CR: Chapter 106

Yu Hanjiang and Xiao Lou’s speculation was based on connecting all the current known clues together. Grandma Sun and Grandma Qin were likely to be jointly committing the crime. What was their relationship with the girl wearing the bracelet, what happened in Liuxi Village and how was the girl persecuted? It was only by finding out these things that the secrets of Liuxi Village would be unlocked.

The 30 minutes in the Peach Blossom Spring soon passed and the group was sent out.

Liu Si saw the mountains of the Peach Blossom Spring change to the familiar farmland and was stunned for a moment. Then he whispered softly, “You really know magic…”

He seemed to think of something and his eyes suddenly lit up as he glanced at Xiao Lou. “You are so powerful. Can you help me find a way? If Aunt Qin and Grandma Sun are staying in the village for revenge, how can I expose their true faces?”

He scratched the back of his head in a somewhat distressed manner. Then he said, “The villagers won’t believe anything I say. Besides, they can’t see. If Grandma Sun insists that the village chief is a fake, the villagers will definitely believe her and not believe me.”

The village chief had been expelled from the village. The blind people left in the village had been brought up by Grandma Sun and Grandma Qin since they were young. They had great trust and respect in the two people. It was difficult for the villagers to be convinced by the village chief’s one-sided words alone. They had to seize the evidence.

Yu Hanjiang thought of something. “If I remember correctly, Niuniu’s mother mentioned that her sister-in-law is going to give birth soon?”

The village chief turned to him. “How do you know that?”

Of course, they overheard it using the bug. During the time with Niuniu’s mother took her child to see Grandma Sun, she talked about her second brother and his wife. She asked her grandmother to deliver her sister-in-law’s child. Grandma Sun also said that she had to prepare early.

Yu Hanjiang asked, “Are you familiar with the person who is about to have a child?”

The village chief hurriedly nodded. “I know her. Niuniu’s mother’s sister-in-law is my cousin, Liu Hui. She married Lin Er next door and became pregnant earlier this year. She wasn’t in good health and had been drinking fetal medicine from Grandma Sun…”

Thinking that there might be the bones of the dead in the medicine, the village chief was white and his lips slightly quivering. “Do you mean that Grandma Sun is likely to act against Hui Hui’s newborn child?”

Yu Hanjiang spoke seriously. “She killed your villagers and has been taking revenge for so long. She naturally wouldn’t let go of newborns.”

The poor woman. The hardships of pregnancy couldn’t be imagined and Liu Hui went to Grandma Sun to look for medicine. Who would’ve imagined that this old lady would do something to the medicine, causing her child to be born with blindness!

Xiao Lou stated, “On the day of Liu Hui’s birth, Grandma Sun will surely deliver the baby. If the baby is born without accident then it will be blind. If the medicine she gave to the pregnant woman failed and the baby isn’t blind, she will surely try to blind the baby again.”

Liu Si nodded. “It should be that something happened with my mother during pregnancy and I wasn’t born blind. Therefore, when I was a child, Grandma Sun gave me a lot of medicine, saying I wasn’t in good health and needed to recuperate.”

Xiao Lou speculated, “There must be ingredients in the medicine that can lead to blindness, as well as the bones of the dead. If the evidence can be found in the medicine she prescribes to the children then the villagers will believe your words!”

Liu Si excitedly clenched his fists and exclaimed, “Yes! There is the Autumn Harvest Festival in three days. At that time, Grandma Qin will take out her brewed rice wine for everyone to drink. If we can find the bones of the dead in rice wine, she can no longer lie and deceive everyone!”

4 of Spades lasted seven days and the Autumn Harvest Festival happened to be on the fifth day. It must be an important plot node of the Spades secret room. Many things would definitely happen on this day.

If it went well, they could seize the evidence that Grandma Sun blinded babies when she delivered the evidence. They could also seize the evidence that Grandma Sun made wines with the bones of the dead when she delivered rice wine to everyone. This would publicize the true faces of the two old ladies to the villagers.

Liu Qiao suddenly asked incredulously, “Village Chief, the villagers in your village have very strange names. The males seem to have casual names like Lin San (3), Liu Si (4) and Liu Wu (5). Meanwhile, the girls have nice names such as your cousin Liu Hui and Liu Qing who studies medicine with Grandma Sun.

