CNC: Chapter 59

Mosaic School (10)

The boys walked back and forth in the corridor while waiting for the housekeeper to bring the girls’ uniforms. They looked at the rare clear night sky outside the window with mixed feelings.

They had prayed there would be no snow when they smashed the snowman, but now they couldn’t wait for there to be a snowstorm immediately.

Unfortunately, things often didn’t go as people wanted.

“Didn’t the female teacher say there would be a snowstorm? Why isn’t it falling?” Jiang Liang looked at the full moon that was rising on the horizon of the snowy wilderness with a sad expression.

Gui Xian said, “She told us it was likely, but didn’t say it would definitely fall. She should’ve deliberately said it just now to create a terrible and tense atmosphere for us.”

The boys: “……”

“Let’s obediently wear female clothing,” Guo Xian stated in a self-deprecating manner.

Soon, seven new school uniforms for girls were brought over. They consisted of short skirts, stockings, and black leather shoes. The boys’ faces turned pale before they wordlessly carried the school uniforms to the bathroom to change.

A long time passed before they came out of the bathroom one after another. Some of them were wearing their skirts backwards.

Tang Yu was like an etiquette teacher as she corrected the boys’ clothing one by one. She faced this group of awkward male students, but her attitude was professional and she didn’t laugh at all. She frowned thoughtfully. “It isn’t enough to change into a girl’s school uniform. You don’t look like girls…”

The boys: “……” Wasn’t this nonsense?

“I need to put a wig on each of you, okay?” Tang Yu blinked and asked the boys for their opinions.

“Wigs? Where are we going to get that?” One of the classmates, who looked straight, protested.

Tang Yu smiled with embarrassment. “Due to my personal reasons… I have more than a dozen styles of women’s wigs at home. After entering the Nightmare World, I found them all in my suitcase. I don’t know what happened, but it seems to have come in handy this time. You can pick your favorite hairstyle later.”

Jiang Liang’s eyes widened slightly. “So currently on your head…”

Tang Yu smiled and brushed back her hair. “Yes, it is true. I collect wigs in order to be able to change hairstyles and hair color frequently. It is boring to have one hairstyle for too long. I want to feel fresh, but doing it too frequently will damage my hair. Thus, I use a wig.”

The straight guys and some girls were confused and didn’t understand it very well.

“You help us choose… Our own choice might cause pain to the eyes…” Guo Xian said while scratching his neck.

His roommate Jiang Liang had dull eyes. “You should give up the struggle. We will cause the eyes pain anyway.”

Guo Xian rolled his eyes. “……”

“We have exactly seven girls and seven boys. Each girl should claim a boy to dress them up?” Tong Yu suggested. She usually looked like a grinning big sister, but she was very careful to count Tang Yu among the girls when speaking.

The remaining girls nodded without hesitation. A few of them were even eager to try it. “We’re fine.”

Soon, the 14 boys and girls were divided into groups. It was Tang Yu who helped Chi Nan transform into a girl. “Your foundation is beautiful. You only need a small change to look perfect.”

“It is up to you,” Chi Nan responded politely.

Before this, Tang Yu had never seen a boy as beautiful as Chi Nan. In particular, Chi Nan’s green eyes and the two tear drop moles at the corners of his eyes looked chic and melancholy.

However, it was precisely because this face was so perfect that it made Tang Yu feel a bit helpless. It was as if it would be superfluous no matter what changes she made.

The sleepwalkers soon gathered in Room 209 and a few of them exclaimed with disbelief when they saw Tang Yu open the suitcase full of wigs.

Tang Yu shrugged. “It is really strange. They were originally placed in my bedroom closet at home. I didn’t expect them to be stuffed into a suitcase and to come with me to the instance, which came in handy now. My guess is that it is a designed link.”

“How can a dream maker know everything? It is terrible.”

“Dream makers are omniscient beings. They even know you better than yourself.”

The boys reluctantly complained while the girls started to choose the right wig for the boys assigned to them.

Tang Yu took a fancy to a particularly eye-catching silver, shoulder-length short hair. This wig had always been her favorite. Unfortunately, the hair color and style were very picky and few people could control it. It had always been idle after she bought it. This time, she thought Chi Nan could give it a try.

Tang Yu acted quickly when she was inspired. Chi Nan’s skin was very white and his bones were slender. He was the most worry-free of all the boys. Things were basically finished after wearing the wig.

