CR: Chapter 141

Hearing Group Leader Yu’s command, Old Mo quickly steadied the hull. Under the watchful eyes of the panicked challengers, the escape boat shot through the sea like a sharp arrow and plunged into the group of sharks!

The five minutes of the Balance hadn’t passed yet. Yu Hanjiang aimed at this opportunity to dive under two sharks with the Water Ghost card. He sharply waved the blade in his hand and pierced the belly of two sharks again!

A large amount of blood gushed out, instantly dyeing the sea red. Two sharks struggled for a moment before soon dying.

Yu Hanjiang gave a tip to Xiao Lou through the heart channel. “I will use the Night Pearl to guide the way. Let Old Mo follow the Night Pearl. The control time of Balance is ending soon. Keep your vigilance!”

Xiao Lou immediately said to everyone, “Old Mo, pay attention to the location of the Night Pearl. Long Sen, Teacher Qu, go down and help Group Leader Yu!”

Long Sen and Qu Wanyue used the Chameleon card and entered the water. Their two bodies quickly became one with the sea and only a pair of eyes remained. They looked through the bloody sea to find Group Leader Yu’s Night Pearl. They had the Nine Palaces Grid that could set the sharks in place for nine seconds while the long jump card allowed them to jump eight metres at a time.

The sea water surged and the two people soon came to Yu Hanjiang’s side. Old Mo also drove the boat to be in his rear.

Yu Hanjiang stated, “I have used the human bone medicine in the group of sharks., All sharks within 500 metres are blind but sharks don’t hunt using sight. They are very sensitive to bloody odours. The bloody smell means they will chase me even if they are blind. Have everyone pay close attention to my position. The moment a shark approaches, immediately take control of them.”

Xiao Lou retold Group Leader Yu’s words and the people listening were really scared!

Group Leader Yu had long known that pure blindness wouldn’t have a substantial impact on the sharks. He actually wanted to use his bloody smell as bait to attract the sharks and kill them one by one!

Facing such giant sharks, he could still be so calm and decisive. Everyone truly felt admiration for Group Leader Yu.

Xiao Lou’s heart was in his throat as he shouted to the water, “You must be careful not to be bitten by the sharks!”

Yu Hanjiang replied, “Rest assured, I have the Nine Palaces Grid in my hand and I can use the Water Ghost’s acceleration to escape if I can’t handle it.

Ye Qi cried out, “Group Leader Yu, I will give you the teleport card. This card is faster!”

At this time, Yu Hanjiang was only a dozen metres away from the boat. Ye Qi threw the teleportation card to Yu Hanjiang’s position and he quickly caught it.

Xiao Lou shouted, “Xiao Qi, pay attention behind him!”

Ye Qi looked back. A few sharks had escaped the Balance and were chasing Yu Hanjiang. Seeing the sharp teeth of the sharks, Ye Qi felt that his body was almost frozen. His instinctive fear made his teeth tremble and his entire body was stiff and unable to move!

Then Xiao Lou’s voice came from behind him. “Control them!”

Ye Qi woke up and immediately took out Guitar. He played a few notes just by touching the strings. In his panic, the melody that appeared was very harsh. Fortunately, the Guitar card didn’t require him to play well. As long as the notes appeared, it could control any targets in a wide range.

Several sharks were affected by the drowsiness effect of the rhythm and immediately fell asleep.

Yu Hanjiang instantly moved over and his blade fell.

A huge shark was slashed by the sharp saber and Yu Hanjiang killed three more like they were vegetables!

Old Mo saw the scene while steering the boat from behind and could barely breathe.

He thought that if this was replaced with his previous team, the first reaction of everyone who met the sharks would definitely be to run away. As for how many could run away, he wasn’t sure. None of his teammates would’ve dared to face scary animals like sharks!

This was probably why his team was eliminated by hunters while Yu Hanjiang killed hunters.

The courage of this man in the face of danger simply made his previous teammates look like mud! Mo Xuemin took a deep breath, stabilized the steering wheel and asked in a trembling voice, “The control of Balance is over and the group of sharks is about to catch up. What should we do next?”

Yu Hanjiang calmly said, “Take the sharks as the centre and maintain a 500 metres radius around them. You are in charge while I’ll handle the sharks.” He saw the eyes of Long Sen and Qu Wanyue in the water and told them, “The two of you will be on my left and right sides. Keep a distance of 10 metres from me and keep an eye on my side. If a shark attacks from the side then immediately set them in place!”

