CR: Chapter 113

The challengers who could see, together with Liu Si and Liu Qing, dug a big hole under a tree near the farmland. They buried Grandma Sun and Grandma Qin in this pit. There was no monument because no one knew their names.

The big fire caused the villagers to be like frightened birds, especially the children. They might’ve been saved but they were still frightened. Some children couldn’t stop crying. Some hapless villagers had burned skin and the pain was unbearable. They sat on the ground and cried. Yu Hanjiang’s eyes swept over this tragic scene and he whispered, “Village chief, let them go back to have a rest first.”

Liu Si needed and called his niece Little Qing over. “Little Qing, there are the wounded. Please carry them to my place first. You are the only doctor in the village so please take care of their wounds.”

Little Qing’s face was full of tears as she let out a sound of agreement. She had grown up without a mother and raised by Grandma Sun. No matter how sinful Grandma Sun’s actions, she had been good to Little Qing and patiently taught her a lot about medicine. She always regarded Grandma Sun as a close relative in her heart.

Little Qing went to the grave of Grandman Sun, knelt down and kowtowed three times before wiping her tears and turning to help. The uninjured villagers returned home. Yu Hanjiang’s group helped bring the wounded to the village chief’s residence. Little Qing helped them clean their wounds, applied medicine and bandaged them.

The crowd was busy for several hours. They finished dealing with the wounded and the vision of the previously blind challengers was restored.

As the day wore on, under the shadow of the moonlight, Liuxi Village was quiet again.

The 12 challengers gathered at the village chief’s house and Liu Si walked to them. “I’m sorry everyone, I was just too busy to pay attention to you. You haven’t eaten yet? Stay at my place tonight and I’ll cook for you.”

They were talking when a villager knocked on the door. It was the third sister-in-law. She brought a wooden lunch box and put the food on the stone table in the yard with a smile. “Thank you for saving me and my two children. I don’t have much money at home so I made some food for everyone…”

Next, other villagers brought over food. There were fried potatoes, stuffed eggplants, baked sweet potatoes, pickled radishes as well as apples, pears and apricots planted in their yard…

The table at the village chief’s house was full and people had to place the food on the ground. The challengers saw this scene and glanced at each other. They had never been treated like this before.

Entering the secret room, the prompt told them to avoid the villagers. They didn’t expect to become so familiar with the village, find out the secrets of the village and play a perfect clearance, so that the villagers would regard them as benefactors. In a short period of five days, they moved from hiding like thieves to becoming VIPs. They couldn’t become accustomed to it.

The third sister-in-law said, “I still have an empty room in my house. You can stay at my house for a few days.”

The man next to her also said, “My family has a spare bed. You can go to my home to sleep!” “Go to my house, I have many fruit trees!” “Go to mine, my daughter-in-law is good at cooking!” “My house has rice wine!”

The villagers rushed to invite everyone to their homes.

Yu Hanjiang was the first to regain his senses and said, “Thank you, we have so many people that we can’t disturb you.”

His reason for saying this was because of the prompt that stated there were still three challengers left in Liuxi Village this morning. The eight people who stayed in the village and didn’t get gems killed each other until only three were left.

These three people didn’t participate in today’s rescue and there were no gems on them. It was impossible for them to clear the instance. If they decided to steal other people’s gems or kill in the village again, everyone’s efforts would be in vain.

Yu Hanjiang didn’t want to fall short near the end, let alone allow any accidents.

His eyes swept over the group. The other challengers were looking at Yu Hanjiang. He said they couldn’t stay in the villagers’ house so everyone immediately refused. “Old Han is right. We have so many people and can’t bother you.” “We are thankful but can live outside!”

The 12 people being together was the safest. If they separated then the three challengers might have a chance to steal the gems. Sleeping against the tree and following the police officer meant they could lie down and win. They would be a fool to leave the team at this time.

The villagers brought enough food for them to eat for two days. The 12 people together didn’t have to fear the remaining three individuals would make trouble. Just stay with the team and the clearance reward of 4 of Spades was almost waving to everyone.

Since they persisted in not leaving, the village chief had to smooth things over. “Since you don’t want to separate, so be in. Stay in my house. My house is large and you can set up a pavilion in the yard. You can sleep on straw mats and I’ll have the neighbours bring some bedding.

The neighbours went to get bedding and the village chief went to Xiao Lou’s side. “I have something to ask you.”

