CR: Chapter 114

Xiao Lou and Yu Hanjiang were sent back to their personal space by helicopter.

A of Spades was still wearing sunglasses and the sharp lines of his jaw made his entire face look extremely cold. Ye Qi was right. Spades was the most ruthless of the four keepers and was perhaps the reason why the competition in the secret rooms was so cruel. A smile never appeared on his face.

However, Xiao Lou wasn’t afraid of him. As long as he didn’t offend the keepers, they would dutifully answer some questions. Xiao Lou looked at A of Spades. “The clearance rate of Liuxi Village should be very low, right?”

A of Spades spoke lightly, “Less than 20%. Most of the challengers will start fighting and kill each other in order to grab the gems. In your group, there are 12 people who have passed the instance and you perfectly cleared it. This is the best instance clearance record in the history of Liuxi Village.”

To prove it, A of Spades opened a screen and showed some of the other challengers in Liuxi Village.

Some challengers weren’t cautious enough and ran around the village on the first day. They were driven out of the village by the villagers and killed by either the poisonous snakes in the forest or the wolves on the mountain.

Some challengers split into several groups and engaged in fierce infighting. Some vicious people directly killed other challengers. Some people cooperated on the surface and stole gems while other teams were blind.

The most terrible thing was the last batch of challengers shown. One challenger was certain he would fail the instance because he didn’t find a gem. He simply dragged everyone else into the water. On the seventh night, he burned the entire Liuxi Village with fire!

Compared to these many challengers, Xiao Lou’s instance clearance was quite smooth. This time, the key to a perfect ending was Yu Hanjiang.

Yu Hanjiang’s policeman identity and his simple and decisive style of action convinced the other challengers. He quickly raised his prestige with the challengers and during the fire rescue, he calmly commanded the other challengers to get in and out of the fire quickly. He completed the difficult task of five people saving 119 people. This completely changed the villagers’ attitude to everyone, finally allowing them to get the jade raw stone from the village chief.

Thinking of this, Xiao Lou couldn’t help showing some admiration as he looked at Yu Hanjiang. “It is thanks to Group Leader Yu.”

Yu Hanjiang was very happy after seeing the admiration in Professor Xiao’s eyes but he remained calm on the surface. “It was a normal play.”

Xiao Lou couldn’t help smiling and changed the topic. “This time it could be considered a rich experience, letting us known what it is like to be blind for three hours a day. The feeling of blindness is very uncomfortable.”

Yu Hanjiang though of the scene where the blind Professor Xiao walked in a daze and his expression became gentler. “This experience was unforgettable but we passed it.”

Xiao Lou nodded, checked his pockets and found it was empty. He asked in a startled manner, “The village chief gave us some raw jade stones when we left Liuxi Village. Why did I lose the things in my pocket? Does it mean things can’t be taken out of Liuxi Village?”

A of Spades explained, “The village chief gave you something and it is naturally yours. However, materials can’t be carried across secret rooms. I converted them into cards and put them in your card pack.”

The two people opened the card pack and did find a few new cards.

[Item Card: Jade Raw Stone]

[Rarity: S

Description: Natural jade raw stones produced in Liuxi Village. There is a probability of obtaining it when getting the villagers’ full liking. If it is a gift from the village chief, it can be taken out of Liuxi Village for free.

Once the card is used, the stone obtained in Liuxi Village will appear. The jade raw stone can open a variety of precious jade or gemstones. The one that is obtained depends on your luck. There might be the best priceless jade and opal or there might only be inferior broken jade the size of a fingernail.

Gambling on stones is a stimulating play.

There is a limited number of stones on the west mountain of Liuxi Village and one person can gain a maximum of two pieces.]

At that time, everyone picked stones together and most picked large stones. However, Shao Qingge said large stones weren’t necessarily better. He crouched down and helped Xiao Lou’s group pick two small ones. Therefore, Xiao Lou and Yu Hanjiang’s card packs had two pieces of jade stones respectively and the patterns on the cards were exactly the same as Chief Shao.

In the Card World, taking things across secret rooms required being converted to cards. A of Spades helped them bring it out by directly doing the conversion.

Shao Qingge said that someone at home was in the jade business and he knew jade. The ones he picked out shouldn’t be inferior jade. Xiao Lou believed in his vision and knew these raw stones would definitely be sold for a good price at a professional jade factory. They just had to follow Chief Shao and there would be no need to worry about money.

