CNC: Chapter 28 Part 2

Ye Chang could only temporarily put away his curiosity and he fell silent.

“If it was you, where would you hide something that you don’t want people to see but that you can’t destroy?”

Chi Nan suddenly asked Ye Chang. He wasn’t a normal human and could only judge it based on the choices of others. Although, perhaps his roommate also wasn’t a normal person…

Ye Chang only thought about it for a moment before blurting out, “By my side.”

“Oh.” Chi Nan suggested, “Shall we go to the deck to talk to the captain?”

“Let’s go to the tools room first.” Ye Chang smiled harmlessly and his eyebrows curved beautifully. “We should do some preparation.”

20 minutes later, the two men came out of the tools room with a pile of rope, glue and even an axe…

The group looked stunned. “What are you going to do…?”

Chi Nan answered the woman’s question like he was a student, “In special circumstances, is it illegal to get a confession through torture or steal an NPC’s important thing without permission?”

The woman with a big chest was afraid that everyone couldn’t hear and spoke loudly, “It is hard to say! I have never encountered a sleepwalker like this!”

Hei Cha held his forehead. “Your favorability is in the negatives… what are you going to do?”

“Do you want to see a prison in the Nightmare World?’ Chi Nan joked with an expressionless face while twisting the rope.

Hei Cha’s lips twitched as he imagined Chi Nan’s words. Then he roared out tearfully, “This isn’t funny!”

He knew he couldn’t persuade Chi Nan so he turned to Ye Chang. “What about you? Are you going to fool around with him as well?”

Ye Chang was like a rebellious teenager who was eager to learn badly. “Yes, I haven’t tortured a confession or stolen anything. I want to follow Brother Nan to try.”

Hei Cha, “……”

These two men were absolutely amazing.

On the deck, the setting sun was almost completely engulfed by the sea.

The old captain stood under the red clouds and bowed to Chi Nan who came up from the cabin.

He wasn’t wearing a hat and his silver-white hair blew in the breeze. “Dusk will be over soon and a long and difficult night will come. This isn’t good for the travelers wandering at sea.”

He looked at the setting sun that was only the size of a fingernail and squinted slightly. “Still, don’t worry. The Dusk Ship will protect her guests. She will provide her guests with the most peaceful and sweet dreams.”

The old captain turned around again. The haze in his eyes cleared and he smiled as vigorously as usual. “You guys, did you like the music?”

He noticed that the two guests in front of him weren’t wearing earplugs.

“Old captain, can I ask you something,” Chi Nan wondered.

The old captain nodded in a gentlemanly manner. “Of course. I hope I can help my guests.”

Chi Nan was straightforward. “There is a painting missing from the painting exhibition hall. I want to know where you hid it.”

The old captain’s expression changed suddenly. The originally gentle and peaceful sunset was shattered by his anger. “There is no missing painting! I didn’t hide it! All the paintings are in the exhibition hall!”

As the old captain’s mood changed, the music from the sea stopped completely. His fierce reaction confirmed Chi Nan’s guess.

Ye Chang, who had his hands behind his back, glanced at Chi Nan and the corners of his lips curled up imperceptibly. “Leave it to me.”

Then the smile on his face widened and he spoke gently and politely to the old captain, “Excuse me.”

“You, what are you going to do?!” Looking at the young man holding the rope and smiling slightly toward himself, the captain who had experienced strong storms suddenly trembled…

Behind this seemingly harmless face and slightly reflective glasses, there seemed to be a frightening soul hidden. He felt like… the abyss was looking back at himself.

“Don’t be nervous. We just want to get something out of you and it will be over soon.”

Contrary to his polite words, Ye Chang moved swiftly. He forced the old captain to retreat a few steps before unceremoniously tying the captain to the railing of the deck with the rope in his hand.

“What are you doing? There is no painting! I didn’t hide anything!”

Ye Chang kept smiling as he searched the captain’s waist. After a moment, he took out a bunch of keys and shook it in front of the old captain with a smile. “I know. We believe everything you say.”

Then he threw the key to Chi Nan. “Get it.”

This tone was like a little boy waiting for his brother to praise him.

The remaining sleepwalkers in the group were dumbfounded. “……”

Hei Cha sighed softly beside Hei Cha. “I can’t see it… Ye Chang has trained.”

Ye Chang had already reached them. “I was bullied as a child and learned some skills to defend myself.”

“Damn, you’ve only learned a little bit? I think you are a thief.”

Ye Chang smiled. “Thank you for the compliment.”

Hei Cha was still amazed. Previously, he heard Ye Chang say he was gay and seeing Ye Chang’s glasses, he secretly thought this child might be the shou. Now…

He glanced at Chi Nan with a complicated expression. He was a bit worried about this emotionally dull guy…

Chi Nan wasn’t thinking about anything strange. He quickly found the key to the captain’s room from the bunch of keys. “This should be it.”