Xiao Lou was the best person to get along with in this group. He always smiled so the village chief was closest to him and trusted him the most.

Xiao Lou nodded. “Yes, just say it.”

The village chief said, “Come with me.”

He brought Xiao Lou back to his house. Yu Hanjiang was worried about an accident and followed.

The three people came to the bedroom. The village chief picked up his pillow, opened the case and pulled out a yellow diary. “This is what my grandfather left me. I can’t read it so please help me find out what’s written on it.”

Yu Hanjiang had sneaked into the village chief’s home late at night to search. He had found the information left by the previous village chiefs in the cabinet. However, Liu Si had been sleeping in the bedroom and Yu Hanjiang couldn’t search his pillow. He didn’t expect something to be hidden inside.

This was a missing clue.

Xiao Lou took the diary and opened it. It did record the truth of the year.

He glanced through the diary and his expression became difficult to look at. He glanced back at Yu Hanjiang and suggested. “Let’s gather the villagers and let them listen to the truth, as well as finding out the consequences.”


The villagers of Liuxi Village soon arrived. It was too crowded here so the village chief called everyone to gather under the tree in the middle of the village.

Xiao Lou picked up the diary and explained, “This is the diary written by Liu Si’s grandfather, the old village chief. He wrote  in the diary 35 years ago and recorded something that I think you should listen to.”

He opened the diary and read it. His clear and gentle voice soon caught everyone’s attention.

“Today, a young girl came to our village along with two men and two women. Her last name is Sun and she is a rich lady said to be from the City of the Sun. The girl from the big city is different Her skin is white and she looks particularly good. The villagers stare at her. She was very generous and smiled at everyone. Miss Sun came to me and said she found jade resources on the west mountain. After mining and processing them, she can sell them for a lot of money. She wants to cooperate with our Liuxi Village to process the gemstones. I don’t believe it. There are only wild fruits on the west mountain. How can there be gems?”

“In the morning, Miss Sun brought a very ordinary stone to me and cut it open for me to see. There was indeed a bright crystal inside. I believed her words and we talked about cooperating. Liuxi Village should receive a lot of income and then she will ask someone to help us build a road. The villagers can go outside and everyone’s lives would definitely be better.”

“This evening, I saw Miss Sun and Xueren sitting under a tree and chatting. In fact, Xueren was very clever from a young age but she was always bullied by children of the same age because she was blind. I didn’t expect Miss Sun to become good friends with her. The two of them talk a lot. I haven’t seen Xueren smile so happily for a long time.”

“Qin Xue is missing. Miss Sun is also missing. The two men and two women she brought to her village said they can’t find their young lady. All the people in the village will suffer. They have informed Miss Sun’s mother and the police. I am worried. The village is so big and I’ve looked all over the mountain and the forest. Where can these two girls go?”

“Lin Xiaoming, Sun Yong, Liu Hong, these basta*ds actually did something that was worse than beasts! They dragged Qin Xue to the pond and bullied her. Miss Sun happened to go to meet Qin Xue and shouted for help when she saw Qin Xue. They were afraid that things would come out so they covered Miss Sun’s mouth and beat her unconscious. Beasts! I am going made because of them!”

“What should I do? Three elders came to me to plead for them, asking me to keep it a secret. If I say it, their sons will be finished. These kids are people I grew up with and I can’t bear to see them go to jail. However, Xueren and Miss Sun are also pitiful. They were raped and killed by these brutes and their bodies left outside the village…”

“Today, I lied. I told the police that I saw Qin Xue and Miss Sun go outside the village to look for raw jade stones. The police found their bones outside the village. They have been eaten by wild beasts and only the bones are left. God, what a sin!”

“Qin Yixuan took back her daughter Qin Xue’s bones. Her face has no expression and she stared at me for a long time. I’m so upset that I feel like she probably knows something…”

“Qin Yixuan does know about it. Someone definitely leaked the truth. Will she tell Grandma Sun the truth?”

“Qin Yixuan is crazy. She soaked her daughter’s bones in the wine jar and isn’t willing to bury her daughter!”

The diary came to an abrupt end here. The old village chief’s handwriting was messy. Obviously, he had been going through a great deal of suffering at the time.

Under the tree, the villagers who listened to the village chief’s diary was completely silent.

