CNC: Chapter 54

Mosaic School (5)

At 9:25, Chi Nan finally finished breakfast, packed up the tray, and walked to Classroom 103.

Chi Nan and Guo Xian were the last ones to enter the classroom. Almost everyone was already seated. Then the female teacher came and closed the door.

Chi Nan found a corner to sit down in, and soon found that there were only 16 students left in the classroom. The very eye-catching blue and green heads had disappeared from among the students.

The female teacher stood at the podium. “I believe you have noticed that after the first night, three students have been punished with death for violating the school rules. We have 16 students left.”

“The students who have received the death penalty were Xiao Chengdong and Zhen Xiaoxiao from Room 201 and Chao He from Room 209. I am very sorry for this. I hope that students will pay attention and abide by the school rules in their future studies and lives. Take this as a warning.”

A new girl raised her hand. “Teacher, you have always told us to abide by the school rules, but you have never clearly told us what the school rules are.”

The female teacher propped her hands on the podium, her bright red lips cracked and stiff. “Students, you need to think about and figure out the school rules on your own rather than me telling you directly.”

Everyone: “……”

“As long as you are observant and have keen intuition and correct judgment, you can discover the school rules in time and follow the rules to avoid death.”

The female teacher distributed a stack of papers to everyone and told the confused sleepwalkers, “Every morning, the first class is the test time. You need to work backwards according to the punishment results last night and try to infer the causes of death of the deceased students. If the answer is correct, you will get credits. The credits can be converted into the corresponding rewards once the semester ends.”

“Please note that all active school rules will continue until the end of the semester.”

“Every morning in class, at least one student needs to give the correct school rule that triggers death and I will publish the specific rule”

“Then what if no one answers correctly?” The girl with buns sitting in the front row asked a question.

The female teacher smiled subtly. “Of course, the school rules will continue forever while you are ignorant about them.”

In other words, the school rules were equal to the death taboo. They just needed to find out the condition that triggered it from the resulting death and thus avoid it.

After all, these rules didn’t disappear with the death of a teammate. Time would pass and the unknown would make them passive.

“The school rules will increase every day over time. The more time you spend in school, the more rules there will be. The surviving students need to be extra cautious.”

The female teacher added with a slight smile.

After hearing her words, everyone felt suffocated. The death trigger conditions would continue until the end of the semester, and new ones were added every day. This meant that the more restrictions there were, the more dangerous it became.

Even Guo Xian, who had been sitting next to Chi Nan and acting very calmly, couldn’t help cursing.

“Okay, I gave you a full explanation. The next bit of time will be left to you. Please find out the specific death trigger conditions of the three classmates who disappeared last night and write them on the test paper. This is likely to affect your future campus study life.”

Chi Nan picked up the so-called test paper that the female teacher had placed on the table and found that it only had two questions written on it.

[Which school rule did Xiao Chengdong and Zhen Xiaoxiao break that caused them to be punished with death?]

[Which school rule did Chao He break that caused them to be punished with death?]

After receiving the test questions, several sleepwalkers started to discuss it in a low voice. The female teacher stood at the podium in a condescending manner and hit the table hard. “Please don’t talk to each other during the test time and answer the question alone.”

The classroom immediately became quiet, but no one wrote anything.

Chi Nan recalled the situation after getting off the bus yesterday. The two gangsters in Room 201 were obviously cut by the snowflakes with sharp edges because they didn’t use the umbrellas distributed by the driver. The blood flowing from the red umbrellas could confirm this.

The teacher mentioned that the punishment was only carried out at night, so they didn’t receive an immediate attack after the injury. Their deaths only occurred at night.

The two extra snowmen that appeared on the playground after the snow stopped in the morning should be the two gangsters from Room 201 who were killed by the snowflakes.

The death rule they violated should be ‘walking on the snowy playground without a red umbrella.’

Chao He’s death had been inferred by him and Guo Xian in the morning. 229 borrowed the death method he mentioned and deliberately used it in this dream.

