CNC: Chapter 95

Highway 404 (15)

In Room 201, Jiang Yu locked herself in the room and was a bit fidgety. She didn’t care that there was no window in the room. She took out a cigarette and bit it in her mouth.

She was looking for a lighter when she accidentally touched the wallet in her pocket. Her fingers stiffened and she took out the wallet to open it.

The photo covered with bloody fingerprints was inside the wallet. It showed her and her ‘girlfriend’ Qu Yijun kissing each other, as if they were deeply in love with each other.

Jiang Yu didn’t know what type of situation and psychological state the ‘character’ was in that caused the photo to be stained with bloody fingerprints.

She smiled helplessly at the two girls in the photo before putting away the photo. She put away the wallet and lit the cigarette.

The nightmare mission had progressed this far, and she had made more mistakes than her teammates.

First of all, when encountering the ‘person waiting for the car,’ she repeatedly smashed the other person to pieces. Then she resisted with all her strength on the first night they stayed at the motel. This made her miss an opportunity to be killed and to achieve atonement…

She didn’t know if Qu Yijun would come to find her. After all, an existence like a ‘girlfriend’ was the most impatient existence in this world. The other person was also the ‘ex-girlfriend’ who was killed and dismembered with her own hands.

Jiang Yu was about to lie down when there was a knock on the door.

She instinctively straightened her shoulders and looked over warily. “Who is it?”

She didn’t think her three teammates would have time to knock on the door.

“Guest, there is a call for you.” It was the female owner of the motel outside the door. “It is said to be very important. If you aren’t asleep, then it is best to pick it up.”

Jiang Yu immediately jumped out of the bed and rushed barefoot to the door. The female owner saw she was in a hurry and the corners of her lips raised with satisfaction. “The phone is downstairs.”

“Thank you.” Jiang Yu ran to the lobby of the first floor in a hurry.

The telephone handpiece was set to the side. Jiang Yu gasped and picked it up. “Hello, I’m here.”

“Jiang Yu! It was you who killed Yijun, right? I know it was you!” On the phone, a strange man’s voice was heard. His angry and desperate shouting shook Jiang Yu’s eardrums. “I always believed that the murderer was you!”

It was too noisy and Jiang Yu unknowingly moved the handpiece away.

After a moment of silence, she asked the other person, “Are you Qu Yijun’s fiance?”

The first time she checked in, she called 4040404 and left a message to Qu Yijun’s fiance. She didn’t know the truth at the time, and told the other person to come over and collect the body of his fiancee. She hadn’t expected her words to become a prophecy…

The man didn’t answer her question but continued to ask, “Where did you hide the body? Please give her back to me!”

Hearing this, Jiang Yu confirmed that her task should be the same as Chi Nan’s. It was to find the body of the victim who was killed.

“I don’t know. Maybe I lost her,” Jiang Yu replied truthfully, “Now I am also looking for her body.”

The man cried on the other end of the phone. Then he repeated the first two sentences like a jammed machine, repeatedly cursing at her.

“You killed Qu Yijun, you killed her…”

Jiang Yu sighed loudly. She grabbed the phone and asked, “What should I do?”

“Pay with your life!” the man shouted in a crying rage before hanging up.

There was the ‘dududu’ busy tone. Jiang Yu had just hung up the phone when there was a ringing sound again. Jiang Yu’s heart started thumping fiercely.

She picked up the phone. “Hello?”

There was no answer on the other end of the phone. Jiang Yu’s hand on the handpiece tightened and her heartbeat increased. She intuitively knew that it was Qu Yijun this time.

Therefore, she didn’t urge the other person when they didn’t speak. She held the phone and quietly waited, but she only heard the rhythmic breathing of the other person.

“Can I still come to you?”

A soft and gentle female voice was heard from the other end of the phone. Jiang Yu’s heart tightened. It was just like what she heard in her dreams. It was Qu Yijun’s voice.

Jiang Yu took a deep breath and said solemnly, “I am waiting for you at the hotel.”