Then he turned around and quickly swam in the sea.

Long Sen and Qu Wanyue glanced at each other and instantly separated. The two of them went to Yu Hanjiang’s left and right and swam with him while watching his sides.

The Night Pearl in Yu Hanjiang’s hand was like a flag, guiding everyone’s direction.

Old Mo immediately turned the bow to keep up with Yu Hanjiang. Long Sen and Qu Wanyue chased him underwater, protecting Yu Hanjiang’s sides. Ye Qi and Shao Qingge focused on the stern while Liu Qiao checked for any possible traps. Xiao Lou looked at the overall situation and assisted Yu Hanjiang with his command.

The sharks might be blink but they had a sensitive sense of smell. They soon felt the breath of their prey and chased after Yu Hanjiang.

There were two slightly cleverer sharks who dived into the deep sea, moving from the left and right toward Yu Hanjiang.

Qu Wanyue was merged with the seawater. A shark passed by her and was less than 10 centimetres away from her. She was frightened and got a chill. If she hadn’t learned dancing since she was young and was flexible, she wouldn’t have managed to twist away the moment the shark came. She was almost treated as seawater and sucked into the shark’s bloody mouth!

Seeing that the shark was about to reach Yu Hanjiang, she immediately threw out Nine Palaces Grid and set it in place for nine seconds.

Qu Wanyue shouted, “This side!”

At almost the same time, Long Sen’s voice came from the right side. “There is also one set by me over here!”

This was followed by Ye Qi shouting, “There are two behind the boat!”

Nine seconds and four sharks!

Xiao Lou clenched his fists with worry, fearing that Group Leader Yu couldn’t resolve so many sharks in nine seconds. Just then, Liu Qiao summoned the Poison Queen. A queen in black holding a bronze mirror in one hand and a poisonous apple in the other hand appeared.

The shark had just opened its mouth. Liu Qiao decisively manipulated the Poison Queen and directly fed the poisonous apple to it!

The shark ate the poisoned apple and instantly fell unconscious, its body sinking quickly. As long as it wasn’t rescued with an antidote, it would die completely within 10 minutes. This was the first time Xiao Lou had seen the power of the Poison Queen card. Liu Qiao’s card was really terrible one-on-one…

Shao Qingge cried out, “I will control the one at the stern, Group Leader Yu, deal with the ones on the side first!”

Yu Hanjiang used the teleport card and slashed the shark at Qu Wanyue’s side. He followed up by teleporting to the left and killing the shark controlled by Long Sen. He had the help of the Water Ghost card and didn’t need to breathe underwater, not to mention that the saber in his hand cut iron like it was mud. The sharks at the top of the food chain encountered the flexible and violent Yu Hanjiang and could only be abused!

In the blink of an eye, three sharks were killed. The remaining one’s control time was up but Shao Qingge used Nine Palaces Grid to once again set it in place.

Yu Hanjiang instantly moved to the stern and used the one knife solution!

The group looked at the bodies of the sharks floating on the sea and were so shocked by this bloody scene that they couldn’t speak!

If it wasn’t for Yu Hanjiang, they would be afraid to go into the water and fight with sharks.

Now they were cooperating with each other to kill huge, ferocious fish. It seemed to be becoming easier and easier…

Nine Palaces Grid could be used nine times. Ye Qi’s Flute had reached level four after the Clubs room. The control time was only three seconds but the cooldown time was 30 seconds. It could be used frequently to make one target fall asleep.

Liu Qiao, Shao Qingge and Ye Qi joined forces to control the large number of sharks chasing at the stern. Old Mo focused on sailing and Xiao Lou used the compass to stop the sharks from chasing. Long Sen and Qu Wanyue coped with side attacks.

Yu Hanjiang swam back and forth in the water. Every time his teammate controlled one, he killed one!

His saber was stained with the blood of sharks. Fortunately, this saber was extremely sharp and could instantly pierce the shark’s belly and cut off the teeth.

Yu Hanjiang looked cold and grim. In just a few minutes, he cooperated with his teammates to kill more than 30 sharks in a row. Frequently teleporting and slashing underwater wasn’t as easy as it was on the ground. Such a high-intensity battle would make anyone tired enough to lie down. Yu Hanjiang was trembling but his physical strength was still abundant and his dark eyes were full of confidence and determination.

