CR: Chapter 11

Central Hospital was the largest public hospital in town. There were four white buildings of a uniform style, each written respectively as the ‘Outpatient Building, ‘Inpatient Building’ ‘Inspection Centre’ and ‘Office Building.’

The clearance condition of the 2 of Spades room was to reach the rooftop of the Central Hospital’s outpatient building and someone would come to save him.

Xiao Lou walked into the outpatient hall and the suspension box in front of him refreshed. [You have reached the destination of Central Hospital. D-grade secret room’s friendly tip: You can avoid the zombies, take the elevator directly to the rooftop of the outpatient building and leave Zombie Town. If you want a perfect clearance, please explore and find the serum samples of the first infected person.]

The 2 of Diamonds’ clearance time was 60 minutes. Most challengers should carefully avoid the zombies and handle them using weapons. After arriving at the hospital hall, there were originally a dozen zombies here that were scattered around. As long as the challenger avoided them and smoothly entered the elevator to the roof of the building, they could pass the instance.

The difficulty wasn’t great if they just wanted to pass through the 2 of Spades room.

However, it obviously wasn’t that easy to get a perfect clearance.

Xiao Lou’s approach was very thrilling but he took care of all the zombies on the road. He lured them and trapped many zombies in the Grand Theatre, using the trick of the ‘vanishing and leaving an empty shell.’ Thus, the hall was empty when he entered the outpatient building. He would walk directly to the elevator and push the button to the highest level.

Thinking of the power of this S-grade Tao Yuanming card…

Xiao Lou didn’t hesitate to turn and walk out of the outpatient building.

A perfect clearance and gaining S-grade cards were his goals. If even a D-grade secret room couldn’t be perfectly cleared then the difficulty of obtaining S-grad cards in the later stages would become more and more serious. Peach Blossom Spring lasted for 30 minutes and this gave him confidence. If he couldn’t complete this task then he could rush back to the Peach Blossom Spring to take refuge.

The next step was to find the serum sample of the first infected person.

There were three more buildings, the inpatient building, the inspection centre and the office building. According to common sense, if a special patient was encountered at the hospital then the serum sample should be taken to the blood testing area of the inspection building.

Xiao Lou looked at the countdown in the suspension box. There were 40 minutes left, he had to hurry.

If he wanted to go to the inspection centre, he had to first go through the inpatient building.

The door of the hospital was open and Xiao Lou saw several broken bodies on the ground. Most of the bodies were covered with wounds and there was a lot of dry blood around them. There should be fierce battles here.

Thinking about it, the little boy climbed out of the morgue in the middle of the night. There were very doctors on duty at the clinic late at night and not many patients came to the emergency room in the middle of the night. The inpatient building was the place that had the most people at night.

After the outbreak of the virus zombie, the impact on the inpatient building was the greatest.

Many patients might’ve been sleeping at the time and were awakened by outside movements. A large number of medical staff and patients fled madly, some of them were infected and mutated into zombies, infecting more and more people… he could imagine that the process was very bloody.

Xiao Lou raised his ears in an alert manner and tried to step forward with light feet.

There must be a large number of zombies in the inpatient building. He didn’t want to alarm the zombie’s nest…

However, within a few sounds, he had a sound from the hospital that was at first like rats biting popcorn. Soon, the sound doubled and amplified. Countless messy footsteps gathered together and there was the bang of heavy objects falling to the ground. It seemed that something had knocked over a metal cabinet.

The harsh sound made Xiao Lou’s scalp numb and then he saw an incredible scene.

Numerous zombies were rushing from the inpatient building like ants!

Most of the zombies wore blue and white hospital clothes while some were dressed in nurse’s clothes or white coats…

This scene was spectacular and wouldn’t lose to the sight of elementary students leaving school.

Xiao Lou stiffened and he raised his legs to run.

In the process of running, a faint rose scent filled the air. Only then did he realize he had made a serious mistake. He had the strange rose perfume on him. The 30 metre range wasn’t just horizontal but also vertical.

He had just passed downstairs the inpatient building and the 30 metres vertical distance meant that the zombies on all 10 floors were alarmed.

Previously he relied on the rose perfume to facilitate his unimpeded arrival to the hospital. He didn’t expect that the helpful rose perfume would now harm him by alerting the most terrible zombie lair in the inpatient building!

Xiao Lou’s face was blue.

The thing that made him even more alarmed was that although the zombies wearing hospital clothes were slow, there were some young doctors who became zombies and were more active than ordinary zombies! In particular, the surgeons had to spend a few hours in front of an operating table and the strength of their legs couldn’t be compared to average zombies.

Several young man doctors caught up with him. One of them was a tall male doctor whose rotten hand almost touched his neck. Xiao Lou’s back was cold and his fingertips flashed as he threw the Nine Palaces Grid without hesitation.

The 3×3 metres grid settled the zombies behind him, saving his life in a thrilling way!

There was no turning back. Xiao Lou could only keep running forward with fear lingering in his heart.

