CNC: Chapter 120

Crying Boy (6)

Hundreds of rotting corpses rushed out of the amusement park by stepping on the collapsed iron gate.

The rain was becoming heavier and washed the dirt, blood, and rotten flesh of the corpses to the ground. Scarlet liquid soaked the blue inverse pentagram and the flaming snake pattern on the ground.

Once the totem was contaminated, the spell used by the black robed people to bind the corpses was completely useless.

The corpses roared hoarsely in the wind and rain. They attacked the black robed people like crazy beasts while countless colorful water balloons chased after the corpses like bullets. The sacrifices in the amusement park seemed to be using the water balloons to give orders to the army of corpses!

The trainee who had never seen the world was so frightened that he crawled into a carriage that had brought the sacrifices. He locked the barbed wire door in an attempt to isolate himself from these horrible and disgusting corpses.

Unexpectedly, the corpses lay on the barbed wire door like flies, nibbling on the wire with their teeth like it was a biscuit. A creaking and crashing sound echoed in the carriage as the wire fragments fell to the ground. The trainee huddled in the corner and almost looked mad due to extreme panic.

Before the barbed wire was completely chewed up, the trainee had already fainted due to excessive mental stimulation.

In the brightly lit rainy night of the amusement park, the corpses, black robed people, colorful water balloons flying through the air, blue flaming snake running around in the muddy water, and crushed flesh mixed together. The whole scene was absurd and lively, as if a doomsday carnival was being held.

The person in charge was still stubbornly resisting at the gate and watched his incompetent companions falling down one by one. This caused him to swear constantly. He saw that the situation was bad and tried to escape, but in the end, he was controlled by the flood of corpses. They broke his hands and feet and dragged him into the muddy water.

To his surprise, the corpses didn’t eat him immediately. Instead, they dragged him and his fellow companions into the amusement park.

The person in charge knew better than anyone that the corpses trained by his superiors were ghost-like beings who couldn’t get away from this amusement park until their hatred had subsided.

Once the 13 people in black robes were dragged into the park, You Yu motioned to tie them up and place them on the stage. The corpses had been tamed by him using the water balloons. At this moment, they obediently followed his instructions.

Chi Nan, who was hiding in You Yu’s senses, found that in terms of the tears being used as weapons, You Yu was obviously more skilled and elegant than him since You Yu was experienced in training ghosts.

The person in charge was escorted by the corpses to lie down on the guillotine. There was a 25 kg blade hanging above his neck and his tense shoulders convulsed uncontrollably. Cold sweat dripped down his forehead.

You Yu looked at him in a condescending manner. There were seven or eight children standing beside him. Now their positions had completely changed with each other and the black robed people were like meat on a cutting board to be slaughtered.

No 9 quickly found the keys to the handcuffs from the black robed men and the children released each other.

You Yu had been a well educated child since he was young and he was accustomed to looking at people when talking to them. This situation was no exception.

He rubbed his reddened wrists and crouched down beside the person in charge. “Uncle, now can you tell me why you smashed the statues of the god?”

The person in charge struggled to raise his head to look at him. The moment their eyes met, he trembled violently. The angelic face and pair of beautiful eyes gave people a feeling of oppression that was almost suffocating. The killing intent hidden under the calm expression was sharper than the 25 kg sword hanging above his head.

The person in charge narrowed his eyes slightly. He started to reflect and regret that he had been so blind before. He actually bought a child more terrible than a demon from the human traffickers.

“The god in the Dawn Tower is the source of all evil. The catastrophe has started to spread and he will bring more misfortune to humanity.” The person in charge gritted his teeth and explained in a trembling voice.

You Yu and No 9 looked at each other. The information given by the black robed man was the exact opposite of what No 9 described.

“Why do you say that?” You Yu asked politely and patiently.

The person in charge said coldly, “Ever since last year, the City of Dreams and the surrounding thousands of kilometers have started to rain continuously. After the rain fell for a month, strange diseases started to spread and unexpected disasters have been occurring frequently in the City of Dreams. All types of bad luck are coming one after another.”

You Yu wondered, “Why do you think these disasters are related to the god of dreams?”

