CR: Chapter 112

The 12 challengers had many cards that could save people. Ye Qi’s teleportation card was the best one to use. Group Leader Yu heard this and immediately handed the teleportation card to Shao Qingge. “My teleport card can teleport 50 metres at a time and two people can be taken after the upgrade.” Shao Qingge nodded. “I understand.”

The long-legged woman gave her jump card to her companion who wasn’t blind. “You know how to use this card. Your legs can grow quickly and you can also jump like a zombie. The distance of each jump is 8 metres and it is very convenient to save people.”

The curly haired woman handed a card to Old Qi. “This is my displacement card that allows you to speed up. Old Qi, take it.”

Everyone rapidly distributed their rescued cards. The key was how to open a gap in the ring of fire.

The villagers had cut the wheat and tied them up in bundles before placing them on the farmland in circles. Everyone holding the Autumn Harvest Festival was in the middle fo the ring. Grandma Qin had thrown the torch on the wheat and the dried wheat was flammable. Along with the wind, a fire circle was quickly formed and surrounded the villagers. In addition, there was a large number of uncut crops. Once the fire circle was formed, an area of land would completely become a fire field.

Grandma Sun and Grandma Sun stood motionless in front of the fire. Grandma Qin looked at the panicked villagers and the smile on her face became crazier. She laughed in a hoarse voice. “Hahahaha, finally it is over! My poor Xueren, Mother will be with you soon!”

Grandma Sun’s face was illuminated by the fire and she stared at the scene with expressionless, cold eyes.

Yu Hanjiang heard Grandma Qin’s crazy laughter and frowned more tightly. He stood outside the fire circle to observe the fire. Then he spoke in a low voice, “The fire is spreading toward Liuxi Village. We need to rescue the people as soon as possible or the entire village might be burned down.”

He turned to the group and spoke decisively, “Those with a teleport card or jump card can act the fastest. Go to the villagers’ homes and bring some buckets of water to fight the fire.”

The three people heard the instructions and added immediately. Shao Qingge took Ye Qi’s teleportation card. Initially, the card could take 100kg of weight at one time. Now it could take 150 kg after upgrading. He moved all the water tanks near the villagers’ houses at the fastest speed.

The man who could jump like a zombie picked up several buckets of water, jumped 8 metres and quickly came back.

Old Qi also carried a few buckets of water and slid along the ground. His displacement card was similar to roller skates, allowing him to accelerate, turn and jump flexibly.

The three people carried the water while Yu Hanjiang kept a close eye on the fire. At this point, Xiao Lou suddenly thought of an idea and whispered in Yu Hanjiang’s ear, “The two cards we previously got in 3 of Clubs might be useful.”

He took out the ‘power bank’ and ‘hair dryer’ from the card pack. These cards were taken from the couple when playing the card game in 3 of Clubs. They hadn’t been used yet. The hair dryer could blow things of a certain weight into the distance. The power bank could charge electrical cards and immediately reset all the skills of the cards.

Yu Hanjiang’s eyes brightened. “You mean, use the hair dryer to move the combustibles away and open a gap in the ring of fire?”

Xiao Lou nodded and handed the card to Group Leader Yu. “Try it.”

Yu Hanjiang decisively took the two cards, stepped forward and aimed the hairdryer at the burning wheat pile. He turned on the hair dryer’s skills and saw the burning wheat piles suddenly being blow 50 metres away. The ring of fire opened enough for two people to pass through side by side. Yu Hanjiang reset the skill of the hair dryer with the power bank. Another large wheat pile near the gap was blown away.

There was a gap around three metres in the fire circle. The combustible objects were cleaned up and the fire gradually weakened. Shao Qingge carrying the water back saw this scene and went up to it, splashing water on the gap!

Old Qi and the young man also came back. They cooperated with Shao Qingge to put out the fire. In the blink of an eye, the fire in the three metres wide gap was completely put out, forming a buffer zone. Yu Hanjiang immediately ordered, “Everyone, wet your clothes and cover your mouths and nose to save people!”

Everyone did. The blind challengers also cooperated by taking off their scarves, sleeves, etc, wetting them and handing them to everyone. The most terrible thing in addition to the fire was the smoke. Smoke inhalation was likely to lead to a coma. In order to save so many people, the protection must be done well.”