Once everyone heard this, they were startled. Then Xiao Lou reacted violently, “Who gave you your name?”

Liu Si said, “We are all delivered by Grandma Sun and she also gave our names…”

Xiao Lou and Yu Hanjiang glanced at each other and they already had an answer in their hearts.

Grandma Sun hated men far more than women. It could be seen from her indifference when naming them. She chose names for them casually like picking up a stray cat from the roadside. She was obviously more attentive when naming the games like Hui Hui and Little Qing.

Yu Hanjiang frowned, folded his arms over his chest and speculated, “That year, the rich lady who died in Liuxi Village might be Grandma Sun’s daughter? Is that why she prefers girls?”

Xiao Lou nodded. “I think it is possible. She also taught Little Qing medicine. Perhaps Little Qing is a type of sustenance for her.”

Ye Qi suddenly hit his forehead and spoke excitedly, “I remember that when we were eavesdropping, Little Qin seemed to knock over a lot of Grandma Sun’s medicine. Perhaps she can see too?”

Xiao Lou also remembered this matter and immediately turned back to the village chief to ask. “ Little Qin seemed to call you Uncle Si. Is she your niece?”

Liu Si nodded. “She is my second cousin’s child. My brother got married at the age of 18 and Little Qing was born the next year. Little Qing is the smartest girl in our village. Grandma Sun liked her very much and my brother was in favour of letting her learn medicine when she was 14 years old.”

In the remote mountain village, it was common for young men and women to marry early. Little Qing’s parents should be 35 years old and Little Qin was 14 this year. Grandma Sun seemed to have raised her deliberately, teaching her to distinguish a variety of traditional Chinese medicine and checking the pulse to determine the condition. During the eavesdropping, the two of them had a harmonious relationship. Grandma Sun had patiently taught her a pulse analysis for three hours.

Little Qing accidentally knocked over the medicine jars and Grandma Sun suspected her of being clumsy. Little Qing had joked at the time, ‘I can’t see and accidentally knocked it over.’

Xiao Lou thought it was more and more wrong. “Ye Qi’s words are reasonable. Shouldn’t she be able to see? She accidentally saw the dead bones in Grandma Sun’s medicine and knocked over the medicine jars?”

Yu Hanjiang wondered, “Village chief, do you know if your niece can see?”

Liu Si scratched his head. “It shouldn’t be? Little Qing was like me. As a child, she often fell and she took a long time to learn how to walk. Then once she grew up, she learned everything faster than her peers. She even learned medicine from Grandma Sun.”

Xiao Lou smiled. “Like you?”

Liu Si was shocked. “Was she also pretending?”

Yu Hanjiang simply said, “We can verify it tomorrow if she is really blind or not.”

Xiao Lou agreed. “You can continue to use the Twin card.”

The village chief was bewildered. “What card?”

Xiao Lou couldn’t explain. “In any case, we have a way to verify if she is blind.”

Yu Hanjiang suggested, “Act tomorrow. We will go to bed first.”

It was currently two in the morning. They had sneaked into the village to find Grandma Sun and many accidents occurred, including saving the village chief. They were all tired and slept in the farmland next to the tree.

Outside the village, there was the occasional sound of wolves’ howling.’ The village chief didn’t dare go out of the village alone and slept under the tree along with these ‘foreigners.’


The next morning, the group got up to wash and found that the village was very quiet. Usually, the roosters would call out every morning at 7 o’clock. The villagers would hear the sound of the roosters and get up. However, this morning the entire village was strangely quiet.

The early morning sun was shining in the village. Yet by the time the clock pointed at 8 o’clock, there wasn’t the sound of roosters.

Xiao Lou sensed something was wrong. “How come the village’s roosters aren’t calling?”

Liu Qiao came over and explained, “All the roosters have been taken away by two challengers.”

Everyone, “………”

Ye Qi looked at her with confusion. “Liu Qiao, how do you know this?”

Liu Qiao spoke calmly. “I woke up at 4:30 in the morning and couldn’t see. I flew around the village and found two men sneaking around. They stunned Grandma Qin’s Tibetan mastiff, grabbed her rooster and then sneaked around to catch all the roosters raised by others.”