Once he found that there were too many fish in the distance, Xiao Lou immediately sent a message through the heart channel. “Group Leader Yu, take a break first. Don’t cut them with your blade. Bring in a few more sharks and I can deal with them.”

Yu Hanjiang didn’t have any doubts about Xiao Lou’s decision and simply nodded, “Good.”

He used the teleportation card in the direction of the sharks. In the blink of an eye, he brought around a dozen sharks over. Long Sen and Qu Wanyue looked at all the sharks with fright and hurriedly threw the Nine Palaces Grid toward them.

Ye Qi’s eyes were about to fall out. “Ahhh, so many! My Flute is on cooldown!”

Liu Qiao’s voice also revealed a hint of tension. “I have run out of the Nine Palaces Grid card.”

Shao Qingge’s face was also ugly. “I also used it up. What is GRoup Leader Yu doing that is so exciting?”

Xiao Lou loudly called out, “People in the water, immediately get away from the sharks. I will deal with this group!”

Long Sen didn’t know what Professor Xiao was going to do but they listened to his command. The couple immediately dived while Yu Hanjiang also moved away from the sharks.

Just then, everyone found that a man in ancient clothes suddenly appeared on the boat. He wore a white robe and grinned as he touched the beard on his chin. Then everyone heard the clear and pleasing pipa sound—

Xiao Lou had summoned Bai Juyi!

Previously, Bai Juyi could only ignite a fire. Then after 4 of Clubs, he reached full level and unlocked two skills.

One of them was a pipa sound that lasted 15 seconds and threw the target into chaos. The target could hurt teammates by mistake.

The moment the sound was heard, the dozens of sharks started to crazily bite each other!

Sharks were very ferocious creatures. At this time, they were blind and completely fallen into chaos due to the pipa sound. Only their attack instinct was left, regardless of whether those in the surroundings were their own kind.

A dozen sharks bit each other frantically. The large ones killed the small ones and directly swallowed them out of hunger. There were also big sharks that bumped into each other and attacked. The sharp teeth bit at their companions’ bodies and in an instant, a dozen sharks killed each other or were wounded and completely lost their fighting power!

The people on board looked at the scene and directly started sweating.

Ye Qi’s eyes popped out. “This is too terrible. Eating corpses of the same kind…”

Xiao Lou’s palms had a layer of cold sweat. He knew that the chaotic group control of the pipa would make the sharks attack each other, but he didn’t expect them to be so chaotic, killing each other and eating the bodies!

What ferocious creatures…

In his mind, Yu Hanjiang’s voice rang out, “Well done.”

Xiao Lou was nervous. “Group Leader Yu, quickly withdraw. The bloody smell here is too strong.”

Yu Hanjiang immediately left and Old Mo drove the boat to follow him.

The users of the Nine Palaces Grid had run out and Ye Qi’s Flute was on cooldown. There were still a dozen sharks left unresolved. Yu Hanjiang calmly passed on a message to Xiao Lou. “I’ll bring them over. Have Old Mo flip the surface of the sea.”

Xiao Lou immediately told Mo, “Old Mo, Group Leader Yu is going to lead the sharks over. Once they come over, surround them with the model room and then flip the sea surface. Now, only your cards can be used.”

Mo Xuemin nodded seriously. “Understood!”

Xiao Lou ordered, “Long Sen, Teacher Qu, protect Group Leader Yu. Immediately board the boat after Old Mo sets the sharks in place!”

The two people held up the Night Pearl at the same time to indicate that they knew.

Three Night Pearks quickly swam toward the sharks. Yu Hanjiang was in the lead while Long Sen and Qu Wanyue flanked him. The sharks smelled blood and turned fiercely toward Yu Hanjiang. However, Yu Hanjiang moved 50 metres at a time and his speed was too high. The sharks chased after him when Yu Hanjiang suddenly jumped on the oat. Long Sen and Qu Wanyue also jumped onto the boat using the help of the long jump card.

Old Mo got the position of the sharks and threw a card—Model Room!

A huge cage descended onto the sea. It was a nearly 100 square metres cage that caught all the sharks.

This cage was the model room that Old Mo just drew. It was an empty cage and could trap the sharks after being magnified 100 times. Immediately after, Mo Xuemin used the A-grade special effects card Rotate Time and Space.

