CNC: Chapter 27 Part 2

Creepy music combined with the strange knocking sound could easily break people’s psychological defenses.

What on earth was hidden in the cupboard?

The thing that was scarier than reality was the uncontrolled and wanton spread of imagination…

Even a few veteran sleepwalkers who were experienced in death were a bit intimidated at the moment. Sweat covered their bodies.

“What should we do? Should we…”

The red-haired youth didn’t finish his words when the music stopped completely. The group turned back and found that it was Chi Nan who had turned off the radio.

Chi Nan spoke calmly at the surprised gazes of the group. “Sorry, I don’t like this type of music very much.”

Ye Chang seemed to chuckle softly.

Everyone, “……”

The atmosphere of terror suddenly faded a lot.

“Then who… will open the wardrobe to check it out?” The middle-aged man looked at the group tentatively. He was standing far away and had no intention of going forward.

Chi Nan had just stepped forward when the originally closed wardrobe door made a creaking sound. The nursery rhyme had stopped so this sound was particularly abrupt.

The originally relaxed group became nervous again as the scene inside the wardrobe was gradually exposed to the white light of the sunset…

The short-haired Ah Xue hung in the closet like a marionette.

The pink cloth hanging from her neck kept spinning and her body shook back and forth like she was on a swing. The red leather shoes hit the door in a regular and restrained manner.

The radio that had been turned off started again and the melody was repeated: Don’t hide. I can hear your breathing. I can hear your heartbeat. Are you hiding in the wardrobe again?

The only newcomer left, a short-haired youth covered his mouth and rushed to the trash can to vomit.

The hanging Ah Xue in the wardrobe wasn’t bloody but the creepy scene made people extremely uncomfortable.

Everyone recalled Ah Qing’s words yesterday. In her dream, the triplets played hide and seek. Then Ah Xue was really taken away.

Ah Qing knelt outside the door, unable to make a sound. She saw the scene inside the room and started to cry silently. The woman with the big chest walked over and covered her eyes with a tissue.

“Don’t look.”

Four mode bodies were added to the banquet hall.

Among the remaining eight people, the only newcomers were Ye Chang, the short-haired young man in the t-shirt and Ah Qing, who was unconscious again.

“Dear guests, more guests have chosen to stay on the Dusk Cruise Ship forever. Please hurry and make your choice as soon as possible.” The old captain looked at the depressed people in a cheerful manner. “Due to the sharp decline in the number of people, please prepare two stories for tonight’s story meeting. Thank you for your cooperation.”

Everyone was cursing him in their hearts while the captain’s sharp eyes turned to Chi Nan and Ye Chang. “In particular, these two guests should prepare in advance.”

Ye Chang smiled politely. “Please clean the ‘special room’ in advance so that this gentleman and I can continue staying there tonight.”

The old captain, “……”

Perhaps it was because the NPCs had never had such mischievous guests. The old captain was speechless and had nothing to say to this polite arrogance.

“By the way, did the two of you encounter any punishment in that ghost room last night?” The red-haired youth asked curiously. He expressed everyone’s thoughts except for Hei Cha.

Not telling stories should be a serious violation so they were very surprised when they saw Chi Nan and Ye Chang coming out of the room this morning.

Chi Nan unreservedly told the group what he had found last night. After hearing this, the group got a chill. “So the Dusk Cruise Ship feeds on our fear to gain the power to move forward…?”

“It also embodies fear to kill people with fear,” Chi Nan added.

The banquet hall was filled with sighs. Then the woman with a big chest thought about it. “However, everyone has fear. Why do some people die at night while others are okay? Are there any trigger conditions?”

Hei Cha wondered, “Is it possible that those who are more afraid will be selected?”

The woman with the big chest thought about it for a moment. “Fear must be a necessary condition. Based on the value on the death stamp, a selected person’s fear value is different. Why exactly…?”

As the group was at a loss, the briefly fainted Ah Qing finally woke up again. The moment she woke up, she started to cry tears that made people feel sad and helpless.

“Ah Qing, what happened last night?” The woman seized every opportunity to find clues, even if it was painful.

Ah Qing’s voice became hoarse. “Dream… in our dreams… we were playing hide and seek in the courtyard. Ah Yu’s eyes were covered with white cloth. She was looking for Ah Xue and me. I hide in the flower garden while Ah Xue entered the wardrobe in the house.”

“Ah Yu kept calling our names again and again. Her voice was strange and stuffy. It was like… it was like it was coming from water. Her body was also dripping the entire time…”

“At the time, I was hiding behind a flower bed and looking at it secretly. I felt uneasy like I had forgotten something important…”

“Just as AH Yu was getting closer to me, I remembered! I remembered everything! Ah Yu is dead… she drowned in the bathtub…”

“It was so quiet, too quiet. I was too scared. I was too afraid to breathe at all. Ah Yu was getting closer to me. I thought I was about to be found when Ah Xue in the wardrobe accidentally made a noise. Ah Yu immediately turned and headed to the wardrobe…”

“Ah Yu found Ah Xue… she found Ah Xue in the wardrobe… she found Ah Xue…”

“There was a loud noise from the wardrobe. Yes! It was like someone was trapped inside and struggling. I wanted to help Ah Xue… I really wanted to… but I couldn’t move at all. It was like playing the wooden man game…”

“Then… after a long time… Ah Yu and Ah Xue came out of the bedroom together. At that time, Ah Yu had a pink cloth wrapped around her hand and the other end of the cloth was tied around Ah Xue’s neck. Her skin turned blue and purple.”