Ye Qi’s eyes were about to pop out. “Taking all the roosters in the village, is it for eating?”

If they were really hungry then there were many wild vegetables and fruits on the west mountain. There was also the fish in the pond. There was no need to venture to the village to catch roosters. Moreover, they couldn’t eat so many roosters.

Xiao Lou didn’t know if he should laugh or cry. “I think that they caught the roosters to prevent the villagers from waking up on time. After all, we entered Liuxi Village and received the hint that the villagers were blind and couldn’t feel the sunrise and sunset. They rely on the roosters and hourglass to determine this.”

The village chief agreed. “Yes, we get up every morning when the roosters sing and sleep when the sand in the hourglass runs out. Once we can no longer hear the sound of the sand, we will sleep.”

Shao Qingge felt helpless. “These two are really talented at stealing!”

Since the roosters didn’t call out this morning, the villagers didn’t wake up. Most of them were still sleeping at 8 o’clock. It was like oversleeping when the alarm clock didn’t ring.

Yu Hanjiang frowned. “The two people changed the time the villagers wake up. It should be to have more time to find the gems?”

Ye Qi couldn’t help spitting out, “Then shouldn’t they have caught all the dogs in the village to reduce the difficulty?”

Liu Qiao stated, “Someone did think of it.”

“You mean, the dogs were also caught?”

Liu Qiao nodded. “Last night, the village was very lively. The two men took all the roosters while a man and woman confused the villagers’ dogs. Apart from the Tibetan mastiff that they couldn’t handle, they captured all the other dogs and tied them up.”

Ye Qi, “……”


At the beginning of the Financial Crisis secret room, two young men stole a LCD TV to go to prison and clear the instance. This time, the challengers also had many strange ideas. They caught the roosters and stole the dogs. These people would do anything to clear the instance.

It was the next day and there was only one stone left. Everyone obviously couldn’t sit still.

The morning sun was very good and it was somewhat strange for the village to be so quiet. Liu Qiao stood on top of a 50 metres high tree and could see many challengers shuttling back and forth from the village, looking nervous as they searched for gems.

There were a few challengers who also came to the farmland on the east side of the village. They saw Xiao Lou’s group and two girls boldly came forward to ask, “Excuse me, have you found the gems?”

Xiao Lou smiled and shook his head. “No.”

The girl looked at him incredulously. “The five of you haven’t found the gem. Aren’t you worried? There is only one left?”

Xiao Lou replied, “Of course, we are in a hurry. We are trying to think of a plan.”

The girls had to turn away and continue searching the field.

The village chief saw the scene and wondered, “Are these gems important to you?”

Xiao Lou replied, “Yes, the boss told us to find the village’s gems or we will be punished.”

The village chief couldn’t help sighing. “Your boss sounds so strict.”

Xiao Lou felt helpless. “Yes.”

A of Spades was definitely strict, throwing challengers into this remote and strange village. The next day, those who were unable to find gems would become more and more anxious. In a few days, the competition between challengers would become more intense.

It was best to resolve the two uncertainties of Grandma Sun and Grandma Qin before this. Otherwise, if the challengers realize they have gems and join forces to rob them, it would be difficult to cope.

In order to pretend that they had no gems, Xiao Lou, Yu Hanjiang and Liu Qiao went to the village to search.

It wasn’t convenient to take the village chief with them. Shao Qingge and Ye Qi waited at the willows outside the village while chatting with him.

The village chief helped them mark several important locations on the map of Liuxi Village. Yu Hanjiang and Liu Qiao soon found the soon to give birth to Liu Hui. Liu Qiao flew into the trees to check and said, “Her house is part of a row of houses. The bedroom is in the est, the west is the dining room and there was a small kitchen nearby. Lin Hui and her husband are sleeping.”

Yu Hanjiang nodded. “Go to Little Qing’s home.”

At Little Qing’s home, her parents were still sleeping. The 14 year old girl was awake at this time and moving around the yard, apparently wondering why there were no roosters calling. She came to the chicken shed, opened the door to see and her expression slightly changed.

Just then, Liu Qiao deliberately flew to the tree in front of her. Little Qing heard the sound and turned back, just looking at Liu Qiao. She looked at Liu Qiao and the other side was watching her. Little Qing turned her head in an expressionless manner and continued to look after her dog, ignoring Liu Qiao’s existence.

