CNC: Chapter 25

Dusk Cruise (7)

The old captain had a stiff expression. “This guest, please don’t have any dangerous thoughts.”

Ye Chang smiled and pushed up his glasses. “Please answer my question.”

His tone was mild and he looked gentle, but he inexplicably gave people a sense of oppression.

Even the old captain NPC couldn’t help looking away, the corners of his mouth strained. “Two people.”

“Oh, thank you for your cooperation.” The sense of oppression in Ye Chang’s tone lifted. He looked at Chi Nan beside him and his lips curled up slightly.

In the next horror story meeting, the group didn’t cooperate as much as last night. It was obvious that they were all perfunctory when telling the ghost story.

It was impossible for the dead to die and it was even more impossible to talk about ghosts.

The old captain’s expression was very bad but the rule only said to tell a horror story. There was no reason the story couldn’t be a false alarm.

Thus, the sleepwalkers listened to stories ‘approaching science’ and the legal system all night, as if it was for a trial…

Everyone spoke for one round and it was almost 10 o’clock. The banquet hall fell silent. Then the old captain looked at Chi Nan and Ye Chang. “Two guests, please share your horror stories with us.”

Chi Nan ignored the old captain’s urging gaze and said lightly, “No.”

The old captain’s lips pressed together in a straight line before he turned to Ye Chang. “What about this guest?”

Ye Chang shrugged. “Me too.”

“These two guests, did you hear what I said before? Every night, the guests must tell a horror story—”

“Or we will be severely punished and have to spend the night in a special room, right?” Ye Chang interrupted with a smile on his face.

The old captain looked stiff and pale as he sat upright. “Yes.”

“Me and this guest—” Ye Chang looked at Chi Nan. “We are very interested in that special room so unfortunately, we can’t share any stories with you?”

“Right?” Ye Chang smiled at Chi Nan like he was inviting Chi Nan.

Chi Nan didn’t have so many performances. He just asked politely, “Excuse me, can we finish the storytelling ahead of time? I’m a bit sleepy.”

The old captain, “……”

“I appreciate your curiosity and courage but I would like to remind you one last time that the special room is a gift left from past guests. It is full of unknowns and even death, just like the painting exhibition hall,” the old captain warned.

Ye Chang smiled with appreciation in his eyes. “I think the exhibition hall is full of mysterious aesthetics. My art-loving roommate likes it as well.”

The old captain, “……”

He seemed to have crashed. After all, in his long NPC career, he had never seen any guest appreciate the mysterious aesthetics of the painting exhibition hall on the Dusk Ship.

Chi Nan yawned. “Sorry, we really want to rest.”

The old captain was sullen but he maintained his gentlemanly manners. “The two of you, come with me. I wish you a pleasant night.”

“Chi Nan, do you really want to go…?” Hei Cha was a bit worried. If it was before, he would’ve nagged like an old mother. However, ever since Ye Chang often appeared by Chi Nan’s side, Hei Cha felt that the two people had a type of tacit understanding. He couldn’t ignore their decision.

Combined with the various god-like operations that Chi Nan showed when facing a crisis, Hei Cha knew that Chi Nan wasn’t an ordinary sleepwalker like himself.

Chi Nan gave Hei Cha a definite expression. “Let’s go to the restaurant together for breakfast tomorrow morning.”

The meaning of his sentence was obvious. Hei Cha smiled and said, “Yes, don’t oversleep. I have low blood sugar if I don’t eat breakfast.”

“Yes, I will set the alarm clock,” Chi Nan answered before following the captain to the so-called special room.

After the two of them left the banquet hall, the group didn’t want to return to their rooms. For them, such a boring gathering was better than being in the guest room with only two people.

In addition, some rooms were next door to those where fatal accidents occurred. Some rooms only had one person left.

Wei Wei’s boyfriend insisted on living with her in 310. The red-haired youth who he was originally living with advised him, “The rules clearly say that you can’t change rooms. Aren’t you just going there to die?”

The boy smiled bitterly. “I can’t leave Wei Wei alone in the room where someone has died. In addition, she is in such a bad state that she can’t stay there alone.”

The red-haired youth wanted to say something but shut his mouth. In fact, everyone knew that the best way was to bring Wei Wei of 310 to their room.

However, the rules stated that they couldn’t change rooms. This might mean that people in the room that was switched to might also have to bear the penalty for the violations.

The red-haired youth was a veteran sleepwalker and he was well aware of these rules. Once Wei Wei stayed in his room, it was likely to affect himself.

He wasn’t without compassion but this so-called compassion was vulnerable in the face of death.

Everyone understood the truth so no one pointed it out. Nor would anyone jump out and blame him. After all, the two people were placed in the same room by chance. There was no reason to risk their life or death for each other.

Thus, the group of sleepwalkers in the banquet hall watched the setting sun outside the French windows and waited nervously for midnight.

The so-called special room had a red door that had heavy iron chains hanging from it. It seemed that it couldn’t be opened from the inside.

Ye Chang slightly raised his eyebrow. “It is quite unique.”

The old captain was less amiable when confronted with unruly guests and smiled coldly. “We have an obligation to surprise curious guests.”

Then he took a bunch of keys from his waist and took out one to unlock the heavy chains.

There was a dull metallic sound as the chains slipped and the door opened. The old captain made a gesture of invitation to them. “Good night, dear guests.”

“Good night.”

The two men entered the room and there was a bang as the door was locked.

This room was slightly narrower than an ordinary room but the decorations layout wasn’t much different. The biggest difference was that there was only one bed in the room…

The old captain was right when he said it could accommodate two people. This was a double bed room.

Chi Nan, “……”

This meant he would have to sleep in a bed with Ye Chang tonight…

Ye Chang hid his smile and looked at Chi Nan subtly. “Do you mind?”

