CNC: Chapter 4

No one dared to make a sound. Even if he couldn’t see, Chi Nan could feel the gazes on him from all directions. He himself felt very lucky. He got a role that seemed like it would give him plot points.

“Is it enough to play a corpse?” Chi Nan asked calmly, as if he didn’t quite understand the meaning of the so-called ‘test performance.’

Bai Yingzhi was dissatisfied with his calmness and her smile froze again. “Pay attention to the script and figure out the character’s experience. The focus of this scene is the process of being killed by a fierce ghost. The corpse is just the final presentation. If you want to act well, you must devote yourself to the role.”

Chi Nan thought about it before asking, “Then should there be a ‘person’ acting with me?”

Bai Yingzhi tucked back her hair and smiled. “Of course, once the time comes, the actor who will act with you will come to you.”

Hei Cha sat next to Chi Nan and felt it was unfair. “Isn’t this bullying?”

He originally wanted to say ‘bullying the disabled’ but he took into account Chi Nan’s mood and silently crossed out ‘disabled.’

Chi Nan was an audience member and instantly recognized his voice, so this really moved him. Moreover, the blind man looked like a delicate and fragile porcelain doll. He couldn’t help making people feel compassionate and protective.

Bai Yingzhi elegantly spread out her hands. “This is obviously a great opportunity for you to show your talent in acting. Many people can’t ask for it.”

Hei Cha wanted to say something but Chi Nan opened his mouth first. “Thank you, I will grasp it well.”

His voice was always gentle and polite, but there didn’t seem to be much emotion in it.

Hei Cha turned to Chi Nan in a worried manner. “Hey, just now Bai Yingzhi said to be fully committed. I’m afraid the ghosts will really do it to you…”

This was indeed a bit tricky but Chi Nan wasn’t afraid of ghosts. He even looked forward to fighting with ghosts. It was just that with his current sickly body, it was a disadvantage if he really wanted to fight a ghost.

Chi Nan thought about it before saying, “If it is like what the system says, we can increase the favorability in an instance. There shouldn’t be a dead end with no solution.”

Old Yu heard their conversation and hesitated. He glanced at the blood stains left by the yellow-haired man on the ground and said, “It is hard to say. In addition to strength, many previous instances often rely on luck.”

For example, the people who could pass the first night safely were proof of good luck.

“Of course, luck isn’t worth mentioning in front of a bigshot but you must first have the strength of a bigshot.”

“Old Yu, don’t scare him.” Hei Cha rubbed his hands together irritably. He thought that Chi Nan was pretending to be calm and fighting against fear, so he felt more and more sorry for the little blind man.

“I have communicated with many masters before and learned some ways to deal with evil spirits. I can teach you. It should be useful.” Hei Cha tried to find a way for him.

“That’s great.” Chi Nan felt sincerely thankful.

“By the way, you haven’t told me how you are called?”

“You can call me Chi Nan.”

Hei Cha nodded. “Chi Nan, don’t be afraid. Go to the kitchen with me to get some garlic glutinous rice. Once a fierce ghost comes, hit them with it. The ghosts might be fierce but you just have to be fiercer than them and the ghosts will be persuaded.”

Chi Nan nodded quietly, his well-behaved appearance becoming more sympathetic.

“Can we improvise?” Chi Nan suddenly thought of something and wanted to confirm it with Bai Yingzhi.

Bai Yingzhi was stunned for a moment. “Of course, as long as it isn’t out of the role and plot…”

Chi Nan nodded. “I understand.”

Bai Yingzhi stared at him for a moment before turning to everyone. “You all need to experience the drama during this period of time. You will live in my house and I will have Aunt Mei allocate rooms for you. I also prepared a late night snack for you before you rest. I hope you like it. Before that, I have to tell you a few things to keep in mind.”

Everyone heard this and understood that the rules and taboos were going to be announced.

“First, I don’t like rude guests. No matter whether it is day or night, you can’t break into the owner’s room without permission.”

“Second, I am very satisfied with the craftsmanship of the cooks at my home. I hope that my guests will enjoy the fun of food. If the guests are hungry, I will blame myself. Therefore, I don’t want to see any leftovers from each meal allocated to the guests.”

Nan Lu weakly raised her hand. “What if you want to lose weight and control your appetite…?

