CNC: Chapter 30 Part 1

Dusk Cruise (End)

“Now… what should we do?”

“Wait.” The woman with the big chest bit on her cigarette, propped her hands on the railing and looked at the still sea.

The surroundings were silent and dark. The cigarette she held in her mouth became the only source of light.

Human beings always yearned for light. At this time, the remaining few people gathered around the bow of the ship. They stood or leaned against something and didn’t speak in a tacit manner.

It was like waiting for the final death to come.

It was the woman who broke the silence. She handed the cigarette case in her hand to Ye Chang beside him. “Do you want some?”

“No, I’m not an adult yet. Thank you.” Ye Chang obediently refused. He really was like a good student who didn’t smoke or drink.

—Although the way he hit the captain was worse than any street thugs…

The woman holding up the cigarette case paused. After a while, she withdrew it and smiled. “There is no teaching direction or your parents here. It is almost time to die. What is the point of worrying about these things?”

The next moment that awaited them was likely to be death. There was nothing that couldn’t be touched.

Ye Chang just smiled mildly. “I don’t want to leave a bad impression on my roommate.”

He also looked at the sea in the distance like the woman.

The woman bit the cigarette and looked at Chi Nan with deep meaning. “Oh!”

Chi Nan was outside of the situation and didn’t react. It was only after a moment that he spoke sincerely and seriously, “I don’t mind.”

“Just kidding.” Ye Chang smiled and the woman next to him also laughed.

The time it took to burn one cigarette passed.

The woman had just thrown the cigarette butt into the calm sea when the hull of the ship shook without warning.

The group’s expression changed slightly and the woman’s hand on the railing instinctively tightened. “Here it comes.”

She looked up and saw vague lightning from the horizon where the sunset had originally been hanging. A wall of water formed by the huge waves pierced the sky and swept toward the Dusk at a very fast speed!

The fear of the old captain had been embodied and the big storm that engulfed the Dusk in the past was close at hand.

The group looked ahead like they were seeing hell.

“L-Let’s go back to the cabin and hide…”

“A storm of this magnitude means we will be swept away by the waves no matter where we hide. It is useless!”

Even so, they still instinctively rushed to the cabin and tried to lock the door to prevent the sea water from filling the cabin at once.

Nevertheless, facts proved that it was useless no matter what they did at this moment. The instant the strong wind swept through the wind of water, the broken rails and mast smashed into the banquet hall, the corridors and the restaurant. The windows were smashed and sea water rushed into the cabin frantically, filling the first floor in an instant.

The group of people who knew they would die in this ship rushed to the top of the ship crazily under the desire to survive.

At this time, the hull of the ship tilted heavily. The wrecked Dusk was like a leaf in the wind, swirling and churning on the monstrous waves. The people onboard almost fell with every step.

“Chi Nan, follow me…” Hei Cha looked back for Chi Nan, who was behind. Then he swallowed down his words when he found that Ye Chang had picked up Chi Nan and was carrying Chi Nan on his back.

It might be a bit inappropriate to think about these things at the critical moment of life or death but Hei Cha couldn’t help feeling a sense of comfort that the child of his family had found a reliable partner.

This insignificant mood didn’t last long. He continued to run to the top level at the urging of his desire to survive.

Chi Nan, who choked on a large amount of water, lay on Ye Chang’s back and quietly rubbed his tears against the other person’s wet collar. “Thank you.”

Ye Chang smiled. “You’re welcome.”

Only he could still smile at such a deadly moment.

“In fact, you didn’t have to stop and help me.” Chi Nan might not know much about things but he could still empathize with the human instinct to fear death. They had only met and teamed up in a nightmare. He didn’t think that he deserved the other party risking his life to save him.

Unexpectedly, Ye Chang’s tone was relaxed and ordinary. “Are you serious? Isn’t it just a formality to run away now? We are all going to die anyway.”

Even so, normal humans shouldn’t accept it and tell the truth so easily, right?

Chi Nan was a bit confused but he still responded without many ups and downs. “That is true.”

“It is quite exciting.” Ye Chang was like a child who had just received a new game. He was full of expectations and was a bit happy.