Chi Nan asked, “Do you move around when you sleep?”

Ye Chang was stunned. “It should be quite comfortable. Why?”

Chi Nan shook his head. “It’s fine. It is just that I have a bit of a temper when woken up. There will be no problem sleeping together if we don’t move around.”

He made up a perfunctory excuse to get past it.

“What happens when you are woken up? Do you curse or hit people?” Ye Chang showed keen interest.

Chi Nan gave him a casual look. “I will cry.”

Ye Chang smiled and Chi Nan showed a strange expression. “What’s wrong?”

“No, I just think it is cute.” Ye Chang said with a smile.

“……” Chi Nan was a bit confused so he didn’t speak.

This was the first time someone had described his crying as cute.

The last person who praised his tears was the NPC master of You Yu’s Dream.

“You really aren’t afraid?” Chi Nan changed the subject.

“What should I be afraid of?”

“This place.”

Ye Chang answered, “I’m not lying. I’m really curious about what is in this room. It might be an important clue. In addition…”

He paused before smiling. “I was afraid you would be bored on your own and wanted to continue being roommates with you.”

Chi Nan, “……”

“I’m joking.”

The two of them entered the room and started a thorough search, from the wardrobe to the carpet. This special room was kept clean by the staff and there were no ‘death traces’ like ordinary rooms. It looked clean and safe.

The only thing they found that might be a clue was a wooden box that was half a meter high under the bed.

The box was locked. The two of them puzzled over it for a while but they couldn’t open it.

“Take the box out tomorrow morning. Hei Cha should have a way.” Chi Nan had seen Hei Cha’s unlocking techniques.

Ye Chang pushed up his glasses. “It doesn’t matter if we can’t open it. We can find a way to get the key from the captain.”

Chi Nan nodded as he thought about the old captain’s bunch of keys.

The two men agreed to take turns to be on watch at night. Ye Chang would remain awake from midnight to 4 o’clock and Chi Nan from 4 o’clock to 8 o’clock.

After the division of labor, Chi Nan set the alarm clock. “If the alarm clock doesn’t wake me up later, use cold water to wake me.”

He was afraid that his drowsiness would delay the other person’s rest so he gave special instructions.

Ye Chang nodded thoughtfully. “If I use force to wake you up, will you really cry?”

He also seemed to be looking forward to it.

Chi Nan, “…….” He really didn’t want to continue this conversation with the other person.

“I’m going to take a shower.” Then he entered the bathroom and drained away his tears under the hot shower.

Once it was Ye Chang’s turn to bathe, Chi Nan re-examined the room again and found no useful clues. However, he accidentally knocked over the chair where Ye Chang hung his coat.

There was a very light falling sound. Chi Nan turned his head and found that a pocket watch had slipped out of Ye Chang’s pocket and fallen to the ground. Due to the carpet, the sound wasn’t loud and was almost covered by the splashing water in the bathroom.

Chi Nan’s eyes narrowed. The several times he had seen Ye Chang alone, Ye Chang had been staring at this pocket watch.

Was there a special significance to it?

He picked up the pocket watch and held it in his hand for a moment, before finally putting it on the bedside table.

Forget it, he had no interest in learning about other people’s privacy and past.

Ye Chang finished washing and immediately saw the pocket watch on the bedside table. He froze for a moment before the coldness in his eyes evaporated with the moisture on his skin.

Chi Nan lay on the other side to sleep.

Ye Chang pulled the curtains shut. Then he leaned against the bed, picked up the pocket watch and placed it to his lips. He kissed it gently before placing it back in its original position. Then he picked up a workbook to read.

Shortly after midnight, the otherwise peaceful and calm room immediately changed.

From the small wooden box they found under the bed, there was the sound of impact, laughter, the crack of broken bones, nails scratching against the wood…

The temperature in the room dropped rapidly and a distinctive sweet smell permeated the darkness.

Ye Chang raised his eyes from his book and found that the originally narrow space was full of ‘people.’

These uninvited guests had died in different ways, from broken necks, neck fractures, pierced arteries, heads half cut off with axes still embedded in their skull and heads that were dry and brittle from burning that fell off when they took one step forward…

Ye Chang squinted and found Ah Yu, one of the triplet sisters, among the dead with pale, wrinkled skin.

In addition, he had seen these dazzling deceased in the death painting exhibition hall.

Ye Chang was a dreamer maker so he immediately understood that this was the gift left by the past guests that the captain mentioned.

[The souls of past sleepwalkers who can’t leave and the tragic reenactment of their deaths.]

Seeing the walking dead slowly approaching the bed, Ye Chang put down the book and spoke lightly, “Be careful. Don’t get the carpet dirty.”

Then he took off his glasses.

Almost instantaneously, the ghosts stopped moving like the pause button had been pressed.

Ye Chang smiled gently before coming down from the bed and making a gesture of invitation to the ghosts. “You are free. Don’t care about me.”

He was here to observe his prey.

He was never interested in this boring and unattractive room.

Then what would happen if he placed his prey in a special room?

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1 year ago

Tbh i would’ve been disappointed if the MC never got his turn to show his Opness due to the ML’s care or smth but lol now that ML’s really bot caring,i feel offended? Wtf is wrong with me!

1 year ago
Reply to  Ritsuka

Lol your comment is so funny. But I kinda get it. Though I realised early on that You Yu didn’t “love” Chi Nan yet especially when it is revealed he never remembered Crying Boy painting anymore. He now saw him as an evil spirit but a crybaby one. So he is very interested in this aspect. I am anticipating the point he will fall because our Chi Nan definitely won’t be the first due to his missing emotions 😆.

1 year ago

bruh this guy doesnt care abt the mc