He designated the sea to flip 180 degrees. All the trapped sharks were suddenly floating directly in the sky!

The challengers in the distance stared at the scene.

These people actually chopped the sharks to death one by one and also made the sharks flip into the sky? This team of eight were simply immortals!

Seeing the sharks floating in the air, Yu Hanjiang spoke toward Liu Qiao, “Let me borrow your Light as a Swallow card.”

Liu Qiao immediately handed him the card.

Yu Hanjiang grabbed the card and soared up, using the shark’s backs as landing points.

The slender man flew into the sky like he had wings. He used the saber in his hand and slashed it down toward a shark’s head.

The sharks were flipped into the air. There was no water and they couldn’t breathe properly. They were struggling frantically in Old Mo’s model room when Yu Hanjiang jumped onto their backs. He jumped every three seconds and killed one every three seconds!

A dozen sharks were cut to death in the air by his hands!

The distant challengers’ jaws dropped down as they watched the sharks’ bodies falling into the sea like dumplings.

Originally, the survival room could be played like this?

Compared to the man who was covered in blood and decisively killed the shark, everyone who only knew how to escape was too weak!

Many male challengers bowed their heads in shame while the girls were pale as they looked at the carcasses of the sharks floating on the sea.

The sharks were wiped out…

Eight people killing dozens of sharks was unbelievable!

The whole area was filled with the corpses of sharks. The sea was a bloody red and the strong smell of blood filled their noses. In front of countless pairs of eyes, Yu Hanjiang put away his saber and calmly returned to the ship.

Xiao Lou immediately moved forward with worry. “You aren’t injured?”

Yu Hanjiang shook his head. “I’m fine. The blood is from the sharks.”

Ye Qi raised his thumps. “So amazing! There are none left! Group Leader Yu, you’re really an ocean killer!”

Shao Qingge joked, “This group of sharks was really unlucky to meet us. They had their bellies cut by Group Leader Yu, were poisoned by Xiao Liu’s apple, were killed by Professor Xiao’s inflicted chaos, were hypnotized by Xiao Ye’s flute and were also flipped into the sky by Old Mo. Their deaths were very rich.”

Everyone, “……”

Chief Shao’s overall mentality was very good. At this time, he were still in the mood to joke around.

Old Mo murmured, “I never dreamed that one day I could kill sharks. So awesome…”

Qu Wanyue was trembling with shock. “Just now, the shark’s teeth was only 10 centimetres away from me. Oh my god, I can’t believe I threw a card at it…”

Long Sen comforted her by her side. “It’s fine, we’ll get used to it…”

During the time when they were chased by wolves in the mountains of Liuxi Village, they could only jump like zombies to escape and climb trees to survive. Now they dared to follow Yu Hanjiang to kill sharks. This was probably a change after joining the team, right?

The two of them glanced at each other, moods rather complicated.

Yu Hanjiang killed a large number of sharks and blood splattered everywhere. At this time, Yu Hanjiang’s entire body was covered with blood while everyone’s faces and clothes were also bloody. They all looked extremely frightening.

Everyone looked at each other and couldn’t help laughing.

Ye Qi exclaimed, “We’re too strong, killing dozens of sharks!”

Long Sen spoke optimistically, “If we can return to reality, I can brag about this for a lifetime. I saw dozens of sharks in the sea and we killed then… although no one would believe me, haha.”

Xiao Lou smiled. “There is no danger and its good that everyone isn’t injured!”

Yu Hanjiang sat calmly by Xiao Lou’s side. His eyes swept over the group with appreciation, “This time the cooperation was good. Everyone worked hard. Go and leave this area as soon as possible.”

Old Mo responded by driving the boat east, leaving the shark’s body far behind.

This was the first time eight people cooperated. Yu Hanjiang was very satisfied with everyone’s performance.

As Xiao Lou said, everyone might currently be too weak.

However, as long as they worked together and dared to fight, their team might become more and more powerful!

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1 year ago

Poor sharks 😭 we’ll call them fake demon sharks instead.

1 year ago

They can now eat sharks in adition to the wolfs they ate.

10 months ago

A very thrilling chapter! I like that it highlights their cooperation. Xiao Lou and Yu Hanjiang might be op in physical and brains but their teammates made the killing of sharks possible.