The five people were ready and Yu Hanjiang looked over at Xiao Lou. “The rescued villagers will be left to you.”

Xiao Lou smiled and said, “Rest assured, I’ll call for the village chief.”

Yu Hanjiang gently squeezed Xiao Lou’s shoulder, turned and quickly walked towards the fire. He wore the acceleration shoes and spoke to Shao Qingge, “You have the teleportation card and will leave the fat and strong people to you. I’ll save the children. Everyone else will save one. Go!”

The five people rushed into the fire. The fire made the temperature in the fire circle rise. Some villagers clothes were lit up and they shouted from the pain. The children’s cries were also deafening. The fire made it seem like hell on earth!

Yu Hanjiang’s eyes sank. He wore the acceleration shoes and his speed could increase by five times. He quickly rushed to the two children in front. One hand held a child each as he flew out of the fire like a gust of wind.

The two children’s clothes were burned and they were crying. They suddenly perceived that their bodies were light and they were being held by someone one. The two children were scared silly. Yu Hanjiang ran so fast that he appeared beside Xiao Lou in the blind of an eye. “I’ll give them to you.”

Seeing this, the village chief immediately used water to extinguish the flames on their clothes. Xiao Lou held the two children’s hands and spoke warmly to appease them. “Don’t worry, we are here to save people. The village chief is also here.”

Liu Si said, “Xiao QI, Xiao Rui, be obedient and come to Uncle Si.”

Hearing the familiar voice, the two children wiped their tears by the village chief’s side.

The girl choked out, “My mother is still in there…”

The boy also cried out, “Save my mother! Please!”

Xiao Lou spoke softly. “Don’t worry, we have people saving them and your mother will be out soon.”

As he spoke, Old Qi skated while dragging a woman out of the fire. The woman was initially struggling, crying and shouting, “Let me go! My children…”

Liu Si stepped forward and shouted, “Sister San, your children are here!”

The woman choked up and didn’t resist anymore. She was taken under the tree by Old Qi and the two children immediately rushed over to hold her. “Mummy!”

The children’s voices made the woman burst into tears. She hugged the two children, her body shaking violently. “This is my third sister-in-law. My brother left early and she brought up the two children by herself. It wasn’t easy for her.”

Hearing this, Xiao Lou was upset. He could imagine the life of a blind woman with two blind children. Fortunately, all her children were fine.

Next, Shao Qingge brought two strong adult men to the tree with the teleportation card. These two people didn’t know what happened. They just felt a gust of wind and then their body moved dozens of metres. There was no more smoke and fire around them and a lot of oxygen poured into their mouth and nose. They couldn’t help holding their chest and coughing desperately.

Just then, Xiao Lou’s gentle voice entered their ears. “Two big brothers, please come here to rest. We are here to save people.”

The two people looked dazed. They reacted to the stranger and a man immediately became alert. “Who are you?”

Xiao Lou stated, “We are outsiders.”

Liu Si added, “They are all good people and are here to save everyone.”

The two of them heard the village chief’s voice and were full of surprise. “Aren’t you Brother Si?” “Senior, weren’t you kicked out? Grandma Sun said you joined with the villagers to steal our things…”

Liu Si shouted and interrupted him, “Do you have a brain? Do you still believe Grandma Sun’s words? She wants to burn you!”

The two men fell silent at the same time. Just then, Liu Qing rushed over. She had been left by Grandma Sun to take care of Hui Hui’s newborn child. Then she heard a burst of screams and crying from outside the village. She went out to look and saw a lot of smoke rising from the southeast of the village.

Liu Qing immediately left the village. The farmland was burning and she saw Xiao Lou’s group standing under the tree. She hurried over and asked about the situation. “Uncle Si, what’s going on?”

Liu Si gritted his teeth. “Grandma Sun and Grandma Qin set a fire during the Autumn Harvest Festival. They said they would burn everyone to accompany their dead children!”

Liu Qing’s face changed sharply. She had long sensed that Grandma Sun wasn’t quite right but she didn’t know what. Now looking at the fire in front of her, she finally knew the reason for Grandma Sun’s recent anomaly.

