CR: Chapter 142

Xiao Lou’s ship had a white sunshade and at this time, the white cloth was stained with blood. Everybody on the boat had blood on them and it could be seen how intense the battle just now was.

The nearby challengers watched this scene with shock. Seeing them head east through the sea full of sharp corpses, people came back to their senses and followed. They realized that they had met big gods in the World Weekly and maybe they could easily pass the instance.

On the escape boat, Ye Qi saw the challengers behind him and couldn’t help saying, “These people, we just asked them for help and none of them dared to act. They waited for us to act and now have the cheek to follow behind us!”

Old Mo said, “Based on their action, it is likely that they are new people participating in the World Weekly for the first time.”

He looked back and explained. “The World Weekly will match masters and novices together in a secret room. This means some of the best players can bring the weak people to lie down win win. In this secret room, we have found the elite team of Luoying Pavilion and two other elite teams. The others who were matched are probably new people who just formed a team like us.”

Xiao Lou wondered, “Out of the hundreds of challengers, there are none with courage?”

He heard Old Mo’s explanation and reacted. Those people who saw the sharks were panicked, crying and screaming. They were unlike experienced old players who had gone through many things. Maybe it was their first time seeing such fierce animals. They didn’t know how to deal with the sharks and most of them were scared silly. They didn’t dare to fight with sharks in the water.

Yu Hanjiang spoke lightly, “We are also novices. If they don’t adjust their mentality as soon as possible and recognize our challengers’ identity to overcome the psychological fear toward beasts, they won’t go far in the future.”

Old Mo smiled. “Yes, today are sharks. In the future, there might be tigers, lions, wild bears and poisonous snakes are likely to be present in the secret rooms. Some fantasy secret rooms might have demons or vampires. They won’t be able to afford to keep escaping.”

All the people heard this and were silent.

Just now, everyone’s first reaction was also to escape. He heard Old Mo’s words and couldn’t help feeling ashamed. Had it not been for Yu Hanjiang standing up to boost morale and convince people to believe that humans could defeat sharks, they wouldn’t have created the miracle of killing dozens of sharks with eight people.

Yu Hanjiang stated, “No matter how fierce the sharks, they are creatures with no IQ. If they can’t even go against sharks, what will they do in the future where they meet hunters with IQ and equipment. Can they only wait for death?”

It was because his brother told him about the horrors of J of Clubs that Yu Hanjiang wanted to allow his team to practice their courage. Xiao Lou knew his thoughts and used warm words to comfort everyone. “This is just the beginning. In the future, each of us will get more cards and we will become stronger. Perhaps after some time, the sharks will be nothing in our eyes.”

Liu Qiao suddenly interjected, “Can I try changing to a shark?”

She was sitting in the last row. Once they heard this, everyone turned back to look at her.

The 18 year old girl’s face was calm and she asked in the same tone she would use to say ‘Can I eat rice?’ She explained, “I want to try and see if the Twin card can copy animals. Can I become a shark now that I have just seen it?” She sincerely looked at Yu Hanjiang. “Group Leader Yu, don’t use your knife to cut me.”

Yu Hanjiang, “……”

Fortunately, Liu Qiao had told him in advance or once he saw a sharp appear, Yu Hanjiang would’ve probably slashed at it. Xiao Lou didn’t know if he should laugh or cry. He found that her thoughts were clear and reminded her, “If you end up changing, poke your head out of the sea and shake your tail to show it is you.”

Liu Qiao made a sound of agreement and disappeared. Immediately after, a huge shark appeared in everyone’s eyes The shark was as long as six metres and raised its head from the sea, exposing sharp teeth. It saw Xiao Lou and shook its tail.

Everyone, “……”

Ye Qi whispered, “Liu Qiao, I don’t dare to look you in the eye. Please change back!”

Qu Wanyue rubbed her temple. “Is this really Xiao Liu?”