Xiao Lou put away the two jade stone cards and smiled at Yu Hanjiang. “We are four people and have a total of eight stones. We should be able to sell them for a lot of money?”

Yu Hanjiang nodded. “Of course. After all, Chief Shao picked it.”

Xiao Lou continued to look at the other cards. The extra cards in the pack were a bonus for clearing the secret room.

[Item Card: Chrysoberyl Bracelet]

[Rarity: S

Description: In 4 of Spades Liuxi Village, gathering seven gems and connecting them together in a bracelet will give a hidden reward. This is Miss Sun’s favourite bracelet. It is made of seven different chrysoberyl and is priceless.

Immediately after using the card, restore the chrysoberyl bracelet.

The bracelet doesn’t have any skills and just looks good. You can choose to use it, give it to people or to sell it.]

It was another S-grade reward card. The acquisition of this card could be called a coincidence. Once all the challengers who got the stones left the village, Xiao Lou happened to meet the chameleon couple. They were joined by Old Qi’s group of four and the masked man. They gathered the seven gems together and triggered the hidden reward.

This type of situation could only be encountered through serendipity. Shao Qingge said that the bracelet could be sold for hundreds of thousands of yuan. Converted to gold coins in the Card World, it was worth tens of millions. The point was that they each got one.

Xiao Lou spoke happily. “It is good to have money.”

Yu Hanjiang stated, “Wait until we go to the main city and then sell all the bracelets.”

They were big men who couldn’t wear this type of colourful bracelet. Selling it was the best choice.

Xiao Lou smiled. “I suddenly feel that the four of us should be the richest challengers to enter the main city.”

It was the right decision to win over Chief Shao.

Xiao Lou rummaged through the card pack and saw another new card.

[Tool Card: Human Bone Medicine Jar]

[Rarity: A

Description: Grandma Sun’s human bone medicine jar. It is a fixed reward from clearing the 4 of Spades secret room.

Restriction: A team limited card. The team that signed the same contract can only carry one Human Bone Medicine Jar.

Usage: Throw the human bone medicine jar to the designated location and it will a toxic fog that fills an area of 500 square meters. Everyone in range will be poisoned and become blind for seven minutes. After leaving the range, the blindness will be automatically released.

Number of times available: 7/7.]

Xiao Lou and Yu Hanjiang glanced at each other. The strength of this card wasn’t bad. The control range was up to 500 square metres and would cause collective blindness for seven minutes.

If there was a group battle and the human bone medicine jar was used, it would give the other team an extreme headache. The only drawback was that it was team limited and the number of times it could be used was limited. A team could only bring one ad it could be used seven times at most.

This was a reward that would definitely be obtained from 4 of Spades and every team in the main city should have one. Of course, Grandma Sun’s medicine couldn’t be abused and it was normal to have some restrictions.

Xiao Lou carefully put away the card. Next was the special reward of the 4 of Spades secret room, ‘Liuxi Village Plot Card.’ The plot card was generally a reward of the Hearts secret room. Since Liuxi Village was a Spades and Hearts linked secret room, there was also a plot card.

Xiao Lou and Yu Hanjiang opened the plot card.

The big screen showed the tragedy of Liuxi Village in its entirety.

Qin Xue was blind and bullied by her peers from an early age. When she walked in the village, people would always secretly throw stones at her. She had no friends in the village and developed an introverted character. Miss Sun was easy-going, lively and cheerful. She was surprised to find that Qin Xue could make her own bamboo baskets despite not being able to see. She had a strong interest in this blind woman.

The two people gradually became friends. Qin Xue led Miss Sun to find jade in the west mountain. Miss Sun told Qin Xue about the wonderful world outside and promised to take her to study in a big city.

Qin Xue might be blind but she was beautiful and had a pair of dexterous hands. Many young men in the village admired her body but looked down on her for her blindness. She was 25 years old and no one came to propose marriage.

That night, Qin Xue went to find Miss Sun. She passed by the pond. Three animals drank some win and started to humiliate her. Miss Sun was also implicated while trying to save her…

Xiao Lou watched the drama replay the tragic incident of the two girls and tightly clenched his fists!

The bodies of the two girls were eaten by beasts, leaving only bones. The police couldn’t tell what had happened. The young Grandma Sun was going to take her daughter’s bones away. The night before she left, Sister Qin found her and told her the truth.

“It was the three beasts who killed our daughters. Their families and the village chief are lying and sheltering them. There is no good thing in this village!” Grandma Qin’s icy voice was heard from the big screen.