Everyone present was very surprised. How could anyone care about losing weight at this time?

Bai Yingzhi smiled at the girl. “Don’t worry, you’ll never get fat here.”

“Third, I don’t want my guests to leave without authorization. So no matter what happens, don’t leave the mansion>’ Bai Yingzhi paused and added, “You won’t be able to go out until filming officially starts. A guest just tried and failed.”

Bai Yingzhi glanced at the bloody traces on the ground and everyone couldn’t help feeling a chill.

“Finally, I hope that everyone will thoroughly learn the script and try their best to act out their plot and character. I don’t want to see anyone slacking off.”

Hei Cha glanced at Chi Nan anxiously but Chi Nan turned a deaf ear to Bai Yingzhi’s warning.

“Don’t be polite. If you have any needs during this time, you can talk to Aunt Mei. As the host, I will try my best to satisfy my guests.”

Bai Yingzhi maintained a confident and gentle smile, as if things were really as she said. She was a dignified and beautiful hostess who was warmly entertaining her guests from afar.

“However—” Her voice suddenly lowered. “It is better not to provoke my son. Please remember this.”

The group heard this and looked at each other with different expressions.

Chi Nan asked quietly, “Can you tell us why?”

The smile on Bai Yingzhi’s face finally disappeared. Her face was gloomy as her eyes flashed, “He is in poor health and is mentally unstable. He often…hides in a place where no one is present and talks to himself. I’m afraid he will scare my guests.”

The room was silent for a moment before Bai Yingzhi restored her stiff smile. “Aunt Mei will serve the late night snack and you can rest after eating. I hope you enjoy this time. Good night.”

After saying this, Bai Yingzhi completed the duties of an NPC and left her seat, returning upstairs. Everyone stared intently as she left. This time, no one thought that Bai Yingzhi was amazing and charming. They just felt she was terrifying.

“According to the rumors on the forum, this young master doesn’t just have a mental problem. He is possessed by evil spirits, right?”

“Even if he isn’t possessed, he might have a yin physique. There are probably many dirty things in this house.”

“Don’t say it. I’m really afraid of ghosts. I don’t even dare to watch ghost movies…”

Everyone started talking once Bai Yingzhi left. Cheng Xu was at a loss. “I can understand the other rules but why did she repeatedly emphasize that we must eat the food?”

The female white-collar worker shivered. “Is there a problem with the food? Will we be possessed by evil spirits if we eat them?”

Cheng Xu shook his head with uncertainty. Just then, the maid called Aunt Mei brought out today’s late night snack from the kitchen. She placed white porcelain bowls in front of everyone one by one.

The group was silent.

Chi Nan happened to be a bit hungry and he asked Hei Cha next to him. “What is the late night meal served?”

Hei Cha looked at him. “It seems to be jellied tofu…” He really couldn’t understand. In this type of situation, how could Chi Nan still care about the type of food?

Aunt Mei finished handing it out and stood aside with the plate. She clearly didn’t intend to go. She wanted to watch them finish eating. However, the host’s guests didn’t dare touch the white and smooth jellied tofu in the bowl. The atmosphere was tense and there was a stalemate for a while. In the end, Chi Nan picked up the bowl in a composed manner. He was about to play a corpse. How could he still be afraid to eat a bowl of jellied tofu? He was also curious about what plot would be triggered by eating.

The moment Chi Nan picked up the spoon, everyone watched nervously. Hei Cha wanted to stop this act of death but Chi Nan had already drunk a large spoonful. In an instant, Chi Nan froze. Everyone in the audience held their breaths as his demeanor changed. Sure enough… it was poisonous, right?!

The next second, two tears flowed down Chi Nan’s cheeks. The moment he ate sweets, he couldn’t control his tears. He might be addicted to sweets but he normally avoided eating them in public so there weren’t any unnecessary misunderstandings.

Who would’ve thought that the jellied tofu in Bai Yingzhi’s house was made of syrup? Once the tears fell, they couldn’t stop. Chi Nan drank the sweet jellied tofu in one breath.

“How is it?” The sleepwalkers were still looking over anxiously, waiting for his answer.

Chi Nan put down the empty bowl. “It’s very good to drink. It shouldn’t be poisonous.”