Chi Nan stood in front of a mirror. He faced himself in the mirror as well as Tang Yu, who was looking amazed and proud behind him. He told her softly, “Thank you.”

He quite liked his appearance. No, it should be said that he liked the way the owner of this body, You Yu, wore a skirt and shoulder-length short hair.

It was like a weird and somewhat neutral, melancholy witch with a dangerous aura.

“F*k, Chi Nan’s outfit is too good-looking!”

The awkward Guo Xian next to him turned around. He saw Chi Nan, who was dressed up in front of the mirror, and his jaw almost dropped.

The rest of the sleepwalkers heard Guo Xian’s exclamation and looked over. Then they felt a bit incredulous. This wig initially seemed chuuni and strange, but on Chi Nan it seemed to cast a magic spell and people couldn’t look away.

Chi Nan was surrounded by eyes from all directions. He became the focus of the crowd and looked away in a slightly confused manner. His green eyes contained a layer of divinity that made people unable to look away, but they didn’t dare get close.

Tang Yu had always been sensitive to beauty. At this moment, she met Chi Nan’s eyes through the mirror and she suddenly had a strange feeling in her heart.

These eyes would be terribly moving if they were wet with tears.

Then, she soon removed this strange and dangerous thought from her mind.

Before dinner, the seven boys had finished dressing up and the boarding school suddenly became a girls’ school.

Night fell completely. The snowstorm they prayed for didn’t fall. A full moon hung on the sky and pale moonlight enveloped the boarding school.

They had just ‘admired’ the totem painting of the burned sacrifice in physiology class. At this moment, they only felt that the moonlight was particularly penetrating.

The delivery of white flowers was held as usual. Tang Yu said with a sad frown, “Tonight, we have made sufficient preparations. There should be no more dead people, right? It makes no difference if this flower is sent or not…”

Just as everyone was going to vote indiscriminately, Chi Nan opened his mouth.

“If you don’t have any thoughts, you can put the flowers behind me.”

The group was a bit confused. After all, in their eyes, the white flower symbolized death and punishment. It was an ominous sign and no one wanted to have anything to do with it.

“What are your plans?” Guo Xian asked with a tense expression.

Chi Nan didn’t even think about it and answered directly, “Keep them and give them to someone.”

Guo Xian: “???”

At the end of the day, Chi Nan had received a total of 15 credits for successfully avoiding the punishment of the school rules and correctly analyzing the new school rules. Guo Xian and his roommate were the same as Chi Nan, while the rest of the sleepwalkers only got 5 credits for analyzing the school rules.

It was soon time for bed. The sleepwalkers rushed back to their rooms.

He needed to maintain his status of being in women’s clothing to safely get through the night of the full moon, so Chi Nan directly wore the skirt and wig to bed. He turned off the lights and the white moonlight outside the window entered the room. It was brighter than the light of the snow in the last two nights.

Chi Nan covered his eyes with the quilt and fell into a deep sleep in less than five minutes.

After a long absence, he had another dream.

In the dream, he came to a cemetery. It was deep winter and the leaves of the trees next to the cemetery had long since died. It left only the desolate and dead branches reaching out for the gloomy sky.

He was standing beside a new grave and surrounded by countless people in black funeral attire. They suddenly stopped and stood quietly in front of the grave, closing their eyes to mourn.

Nothing was written on the gravestone, but Chi Nan knew very well that this was Ye Chang’s grave.

He looked down at himself. He was wearing a short skirt and over the knee stockings. His shoulder-length hair seemed a bit messed up by the wind, so he reached up to brush it back.

There was a cluster of dried up flowers on the grave. Chi Nan was crouched down quietly next to the small bouquet when a familiar voice entered his ears. “Do you want them to bloom again?”

Chi Nan turned back. Apart from the silent crowd behind him and the wind whistling, there was no one at all who spoke around him.

However, he knew that the one who spoke to him was Ye Chang, who was buried in the grave.

“Do you have a way?” Chi Nan pulled the hair flying in his face behind his ear and asked the invisible soul.

“Yes, if you are willing to give it a try.” Ye Chang’s voice was wrapped in the whistling wind. “Your tears can make them bloom again.”

Chi Nan lowered his eyes and looked at the wilted bouquet. “Are you serious?”