“It isn’t what we think. We are convinced about it.” Due to the support of his faith, the fear in the eyes of the person in charge faded. “We have our own channels and methods to detect that all the disasters are due to the god of dreams. He has no way to control his own energy and his uncontrolled abilities will bring ruin to humanity.”

You Yu’s left eye faintly revealed a dangerous red color. “So what are your plans?”

The person in charge was very certain. “Kill the god.”

In an instant, the air froze and all sounds disappeared from You Yu’s ears.

“You Yu?” It wasn’t until Chi Nan’s voice came from the depths of his senses that You Yu’s hearing turned on again.

“Why?” You Yu’s voice was very soft and low. It blended in with the sound of the pouring rain.

The person in charge looked at him strangely, like his question was stupid.

“The broken god, like all broken things, has lost his value. Leaving him behind will only cause endless disasters. There is no reason why we shouldn’t try to kill him.” The person in charge was very reasonable.

No 9 asked, “Why didn’t you choose to move out of the City of Dreams?”

The person in charge sneered. “If only it was that simple. The bad luck has been engraved in the blood and bones of the residents of the city. No matter how far away we are, the curse will be fulfilled.”

You Yu looked at the black robed man with an almost indifferent and calm expression. “Why did the god of dreams break?”

The expression of the person in charge froze for a moment and You Yu slightly smiled. “Since you can detect the source of all the bad luck, you must also understand the source of the god of dreams’ collapse, right?”

“Uncle, I advise you not to lie.” You Yu saw the reluctance in the eyes of the person in charge and spoke in a wronged manner, “My patience deteriorates on rainy days.”

“After all…people’s wishes aren’t clean things…” The person in charge finally explained the reason.

The god of dreams was a god who listened to human wishes and had a strong ability to perceive emotions. However, people constantly conveyed their dirty and selfish wishes to the god.

After being unilaterally forced to absorb countless negative human emotions and bound every day by a curse called ‘wishes,’ the empathetic god was finally on the verge of collapse.

You Yu was silent for a moment before smiling. “So it is the humans who polluted the god of dreams, causing his abilities to go out of control, right?”

The person in charge didn’t speak. This was a tacit acquiescence.

“Uncle, I have a good way to kill two birds with one stone. It is much simpler than condemning the god and also fairer and more reasonable. Do you want to hear it?” You Yu spoke with a smile.

The person in charge looked at him suspiciously. “…What is the method?”

“Kill the cursed humans.” You Yu blinked in an innocent and very sincere manner. “This is more convenient than killing the god. After all, these people aren’t innocent. It is fairer to everyone and I think it is the best way.”

“You…!” The person in charge stared at You Yu with horror and anger, like he was seeing an evil ghost in hell.

Little You Yu had already stood up straight and smiled politely at him. “Thank you for your cooperation. Let’s try it with you first.”

The person in charge: “……!” He saw the corpses gradually approaching him, the blood from their bodies as sticky as saliva. His entire body trembled and he couldn’t say a word.

“Uncle, it seems that tonight’s diners aren’t very interested in their food sources.”


“Have a nice meal.”

The screams of the person in charge were noisy to You Yu and he didn’t like the increasingly strong smell of blood. So after he got the car keys from the black robed man, he covered his ears, turned around, and walked through the rain to leave the amusement park.

He knew that Chi Nan didn’t like it when it was noisy.

“Number 9, do you want to come along?” You Yu gave an invitation.

No 9 followed with almost no hesitation. “What are your plans after this?”

You Yu walked out of the amusement park. In addition to the carriages that brought them here, there were several retro-style cars parked.

They were all the assets of the magician organization.

You Yu quickly confirmed the car that corresponded to the car key. He got into the driver’s seat and pulled open the passenger car door as well. “If you don’t mind me driving without a license, would you like to take a ride?”

No 9 didn’t mind sitting in the passenger seat. “Where are you going?”

“The City of Dreams.”

You Yu started the car and turned on the wipers.

No 9 asked, “Aren’t you afraid of the bad luck that guy just said?”

You Yu asked back, “Are you afraid?”

No 9 shook his head.

“That’s fine.” You Yu maintained a speed of 60 km per hour on the muddy wilderness road.

The rain seemed to be heavy again and banged against the window glass. The rain at this moment was a bit destructive compared with the endless rain.