As he spoke, he slowly wiped his mouth while also wiping away his tears. The group saw his every move and misinterpreted his reaction. This beautiful, gloomy blind mean. Was he enjoying his last supper because he knew his time of death was coming? The maid looked satisfied when she saw that the jellied tofu in the bowl had been finished by Chi Nan.

“Chi Nan… how can you dare eat this?” Hei Cha was surprised.

“It’s really delicious.” Then he asked Chi Nan, “If you don’t want to drink it, do you mind if I drink your one?”


“It doesn’t matter. I’ve already drunk it all. There is no difference between one bowl and two bowls.”

Then Chi Nan picked up the jellied tofu in front of Hei Cha and gulped it down. He was already crying and he couldn’t lose money.

Hei Cha was stunned. His heart trembled and he was too grateful to say anything.

“Thank you for the hospitality.” Chi Nan finished the jellied tofu and politely turned to Aunt Mei. “Can I go rest first?”

Aunt Mei was expressionless. “Of course. This guest, please come with me.”

Hei Cha saw this and called out to Chi Nan. “Let’s go to the kitchen first to get some garlic glutinous rice, chicken blood or something for you to defend yourself.

Then he turned to the maid. “Can we go to the kitchen to get something?”

The maid nodded. “Yes.”

“Come on. Chi Nan, come with me.”

The slightly bald man smiled unkindly. “I say, isn’t children’s urine more effective than garlic glutinous rice?”

Everyone choked up. Hei Cha scratched his head and glanced at the slightly bald man with true feelings. “It should be. Why? Do you want to contribute?”

The balding man’s face instantly turned green. “Little streamer, who are you looking down on?”

Hei Cha hurriedly shook his head. “No, I’m just trying to solve the problem. So…”

He turned to Chi Nan again. “Are you…”

Chi Nan pursed his lips, endured it for a moment and spoke in a light voice, “Forget it. It is better not to pee anywhere when you are a guest in someone else’s house.”

Hei Cha might be reckless but he was good at taking action. He took Chi Nan to the kitchen, raided it and got a bunch of garlic glutinous rice. Chi Nan held large and small bags in his hands like he had just returned from a shopping mall.

“Chi Nan, why don’t I stay in your room with you tonight? One more person can help deal with a ghost. I always run into haunted houses and I am considered a person who is half in the circle…”

He didn’t finish his words when Aunt Mei popped out. “Guests who don’t have a role shouldn’t leave their room at will, let alone interfere with the performance of guests with a role. Remember, it will anger the hostess and the consequences will be terrible.”

Hei Cha’s eyes rolled toward the sky. “This is really endless. It is bullying.”

Chi Nan didn’t want to burden others. “It doesn’t matter. You taught me all this and I can handle it myself.”

Hei Cha scratched his head in an embarrassed manner. “Remember to yell if something happens.”

“Yes, thank you.” Chi Nan was rarely treated so sincerely and gave serious thanks.

Hei Cha repeated some precautions about dealing with ghosts and Chi Nan noted it down seriously. Then seeing that it was almost 1 o’clock in the morning, he said goodbye to Hei Cha and headed to his guest under the guidance of Aunt Mei.

In fact, Chi Nan was too sleepy. After entering the room, he managed to arrange the exorcism items according to Hei Cha’s instructions. He also pasted the amulets that Hei Cha freshly drew on the bed and waited until 1:20. Finally, he couldn’t hold on. He lay on the bed, physically and mentally exhausted.

He hoped that he could be scared and feel a bit of urgency. It was just a pity that Chi Nan didn’t have these types of emotions by nature. He didn’t want to get up the moment his head touched the pillow. He completely gave up waiting. He set his alarm to 2 o’clock and fell asleep.

Chi Nan’s soul wasn’t human and he couldn’t dream. Unexpectedly, he closed his eyes tonight and had his first dream since entering this body.

The author has something to say:

Author: What is the trigger condition of your tears?

Chi Nan: Touch, eating sweets and sleeping.

You Yu: Okay. I’ve touched you and fed you sugar. Now it is time to sleep.

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heheh ‘sleep’ my 12 yr old brain

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It must have been a shock to the others seeing him cry haha

I would also think that he was eating the food against his will >_<

5 months ago

Crying while eating sweets sounds cute 🥺 MC already has special place in my heart 💕