“Try it and you’ll know.” Ye Chang laughed as he did when he was alive, so gentle that Chi Nan couldn’t refuse. “I like the way you cry.”

“In particular, it must be very moving when you cry in this outfit.”

Chi Nan thought of something, but before he could speak, the teardrop mole of his right eye was pressed down on by a pair of invisible hands. His eyelashes trembled violently, and tears dripped from his eyes down his cheeks.

Due to the wind, a few strands of hair blew into his face and stuck to the tears. They just covered the wet teardrop mole on the right side.

At the same time, tears dripped down on the grave and a miracle happened. It was as if time had gone backward and the withered bouquet went from decaying to birthing a new life. In the blink of an eye, a bouquet of small white flowers bloomed and was inserted in the black soil.

“Look, I didn’t lie to you, right?”


“Thank you for attending my funeral, Brother.”

Ye Chang’s voice was blown away. The moment Chi Nan raised his head, there was a burst of white light. He instinctively raised his hand to cover his eyes and waited for his eyes to adapt to the strong light before slowly moving his hand away.

There was a ‘click’ sound like someone had taken a photo of him with a camera.

Chi Nan woke up from the dream. His face was wet, as if he had just cried.

The screen of the phone next to his pillow was lit up. Chi Nan was stunned and rubbed his tears against the pillow. Then he reached out to grab the mobile phone.

The screen of the phone was unlocked. During the time when he was asleep, someone entered the dormitory and moved his phone. This person also knew the password of his phone.

Chi Nan didn’t need to think about who this person was at all. There was a subtle premonition in his heart.

He followed his intuition to open the album of his phone. Sure enough, there was an extra photo in the album.

It was Chi Nan, who was sleeping soundly with short, silver hair. He cried badly in the dream, so his face was wet. Several strands of hair were stuck to his porcelain cheeks.

He looked like a badly bullied porcelain doll on the verge of being broken…although Chi Nan himself had no aesthetic awareness of this aspect.

He looked at the photo of ‘himself’ for a long time when information flashed on his mobile phone.

There was absolutely no signal at all in the Nightmare World, and sleepwalkers couldn’t do things like sending messages. The exception was naturally the dream makers with absolute privileges.

The information without a number displayed popped up on the screen. There were three simple words:

[Leaving a souvenir.]

Chi Nan’s fingers paused on the photo deletion button for a moment. Finally, he clicked to cancel, turned off the screen, and continued to sleep.

He remembered that last time in Candleman Town, when Ye Chang saw the photo of the corpse in the bathtub, he had said that it was taken as a souvenir.

He suddenly had a funny idea. As he did tasks in the Nightmare World, he could collect all types of makeup photos of ‘You Yu.’ It was interesting to think about.

Chi Nan soon fell asleep with his own wonderful anticipation.

After a peaceful night, nothing strange happened apart from the fact that there was one more photo of a woman crying in his mobile phone album.

Chi Nan woke up and changed out of the female clothing. He wore his usual school uniform and walked to the cafeteria.

All the boys had changed their clothes back. The seven boys were relieved to confirm that the others were safe and sound.

“It seems that the method of female clothing has worked.” Guo Xian yawned. The female clothing made him feel awkward, but in a nightmare instance, nothing was more important than saving his life. He could put aside his shame.

He was in a particularly good mood at this moment. He even looked at Chi Nan in the boys’ uniform and teasingly said, “Ah really, I’m a bit unaccustomed to seeing you change back to a boy today.”

Chi Nan: “……”

“However, the dream maker is really perverted this time. He wanted all of us to wear female clothing.”

“Yes, I don’t know what strange hobbies…”

“I hope it won’t be clear tonight. Sleeping with a wig on all night hurt my head.”

All the boys safely survived the disaster and the tight strings in their hearts were temporarily loosened. They discussed things with each other during breakfast.

“I don’t know if there will be any change to the test this morning since no one has triggered the school rules.”

The moment he finished speaking, a girl’s scream came from the direction of the second floor and the peace was shattered in an instant.

“Let’s go and see!”

The boys rushed to the dormitory area of the second floor. They saw Zhao Congnan of Room 202 sitting down in the corridor with a pale face. She pointed to the closed dormitory and tried her best to make her dry throat make a sound. “Ni Rong, she…she isn’t breathing!”

Zhao Congnan finished these words with difficulty and finally cried under the domination of fear.

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