After learning of her daughter’s experience, Grandma Sun collapsed and cried. She was a doctor who studied traditional Chinese medicine. Like Sister Qin, her husband died early and she raised her eldest daughter alone. For them, her daughter was her treasured blood and flesh. How could she let her daughter die in vain?

The two women were overwhelmed with hatred. They met in the middle of the night and finally decided to poison the villagers.

Grandma Sun prepared the medicine. On the day of the funeral, Grandma Qin added the medicine to everyone’s rice wine. The village chief was filled with guilt and asked the entire village to enter the funeral of Miss Sun and Qin Xue. After drinking the poisonous wine, the villagers rolled around the ground in pain. In a moment, bodies were everywhere.

The funeral was held near the temple on the west mountain. After killing the villagers, the two people buried everyone in a pit.

Grandma Sun wanted to leave but Grandma Qin stopped her. She said the village had some children who didn’t come to the funeral. It was better to let future generations of Liuxi Village taste what it was like to be blind.

The two of them started a revenge plan that lasted more than three decades.


The plot card added the details of Grandma Qin and Sun poisoning the villagers as well as the children left in the village. The basic direction was consistent with the village chief’s diary. Xiao Lou’s mood was complicated after watching the plot. He sighed and put away the plot card.

A of Spades spoke lightly. “Since you have collected five plot cards, you will get new achievements and there will be an additional achievement reward.”

Xiao Lou was startled. “Achievement reward?”

The next moment, the two people saw the same prompt.

[Xiao Lou and Yu Hanjiang have collected the five plot cards of Rose Funeral, Bloody Maple Leaf, Li Mo, Cheng Mu and Liuxi Village. They have won the achievement of ‘Perfect Evidence Collection King’ and unlocked the achievement reward.

Options that can be selected: A. 5 million gold coins, B. 100 universal bullets. C. Two cards will have their skills directly upgraded to full level.

Xiao Lou wanted to ask, ‘Can we pick all of them?’

However, this question would be nonsense. He looked at Yu Hanjiang and suggested, “Group Leader Yu, choose B. Aren’t you short of bullets for your weapons?”

Yu Hanjiang thought about it and nodded. “Good. There is Chief Shao and we won’t be short of money. The card skills can be slowly increased. Meanwhile, the universal bullets can change according to the weapon and my two weapons can be used.”

The two of them happily chose B.

Xiao Lou asked, “Is this achievement easy to get?’

A of Spades replied, “Before entering the main city, less than 1% of the challengers can unlock this achievement by collecting all of the plot cards.”

There was only one condition for getting the plot card: a perfect clearance.

They started with the Rose Funeral of 2 of Hearts and cleared every Hearts room perfectly, finding all the clues and getting the plot card. 4 of Spades also happened to be perfectly cleared. It could be said that the combination of a criminal policeman and forensic professor was indeed strong and their luck wasn’t bad.

After a thrilling few days in Liuxi Village, the rewards for clearing the instance made them happy. Xiao Lou laughed. “If I remember correctly, there should be a card draw for the perfect clearance. We gathered the seven gems and triggered an extra draw chance, right?”

A of Spades nodded. “There were two treasure chests. Who will go?”

Xiao Lou glanced at Yu Hanjiang. “Group Leader Yu, this time you should go. Perhaps you can draw a close-range weapon.”

He suddenly remembered that during Liuxi Village, Yu Hanjiang had used the fruit knife obtained from 2 of Hearts for every close combat fight. The fruit knife had a limit on its usage and it would be a waste for Group Leader Yu to use it. Yu Hanjiang had always drawn a weapon card. Previously, he drew a sniper rifle and a shotgun. It would be perfect if he could draw a close combat weapon.

Yu Hanjiang wondered, “Don’t you want to draw one? Perhaps you can get a summoning card again.”

Xiao Lou smiled and shook his head. “I have drawn a card twice in a row. One was Liu Yong and one was Qin Guan. The fighting ability of the summoning card isn’t strong enough. It is focused on field control and we have enough control cards. Group Leader Yu, you go and draw it.”

Yu Hanjiang didn’t refuse. He stepped forward and put his hands into the two treasure chests and pulled out two cards at a time.

[Congratulations on getting the A-grade tool card ‘Silencer’.]

[Congratulations on drawing the S-grade weapon card, Star Blade!]

He opened the two cards and looked at the card description with Xiao Lou.

