CNC: Chapter 127

Extra (2)

Patches of tumbleweed and red mounds sped past the window.

207 stuck her head out of the back seat and saw that the car was traveling at 140 km per hour. She couldn’t help sighing. “229, pay attention to safe driving.”

You Yu held the steering wheel. “We must get to the coast before sunset.”

Chi Nan turned his head from where he was originally clinging to the window and staring intently at the strange scenery outside the window. “I can make the sunset slower.”

207 and Jiang Yu in the backseat choked up while You Yu smiled. “Brother Nan, please trust my driving skills.”

Chi Nan nodded. “Okay.”

Recently, the system had been running stably and it was the off-season. The dream makers were mostly idle, so You Yu decided to take Chi Nan to travel.

The Nightmare World had huge maps and scene data. It took more than 10 hours to travel through the millions of scene data to find a long-abandoned corner called Sunset Coast.

The dream makers could obviously enter any scene through the data channel, but You Yu still got a car and planned to drive himself and Chi Nan.

After knowing about this travel plan, 207 brought her girlfriend to grab a car ride together. Therefore, this unique holiday trip belonging to a dream god, dream makers, and sleepwalker began.

The SUV without a license plate sped through the desolate wilderness. As You Yu promised, they arrived at the coastline surrounded by sandy beaches and reefs at 5:10 p.m. The sun had just tilted to the west and the reddish light sprinkled on the calm sea.

“229, you have chosen a good place.”

207 jumped out of the car and stretched her long waist.

You Yu glanced at Chi Nan. He saw Chi Nan’s calm and focused eyes facing the sunset coast and knew that Chi Nan liked it very much. He smiled and said, “Thank you for the compliment.”

The group of people moved the vacation food and tent from the trunk. 207 and You Yu were in charge of making a fire and fiddling with the barbecue utensils on the beach. Meanwhile, Chi Nan and Jiang Yu were responsible for setting up the tent.

“Are all these meats marinated?”

The barbecue ingredients were prepared by 207 so You Yu confirmed it.

“Rest assured, they were marinated overnight and are absolutely delicious.”

“Are you sure the marinated sauce has no sugar in it?”

207 gave You Yu a blank look. “You have explained it several times. How dare I put it in randomly?”

You Yu smiled and didn’t speak.

Chi Nan and Jiang Yu finished setting up the tent. Jiang Yu started to play with her bartending equipment. Chi Nan suddenly became idle and planned to help You Yu and the others with the barbecue tonight. However, he was frustrated to find that he couldn’t seem to help much.

“Boss, you go to the beach to rest. It is just right to watch the sunset right now.”

207 hummed a song and spoke in a relaxed tone.

Chi Nan felt a bit embarrassed about not working while the others were busy. He was feeling at a loss when You Yu stuffed a doughnut into his mouth.

“Don’t let them see your tears.” You Yu spoke in a low voice that contained a bit of bad intentions.

“Yes…” Chi Nan bit a donut and walked obediently toward the beach.

The rich sugar bloomed on his taste buds and the sunset hanging above the sea turned a blurred and moist red. Chi Nan wiped the tears oozing from the corners of his eyes.

By the time he finished eating the entire doughnut, the setting sun had already engulfed more than half the horizon.

The people behind them were still busy. Chi Nan simply sat down on the beach and started digging at the sand to catch small crabs.

The Nightmare World might be a dream constructed out of nothingness, but all the details were full of realism.

For example, the darkening sky, the sea horizon, the tide on the beach that flooded his ankles, the small crabs coming in and out of the sand where it wasn’t known what they were doing, and the wind blowing from the sea in the evening that was full of the dampness of the sea.

Chi Nan was playing on the beach in a daze. You Yu was busy cooking the food and his eyes glanced in Chi Nan’s direction from time to time.

207 bit the cigarette in her mouth and clicked her tongue. “Don’t look. You won’t lose him.”

It was only then that You Yu retracted his gaze. He looked at Jiang Yu, who was busy bartending, and asked 207, “Are you with that girl?”

207 lit the fire. “Yes, we slept together.”

You Yu’s expression was a bit subtle. “A violation warning.”

207 exhaled her cigarette smoke. “Don’t think about abusing your beauty to cheat your way to power.”

You Yu smiled and 207 looked over tentatively. “Besides, if this is illegal, then you would’ve long since been removed as a dream maker, right?”

You Yu suddenly stopped talking. 207 was stunned for a while before wondering, “Hey, haven’t you slept together yet?”

You Yu looked at her. “Please put away your curiosity about your colleague and superior, thank you.”

207 shrugged and smiled without speaking.

By the time the sunset had completely sunk below the horizon, the barbecue was ready.

“Brother Nan, the chicken wings and beef are cooked.”

“Yes, I’ll wait for my grilled squid.”


“Ah, I almost forgot. I put in some sugar when I marinated the squid.”