The three people mentioned in the diary were known to them They were their fathers and grandfathers. The Qin Yixuan talked about by the village chief was the current Grandma Qin. Her husband died early, leaving only one daughter. It was said that her daughter was born blind. Obviously, Grandma Qin knew the truth and told Grandma Sun. The two people retaliated against Liuxi Village for 35 years.

Xiao Lou closed the diary and gently closed his eyes. He spoke as calmly as possible, “The truth of this matter is that your fathers once did a beastly thing. They first raped the two girls and then threw them into the wild so that the beasts would eat their bodies.”

Xiao Lou couldn’t continue. He took a deep breath, calmed down his mood and then continued. “Their mothers, Grandma Sun and Grandma Qin, poisoned all the villagers who participated n the event, destroyed the mountain temple and buried the villagers’ bodies. Then they blinded the children who didn’t remember and weaved a lie about the village being cursed.”

Yu Hanjiang added, “The bones of Grandma Qin’s daughter were soaked in the rice wine jars. The bracelet of Grandma Sun’s daughter was divided into seven parts and formed a ‘human figure’ array in the village, so you would protect it for generations.”

Xiao Lou went on to say, “Making you blind must’ve been Grandma’s Qin idea. Her daughter was blind and bullied by your parents. Thus, she would let their children and grandchildren taste what it is like to be blind.”

There was silence in the village. Even the children who came to hear the story were white with fright. The challengers around him heard the truth and also looked ugly. It was fair to say that the source of this misfortune was these three animals.

They bullied Qin Xue who was blind and dragged her to the pond to rape her. Miss Sun was passing by and wanted to save her friend. As a result, she was implicated in the matter. The three of them had a guilty conscience. After finishing their work, they killed the two girls and threw them into the wild. The two girls were eaten by wild animals.

Everyone was so angry that their chests were tight when they thought about what happened to the two girls. It wasn’t enough for those three animals to die 10,000 times!

Grandma Qin and Grandma Sun were filled with anger and grief after knowing the truth. Everyone could understand this. If their daughter had suffered such a thing, they would want to eat the flesh of the enemy and drink the blood of the enemy!

However, they were distorted by hatred and their revenge gradually deviated from the trajectory.

They not only killed the original murderers and slaughtered Liuxi Village, they let the hatred continue to the next generation and the generation after that. The three beasts deserved to be hacked to pieces but how innocent were the other villagers and descendants?

This terrible revenge was really shocking.

The villagers headed to the west mountain in a complicated mood. They burned the human bones pit at the ruined temple and the charms painted with eyes. These people were their true ancestors.

The grievances of Liuxi Village would end completely with this fire, this one torch.


For the next two days, the challengers did nothing.

Every day, the challengers who became blind rested at the village chief’s house. Those who weren’t affected hung out in the village. In terms of eating, the villagers gave them three meals a day and it was very rich. The 12 people were like a tourist group in Liuxi Village and they experienced a delicious life.

The three challengers who didn’t get the gems tried a sneak attack in the middle of the night on the sixth day, but they were driven away by Xiao Lou and Yu Hanjiang who were standing guard. The three people cried bitterly. Xiao Lou sympathized with them but couldn’t do anything.

The competition in the Spades secret room was cruel. They could only blame their slow thinking and not acting fast enough for failing to grab the gems.

Liuxi Village, day 7.

They had dinner and said goodbye to the village chief. The village chief took the initiative to bring everyone to the west mountain and said, “These stones should be what Miss Sun found. We don’t understand these things. Since you are here for the stones, take them with you.”

The village chief looked dark and whispered, “Our ancestors are sorry for Miss Sun and we aren’t qualified to keep what she likes. Once you take it outside, process it according to her wishes. Perhaps there will be beautiful gems, which should be her wish.”

The group was shocked. The village chief had come to deliver a luxury gift bag?

Everyone looked at Yu Hanjiang, asking for his opinion. The village chief took the initiative to hand over a gift and Yu Hanjiang naturally wouldn’t be polite. He said, “I don’t understand much about raw stones. You can take whatever you like.”

Shao Qingge came forward and smiled. “For jade stones, bigger ones aren’t necessarily better. If you can’t pick then leave it to me.”

The other challengers chose large pieces of stone. Shao Qingge crouched down and finally chose a few small pieces for Xiao Lou, Yu Hanjiang, Ye Qi and Liu Qiao. They quickly divided the seemingly ordinary stone among themselves. They didn’t understand it but they might be able to sell it for a good price in the main city.