Long Sen laughed. “All the people on our team are talented!”

Mo Xuemin also laughed, “I can’t help feeling that Xiao Liu’s shark is a bit cute.”

Just then, they saw the shark in the water suddenly jump up a few times in the air like it had learned the light footwork. Xiao Lou hurriedly stopped her. “Xiao Liu, stop playing. Other challengers will be scared to death by you.”

Not far away, the challengers were collectively stunned. “A shark is flying?!”

Liu Qiao heard Professor Xiao’s words and immediately changed back. She returned to the boat and said, “I just wanted to see if I could use the Light as a Swallow card while transformed.”

Ye Qi looked at her strangely. “So did you use it?”

Liu Qiao nodded. “Yes, I can use my cards after the transformation. If we encounter beasts in the future, I can become one of them and mix in as an undercover.”

Mo Xuemin praised. “You have many thoughts.”

Ye Qi didn’t know if he should laugh or cry. “You don’t want to mix in with the sharks. Didn’t you see? The sharks went crazy and ate each other!”

Xiao Lou found that this girl’s courage was really big. No wonder why she could reach 4 of Spades alone. Don’t look at her thin body and pale complexion. She might look weak but her heart was stronger than some grown men.

Yu Hanjiang glanced at Liu Qiao and said, “Everyone has worked hard and we should eat something to supplement our physical strength.”

Qu Wanyue hurriedly picked up the backpack. She pulled biscuits, chocolate and mineral water out of the bag and handed it to Yu Hanjiang. Everyone took some food to fill their bellies.

Just then, an escape boat came up to them. The middle-aged man on board spoke nervously, “We just saw a shark jumping up from the sea. Are you okay?”

Yu Hanjiang replied lightly, “It’s fine, I’ve killed it.”

Liu Qiao shrank back her neck and didn’t say anything.

A young man on the other boat raised his thumb to Yu Hanjiang. “Dude, you’re awesome. You killed all the sharks. Can we know your names?”

Yu Hanjiang stated, “Call me Old Han.”

Xiao Lou smiled. “My name is Yun Xiao, everyone calls me Brother Xiao.”

The boy excitedly placed a hand over his fist and bowed. “Thank you Old Han, Brother Xiao!”

A girl next to him handed over two cards. “These cards should be useful to everyone but we only have one copy. We can’t give it to you directly but you can use it…”

Xiao Lou took it to take a look.

[Tool Card: Laundry Liquid]

Rarity: B

Description: Randomly drawn from a secret room.

Effect: In the world of secret rooms, it is common to be covered with mud and blood but it definitely isn’t comfortable to wear bloody clothes. This is designed for challengers who love cleanliness. The dirt on clothes can be removed immediately after use and you will feel refreshed.

Restrictions: 500ml capacity, 5ml per use to wash clothes, don’t waste it.

[Tool Card: Dryer]

Rarity: B

Description: Randomly drawn from a secret room.

Effect: If you have wet hair or wet clothes, there is a dryer that can instantly refresh you. Note that this dryer has limited power. Don’t use it to dry rivers and streams. It isn’t so powerful.

Restrictions: 1 month warranty. After the warranty period, if something goes wrong then there are no refunds or replacement.

Xiao Lou was laughing and crying as he handed the cards to Yu Hanjiang. “They are really useful.”

Yu Hanjiang raised his eyebrows to look at the girl. “Did you draw these cards in the 4 of Clubs raffle room?”

This girl was the one who sewed umbrellas as a business. Once she heard this, she smiled awkwardly. “Yes, our team always draws life cards. In 4 of Clubs, we drew a bunch of sewing, laundry, dryer, electric fan cards…”

The man next to her scratched his head with embarrassment. “We wanted to help out. Unfortunately, our fighting capacity is really limited.”

These people were smart and could make money from life cards, especially the girl who sewed umbrellas to make millions. They might have limited combat power right now but their thinking was flexible. In the future, the team would naturally become stronger if they drew attack cards.