“It’s okay. Put more peppers to cover it.”


“By the way, Jiang Yu was a bartender before she came in. You can try her craft later.” 207 looked at her bartending girlfriend’s back. “In any case, the alcohol she mixes is the best I’ve ever drunk.”

Chi Nan said, “I don’t know how to drink.”

You Yu added, “I won’t drink today.”

207 stared at him in a strange manner. “Don’t you usually drink? You don’t have to drive back later.”

You Yu told her, “I don’t want to drink today.”

“Strange…” 207 muttered. Then she didn’t bother to care about him. She took the alcohol that her girlfriend had mixed and drank it happily. “It is so good to go on vacation.”

Just then, You Yu’s communicator rang at an inopportune time.

[Dream maker 229, please note that an urgent call request is coming from the Dawn Base…]

“Is it a colleague on duty?”

“Yes.” You Yu frowned with a bit of irritation. He was afraid of disturbing everyone’s vacation and took the initiative to leave the barbecue grill. He moved to the side to answer the request.

Chi Nan and 207 were the only ones left beside the fire. Jiang Yu was busy bartending one cup after another.

207 suddenly had a strange interest. Her eyes lit up and she asked Chi Nan, “Big boss, do you really not want to try my girlfriend’s bartending skills?”

Chi Nan was obviously a bit tempted and 207 continued to seduce him. “That guy 229 won’t let you drink? In any case, he is busy answering the phone and handling things now. How about you taste it?”

Chi Nan had never drunk alcohol before. He was somewhat curious about this liquid that made countless people addicted so he nodded. “Okay, thank you.”

He paused before saying, “I want something that is a bit more minty…”

“No problem.” Jiang Yu poured a full glass of a lemon mint rum mojito and handed it to Chi Nan with ice cubes.

Chi Nan held the wine glass with both hands and obediently took a sip cautiously. His green eyes widened slightly and his expression instantly froze.

“How is it?” Jiang Yu and 207 saw that his expression wasn’t right and asked nervously.

Chi Nan seemed to slow down for a while like it was unbelievable. “It is delicious.”

The physiological response brought to him by the alcohol was very wonderful. His taste buds tasted the sweetness, but under the suppression of alcohol, there was no urge to cry. It was replaced by a warm and soft touch flowing through his body that was very comfortable…

Chi Nan quickly gulped and drank all of it.

“Don’t be in a hurry. I’ll make another cup for you.”

“Okay, thank you.”


You Yu finished dealing with things and looked up to see the night sky full of green stars. Then, in the blink of an eye, the starry sky started to fall in clusters, forming a green meteor shower.

He returned to the grill and saw Chi Nan holding the wine glass and drinking his fourth glass of mojito.

“What’s going on?”

You Yu sat next to Chi Nan. He looked at the meteor shower that was like green snow and smiled bitterly. “Are you drunk?”

Chi Nan felt that his vision was a bit shaky. The moment he shook, the stars in the sky fell even harder.

However, Chi Nan’s face didn’t change color. Only the tips of his ears were slightly red. “I shouldn’t be.”

He didn’t know what it was like to be drunk, but he intuitively felt that he wasn’t drunk.

He drank the fourth glass of mojito and wanted to reach out to Jiang Yu for more, but he was stopped by You Yu. “Don’t give it to him.”

You Yu pointed to the distant sea horizon. The originally calm sea surface had a green whirlpool and a green tornado was also quietly moving in the sea.

Jiang Yu and 207 were stunned. They froze on the beach and You Yu shrugged. “If you keep drinking, then you might be able to summon monsters.”

“…I don’t want to fight on vacation.”

Fortunately, the green tornado only stayed in place and the stars didn’t turn into meteorites to strike them. Everything happened quietly and the strange scene seemed static.

Chi Nan pouted in an expressionless manner. “I’m not drunk.”

You Yu: “……”

It was over.

“I’m not drunk.”

Another green tornado appeared, and the entire coastline looked like a twisted and abstract green world.

You Yu nodded. “Okay.”

Chi Nan felt wronged. “Oh.”

“If you want this holiday to be longer, then don’t drink.”

After all, if he kept drinking then the order of the entire Nightmare World might collapse in an instant.

Chi Nan continued to be wronged. “Oh.”

“…I’m not drunk.” He was wronged to death. He didn’t think he was drunk. He was just spinning a bit.

However, the earth originally rotated. Why couldn’t his Nightmare World rotate?

It was bullying him.

“Big boss, let’s do this.” 207’s strange interest rose again. “In order to prove that you’re not drunk, how about we play a game?”

Chi Nan nodded solemnly. “Okay.”

“I will ask you a question and you must tell the truth.” 207’s eyes were bright.

You Yu: “……”

Chi Nan replied, “No problem.”

“Lord Dream God, why do you like 229? Is it his face or his body?” 207 asked enthusiastically.