“The two of you are still chatting? Hurry up! It will be submerged soon!” The woman with a big chest turned back and yelled at both of them. At this moment, she was like a teacher…

Ye Chang shrugged. Suddenly, a huge wave came and the hull tilted 180 degrees into the sea!

The impact came too quickly and was too large, leaving no room for anyone to react. In almost the blink of an eye, the sea water broke through the deck and quickly poured into the cabin. The dizzy people fell into the water. They staggered up and found that the water had already reached their chest and was still rising at a speed visible to the naked eye!

In a few minutes, the cabin would be completely filled with water and they would all drown.

Almost everyone instinctively moved in the water while looking for an exit but as the water level continued to rise, their heads almost hit the ground of the cabin that had flipped over. Their range of movement was very limited and the possibility of finding an escape exit was almost zero.

In fact, everyone knew that they wouldn’t be rescued even if they found an exit to swim out of. The only way was to die in this desperate shipwreck…

The only way out of the dream…

Once the water reached his Adam’s apple, Ye Chang suddenly smiled. However, no one had the heart to pay attention to his abnormal reaction, Only the equally calm Chi Nan looked over.

“Are you scared?” Ye Chang asked him.

Chi Nan blinked his wet eyes and replied honestly, “I’m trying to be scared.”

Ye Chang could only laugh before he asked curiously, “And then?”

Chi Nan shook his head.

Ye Chang murmured something but the sound of the surrounding water, the voices and the engine were too loud. Chi Nan couldn’t hear it clearly. Finally, he heard Ye Chang ask him, “It is so boring to die like this. Do you want to play a game together?”

Chi Nan nodded. “Yes.”

The moment he nodded, Ye Chang took his hand and dived to the bottom of the water like he had guessed Chi Nan’s answer a long time ago.

The sea water flooded Chi Nan’s lips, nose, eyes and over the top of his head. His lungs were running out of oxygen and his consciousness was blurred in the rumbling water. Still, the arrival of death didn’t seem as terrible as he thought. At least in this moment, he was waiting with a calm mood.

This was until he felt a hand brushing over his eyelids. It was a very cold touch. Chi Nan opened his eyes under the water like he was inspired.

The dark blue bubble continued to rise up. Through the thin bubbles, a strange and magnificent scene occurred.

The Dusk, which was originally crushed by the big wave, had been restored and recovered as if it was alive. The old captain still had the gentlemanly posture of the past. He was standing on the stage, making an impassioned speech to the guests. From time to time, there were bursts of laughter and applause from the audience.

“Dear guests, tonight you are so glorious. As the captain, I sincerely hope the Dusk can accompany you to spend the most wonderful holiday at sea…”

The band played the first dance of the night and countless men and women poured onto the dance floor.

Chi Nan instinctively looked for Ye Chang’s figure in the crowd. Just now, the two of them had obviously dived into the water together. So why did he disappear after the illusion came out?

He looked through the crowd, not paying attention. This caused him to bump into a well-dressed male guest.

Almost instantaneously, a faintly glowing object fell out of the pocket of the male guest he hit and fell to the ground.

Chi Nan instinctively glanced at it but before he could see clearly, the other person had picked up the fallen object and held it in his hand.

It was like… a pocket watch.

However, it was just the blink of an eye. Chi Nan wasn’t sure. He just felt it was a bit familiar.

Just as Chi Nan was in a daze, a soft touch ran across his neck. He raised his head and found that the male guest had moved in front of him.

The man wore a mask on his face that didn’t fit with the dinner party.

At almost the moment their eyes met, Chi Nan recognized that the other person was the dream maker of You Yu’s Dream.

“Sir, can I invite you to dance?” He bowed slightly and stretched out his hand toward Chi Nan.

Chi Nan had never been invited before and was suddenly a bit confused. “I am looking for someone.”

“The person must not be at this dance party.”

“But I can’t dance.”

“It’s okay. You just have to give me your hand.”


“I won’t let you make a fool of yourself.”


“I won’t make you cry either.” The eyes under the mask were hiding a smile. “I’m wearing gloves.”

“…Thank you.”

He was a bit curious about what the other person was doing so he held out his hand.

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2 years ago

I love the way they interact, can’t wait to see how this dream ends
Thank you so much for translating! <3

1 year ago

XDD Hei Cha you are the biggest shipper here even determining who is the shou and gong already lol