Therefore, the school rule that Chao He violated should be ‘kicking the quilt to show his hands, feet, and head at night.’ It would only be triggered when one was assigned a red quilt.

Chi Nan cleared his mind and quickly wrote down the answers

10 minutes later, the female teacher collected everyone’s test sheets and quickly scanned them. Then she smiled with satisfaction. “Today, two students have accurately found all the school rules that can trigger death.”

She turned her attention to Chi Nan and Guo Xian and nodded approvingly. “These two students will receive full credits.”

“I will announce the two school rules that were triggered last night. The first one is that when it snows and you walk outdoors, you must hold the red umbrella specially made by the school. All students have answered this question correctly. The second one is that for students who are assigned the red quilt, they can’t stick their limbs, including their head, out of the quilt at night. Otherwise, they will all be removed.”

She accentuated the last two words and the group was in an uproar.

“Who would’ve thought of this… It is too much…”

“It is over. I also have the problem of kicking the quilt.”

“It is easy to solve. Just tie the person under the quilt. Who can think of such a strange school rule…”

As they spoke, they followed the teacher’s gaze and looked at Chi Nan and Guo Xian with complicated expressions.

Guo Xiao felt helpless and turned to Chi Nan. “How did you come up with this rule?” He hadn’t really believed it before. It was just that Chi Nan said it and he didn’t have a better guess. Therefore, he wrote down the answer that Chi Nan had told him at the very last minute.

Unexpectedly, the answer was correct.

Chi Nan still insisted on the same answer. “I guessed.”

He couldn’t tell the sleepwalkers that this was a plot he designed that was borrowed by a dream maker he knew…

Then Chi Nan sneezed.

“……” Guo Xan understood the rules. Chi Nan didn’t want to say anything, so he didn’t ask about the root of the matter. He just smiled and thanked Chi Nan.

As everyone was feeling confused, the projection wall at the back of the classroom suddenly flashed. Almost everyone was startled and turned back. The picture on the projection wall gradually became clear.

“In order to reward the students for their sharpness and meticulousness, I will play the punishment process publicly. I hope it gives you a deeper impression. Take this as a warning and don’t repeat the offenses.”

The video was of Room 201 before the accident. The green-haired boy and blue-haired boy were snoring loudly. Then a sudden ‘bang’ broke the regular snoring and the windows directly above their beds opened widely. Cold wind poured it.

The green-haired boy opened his eyes alertly and cursed at the blue-haired boy. “Didn’t you lock the window before you went to bed? How… F*k! Run! They are f*king knives!”

Fierce snow and wind swept into the room. The white snowflakes were like sharp blades, swirling around him in the fierce wind. One knife after another fell on his skin, quickly and accurately peeling off his skin and cutting his internal organs. The arms that the green-haired boy instinctively raised in front of his face were bloodied until only the bones were left, and the snow that was swirling around him turned bright red. 

The terrible screams in Room 201 intertwined with the whistling wind and snow. There was such a big event last night, but none of the sleepwalkers on the second floor noticed at all. It was as if Room 201 had become another isolated space that blocked all contact with the outside world.

The two of them desperately hid under the bed with their hands that had only bones and a few strands of muscles left. There was no way to retreat. The dazzling white snow filled the entire dormitory, taking up every inch and corner of space and also taking away their last hiding place.

It was as if locusts had crossed the border. After a bloody feast, there were only two skeletons left on the ground, a large pool of blood and internal organs, and a few strands of blue and green hair stuck in the blood…

The red-stained snow spun around a few times in the dormitory before carrying the skeletons against the wind direction outside the room. Finally, the cluster of snowflakes stopped next to the snowmen on the playground. It used the bones as frames to form new snowmen.

They stood neatly with the original 17 and it was a bit crowded.

There was silence in the classroom. Before everyone could catch their breath from the suffocating video, the scene changed to Room 209.