The Laundry Liquid card given by the girl was very magical. Once Xiao Lou activated the card, a large bottle of laundry liquid appeared in his hand. The usage was also written: Please apply the laundry liquid to the parts that need cleaning.

After unscrewing the cap and gently pressing it, around 5ml of blue liquid appeared in the palm of his hand. Xiao Lou touched it to his body and…

This blood-stained clothes actually became clean! Xiao Lou was very happy and he passed the laundry liquid to Yu Hanjiang. Yu Hanjiang imitated his actions to wash his clothes. It was passed to everyone and all their clothes became clean.

The Dryer card was the size of a laptop after activating. It didn’t need to be plugged in and hot air blew the moment the switch was turned on. Their wet clothes dried in five minutes. There was no need to mention how comfortable it was to be wearing clean and dry clothes.

Ye Qi sighed. “These are high-tech home appliances!”

Xiao Lou returned the two cards to the girl and smiled, “Thank you.”

The girl’s face was slightly red. “No, we should be thanking you. I’m really sorry, I only have one copy of these cards or I would give them to you.”

“There is no need to give it. The fact that you are willing to lend it is great.”

The boy looked at Yu Hanjiang and said, “Brother, you are really amazing. You chopped up the sharks like they were vegetables. Weren’t you afraid at all?”

Yu Hanjiang replied calmly, “Sharks have no IQ. It isn’t difficult to control them with cards and then kill them.”

Everyone gazed admiringly at Yu Hanjiang before leaving on their escape boat.

Immediately after, another boat’s challengers came to deliver food. They had bought a lot of vacuum-sealed snacks in the supermarket such as potato chips, plums and dried mangos. They sent over several packets and Xiao Lou wasn’t polite in accepting them.

This wasn’t the first time they had brought other challengers to win and it had become a habit to receive such preferential treatment. It was getting late and the group stopped on the sea. It wasn’t until early morning that everyone received a prompt.

[Endless Sea, Day 5, 00:00 a.m.]

[Number of challengers remaining at sea: 381.]

After encountering the sharks in the afternoon, two ships were destroyed. There were also a few teams who didn’t listen to Yu Hanjiang’s command and ran away in another direction. Obviously, they were also eaten by sharks. The challengers sharply decreased from 434 to 381. 52 people were killed by sharks.

Once everyone saw the prompt, their mood was rather complicated.

It if wasn’t for ‘Old Han’ and his team standing up at the critical moment, there might’ve been more challengers eaten.

The challengers who didn’t take part in the shark hunt in the afternoon couldn’t help reflecting. This time, there was a great god who took them to win but what would happen in the future? If they couldn’t gather courage and overcome psychological barriers to fight these fierce creatures, would they have to keep on relying on others to win?


At the same time, the absolute field.

Lu Jiuchuan stood on the sea with a smile on his face, a woman standing 10 metres away from him. This woman was tall and dressed in black, a silver mask on her face and ponytail tied up high behind her back. She seemed neat and capable. She had a pair of knee-high leather boots on her feet and a blood-red dagger hung from the boots, flashing coldly in the moonlight.

Lu Jiuchuan wondered, “How about it? Did you see the strength of the team?”

The woman’s voice was calm. “If they can’t even cope with a clumsy group of sharks then they simply aren’t qualified to go to S-grade secret rooms.”

Lu Jiuchuan said, “Your demands for people are really high.”

The woman spoke coldly, “Yu Hanjiang is your brother, not mine. If you want me to accept his team, they have to come up with real strength. I don’t want a repeat of J of Clubs and to be once again destroyed in there.”

Lu Jiuchuan replied, “I understand, I don’t want that either.”

The two people wearing masks stared at each other. Lu Jiuchuan’s eyes were smiling but the woman’s eyes were as cold as ice. As she turned around and left, Lu Jiuchuan suddenly spoke. “Huaying, trust me one more time.”