She paused before adding, “This time, I definitely won’t hide from you.”

The moment she finished speaking, the other person hung up the phone.

Jiang Yu looked a bit dazed. She put down the phone and walked toward the stairs. As she walked to the position that should be the stairs, there was nothing in front of her.

She instinctively looked around and turned. She realized that the long and deep stars had moved behind her for some reason. She was standing at the top of the stairs and looking down while a damp coolness spread over her back.

The cool air was filled with the familiar scent of citrus. Jiang Yu froze in place, waiting for the same pair of equally cold arms to wrap around her waist.

At first, it was an elusive hug. Then the hand behind her pushed her forward sharply. Jiang Yu, who didn’t resist, rolled down the high and steep stairs. The sound of her falling echoed in the motel and there seemed to be no end to the fall.

Jiang Yu gradually lost her mind from the long pain. She thought in confusion that this was probably because she didn’t stop when she met Qi Yijun on the rainy day. She was punished by being unable to shield herself from the pain.

There was a muffled bang and a sharp iron nail penetrated Jiang Yu’s skull. Her body that was nailed to the ground convulsed suddenly. Jiang Yu’s eyes rolled up and she saw Qu Yijun sitting next to her in a white dress. The blood stained her dress and ankles red, while the smile on her face was sad and blurred.

“Come to me.”

The faint scent of citrus mixed with blood brushed past her as Qu Yijun dropped a kiss on her nail-pierced forehead.


You Yu gently opened the door of Room 213, closed it, and tiptoed to the bathroom. He turned on the tap and deliberately reduced the water flow to the minimum.

He took off his gloves and carefully washed his hands with soap three times before he was satisfied.

He looked into the bathroom mirror and saw that Chi Nan was still asleep. This guy had put his nose under the quilt and revealed only a pair of quietly closed eyes.

The corners of You Yu’s lips raised imperceptibly. This way, You Yu and his reflection in the mirror with this expression looked at each other.

He realized once again that his expression had become uncontrollable due to Chi Nan’s presence.

What magical abilities did this little evil spirit have? Not only did he interfere with the Nightmare World, but also the dream maker. You Yu couldn’t help laughing again.

He confirmed the time before walking to Chi Nan’s bed and sitting down. He quietly looked at the other person’s sleeping face.

Not every person had a chance to see ‘themself’ asleep.

He looked at this person and raised his hand restlessly. His fingertips suddenly stopped less than half a centimeter away from Chi Nan’s teardrop mole.

Should he make the sleeping evil spirit cry? He seemed to be thinking about this question seriously and wickedly.

Unfortunately, before he could make a decision, Chi Nan had already opened his eyes and their eyes met inappropriately.

After a stalemate of two seconds, Chi Nan said in a sleepy voice, “Don’t make me cry. Crying is very tiring.”

You Yu withdrew his hand and smiled. “Sorry, I can’t help it.”

Chi Nan: “……”

“Where did you go?” Chi Nan rubbed his eyes and asked.

You Yu took out the bottle of water that he confiscated from Pei Mo. “I went to recycle something.”

Chi Nan: “……”

You Yu said seriously, “It is a souvenir of this nightmare.”

“If you like it, I’ll make you something fresh the next time you come to Zi City to eat hot pot,” Chi Nan promised seriously.

You Yu pursed his lips. “Didn’t you say that crying is very tiring?”

“It is fine if I rest well.”

You Yu looked at him with a smile that wasn’t a smile. “So are you inviting me to your dormitory for a meal?”

Chi Nan nodded. “After all, you will wash the dishes.”

You Yu smiled. “No problem.”

Chi Nan sniffed. “You have the smell of gasoline and soot on your body.”

“Oh, sorry.” You Yu consciously picked up the bath towel and walked to the bathroom. “I’ll take another shower.”

By the time You Yu cleaned himself up, Chi Nan had also woken up completely and the time was up.

This time, there wasn’t an impatient driver to urge them. Chi Nan still felt a bit uncomfortable and even wanted to lie down for a while.

