable to sell it for one million gold coins. I’m sure we can get a S-grade evaluation with this.”

Brother Jiu once mentioned that secret rooms couldn’t be re-entered. Xiao Lou looked at Mo Xuemin and wondered, “Old Mo, you have already cleared these levels. Can you go in?”

Mo Xuemin laughed. “Yes, the B-grade secret rooms can be repeated but I have already cleared it. After going in, I can’t get the rewards. After the A-grade, the senior secret rooms can’t be repeated.”

Xiao Lou thought about it. “Since you can enter, the eight of us will divide into two small teams. We will clear the B-grade rooms as soon as possible.”

“If we split up, won’t the rewards decrease?” Ye Qi wondered. “For example, if eight people go to 5 of Hearts, we can acquire eight cards. If four people go, we can only acquire four cards.”

“The fixed reward cards are material cards and aren’t work too much. We can go to the card market to buy them if we need them.” Xiao Lou opened the document in the USB to the ‘reward list’ and pointed to the cards in them.”Every secret room has fixed rewards or a perfect clearance. For example, there are two treasure chests in 5 of Hearts. It doesn’t matter if four or eight people pass it. The number of treasure chests won’t change.”

“Oh! Professor Xiao, you mean that we should focus on the cards drawn from the treasure chest and just take the fixed rewards at will, right?” Ye Qi suddenly realized. “Looking at this list, the fixed rewards of the B-grade secret rooms are all B-grade cards.”

“Yes, all the B-grade cards are for material cards and they should be prepared for the later difficulty secret rooms.” Old Mo paused before continuing, “Some of the rewards are the same as those in the World Weekly. Most of the cards can be bought in the trading market so it doesn’t matter if we get a few less B-grade cards.”

“We can improve our efficiency by splitting into two teams.” Xiao Lou concluded with a smile. “Everyone can choose the secret room they’re good at. I’ll go with Group Leader Yu to Hearts first. Who wants to go to Hearts as well?”

“Me!” Ye Qi raised his hand. After all, he also got a S-grade rating in 3 of Hearts.

“I’ll go to Clubs.” As a Hearts scum, Shao Qingge wouldn’t drag their feet. He preferred to go to the Clubs secret room.

“What about the others?” Xiao Lou glanced at everyone.

Qu Wanyue smiled. “I’m not particularly good at any room. Professor Xiao, you can arrange it.”

Liu Qiao also said, “You arrange it.”

“Okay.” Xiao Lou touched his chin to think and made a decision. “I, Group Leader Yu, Ye Qi and Liu Qiao will consecutively clear the three Hearts room. Chief Shao, Old Mo and the Long Qu couple will go to the Clubs room to clear the three consecutive rooms. After finishing this, we’ll go to Spades while Old Mo will take everyone to Diamonds. Old Mo is good at mazes and with him in the team, you should easily pass it.”

The secret rooms of the same level could be chosen at random. Everyone saw there were no arrangements for Hearts and Clubs.

Xiao Lou stated, “We will separate for the secret rooms at 23:55 p.m. on Friday. Everyone should have a good rest and regain your spirit. The two teams should clear six rooms and in order to avoid any accident, the two teams should be connected with Qin Guan’s heart channel at any time to maintain communication.”

At this time, Qin Guan’s communication channel was particularly important because it wasn’t limited to secret rooms and could communicate across worlds.

Xiao Lou looked at Mo Xuemin. “Old Mo, you have experience clearing it and lead the second team. I will give you a Qin Guan card and you and I will be connected.”

Mo Xuemin nodded. “No problem.”

Thus, things were decided. On Thursday and Friday, the people in the villa rested and everyone was full of energy.

Friday night at 23:55, there were five minutes left until this week’s World Weekly started.

Xiao Lou took Yu Hanjiang, Liu Qiao and Ye Qi to the card wall while Old Mo’s team also stood in front of it. The two people were connected with the heart channel and at almost the same time, they drew out 4 of Hearts and 5 of Clubs.

Since the team opened two secret rooms at the same time, those standing behind Xiao Lou were pulled into 5 of Hearts while those standing with Old Mo were pulled into 5 of Clubs. The eight people split into two groups to break through the barrier respectively.

5 of Hearts was the suicide case of a female protagonist with multiple angles and many misleading clues. At first, the challengers thought the murderer was one of her boyfriends. Finally, after some reasoning, they all had alibis and the group found the female protagonist’s last note, coming to the conclusion of a suicide.

Even if they didn’t have the strategy for this secret room, it was hard for Yu Hanjiang and Xiao Lou to fall down. It would’ve taken them three days with the help of the strategy to complete the secret room. Yet they only needed one day to find the answer and get a perfect clearance!

For the two treasure chests, Xiao Lou arranged the drawing order.

