CNC: Chapter 52

Mosaic School (3)

Some of the newcomers instinctively threw away their umbrellas and two girls desperately rubbed their hands on their skirts, as if the disgusting blood had stained their hands through the handle.

However, there was nothing on their fingers except for a bit of redness from the cold.

People’s psychological cues and associative ability magnified the horror. The awakening value of the newcomers started to rise rapidly.

The female teacher glanced at them with a warning look. Then she said mechanically, “Please don’t throw things in the school building. The used umbrellas can be placed in the umbrella rack over there. The cleanliness of the school building depends on your self-awareness.”

After hearing this, the newcomers who threw away their umbrellas immediately picked them up in a panic. It was just that they were no longer willing to look at the bloody umbrellas.

“What is going on… Is there something wrong with the umbrellas?” The long-haired student bit her nails worriedly and muttered to herself.

Chi Nan took a closer look at the red umbrella and found that the originally smooth surface of the umbrella was now mottled, as if it had experienced a thousand cuts.

He said, “Maybe the problem isn’t with the umbrella.”

“What does this mean?”

“It might be the snow that fell on the umbrella.” He reached out and touched the scratches on the umbrella. It felt like a blade had made countless fine wounds on skin. “The snow scratched the umbrella.”

A boy heard this and looked in Chi Nan’s direction, but he didn’t say anything.

Chi Nan’s voice wasn’t loud, but the female teacher standing in front of everyone heard his inference and showed a smile of approval. “On a cold winter night, the wind and snow are like knives. All students should protect themselves from frostbite.”

Her words almost confirmed Chi Nan’s guess. The group was in an uproar. Then their eyes became sympathetic and scared as they looked at the green-haired and blue-haired boys.

“W-Why are you looking at me like that? Isn’t it good to have no umbrella at this time? What nonsense are you saying?” The green-haired boy kept cursing rudely but he was a bit pale.

The blue-haired boy standing next to him wasn’t able to endure it that much. He was currently examining the palm of his hand in the light, and he even rolled up his sleeves to look carefully. He confirmed that his skin was intact before being relieved. “It’s fine. It is just a false alarm. There isn’t even a single hair missing.”

The green-haired boy cursed with a gloomy expression. “I’ve never seen a white or red knife before. I’m afraid that this bluffing won’t work. What f*king nonsense!”

The group looked at the mottled umbrellas in their hands and then at the two people who were blowing up in order to hide their fear, and their expressions became complicated.

Chi Nan lowered his gaze and found that there were a few severed hairs on the originally spotless white carpet. The cheap green and blue hair dye made the fallen hairs particularly eye-catching.

The female teacher didn’t look at the two rude students and just grinned at the group. “Students, please come with me. Before handing out the dormitory keys, we need to play a small game.”

“G-Game?” The sleepwalkers, who were already worried and uneasy, became so nervous that their voices shook.

The female teacher spread out her hands. “Please come with me. It is just a simple game and you can play it according to your own intuition.”

The experienced sleepwalkers knew it wasn’t a good thing to mention intuition in the Nightmare World.

Yet at this moment, they could only follow the instructions of the NPC who issued the tasks.

Soon, the group followed the teacher through an empty corridor and came to a small classroom with incandescent lights.

19 chairs were arranged in a circle beforehand. They were neatly placed in the center of the classroom with the back of the chairs facing inward. It was as if a chair snatching game was to be played here. The only difference was that the chairs had a gap wide enough for one person to walk through.

The classroom was well-heated, but the surroundings only had dimly lit lights. The 19 empty chairs stood in the center of the classroom while the shadows of the students were stretched out on the ground… The eerie atmosphere was chilling.

“Students, please sit down.” The female teacher leaned back against the classroom’s wall and made a gesture of invitation to everyone.

The atmosphere in the classroom had fallen to the freezing point. Everyone looked at each other, but no one wanted to be the first person to sit down.

Chi Nan had just wanted to take a step when the girl with the buns suddenly asked, “Teacher, is this to let us play a game of grabbing the chairs?”

She expressed the doubts of several old sleepwalkers.

Unexpectedly, the female teacher shook her head. “There are 19 chairs in the classroom and it is just enough for all of you to sit. You don’t need to grab one.”

The girl bit at the lollipop and continued to ask questions calmly, “However, there are 20 of us if I add you. There is one chair missing.”

The female teacher stood up straight and stared into her eyes. “I am a teacher and the teacher always stands at the podium. I don’t need a chair.”