However, he knew there were three corpses waiting to be collected. He had to find a way to carry them into the car.

It was an unpleasant physical job.

The moment Chi Nan opened the door, he saw the female owner and the three fierce men who had been drinking. They were carrying stretchers from upstairs with the bodies of Jiang Yu and Lu Baizhou from 201 and 205 respectively. Their bodies were placed on the stretchers and transported downstairs.

You Yu walked over to Chi Nan’s side and there was the damp smell of shower gel. “I gave a small tip and asked the hotel staff to help.”

Chi Nan nodded. “Then I will pay half the tip. It is only fair.”

You Yu smiled and was about to say something when the female boss came over. She pointed to 209 where Pei Mo was and asked, “That gentleman has been broken into pieces of flesh. Do we need to patch him together first before putting him in the car?”

You Yu thought about it. “No, just find a black plastic bag and put the pieces inside.”

He paused before adding, “Remember to try and pick up as many as possible. Otherwise, if he is lacking an arm or a leg when the time comes, he will drag down the progress. I don’t have much patience for boring people.”

The female owner nodded respectfully. “Okay, we get it.”

Therefore, with the help of the female owner and the three NPCs of the hotel, the corpses of Jiang Yu, Lu Baizhou, and Pei Mo were smoothly transported to the car.

Chi Nan looked at the three people who were forced to work and asked You Yu, “You used your authority to order the NPCs of a nightmare to work. Won’t you be reported by your colleague?”

You Yu shrugged. “She is busy playing her role and doesn’t have time to care about how I mess around.”


It seemed that it wasn’t only You Yu who personally participated in the nightmares he created. The other dream makers also had a desire to perform.

You Yu said in a low voice, “Besides, it’s not like I didn’t do her any favors.”

Chi Nan didn’t speak. He had never been interested in the dirty dealings of the privileged class.

You Yu quickly drove on Highway 404 and the car’s speed directly soared to 120 km per hour. However, his driving skills were very stable. No matter how fast the car was, it didn’t make people feel any discomfort.

He threw a large paper bag into Chi Nan’s arms. As if by magic, the paper bag was full of sweets.

“The weather is good and those annoying people haven’t survived. Hurry up and eat.” You Yu glanced into the rearview mirror. He seemed to wish these people could remain dead and silent forever.

Chi Nan’s eyes lit up. In this instance, they were all set up as dead people. The system automatically filtered out the steps of eating and blocked their sensation of hunger. Naturally, Chi Nan had no chance to eat sweets.

…Except the mints that weren’t delicious.

The corners of You Yu’s lips curled up. “If you are worried about being too tired from crying, you can refuse.”

“Thank you, I’m not tired.” Chi Nan picked up a still warm cream puff and wanted to take a bite. Then he paused and suddenly turned his head to ask the driver, “Do you need it?”

You Yu pursed his lips. “I want to eat, but it isn’t convenient.”

Chi Nan didn’t think much about it and naturally raised the cream puff to You Yu’s lips. The inconvenient guy took a big bite and the cream overflowing from the puff pastry stained the corners of his lips.

He licked it. He might not like sweets, but he suddenly felt that it tasted good.

The first one to wake up was Lu Baizhou.

The moment she opened her eyes, she saw the strange scene of the two people in the front row and became stunned for a moment. Then You Yu cast her a warning gaze and she quickly closed her eyes again.

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1 year ago

Omg they have become sooo cuteee!
Chi Nan casually inviting You Yu like you’ll be the one washing the dishes.And that dessert sharing scene in the car! Cuteeeee

1 year ago
Reply to  Ritsuka

Yes, both of them had slow awakening… the crybaby and the one that can’t cry yet they learned new emotions together.

6 months ago

Why I think this female dream maker friend of you yu is mc’s accomplice in one of the instance….is it tang yu because she too had interest in our little nan’s tears….

2 months ago

is the female dream maker aiming for Jiang yu? xD

gotta replicate you yu and chi nan. xD