He found that the cards everyone drew in the secret rooms seemed to be related to their real interests and occupations. For example, Ye Qi was a singer and always drew instrument cards. Group Leader Yu was a policeman and always drew guns. Liu Qiao probably had a connection with fairy tales so she drew two fairy tale cards.

For the two treasure chests in 5 of Hearts, Xiao Lou had Ye Qi and Liu Qiao draw it.

The team was currently lacking control cards. Last time, they were still using the lowest level Nine Palaces Grid against the sharps. Ye Qi’s S-grade control cards, Guitar and Flute were better to use. There was no limit on the number of uses and the cards wouldn’t be damaged. The disadvantage was that the cooldown time was long and the skills were difficult to connect. As the main control of the team, Ye Qi had to draw a few more instruments.

Xiao Lou smiled and looked at the two of them, “Xiao Ye, you go to the draw first.”

Ye Qi excitedly rubbed his hands as he walked to the treasure chest and drew something.


Rarity: S

Description: There is a probability of obtaining is from a draw after an S-grade clearance.

Additional Skill 1: Two Springs Reflecting the Moon

Two Springs Reflecting the Moon is a famous erhu song and depicts the rough life of the creator. The tune is bleak and makes the listener cry. Play the famous erhu song for 30 seconds(two minutes when the growth level is full) so that all targets (including friendly targets) within 500 square metres will be affected by the sad tune, making all card skills fail. Cooldown: 1 hour.

Additional Skill 2: Horse Racing

A famous erhu tune with a sense of rhythm. The impassioned melody is like a horse galloping on the grassland. Play the melody of Horse Racing with the erhu for one minute (three minutes at full level). During the performance, all teammates bound by the contract will automatically gain a movement speed bonus of 200%. Cooldown: 5 hours.

Ye Qi saw this card and his eyes brightened. “An instrument card with two skills!”

His previous Guitar and Flute cards were all single skill cards. At full level, the Guitar’s group control and the Flute’s single target control had a cooldown of five minutes and 30 seconds respectively.

The Erhu card had a long cooldown but both the large-area group control and the buff skills were very useful.

Xiao Lou came over to take a closer look and praised it. “The full level Two Springs Reflecting the Moon is a large-scale group silence that lasts for two minutes. All card skills will fail and this control card is very strong.”

Yu Hanjiang nodded. “This card can be used with my weapon cards. My weapon cards don’t require any skills. I just have to directly aim and shoot the target. I also don’t need any skills in close combat with the saber.”

He had killed so many sharks with his blade without using any skills. Ye Qi’s Two Springs Reflecting the Moon created a large-scale silence and Yu Hanjiang could take advantage of this opponent to strike with his weapon cards.

Liu Qiao also praised it.”The Horse Racing skill is very useful when it comes to acceleration, chasing or running away.”

Ye Qi took back the card and tried it. He found that after activating the skills, he could play the melodies of Two Springs Reflecting the Moon and Horse Racing. This made him even more excited. “I haven’t learned anything about the erhu. Thus, playing it automatically is much better than the guitar or the flute!”

Xiao Lou laughed. “Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Your Guitar and Flute cards have a short cooldown and can be used frequently. For Erhu, the cooldown is five hours and you need to wait until the critical moment to use it.”

Ye Qi nodded. “Yes, I understand!”

The cooldown of a single skill card was very short and can be released multiple times in fierce battles. For example, Flute can frequently make one target lethargic. The Erhu card needed to be released on time to gain victory at a critical moment.

Xiao Lou glanced at Liu Qiao and stated, “Little Liu, you draw from the second treasure chest.”

Liu Qiao nodded solemnly and put her hand into the chest.


Rarity: S

Description: There is a probability of obtaining it from a draw after an S-grade clearance.

Additional Skill 1: Flower Blossoming

After the flower blossoms, a cute little Thumbelina was born. Use the skill to instantly turn yourself into a thumb-sized girl.

Since Thumbelina is too small, it is difficult for ordinary people to see her. Therefore, she is immune to all attacks during the transformation and only needs to eat dew, grass and petals. The transformation state lasts up to 12 hours and can be released at any time. Cooldown: 24 hours.

Additional Skill 2: Thumb Magic

Thumbelina wants you to be as big as her in order to be friends.

Specify a target to make the other person the size of a thumb. The transformed target shares the characteristics of Thumbelina. They are immune to attacks and won’t feel hungry. It lasts up to one hour and can be released at any time. Cooldown: 12 hours.

Liu Qiao made a face. “Another fairy tale card.”

Ye Qi laughed. “Liu Qiao, you really have a relationship with fairy tales. Do you usually read fairy tale books every day?”

Liu Qiao explained, “As a child, my sister would tell me fairy tales every day before I go to bed. Grimm’s fairy tales, Andersen’s fairy tales and various domestic fairy tales were all told…” A glimmer of loss flashed in her eyes when she mentioned her sister but she quickly calmed down. “Maybe is it for this reason that I always draw fairy tale cards.”