[Tool Card: Silencer]

[Rarity: A

Description: There is a probability of acquiring it when giving the opportunity to draw a card as a gift.

Usage: The silencer can be installed on any gun-type weapon so that the sound of gunfire is automatically blocked. The target can be silently shot. The effect of the silence lasts for one hour and once the effect is over, it will enter a cooldown. It can be used again after 8 hours.

The silencer can be removed and replaced at any time. In other words, during this one hour duration, the silencer can be swapped to any weapon such as the sniper rifle, shotgun, handgun etc.

Think about it, how ferocious would it be to clean up the crowd with a silent submachine gun?

It might be an A-grade card but the degree of usage is comparable to an S-grade card!

P.S. In order to maintain world peace, this card is disabled in the main city.]

What was maintaining world peace? Xiao Lou ignored the line and praised, “This card is really timely and matches the guns you have previously drawn. Later in the wild, you can quietly kill beasts.”

Yu Hanjiang nodded. “It is really good to use.”

In Liuxi Village, he had been worried that the sound of gunfire disturbed the villages and his weapon cards were useless. In the future, he wouldn’t need to worry about the wound of guns if he had the silencer. Their survival ability in the wild will be improved. An hour of silence was enough for Yu Hanjiang.

Yu Hanjiang opened another card.

[Weapon: Star Blade]

[Rarity: S

Description: After a perfect clearance, there is a very low probability of obtaining it from the limited card pool.

Data: A 12cm long and 3cm wide dagger. It is made of special metal and can cut iron like mud. It is extremely sharp.

Note: A limited weapons card. There is only one is this world and the dagger will shine brightly when pulling out the dagger, hence the name ‘Star Blade.’

Special Effect: The moment the dagger is pulled out, the target within a distance of three metres will fall into a visual dizziness state for one second.

This card can be used in any main city and secret room world. There is no usage limit.]

Xiao Lou, “…”

He was really like a god prophesizing. Just now, he said it would be good if Group Leader Yu drew a close combat weapon and Yu Hanjiang really did draw it. Xiao Lou smiled at the card in his hand and said, “Group Leader Yu, take it out and try it.”

Yu Hanjiang activated the card and a dagger appeared in his hands. This knife was fitted with an exquisite dark blue scabbard and decorated with silver embellishments like broken diamonds. It looked like a vast starry sky.

Yu Hanjiang pulled out the dagger.

The moment the blade emerged from the sheath, a cold light flashed with a bit of starlight. Xiao Lou suddenly became dizzy. He closed his eyes and rubbed his temples. “Is this the visual dizziness effect?”

Yu Hanjiang nodded. “This dagger design is too gorgeous but the actual effect should be good. The right way to use it is for assassination. If I want to get up close to kill the target, one second of dizziness is enough.”

Just now, if Yu Hanjiang took advantage of Xiao Lou’s dizziness to stab him in the heart, Xiao Lou would definitely die. The effect of this S-grade weapon card was terrible. If it fell into the hands of a professional killer then they could definitely get up close from behind and slash a person’s neck with the knife.

Once Yu Hanjiang put the dagger away, Xiao Lou couldn’t help exclaiming, “The harvest from Liuxi Village is really rich.”

It was the most cards they had ever won since starting to break through.

The chrysoberyl bracelet and the jade raw stones could be exchanged for a large sum of money. The human bones medicine jar could blind people in a 500 square metres area and was suitable for large-scale group warfare. They received 100 bullets from the achievement and Yu Hanjiang also drew the excellent ‘Silencer’ and ‘Star Blade’ limited weapon. Their team’s combat capability was further enhanced.

Yu Hanjiang looked at A of Spades and asked, “Are you giving us any rest time?”

A of Spades spoke coldly. “Take a break for one hour before going to the next 4 of Clubs.”

The two people looked at each other. In the last two days of Liuxi Village, they had slept well and currently weren’t very tired. In addition, 4 of Clubs wasn’t too difficult so it wouldn’t matter if they went to it straight away.

Yu Hanjiang asked Xiao Lou, “Why don’t we go to 4 of Clubs now?”

One hour of rest was nothing. Xiao Lou nodded. “Yes, if we clear it early then we can go to the main city earlier.”

The two people agreed and Yu Hanjiang pulled out the 4 of Clubs card. The scene in front of them changed quickly and they once again saw the fair-skinned teenager with facial paralysis.

The teenager spoke lightly. “Welcome to 4 of Clubs, Card Flying Chess. Please prepare for the game.”

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