Everyone: “……” It made a lot of sense.

The female teacher added, “Students, you don’t need to be so humble. Sit down. The game will be completed soon.”

She said it so clearly but the group didn’t completely let down their guard. FInally, Chi Nan casually picked a chair to sit on. Everyone saw his relaxed expression and carefully sat down one by one.

Thanks to the small episode with the bloody umbrellas just now, the two gangsters who weren’t afraid of anything were already a bit cowardly. They had to see Chi Nan sitting down well before daring to sit down.

It turned out they were thinking too much. There was nothing scary about this chair except for a bit of coldness.

Once everyone was seated, the female teacher took out a large bouquet of small white flowers from the cabinet in a corner of the classroom.

“From the moment you got off the bus, the new semester had already started.” The female teacher walked around the students sitting in a circle with the white flowers in her arms. The black leather shoes tapped against the white porcelain floor and made people feel numb. “This boarding school attaches great importance to the school rules. Students who violate the school rules are likely to face punishment with death. All punishments are carried out at night.”

Everyone held their breaths when they heard ‘punishment with death.’

“It is unfortunate that I have to inform you all that just tonight, some students have broken the school rules.”

Pale lights filled the classroom like water. The group seemed to be sunk into deep water and oxygen was drained. Their chests were dull and they had difficulty breathing.

The color of the green-haired boy’s face was even uglier than his hair color. He jumped up from his seat. “What do you mean?”

Then he thought of the previous things and couldn’t help taking a seat.

After hearing the sound made by him, the female teacher’s neck bone made a clear sound. Her lower body wearing high heels didn’t move, but the head on her neck twisted 180 degrees to look directly at the green-haired boy. “This student, please don’t make noise or else…”

The green haired-boy met her sullen eyes and shook violently. He fell back against the cold chair.

His former arrogant momentum completely disappeared.

“Dear students, please remember not to make any noise.”

The female teacher saw that the green-haired boy had subsided and turned her head around with a ‘click.’ “Let’s maintain a quiet and serious attitude, and use the white flowers in our hands to pray for the students who are about to be punished.”

As she spoke, the female teacher suddenly stopped and handed a white flower to the long-haired student.

The long-haired student’s eyes widened and she opened her mouth with disbelief. “Ah… Whoever ends up with these white flowers…will be punished?”

She had no intention of reaching out to grab it. Her two hands helplessly held the edge of the chair in a trembling manner.

The female teacher smiled stiffly. “No, every student will have their own white flower. Later, you need to give the white flower to the student who might be punished.”

“What do you mean? How do we know which student will be punished?”

“Is it possible that whoever we vote for will be punished? Just like the Werewolf game…”

“Ah, that’s so unfair…”

The female teacher patiently explained it, “Of course, the school only punishes the students who break the rules. The white flowers in the hands of the students don’t play a decisive role.”

She raised a white flower to the tip of her nose and sniffed it. “This is just a small game that tests the observation and judgment ability of the students. The students who guess correctly can get the corresponding credit rewards. After graduation, these credits will be transformed into precious gifts for you. I believe that you are smart and must know what I am referring to.”

The experienced sleepwalkers immediately understood the meaning of the female teacher’s words.

In other words, the list of punished students had been determined and it wouldn’t change due to their votes. The voting itself was just a plot point. As long as they gave the white flower to the correct classmate, they could get favorability points as by the dream maker once the nightmare was over. There was no other danger.

The answer had been determined. They were innocent no matter how they voted.

“Do you understand, students?” The female teacher saw the increasingly complicated expressions of the students and confirmed it again.

The sleepwalkers sitting in a circle with their backs to each other nodded one after the other.

The female teacher smiled with satisfaction. “Then let’s start with you.”

She put the white flower on the skirt of the long-haired student and stared into the student’s eyes. “You can quietly put the white flower behind a classmate’s chair. Don’t be nervous. During the entire process, all your classmates can’t look back.”

The long-haired student was stunned for a moment. Then she saw the urging in the teacher’s eyes and had to pick up the white flower in the trembling manner. She went to the center of the circle formed by chairs and hesitated behind the 18 classmates. Her fingertips were pierced by the small thorns of the white flower without realizing it.

“Don’t be embarrassed. Just rely on your intuition to judge.” The female teacher reminded while her sharp eyes swept across everyone’s faces. “The remaining students aren’t allowed to look back. Peeking will be punished.”