Little Red Riding Hood, the Poisonous Queen and Thumbelina, Liu Qiao’s three fairy tale cards were very strong. The Thumbelina card drawn today was equivalent to invincibility during the transformation and the invincible attribute could be shared with a teammate.

Xiao Lou suggested, “Look at the effect of the card.”

Liu Qiao looked at Xiao Lou. “Professor Xiao, do you want to try the transformation?”

Xiao Lou nodded with a smile. The next moment, Liu Qiao used the second skill and Xiao Lou’s body suddenly shrunk, becoming as big as a thumb. He raised his head and looked up at his teammates who were as tall as mountains, his heart a bit panicked.

As a result, Yu Hanjiang suddenly reached out and gently ‘took’ Xiao Lou, placing the thumb-sized person on his palm. The thumb-sized Xiao Lou was so cute. Yu Hanjiang held the other person in front of him and felt his entire heart softening.

Xiao Lou didn’t know if he should laugh or cry. “Group Leader Yu, you’re like a mountain in my eyes.”

Ye Qi joked, “If Group Leader Yu sneezes right now, won’t Professor Xiao be blown over?”

Yu Hanjiang glanced back at Ye Qi. Ye Qi immediately retracted his neck and pretended he hadn’t said anything.

Xiao Lou walked back and forth on Yu Hanjiang’s palm while speaking, “This transformation skill is very interesting. For example, if a teammate can’t move or is injured, Liu Qiao can turn them into the size of a thumb and have a teammate take them away.”

He paused before adding, “For example, I couldn’t see in Liuxi Village and Group Leader Yu could only lead me away. With this card, I can directly become the size of a thumb. Wouldn’t it be easier for Group Leader Yu to put me in his pocket?”

Yu Hanjiang imagined a small Xiao Lou in his pocket and couldn’t help smiling.

The small Xiao Lou was still walking around on his palm and carefully analyzing the card use. Yu Hanjiang’s palm was a bit itchy and it felt like his heart was scratched by a cat. He really wanted to reach out and poke little Xiao Lou’s head…

Liu Qiao came over and looked at Professor Xiao reduced to the size of a thumb. She also thought it was very magical. “Fortunately, transformed people are immune to attack. They are so small that there might be the tragedy of being trampled on to death by their teammate.”

Ye Qi was serious. “Liu Qiao, you must tell us before transforming. Otherwise, you might become so small that we can’t see you and you might be seriously injured if we step on you.”

Xiao Lou laughed. “Okay, turn me back.”

Yu Hanjiang carefully placed Xiao Lou on the ground. Once Liu Qiao ended the card effect, Xiao Lou changed back and stood by Yu Hanjiang again. He just suddenly became small and hadn’t adapted yet. Xiao Lou glanced at Liu Qiao and said, “This card is very powerful. When necessary, we can change the enemy to the size of a thumb and easily capture them.”

Ye Qi laughed. “That’s right! Enemies who are more powerful will become the size of a thumb and can be taken away in our pockets!”

The Erhu and Thumbelina cards from 5 of Hearts made Xiao Lou even more certain about his guess. Everyone drew cards that had something to do with them in the real world. Later, he could target someone to draw cards based on the team’s card situation.

Next was 6 of Hearts and Xiao Lou still asked Ye Qi and Liu Qiao to draw.

Ye Qi got the instrument card, Guzheng. The two skills, ‘Alpine Running Water’ and ‘Autumn Moon Over Han Palace’ were wide-area group control skills. The former took the moral meaning of ‘Alpine running water seeks intimate friends’ to increase the attack power of the entire team. The second one was a wide-range sleeping skill. If an opponent met Ye Qi, he could play the erhu, guzheng, flute or guitar to annoy the opponent to death.

Liu Qiao drew the fairy tale card, ‘Daughter of the Sea.’ It had only one skill that allowed all teammates to become mermaids. They didn’t need to breathe in the sea and this could last up to two hours. It was much better than the B-grade card, Diving Suit that was often rewarded in the World Weekly. After becoming a mermaid, everyone would also get a speed and agility bonus in the water, their body becoming more flexibly. In the future, everyone would truly be ‘like a fish.’

Ye Qi and Liu Qiao received two powerful cards and were very happy.

They easily passed through 5 of Hearts and 6 of hearts. 7 of Hearts couldn’t beat them. The efficiency of clearing the three instances was very fast. For the last two treasure chests, Ye Qi took the initiative to say, “Professor Xiao, Group Leader Yu, you have always let us draw the cards and the two of us are embarrassed.”

Liu Qiao agreed. “Yes, Professor Xiao should draw it this time.”

Xiao Lou smiled. “Okay, then I’ll draw a card with Group Leader Yu.”

He had a hunch that he was going to draw a character card again… maybe it was related to all the history books he always read as a student?

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