The damp smell in the car was mixed with the smell of blood. It wasn’t very pleasant, so You Yu opened the window for ventilation.

Raindrops floated in and wet No 9’s hair, which had finally dried.

It was quiet in the car before No 9 suddenly said, “Thank you.”

“No need, it is just a trade.”

“I never guaranteed that I will be able to do it.”

No 9 never made guarantees that couldn’t be confirmed. At that time, it wasn’t just talk that You Yu could decide whether to save him or not.

You Yu replied, “I know.”

No 9: “……”

You Yu’s lips curved up. “I also know that our transaction will be successful.”

No 9 finally frowned with some confusion. “Who are you?”

You Yu told him, “It depends on who you are asking.”

No 9: “……”

Chi Nan: “……”

No 9 asked, “Will we meet again once the transaction is over?”

You Yu paused and replied intuitively, “I have a hunch that we will.”

Unfortunately, a change happened as soon as he finished speaking.

The system suddenly issued a warning sound.

[Sleepwalker Chi Nan and dream maker 229 bound to him, please note that the energy to maintain this dream layer is seriously insufficient.]

You Yu’s eyelids twitched fiercely. “What do you mean?”

[The two of you have already made the choice and judgment in this dream layer. In order to save energy and ensure the normal operation of the dream instance, the system has decided to connect to the deeper dream.]

[After three seconds, the two of you will go directly to the third layer of the dream for a new adventure.]

“Wait a minute, things in this layer are still unresolved… Hey… Stop!”

You Yu lost his patience as if he had a hunch. His voice became irritable and even trembled a bit.

The system ignored You Yu’s protests and continued in a mechanical voice.

[3, 2, 1… The third layer of the dream is connecting. I wish the two of you a pleasant sleepwalk.]

The world outside the window started to seriously fade. It was like a painting where the colors were washed away by the water and became blurred and faded, gradually disappearing…

All of Chi Nan’s senses were closed off again and he fell into an airtight nothingness.


It was impossible to know the passage of time in the nothingness. It wasn’t known how long it had been before Chi Nan smelled the rain in the air.

“You Yu? Can you hear me?”

No one responded in the darkness. Chi Nan tried to call out a few more times for confirmation. “Are you here?”

There was still no answer. Something had gone wrong with the system, or he had been stripped from You Yu’s perception system.

Chi Nan had to wait for the situation to become clear, but being trapped in the painting for hundreds of years gave him enough patience.

Chi Nan gradually became in tune with the environment and he found himself falling into a new body. The owner of the body was very sick. He could feel the weakness and suffering of the other party, as if there were thousands of people talking noisily in his ear. Every nerve was trembling in pain and his temples were about to burst at any moment.

Chi Nan could feel the pain of the other person in a drowsy state. This was until the owner of the body opened his eyes in a confused manner. The pocket watch placed on the window entered the other person’s eyes and filled Chi Nan’s line of sight.

This was the pocket watch that was You Yu’s death token!

The owner of the body stared at the pocket watch for a moment, as if incredulous about this strange object. He was stunned for a moment before picking up the pocket watch and falling into contemplation at the 12:20 frozen on the surface.

“Why is this here…”

The owner of the body muttered and closed the pocket watch. The moment he raised his head, Chi Nan could see the owner’s appearance in the mirror facing the bed.

Chi Nan froze.

He had seen this face countless times in the Crying Boy, which You Yu had copied and filled his room with.

The owner of the body was himself.

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1 year ago

The clue about an overly empathetic god is so good, it would explain why our Chi Nan is unable to empathize anymore

1 year ago

And its happening! No.9 (past You Yu) is gonna come to paint and i think our You Yu might be in him and i think these guys are gonna fall in love.
I love the contrast! Past Chi Nan was so empathetic that it led to his own demise,now he can’t feel much emotions

1 year ago

This is so good. Emotionless Crying Boy is now answered as he was once emphathetic broken god. I wonder if the rain alluded that to purify his corrupted soul by the negative wishes, he let the rain falls (thus the negativity returned back to people) is equivalent to Chi Nan’s tears emitted holy properties against unclean thing since int he past the unclean IS the human.