Liu Qing spoke nervously. “What to do? Everyone can’t see and the fire is becoming more and more intense!”

Xiao Lou stated, “Little Qing, can I trouble you to do me a favour.”

Liu Qing looked at him cautiously. “Who are you?”

Liu Si told her, “Trust them. They are here to save people. These three adults and two children have just been rescued by them.”

Xiao Lou smiled and nodded. “Yes, we want to save people but the villagers won’t trust us. If they struggle in the fire and run away then it will only waste rescue time and it is also easy for them to burn themselves. Little Qing, please tell them to trust us and stay where they are. Cooperate with us and we will bring them out of the fire as soon as possible.”

Liu Qing spoke to the child with a grey face next to her and the little girl choked up, “Sister Qing, it is this uncle who saved me.”

Liu Qing nodded, went to the edge of the fire and shouted, “Uncle and Aunties, I am Little Qing! We are trying to save everyone. Please don’t run away and stay still. Someone will bring you out of the fire!”

She repeated it twice and the villagers running around like headless flies were quiet. They didn’t trust anyone else but Little Qing was still credible.

Grandma Qin and Grandma Sun saw five strangers rushing in to save people and then heard Little Qing’s voice. Their faces changed dramatically. Then Grandma Qin called out, “Who dares to make trouble?!”

Yu Hanjiang didn’t speak and directly threw the white silk at her.

The white silk stretched out and precisely tied people. Grandma Qin and Grandma Sun just happened to be standing together. Yu Hanjiang threw the white silk and instantly tied up the two people back-to-back. Then he looked at Shao Qingge. “Take them out.”

Shao Qingge instantly moved the two people under the tree using the teleportation card.

Grandma Sun looked at Little Qing and her eyes were vicious. “You dared to destroy our plans! I knew I shouldn’t have spared you!”

Little Qing’s face was white. “Grandma, I grew up with you and treated you as a relative. The villagers also believed in you and have no hatred with you. Why do you want to burn all the people of Liuxi Village?”

Grandma Sun suddenly laughed. “Hahaha, no hatred… no hatred!”

Her white hair was messy and tears flowed from her wrinkled eyes. The old grandmother seemed completely deflated at this moment. She fell to the ground and looked at the scene in front of her.

Grandma Qin was struggling next to her and was controlled by the village chief. Her Tibetan mastiff rushed out of the fire to find his owner and barked at everyone. Then he was controlled to sleep by Ye Qi’s guitar.

The fire circle.

Under the command of Yu Hanjiang, the rescue work was carried out in an orderly manner. Once the villagers started to cooperate and no longer ran around, the rescue was more convenient.

Yu Hanjiang wore the acceleration shoes and picked up all the children. Shao Qingge could save two people with his teleportation. Old Qi, the masked man and the man with the jump card could sav one at a time. If they encountered someone lighter then they could directly carry the person.

In the floating boxes above the group, the number of people rescued kept changing.

[Number of villagers rescued 25/119…]

[Number of villagers rescued 45/119…]

[Number of villagers rescued 88/119…]

In only a few minutes, the five challengers used a variety of cards to help more than 80 villagers!

Xiao Lou thought of Group Leader Yu’s previous words and said, “The people who are out of danger, come and help put out the fire! The wind is blowing in the direction of the village. If the fire isn’t put out then it will probably burn Liuxi Village!”

Liu Si looked at the wind direction and immediately said, “Everybody, quickly help lift the water!”

The other blind challengers gathered under Xiao Lou’s organization and the rescued villagers joined the fight. Everyone quickly lifted water from the village and helped put out the fire in the outer circle. The poured water created an isolation zone outside the village.

Large areas of the ground became wet and the spread of the fire was hampered. There were also fewer and fewer villagers within the fire. 10 minutes later, the red text in the floating boxes finally turned green.

[Number of villagers rescued 119/119!]

[All the villagers have been rescued and the team involved in the rescue work will receive an additional card draw.]

The messages weren’t visible to the challengers who were blind but the five people with good eyes saw them.

Once the farmland fire was put out, the ground was full of charred marks and there were fragments of the villagers’ clothing on the ground. If it wasn’t for them being rescued in time, hundreds of villagers would be burned to ashes in the fire!