Finally, the long-haired student bit her lip, slowed down and placed the small white flower behind the green-haired boy. She didn’t dare to make a sound through the entire process and trotted back to her position after completing the task.

The white flowers were distributed one by one. Once it was Chi Nan’s turn, he followed the example of the female teacher and curiously sniffed the white petals. He just didn’t smell anything.

“Teacher, can I ask for two flowers?” Chi Nan asked.

Everyone was stunned by his words and surprise flashed in the female teacher’s eyes. “Of course, we encourage students who dare to innovate.”

Then she gave two white flowers to Chi Nan. He didn’t hesitate to place them directly behind the green-haired boy and blue-haired boy.

It was obvious from the blood stains on the umbrella that the first school rule was to cover themselves with an umbrella when walking in the snowy night. These two boys ignored the driver’s warning and seriously violated a rule.

Five minutes later, the first 17 students finished placing the flowers. It was finally the turn of the blue-haired boy and green-haired boy themselves.

They were last in the queue and felt like they were sitting on pins and needles. Once the green-haired boy got the white flower and stood up, he wanted to blurt out rude words in an instant. However, he was warned by the female teacher’s gaze before the rude words could exit his mouth. He looked at the white flowers piled up behind his chair in trepidation and his face was sweaty.

Sure enough, everyone thought he was going to die…

The green-haired boy secretly cursed with a few words and threw the white flower in his hand behind the long-haired student’s chair. Why did a big man like him have to be afraid of death? If someone should die, it should be this type of girly pervert who died…!

Soon, the first night’s flower delivery session ended. In the end, the green-haired boy received 13 flowers, the blue-haired boy received five flowers, and the long-haired student received two flowers. The rest of the students’ chairs were empty.

The female teacher brought over three glass vases. She pruned the branches and leaves of the white flowers of the three people and inserted them neatly into the vases.

“Please accept the blessings sent to you by your classmates.” The female teacher handed the vases to the three people, her expression gentle and solemn.

The long-haired student and blue-haired boy were unhappy, but they thought that refusing would probably cause backlash on them. They had to bite the bullet and take the vases. The green-haired boy was the only one who swore angrily. Finally, he rudely threw the vase in the classroom.

There was a loud noise and white petals and broken glass splashed in all directions. Several girls were startled.

The vase shattered at the feet of the female teacher, but the glass couldn’t cause any harm to her. She just looked at the green-haired boy in a calm and pitying manner. “Why do you want to destroy the blessings of your classmates? These flowers are beautiful, aren’t they?”

The green-haired boy didn’t dare to look her directly into her eyes. “F*k your mother, bullying and sending flowers are all games I have played.”

“What are you doing with that unfortunate thing? Aren’t you going to smash it?” The green-haired boy’s own venting wasn’t enough, so he questioned the blue-haired boy with great anger.

The blue-haired boy was stunned for a moment. Finally, he was hindered by his reputation and friendship. He learned from the appearance of the green-haired boy and hesitantly cursed before also throwing the vase in his hand to the ground.

“A-Are you happy?” He spoke in a trembling voice that sounded very unpleasant.

The female teacher ignored their rude behavior and started to allocate rooms one by one according to the students’ previous wishes. “The dormitories are all on the second floor of the school buildings. You can go back to your dormitory to rest after getting your key. The cafeteria will start to serve breakfast at 9 o’clock tomorrow morning, and morning class will officially start at 9:30.”

A few sleepwalkers who were really students in reality started muttering. “Class starts at 9:30. The schedule of this school is really confusing.”

“Yes, we start studying as early as 6:30.”

Chi Nan was secretly relieved. After all, waking up early would make him feel bad all day, and his tear glands were more likely to collapse.

There were 11 dormitories on the second floor. Chi Nan applied for his own room so he was assigned to 210, the second to last dormitory at the end of the corridor.

The female teacher handed the dormitory keys to the students. As she walked in front of Chi Nan, he couldn’t help sneezing.

He must’ve been frozen just now while waiting in the playground.

The female teacher looked at his red nose. “This student, if you aren’t feeling well then you can go to the school’s medical office to take medicine. You must not delay when you have an illness.”

Chi Nan had a subtle premonition in his heart. “Where is the school’s medical office?”

The female teacher’s eyes drifted to the end of the corridor of the second floor and her voice was softer. “Coincidentally, the school’s medical office is 211, next door to your dormitory.”

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