You Yu stared at her coldly and 207 issued a warning, “Don’t interfere.”

You Yu: “……”

Chi Nan’s world was still turning, but it didn’t prevent him from thinking seriously.

He cocked his head and thought for a long time before saying, “In principle, I don’t like this type of emotion, but I like You Yu and I can’t control it.”

Then he bowed his head to his knees in a wronged manner again. “Moreover, the system didn’t say anything. Liking him should be within the allowable range.”

System: …I am a personalized and sensible system. I won’t limit your freedom to love, let alone your thoughts of love. Thank you.

“So you liking someone is a bug for you?”

Chi Nan continued to think very seriously and shook his head. “It is a surprise.”

You Yu pursed his lips in an indiscernible manner. His face, which had never changed color, became a bit hot.

“If you have anything you want to say to You Yu, then you can say it now.”

207 continued to light the fire.

Chi Nan seemed to be down for a while. Then, he suddenly looked at You Yu. His green eyes were misted over by alcohol and You Yu could see his own shadow in this person’s eyes.

Chi Nan blinked. “You Yu, can you teach me how to sleep?”

The air instantly froze, and even the sea breeze stopped.

Only the stars overhead kept falling.

System: Cough.

The amused 207 and Jiang Yu covered their mouths and laughed wildly.

“Why do you want me to teach you how to sleep?”

You Yu met Chi Nan’s gaze. There was a certain type of forbearance and calm that collapsed in an instant. A dangerous desire burned in his dark and heavy eyes.

Chi Nan was stunned by his hot gaze. “I asked the system, but the system said it couldn’t tell me. So I asked you.”

“…I saw that you were busy some time ago and didn’t have the chance to say it.”

“Why ask the system this?”

You Yu slightly squinted while hiding the rhythm of his breathing. He asked this question with slightly bad intentions.

“I think that I should know this when I’m with you,” Chi Nan replied with eyes wide open. He seemed a bit confused.

“What should you know?” You Yu was obviously bullying him.

“How to sleep with you.” Chi Nan was always honest. He blinked and his eyes became even wetter.

You Yu smiled. Without saying anything, he picked up Chi Nan and walked to the car parked at the entrance of the beach.

“Okay, I understand, Lord Dream God.”

The sky swirled and Chi Nan blinked in You Yu’s arms. “Where are we going?”

You Yu’s body temperature was hot and Chi Nan could clearly feel it.

“To find a hotel.” You Yu’s voice had also changed somewhat.

“What about Jiang Yu and 207?” Chi Nan asked.

“What about them? They always have a way.”

“Oh. So why are we suddenly going to the hotel?”

Chi Nan felt a bit weak. He hooked his arms around You Yu’s neck and comfortably pressed himself against You Yu’s chest.

“To teach you to sleep.”

-End of the Full Text-

TL: That is the end! Thank you to everyone who reached this point and I hope you enjoyed it!

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Yes. I can understand Tang Yu since essencially she appeared just one, like Old Yu, Rui Rui and her mother. But I am abit saddened there is no extra with Hei Cha. After all our sweet boy accompany our god for at least half his journey, even recalled back during bug.. but Chi Nan didn’t went to find him like he promised :(.

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I agree this it’s a major let down not to get a hei cha extra. The author made such a big deal with hei cha not wanting to forget and chi nan saying several times he will find hei cha to reunite.

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The Nightmare World is still functioning like before Chi Nan retrieved his memories. They still used fears as energy to keep the contamination at bay, and wishes are granted through safer systems where wisher had to work hard for it. It was just that, it is much stabler than before thus they didn’t need too many sleepwalker and dream maker as before. Because Nightmare World is essentially Chi Nan’s divinity that is stripped of his body and materialised in the form of this dream world to prevent second corruption and destruction. Once stripped, it is running linearly. It was just that, system gave the highest authority control to Chi Nan as the god, the owner of the world.

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What a wonderful story! I love the characters, the worldbuilding, how the plot lined up, just fantastic. The pacing was great too, usually the ending arcs of these kinds of stories are a bit rushed but this one laid itself out and flowed quite nicely. The emotional handling was well done in that despite the time loop the development of their feelings didn’t feel at all forced or unnatural, for each other and for the things around them, somehow none of it felt contrived. I think a lot of times “nightmare” gets used as a byword for “horror” whether or not it also makes connections to dreams, but this time the theme really did fit together perfectly from beginning to end without feeling cheap—dreams as wishes, dreams as horror, awakening and fear and pollution and what comes after death. Probably I also like it because it had an excellent reason for our mains to stay happily in a world like this, and even visit the outside if they felt so inclined; there are many stories that give the sense that the characters wouldn’t integrate well with mundane life, and subsequently losing memories just to manage it feels a bit empty or like cheating, so this was especially satisfying. I’m happy for them! Really glad I got to read it
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