He had entered the central heart of the hospital and the rose perfume was on his skin. It was useless even if he took off his clothes. No matter where he went, he would attract the zombies around him to chase him. The zombies in the inpatient building, the inspection centre and the office building would be a terrible number he couldn’t imagine.

He was stupid enough to spray rose perfume and enter the dead lair!

What to do?

Xiao Lou ran while his mind spun quickly.

Of course, he could take out the Tao Yuanming card and hide in the Peach Blossom Spring again.

However, the Peach Blossom Spring only lasted for 30 minutes and it would disappear after 10 minutes. If he wanted to perfectly clear the instance, he had to find a solution for the zombies of these three buildings. Otherwise, the rose perfume meant he wouldn’t be able to successfully get the little boy’s serum samples.

He could still use Nine Palaces Grid four times but there were so many bodies… right, the Compass!

The Compass obtained from 2 of Diamonds could draw a circle at any position and the drawn circle would become a metal ring after 10 seconds.

Without a weapon, he could make a weapon using the Compass!

The key now was where to lead the zombies to?

Xiao Lou quickly observed his surroundings. He had just passed the inpatient building and running 50 metres would be the inspection centre. After that was the office building and then…

He saw an empty playground.

Next door to the hospital was an elementary school. It was probably due to the chaos of the zombie virus that the wall between the hospital and the elementary school collapsed, so that one side of the hospital complex was connected to the playground of the elementary school.

The broken wall was only one metre wide. Once he entered the playground from the broken wall, the chasing zombies behind him would definitely cause a ‘traffic congestion’ which would give him some time.

Xiao Lou decisively made the empty playground the end point.

Sooner or later, he would have to enter the inspection centre so it was better to take zombies away from the inspection centre now.

Xiao Lou made up his mind and stayed at the bottom of the inspection centre for a moment.

The inspection centre was a total of 10 floors and Xiao Lou stayed at the door for a few seconds, leading all the doctors on duty down.

Running in front was a young male doctor. The white coat was stained with blood and there was a stethoscope hanging around his neck. After smelling Xiao Lou, he turned to Xiao Lou and revealed two bony hands that directly grabbed at Xiao Lou’s face.

Xiao Lou’s face was tense and his right leg slammed out.

The young zombie was knocked to the ground by him!

The zombie fell to the ground and quickly got up again. The body’s white bones rubbed against each other, making a creaking sound.

Xiao Lou didn’t delay the time. He turned in the direction of the playground and ran quickly, using the Nine Palaces Grid along the way to delay time.

The Nine Palaces Grid was used up while he dragged hundreds of zombies behind him.

The zombie group was left behind as Xiao Lou agilely bypassed the hospital complex and reached the playground, taking out the compass from his card pack.

He adjusted the legs of the compass to the largest size and started to draw a circle on the big playground.

The circles one by one covered the entire playground floor.

Behind him came the sound of footsteps.

The crack in the wall that was only one metre wide couldn’t fit so many zombies at the same time. Some zombies couldn’t wait and started climbing the wall. They stepped on other zombies and climbed one by one. This image was almost comparable to Resident Evil’s sci-fi blockbuster!

Xiao Lou’s heart trembled slightly but his movements didn’t hesitate.

After drawing a large number of circles with the Compass, Xiao Lou held his breath and counted the time in his heart.

10 seconds passed and the circle he first drew became a ring, followed by the second and the third. Xiao Lou had drawn the rings with the technique of connecting the rings together so the created metal rings all connected together, covered by the green grass of the playground.

The zombies were finally here!

Xiao Lou stood in the middle of the playground, calmly looking at the dead in front of him.

There were no traces of hesitation or fear in the man’s dark eyes.

For him, this group of zombies was nothing more than a group of moving corpses. A forensic doctor wasn’t afraid of corpses.

The moment that the zombies were covering the playground, Xiao Lou’s right hand jerked up.

Go up!

All the rings on the ground suddenly floated like there was a magic spell on them!

The dense, silver metal rings were like a huge mesh trap. They lifted up with Xiao Lou’s instructions and covered almost all the zombies!

A one metre diameter ring could hold several zombies in the same circle. These zombies didn’t have the sense of ‘unified action’ and moved forward in different directions, soon falling down. Their expressions were dull and they couldn’t seem to figure out why they couldn’t move.

The zombies’ actions were clumsier than humans and they had no IQ.

Once several zombies were put together in the same ring, they didn’t know and kept moving, restraining each other and pulling at each other, completely losing their ability to move.

Xiao Lou looked at the zombies around him and smiled.

His fingertips flashed and he disappeared without a trace.

Only 100 zombies were left stumbling around the playground in the rings, unable to move at all.

The author has something to say:

Zombie group 1: In a daze in the Grand Theatre…

Zombie group 2: Plying a ring game in the big playground…

The zombies are really poor to meet the big devil Xiao Lou.

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If this continues the zombies might start running from him

strawberry tart
strawberry tart
1 year ago

he had a sound from the hospital that was at first like rats biting popcorn

Pretty sure the “had” is supposed to be “heard”

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I almost feel pity for the zombies lol