The camera was aimed directly at Chao He’s bed, as if it was artificially manipulated. He slept restlessly and exposed his hands and feet outside the quilt.

The red quilt resembled a beast waiting for an opportunity. It made a noise as it gradually wrapped around the edges of Chao He’s hands, and something similar to jagged shapes grew from the edge. It took advantage of the fact that the person was sleeping under the quilt to cut the person’s flesh. Then Chao He’s head, hands, and feet were separated from his torso. The blood that splashed out was quickly sucked up by the quilt and it made a swallowing sound similar to gurgling.

Chao He didn’t wake up from beginning to end. He died in a deep sleep without any pain. His breathing was like the light of a candle. It was quickly and silently extinguished.

The death video came to an end. The female teacher turned off the projector and the room fell into a suffocating silence.

Only Guo Xian complained in a low voice, “This is really a ‘public execution.’”

“Students, do you have any questions?”

The female teacher seemed satisfied with everyone’s uneasy silence and the corners of her lips rose.

No one wanted to make a sound, except for Chi Nan who obediently raised his hand. “Can I ask when is our lunch break? What class do we have in the afternoon? What time does it start?”

It was almost 11 o’clock by the time they finished watching the death video. The weather was cold and Chi Nan easily became hungry.

Everyone: “……” Was this bigshot really going to school?

The female teacher looked at the time. “The morning class ends at 11 o’clock. The cafeteria is open from 11:30 to 1:30. You can arrange your lunch break freely. The afternoon class is physics and it starts at 2 o’clock. I hope you won’t be late.”

Guo Xiao said, “If it is arranged freely, then we can form teams to find clues in the school building.”

Chi Nan looked at the playground that was particularly dazzling after the sun came out. Finally, his eyes stopped on the two newly created snowmen. “The playground should have no problems after the snow stops.”

“How is it? Would you like to team up with me to find clues?” Guo Xian invited Chi Nan again.

Chi Nan thought about it for a moment. “Where is your roommate?”

He didn’t understand that not everyone was inseparable like he and Ye Chang after being bound as roommates in an instance.

Embarrassment flashed on Guo Xian’s face. “He is a newcomer who only passed one instance. His efficiency might be a bit low for me.”

“I don’t have much experience either. I’m sorry.” Chi Nan sniffed while thinking that he didn’t easily cooperate with others. In addition, the incident with Ye Chang made him somewhat resistant to the invitations of strangers.

Guo Xian still wanted to try it when the female teacher suddenly walked to their side.

“Teacher, is there a problem?” Guo Xian looked over Chi Nan’s shoulder at the female teacher who appeared silently.

The female teacher looked at Chi Nan. “This student, please take advantage of the lunch break to go to the school’s medical office.”

Chi Nan looked stunned and Guo Xian raised an eyebrow slightly. “Why?”

The female teacher replied naturally, “He has a cold.”

Chi Nan sniffed again. “Okay.”

Guo Xian: “……”

The female teacher wanted to lead Chi Nan to the infirmary but he stopped her. “I remember where it is. I will go by myself.”

The female teacher paused for half a second before nodding.

Chi Nan walked toward Room 211 without hesitation and knocked politely on the door.

He knocked three times before a familiar voice was heard. “Please come in. The door is unlocked.”

Chi Nan’s action of holding the door handle paused for a moment before he pushed open the door.

The back of the person wearing a white coat entered his vision. This person moved and Chi Nan had the illusion that his eyes were pierced by the white light of the snow.

Chi Nan sniffed.

“Have you caught a cold? Do you have a fever?” The doctor turned around. Due to the backlight, Chi Nan couldn’t see his expression clearly.

Even so, he stared in a fixed manner. This person wasn’t wearing glasses and the facial features didn’t look similar to Ye Chang at all, but Chi Nan was almost instantly sure that this person was Ye Chang.

No, it should be said that the person in front of him was 229.

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