Liu Qiao flew back from the tree and walked over to Xiao Lou and Yu Hanjiang. “I can change into her.”

Yu Hanjiang had returned the Twin Card to her after using it last night. The eight hours cooldown time had ended and she just saw Little Qing. The conditions of the transformation had been met and then Little Qing appeared in front of them.

Yu Hanjiang asked, “How is it?”

Liu Qiao spoke softly, “She can see.”

Xiao Lou and Yu Hanjiang glanced at each other before continuing to look for Grandma Sun.

Grandma Sun also woke up and was making medicine. The three people dropped a bug at Grandma Sun’s house. Then they heard footsteps behind him and the three people immediately left with their invisibility cloak.

At 9 in the morning, the villagers finally woke up and found that their roosters and dogs were gone. They went to look for the village chief and found that he had also disappeared. The people had to go and find Grandma Sun.

The surroundings suddenly became a mess.

“Grandma, the roosters didn’t call this morning and my wife and I overslept!”

“Me too. I woke up and looked at the chicken shed. My roosters and hens are gone. Were they stolen to be eaten?”

“Grandma, the hourglass in the middle of the village seems to be broken. We can’t hear the sound of sand.”

“My dog is gone too!”

“Yes, I just went to the village chief and as a result, the village chief is gone!”

“Don’t be noisy!” Grandma Sun interrupted everyone in a cold manner. “I have said that the village chief has a problem. He must’ve joined with the outsiders to steal our things. Everyone, remember this. If you later hear the village chief’s voice, don’t believe him no matter what he says!”

The group of people were very puzzled. “How could the village chief do this?” Liu Si isn’t such a person. We grew up together and he is very good. He often helped our family grab water…” “Yes, how can he join forces with outsiders against us?”

At this time, Grandma Qin came over and spoke in a hoarse voice. “Yesterday, I felt Liu Si was wrong. I told him that the seven gems in our village are valuable treasures and could be exchanged for a lot of money. I also told him that the seven gems were distributed in a formation. I think he must’ve become greedy and cooperate with outsiders to sell the gems for money.”

The villagers believed the words of the two people and suddenly scolded. “I didn’t expect Liu Si to actually be this type of person!” “So disappointing!” “I can’t believe we called him village chief!”

In the crowd, only Little Qing was expressionless as she stared blankly into the distance.

These voices came from Ye Qi’s bug and Liu Si heard them. His face was white and he clenched his fists, nails piercing his palms and his body shaking. “They… they are speaking nonsense! Aunt Qin didn’t tell that these gems are worth anything. She only said that the gems could crack the curse. The one in my own home was stolen. How could I join with outsiders?”

Xiao Lou looked at Yu Hanjiang and spoke in a low voice. “It seems that even if Group Leader Yu didn’t pretend to be the village chief last night, the village chief would’ve come looking for Grandma Sun. Grandma Sun would’ve driven him out of the village because he became suspicious.”

The village chief being expelled should be a fixed plot of 4 of Spades. However, they messed it up and this matter happened ahead of time.

Yu Hanjiang stated, “Grandma Qin and Grandma Sun will throw all the dirty water on the village chief.

Liu Qiao was also wearing an invisibility cloak and the three people quickly left the scene. She said to Xiao Lou, “Professor Xiao, Grandma Qin should also be able to see.”

Xiao Lou nodded. “I know. I found that Grandma Qin and Grandma Sun glanced at each other several times when splashing dirty water on the village chief.”

Blind people couldn’t see so accurately. Grandma Sun and Grandma Qin were obviously accomplices and could see. They colluded to sully the village chief.

They didn’t expect that more than one person could see in Liuxi Village. Little Qing said nothing. It was unknown what she was thinking. Perhaps she was wondering if she should help Uncle Si or continue to follow the grandmother?

The information at the beginning of the secret room was very misleading. So far, they had found four people who could see. If they challengers were careless and thought that the villagers were genetically blind, they might’ve been knocked out by A of Spades.

Yu Hanjiang and Xiao Lou glanced at each other. “Wait for the Autumn Harvest. Something will definitely happen on that day.”

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