How much pain would people burned alive be in? The people thought about it.

Yu Hanjiang came over and said, “The fire has been extinguished and the villagers are only slightly injured.”

Liu Si excitedly held Yu Hanjiang’s hand. “Thank you, thank you very much!”

Under the big tree, the villagers gathered their heads together and cried. The challengers frequently went in and out of the fire. Their faces were ashy grey but they all had smiles on their faces. They really managed to save everyone!

Yu Hanjiang’s eyes swept over everyone and found Xiao Lou pacifying the children in the group. He walked up to Xiao Lou. “The fire is out.”

Xiao Lou sensed the familiar person near him and immediately whispered, “Are you okay? Did you get hurt?”

Yu Hanjiang whispered, “It’s fine. The challengers and villagers aren’t injured and we rescued all 119 villagers.”

Xiao Lou gave a thumbs up. “That’s great!”

Yu Hanjiang slightly curved his lips. “Yes.”

Old Qi had a corner of his clothes burned as he walked to Yu Hanjiang and said, “Officer Han, thank you for this time. To tell the truth, when I saw the fire, my first reaction was to run for my life regardless of the villagers.”

The young man next to him awkwardly scratched the back of his head and said, “Me too. I thought that we are only five people and definitely wouldn’t be able to save nearly 120 villagers. I didn’t expect that we really would rescue them. Hehe, Officer Han is really good…”

“It is because everyone cooperated well.”

After all, these challengers weren’t professional firefighters and humans have an instinctive fear of fire. It was normal to want to escape. In the real world, they might not have completed the task of rescuing the villagers. However, they had a lot of cards and one person was equivalent to more than 10 ordinary people. In particular, Shao Qingge could teleport back and forth to save many people.

Of course, his face was black and grey and he didn’t smile carelessly as usual. He walked to Yu Hanjiang’s side and said, “It is really exciting. I never dreamed that one day, I would rush into the fire to save people.”

Xiao Lou smiled. “You worked hard. We just need to stay in the village for two days and it can be a perfect clearance.”

Yu Hanjiang stated, “All the participating teams will have one more opportunity to draw cards.”

The challengers around him heard it and were filled with joy.

The village chief took the initiative to come over and say, “Old Han, the villagers are very grateful for everyone’s help and want to invite you to live in the village for two days.”

Yu Hanjiang nodded and looked at the two old ladies next to him. Grandma Sun and Grandma Qin’s eyes were dull. They apparently hadn’t expected this to happen.

Xiao Lou asked, “What are you going to do with these two old people?”

The villagers suddenly fell silent. They were all brought up by Grandma Sun and Aunt Qin. However, their eyes were ruined by these people. The pain of being blind was due to them! The villagers looked complicated and couldn’t figure out how to deal with it for a moment.

The village chief walked up to Grandma Sun and spoke softly, “Grandma, tell us the truth. What happened that year? Why did you and Aunt Qin stay in the village and retaliate against innocent children?”

Grandma Sun closed her eyes. “The truth, I don’t want to mention it anymore.”

Grandma Qin laughed strangely and whispered, “This end is good. My family’s Xueren was so kind and shouldn’t want me to take so many innocent people. I will go down and accompany her…”

The two old ladies looked at each other and suddenly fell to the ground together.

Yu Hanjiang frowned and approached. He discovered that black liquid was flowing from their mouths actually took poison in advance. They had apparently made up their mind to end things today.

Xiao Lou couldn’t see and wondered, “What’s going on?”

Yu Hanjiang whispered, “The two old ladies took poison.”

Xiao Lou was stunned and didn’t speak.

A gust of wind blew, rolling up the scorched dust of the farmland. The air was filled with the smell of burned crops while Grandma Sun and Grandma Qin lay on the ground with closed eyes, looking serene.

The villagers were silent for a long time. Then Village Chief Liu Si sighed and crouched down to gently wipe the dust from the faces of the two old ladies. “The remains of Grandma Sun and Aunt Qin will be buried in the farmland nearby.”

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2 years ago

it was previously 110 villagers, how come it was suddenly 119? is there a typo there?