They had searched almost all of the five floors of this cruise ship. Only the captain’s room was locked and they couldn’t get it.

If the painting symbolized the captain’s fear and he didn’t want anyone to know the painting existed, it would be hidden in an absolutely safe and private place.

On this passenger cruise ship, the most private environment for the old captain was his room.

At this time, the sky was getting darker. The last of the sun would soon be swallowed by the sea.

Perhaps it was because of the unique French windows design of the ship and the fact that the sun never set in the evening. The lights of the ship were just decorations. As night approached, the lights on the ship couldn’t be turned on.

All of a sudden, it became darkness.

This darkness wasn’t like reaching out at midnight and being unable to see their fingers. Rather, it was vague and ambiguous. They could vaguely see the outline of things but it wasn’t to the point where they could see what it was.

This shadowy scene made them even more terrified.

The lighter of the woman came in handy at this time. She went to the front and led the way. Unfortunately, the light of the lighter was too weak and unstable. She could barely see the way forward.

“We should get some candles.” Hei Cha was a bit afraid of the dark and hugged his arms. He wanted to go to Chi Nan but he remembered that Chi Nan had contact phobia. Therefore, he endured it.

The woman spoke calmly from the front. “The time is too late. It is better for us to quickly find the painting.”

“Don’t get lost. Everybody, hold on.”

“Yes, keep up.”

“Brother Nan, can I hold your hand?” Ye Chang’s voice rang in Chi Nan’s ear with a volume that could only be heard by the two of them. “…I am blind at night and I’m afraid of the dark.”

Chi Nan hesitated for a few seconds before answering, “Yes.”

In any case, no one could see him crying when it was so dark.

Ye Chang smiled silently. “Thank you.”

Then he held Chi Nan’s hand and interlocked their fingers.

Chi Nan might be mentally prepared but he still couldn’t help stiffening. Two tears rolled down from the corners of his eyes.

Before he had time to raise his hand and wipe them, a soft handkerchief had already wiped away his tears for him.

“You lead me and I will wipe your tears.” Ye Chang’s voice seemed like he was smiling and he blew gently against Chi Nan’s ear.

Chi Nan trembled uncontrollably like never before.

This feeling was very subtle, like he was being electrocuted.

He didn’t talk about it and just pulled Ye Chang along… to be precise, it should be said that he was pulled by Ye Chang as he walked forward in the ambiguous darkness.

10 minutes later, the group smoothly opened the door of the captain’s room.

The conditions might be very bad but everyone temporarily put away their fear and started to look for the missing painting.

Chi Nan had been blind for a long time so his ability to adapt to the darkness was very strong. In less than five minutes, he found a safe box around half a meter high that was under the bed board. “I found it. It should be this.”

The woman immediately held up the lighter. She came over and found that the safe was locked tightly. “It is an eight digit code lock!”

“Fuck, eight digits… I tried a three digit password lock for three hours before managing to open it. This is eight digits. It must not be as easy…” Hei Cha complained in a frustrated and helpless manner.

The group’s atmosphere suddenly became a bit negative. They hadn’t paid any attention to any possible eight digits on the cruise ship in the past few days…

The woman with a big chest analyzed it in a calm manner. “An eight digit password should be the year, month and date. We just need to find the related date…”

“19271127.” Chi Nan suddenly said a series of numbers with certainty.

Everyone was a bit confused. “What?”

“Try it. The password is 19271127.” Chi Nan repeated it again.

They didn’t understand what was going on but there wasn’t much time left. The woman moved according to Chi Nan’s words and twisted the code lock to the eight numbers.

However, there was no movement at all. The hope that had just been ignited in the group had cold water poured on it. “This… what to do… the sun is almost completely gone…”

The red-haired youth hadn’t finished speaking when he heard a clear sound from the code lock. Then the rusty lock automatically opened!

It was silent for a moment before Hei Cha cheered. “The password is right! Chi Nan’s password is right!”

It was just that the lock was rusted for years and it took slightly longer to open!

“How did you know?” The red-haired youth asked Chi Nan. He previously thought of the date under each painting in the exhibition hall but the creation date under this frame was deliberately erased. There was no clue at all.

Chi Nan explained, “November 27th, 1927 is the first exhibition date of the death painting exhibition hall. The paintings in the exhibition hall were all on display when they were created so I thought this should be the creation date of the first painting.”

The creation date also meant the date of death and disaster.

The woman with a big chest suppressed her excitement. She opened the safe with quick movements and indeed found the hidden painting.

She brought the lighter closer and the group gathered around.

The moment they saw the content of the painting, they paled and goosebumps appeared on their body…

“This is also… it is terrible…”

Hei Cha muttered in a tone that was close to a whisper. It was as if raising his voice slightly would make the sad and terrifying scene depicted immediately come true…

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