Chu Huaying stopped and didn’t look back. “Trust that you can take us through the instances?”

“I know my brother. I believe that this time, he will take us through the instances.”

Chu Huaying raised her eyebrows. “You mean, this time you want your brother to lead the team?” She turned and stared coldly at Lu Jiuchuan. “You, the captain of a special operations unit, couldn’t handle it. Can he do it?”

Lu Jiuchuan laughed. “Speaking of actual combat experience, my brother is actually more experienced than me. You don’t know it but he was thrown to the border by this father to act as an anti-drug police officer for two years. He fought with the most vicious drug dealers and walked on the tip of a knife every day. He has many scars on his body from that period of time. Then he led his team every day to catch murderers. He is far better than me when it comes to these things.”

Chu Huaying was silent.

Lu Jiuchuan continued, “How many sharks did he kill today? You also see it, don’t you?”

This man’s gaze was very firm. After a long time, Chu Huaying just nodded. “There is still time. Before he reaches the S-grade secret rooms, I will observe him again to make sure that he has the ability. Then we will take about forming a team again.”

Lu Jiuchuan smiled. “Well, he won’t let you down.”

Chu Huaying waved her hand and turned away.

At this moment, there was an abnormal fluctuation in the absolute field. Yu Hanjiang had entered after the card skill refreshed out of worry for his brother. He thought that Lu Jiuchuan wouldn’t be here and hadn’t expected to see his brother as soon as he entered.

He hesitated. ”Brother Jiu, you’re still here.”

Lu Jiuchuan said, “My true identity is a challenge. In order to complete this World Weekly, I also have to stay at sea for seven days. I naturally can’t leave this sea area.” He looked at his brother with appreciation. “You killed dozens of sharks today. You did a good job.”

Yu Hanjiang was slightly stunned. “You know about it?”

Lu Jiuchuan smiled. “In fact, I have been watching you from nearby. Your team is immature but can keep up with your commands. This is actually very rare. After all, this is your first time cooperating and the tacit understanding between you needs to be increased.”

Yu Hanjiang nodded. “It’s natural. They are ordinary people and haven’t experienced bloody scenes. However, today they didn’t flinch. They were brave enough to kill the sharks with me. I believe they will become stronger and stronger.”

He paused before asking, “Will the Hunter’s League make it hard for you?”

Lu Jiuchuan explained, “I found a master and acted a play. Rest assured, this mission failure will be reasonable. The league side won’t doubt my ability. They’ll only feel it was my bad luck to encounter the Spider Goddess.”

Yu Hanjiang was surprised. “Spider Goddess? Is that the boss of Luoying Pavilion?”

Lu Jiuchuan nodded. “She is called Chu Huaying and she is the most powerful among my previous teammates. I have a contract with her in advance and pulled her into this room to help. The heads of the three hunters have been cut off by her and a special spider mark left on their bodies. Once the Hunter’s League discovers the bodies, they will judge that this was done by the Spider Goddess rather than me.”

Yu Hanjiang heard this and couldn’t help admiring Brother Jiu. Not only did he team up with Chu Huaying to clear the World Weekly, he also covered up his identity, giving a perfect reason for the failure of his task. In other words, Chu Huaying appeared in front of the hunters. Once he saw the situation wasn’t good, he ran away and the Hunter’s League wouldn’t doubt him.

Yu Hanjiang asked, “Will you stay in the World Weekly secret room for seven days before returning to continue undercover in the Hunter’s League?”

“Yes, there are some things I need to continue to investigate.”

Yu Hanjiang nodded. “I understand. Be careful.”

Lu Jiuchuan smiled. “This time, nothing else should happen in this secret room.”

YU Hanjiang raised his eyebrows. “Are you sure?”