The village chief spoke sincerely. “You have something to do and I won’t keep you. Come back to Liuxi Village when you have time.”

Xiao Lou shook his hand. “I hope you can have a good life.”


[Liuxi Village, the 7th day. 24:00 a.m.]

The clearance prompt appeared on everyone’s floating boxes.

[Congratulations to Xiao Lou and Yu Hanjiang for perfectly clearing the 4 of Spades secret room, Liuxi Village. The instance clearance evaluation is S-grade!

Please go to the top of the mountain and leave by helicopter!]

The 12 challengers were full of joy. The masked man walked to Yu Hanjiang and smiled. “Old Han, thank you for this time. If your team is short of people, do you mind letting me join?”

Yu Hanjiang replied, “Sorry, for the time being, there is no intention of adding people.”

The couple wanted to ask but they saw that Yu Hanjiang looked serious and didn’t try it. The chameleon man came up to them and said, “It is nice to meet you. If we meet again in future secret rooms, I hope I can cooperate with you.”

Old Qi came up to them and said, “The four of us are going to choose the City of the Sun as the main city. What are your future plans?”

Yu Hanjiang replied, “We will go to the City of the Moon.”

The curly haired woman joked, “Surely the two main cities shouldn’t have a hostile relationship? If so, we should choose the City of the Moon. There would be no good fruit to eat if we are hostile with you.”

Old Qi thought about it and nodded. “It makes sense. Then we will also choose the City of the Moon.”

Xiao Lou, “…”

Was Group Leader Yu so terrible? A few words changed the decision of the four people.

The group left one after another. Liu Qiao came over and Xiao Lou asked here, “Are you going to 4 of Clubs next?”

“Yes. Do you know if 4 of Clubs will force the elimination of people?”

Ye Qi smiled. “Rest assured, Spades and Hearts are too difficult in the fourth level. 4 of Clubs is a direct pass. Based on your luck, you can even upgrade your card skills to full level.”

Liu Qiao heard this and sighed with relief. She nodded at the four people. “Professor Xiao, take care. I’ll see you in the main city.”

Xiao Lou smiled at her. “Goodbye.”

The last four people walked side by side toward the summit. There were two helicopters left at the top and two identical A of Spades were waiting for them. Ye Qi stated, “Driving a helicopter to pick people up, A of Spades is really handsome.”

A of Spades was clearly far away but still heard his words. “The traffic of Liuxi Village isn’t convenient so I flew a helicopter to pick you up. Unless you want to climb out?”

Ye Qi hurriedly smiled and waved his hands. “No, no, I mean that you are the most handsome one out of the four keepers. Your style is naturally the best way to appear. Using a helicopter as a mount, it is awesome!”

The two A of Spades looked at him at the same time before ignoring him.

Shao Qingge rubbed his temple and glanced at Xiao Lou. “We are going to 4 of Hearts next. I hope it won’t take too long. We will see you in the main city.”

Xiao Lou smiled and told him, “Don’t rush to act when you get to the main city. Wait until we all meet up before discussing things.”

The two people nodded and turned to the helicopter. Xiao Lou and Yu Hanjiang boarded another helicopter.

The familiar roar of propellers came from overhead. Xiao Lou took a final look at the quiet village.

Under the shadow of the soft moon, Liuxi Village was like a warm jade on the mountain. The north pond had ripples in the clear water from the breeze, making it look like countless silver diamonds were sprinkled on the water.

Near the pond, there had been a brutal murder and two young girls lost their lives that night. Today, the enmity had come to an end and the water in the pond was clear. Fresh and fat fish were growing in the pond and this was the most important food for the villagers. Late at night in Liuxi Village, there was the sudden cry of a baby. It was Hui Hui’s daughter who was just born.

Xiao Lou remembered the girl, who was thin, small and very white. Her eyes could see. Starting with this girl, light would be restored to the descendants of Liuxi Village. Hui Hui’s daughter was born on the day when the two girls died. The cycle had ended and Liuxi Village would become a brand new Liuxi Village.

This generation of villagers had a simple life due to the impact of long-term blindness and their hearts were also very kind. They knew that their ancestors had wronged Miss Sun so they gave the jade that Miss Sun liked to the outsiders. Their eyes might be blind but they weren’t blind.

Xiao Lou believed that the descendants of Liuxi Village would live a better life under the leadership of the village chief and Little Qing. They would be able to build a real paradise here.

[Liuxi Village End]

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