Ah Qing couldn’t control her sobbing and she trembled as she spoke. “I know they are no longer human. The two of them walked hand in hand toward the flowerbed. So I… I…”

“I picked up a shovel and aimed it at their heads. I hit them until they turned into a pool of rotten meat. Then I ran away. I’m sorry, I’m really sorry… I didn’t mean to hurt the two of you…”

The group listened in silence while the woman with a big chest patted Ah Qing on the shoulder. “So did you and Ah Xue dream last night?”

Ah Qing nodded. “We often entered our dreams since we were young.”

“I mean, how could you sleep after so many things happened yesterday? In addition, at the same time?” The woman with the big chest asked.

In an instant, everyone listened carefully as they noticed the problem.

Three people had died during the day and almost everyone lost sleep last night. Why did the twin sisters and Guo Xuan fall asleep?

Of course, special exceptions such as Chi Nan, whose awakening value was kept at 0, were excluded.

Ah Qing was also stunned for a moment. Then she raised her red and puffy eyes and looked at the middle-aged man. “This uncle gave us sleeping pills. Ah Xue and I ate them and we could soon fall asleep.”

All of a sudden, all eyes turned to the middle-aged man.

His face suddenly turned blue as he gave a panicked response to their gazes. “I was being kind. I was afraid that the two little girls would be unable to sleep because they were scared, causing their awakening value to rise at night. I wanted to give them sleeping pills to help stabilize their mood.”

The woman sneered. “So you gave some to Guo Xuan in the same room as you as well?”

The middle-aged man’s eyes moved around. “Yes… he is a newcomer with poor psychological quality. Using sleeping pills to help regulate sleep can help maintain emotional stability.”

“You made this up. Keep making it up.” The woman stared sharply at the man. “Are you using them to test the death trigger rules? Huh?”

The debunked middle-aged man was pale. His lips moved but he was unable to say a word at the four fresh bodies in the corner.

Hei Cha was a bit confused. “What do you mean? I’m dizzy…”

“This uncle gave sleeping pills to the newcomers to test if sleep is one of the trigger conditions for death.”

Hei Cha was stunned for a moment before realizing. “Fuck, this dog.”

“You had better admit it when it comes to this.” The woman stepped closer to the man.

The middle-aged man bit his lip before turning his head with a sneer. “Now you know that sleep is one of the most important death triggers. If I hadn’t done this test, would you have such an important clue? What right do you have to blame—”

His words were suddenly interrupted by a clear slap. A dark red palm print immediately appeared on his greasy face.

“Yes, I have no right to blame you but that doesn’t prevent me from hitting you.” The woman wiped her hands with a wet wipe and turned to Ah Qing. “Why don’t you slap him too? I’ll hold him down for you.”

Before Ah Qing could respond, the middle-aged man hurriedly covered his face and escaped like a street mouse.

The woman with a big chest sneered.

“It doesn’t matter if it is true or false. For safety’s sake, don’t sleep tonight.” Ye Chang said before turning to Chi Nan. “You are the exception.”

Chi Nan responded with a casual expression and yawned.

Hei Cha wanted to come forward to punch the middle-aged man but he held it back.  He instinctively turned to Chi Nan and asked, “What do you think we should do next?”

Chi Nan held the large box of death stamps. “Let’s go to the painting exhibition hall to compare them to the stamps and check which painting is missing.”

“Go, hurry.”

The middle-aged man wanted to go with them but before he could get out of the banquet hall, the woman with the big chest kicked him inside.

Chi Nan locked the door for her…

After two days and two nights of fearing death, the people’s resistance to the horror paintings had increased slightly.

At the very least, no one vomited today.

Everyone compared the stamps to the paintings for half an hour but they still couldn’t find a clue about the missing painting.

The missing painting wasn’t among the stamps.

What type of death scene did this painting depict?

“What should we do? It is another dead end…”

Chi Nan thought about it for a second. Then he removed a painting silently and exited the painting exhibition hall.

The group couldn’t respond for a moment but followed closely. Hei Cha asked as he walked, “Have you found anything new? What’s wrong with this painting?”

“No, there is probably no problem,” Chi Nan answered truthfully.

Hei Cha was dazed. “…So what are you doing with it in a hurry?”

“Do an experiment.”

The group who followed him to the deck was confused. Only Ye Chang’s eyes behind the lens were full of expectations and pleasure.

Chi Nan stood by the railing. Then he suddenly raised the painting and dropped it.

There was a bang and the painting entered the calm sea, creating tiny waves.

A moment later, peace returned to the sea. Light shone on it and the painting was completely swallowed by the sea.

The group was shocked and the red-haired youth shouted. “Hey! What are you doing?”

Chi Nan’s actions were too sudden and fast. No one had the time to stop him.

Chi Nan calmly said, “I am checking if the paintings here can be destroyed.”

The group was still puzzled. “…Huh?”

Ye Chang glanced at Chi Nan. “Let’s go back to the painting exhibition hall and take a look. Perhaps it is hanging back in its original position.”

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1 year ago

Thank you for the chapter!!
I’ll never understand the type of person that purposefully uses other peoples lives for their own benefit. They should double check that dudes findings by making him take his own sleeping pills. That’ll stop him from hurting others in the future.

1 year ago

Chi Nan is such a delight
Thank you so much for translating! <3

10 months ago

I understand that they’re all stuck in a dystopian kinda nightmarish world but hey, should humanity be forgotten because of that? The least one can do is purposely hurt someone for the sake of winning…..even in desparate times if one cannot help anyone they shouldn’t at least harm anyone