Lu Jiuchuan told him, “I spent three years in the Card World. The elimination rate of the World Weekly is generally around 10% and will reach 80% if hunters are encountered. However, this time you promptly disposed of the hunters and 380 out of 500 people are left. Diarrhea, the sinking ship and sea monsters, you have passed through three crises and it should be the end. After all, this is the World Weekly and it won’t reach the S-grade difficulty of the secret rooms.”

Yu Hanjiang heard this and was slightly relieved. “There are still two days left.”

“During these two days at sea, think about the next plan.”

Yu Hanjiang nodded. “Okay, Brother Jiu. Goodbye.”

He didn’t feel much nostalgia and simply left the absolute field. He believed in his brother, just as his brother believed in him.

Back on the boat, Xiao Lou saw this person looked relaxed and asked in his mind, “Brother Jiu is okay?”

“Yes, I shouldn’t look down on him. Since he dared to meet us in the secret room, he must’ve left a good way for himself. He pulled in a strong teammate and Spider Goddess Chu Huaying came in to help with the aftermath.”

Xiao Lou said, “I think so as well. Brother Jiu has a lot of experienced and won’t let himself fall into danger. By the way, did you see the legendary Spider Goddess?”

Yu Hanjiang shook his head. “No, she had left by the time I entered the absolute field.”

Xiao Lou was very curious about this person. “I want to know her. She should be strong.”

“There will always be a chance.”


For the next two days, as Lu Jiuchuan guessed, there were no accidents.

The challengers drifted at sea for two days. Then on the early hours of the seventh day, a prompt appeared on everyone’s floating boxes.

[Endless Sea, day seven, 00:00]

[Congratulations to the 384 challengers for passing the instance, the World Weekly. All of you will receive the World Weekly’s secret room. Please check your card pack.]

Everyone opened their card pack to take a look.

[Item Card: Sunscreen]

Rarity: C

Description: A fixed reward of the World Weekly secret room, Endless Seas.

Effect: Avoid being sunburned by a strong ultraviolet light.

[Equipment Card: Wetsuit]

Rarity: B

Description: A fixed reward of the World Weekly secret room, Endless Seas.

Effect: You can dive into the deep sea by putting on a special wetsuit. The wetsuit comes with an oxygen tank and the diving state can be maintained for 30 minutes. After 30 minutes, you must rise to the surface or you will suffocate and die.

Durability: 10/10. Durability will be decreased by one with every use. Once it reaches zero, the diving suit is damaged.

Both cards were very practical. After experiencing the sun at sea, everyone was very satisfied with the Sunscreen reward. Meanwhile, the wetsuit couldn’t be compared to Water Ghost but everyone had received one. They could dive into the deep sea when necessary.

They had spent a thrilling time during the seven days in this secret room. Back at the dock, the people glanced at each other and there was a happy feeling in their heart.

Xiao Lou took a deep breath and smiled. “We have returned to the main city. How about we first go to eat hot pot?”

Shao Qingge added, “Yes, I’ll treat you!”

The group cheerfully went to find a good hot pot store. The secret room had been cruel and dangerous and their spirits had been tight. In these seven days, they encountered diarrhea, a sinking ship and heavy rain. They fought with hunters and killed many sharks.

Everyone was really tired and needed to relax.

Eight people took two taxis and set off for the food city introduced by Old Mo.

Xie Qi was excited. “I want to eat lamb. I can clear three plates alone!”

Long Sen added, “I like beef but also duck blood, pig skin, golden needle mushrooms…”

He spoke a bunch of dishes and everyone became hungry.

Yu Hanjiang sat in the back and frown. Just then, Xiao Lou’s voice was heard in his mind. “Group Leader Yu, you had a hard time. Don’t think too much. First, have a good sleep and sleep. Tomorrow, we can find Old Gui.”

This gentle and considerate voice made Yu Hanjiang feel slightly warm. He finally put down the heavy burden in his heart and said, “Yes, we also need to rest. We will do as you say.”

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