CNC: Chapter 119

Crying Boy (5)

Both sides of the abandoned amusement park gate had statues of the god smashed down to the waist. This was obviously man-made and the flaming snake sign flashing with a blue light replaced the god.

Red flames spat out of the mouth of the two snakes, looking like scarlet snakes that signaled danger.

You Yu held up his shackled hand and wiped his wet little face. He looked up at the black robed person in charge of the ‘sacrifices.’

“Uncle, don’t you like the god in the Dawn Tower?” He used a curious tone unique to children and asked the question innocently.

“No, that isn’t what you should know!” The man behind the person in charge raised the whip in his hand and waved it at little You Yu, who looked only eight or nine years old.

You Yu didn’t dodge. His acting skills were so superb that he was like a weak young master. His neck shrank back and he shivered. He was a pale and thin child and was soaked in the road. Seeing this pitiful expression on his face, the whip in the man’s hand didn’t fall. He just made a fierce move as a warning.

The person in charge laughed coldly. “Child, we don’t believe in that guy in the Dawn Tower.”

Then he lowered his body and spoke into You Yu’s ear in a warning tone, “I advise you not to believe in him. He won’t take care of you. If you don’t believe me, make a wish now to live and see if the god in the Dawn Tower will respond to you.”

You Yu smiled like a child who just got a baby toy. “Thank you for reminding me. I’d love to give it a try.”

The expression of the person in charge froze. Then when he met the innocent and harmless face of the angelic You Yu, he could only endure it. “Then I wish you good luck.”

The rules didn’t allow him to do anything to a sacrifice with no strength.

The black robed man led the 13 children into the amusement park. Then he hurriedly stepped back and immediately locked the iron gate that was nearly two meters high.

The key was pulled out of the lock of the gate and the abandoned amusement park suddenly seemed to have regained its life. In the silent night, the lights came on and all the entertainment facilities started moving in an instant.

A desolate liveliness filled the gloomy rainy night. This made people feel a sense of absurdity and strangeness that made them tremble with fear.

The children who were originally sobbing became too frightened to cry. They just held their arms in the rain and silently shed tears, trembling like leaves in the wind.

“Have you heard of the purpose of the magician organization for sacrificing us?” You Yu calmly asked No 9.

No 9 shook his head. “No, those drunkards didn’t know their purpose.”

“But…” Some of the habits of No 9 were very similar to You Yu, such as furrowing his brow when thinking. “I have heard the history of this amusement park.”’

“This piece of land was originally a mass grave and it was bought by the amusement park developer because it was cheap. After cleaning up the bodies and gravestones, it took several years to build this amusement park. However, the amusement park closed down due to poor management. Almost every year due during the business period, there were safety accidents and homicides. After the closure of the amusement park, it became the most notorious horror place to visit.”

No 9 had met all types of people in the taverns in the slums and heard countless rumors, true or false. He tried to recall the words of the drunkards to piece together the history of the amusement park. “Later, the amusement park was acquired and was no longer open to the public. The horror lovers were quite disappointed.”

The moment No 9 finished speaking, a boy standing next to him became pale with fright and made a low ‘ah’ sound. He didn’t know what he saw or whether he frightened himself, but he collapsed to the ground and fell in the muddy water unconscious.

No 9 looked at You Yu innocently. “You asked me about this. I didn’t mean to scare him.”

“It seems that these people are collecting our fears or trying to gain more negative energy from this land where many misfortunes have occurred.” You Yu himself was the best expert at collecting the negative emotions of human beings so he quickly made a judgment. “If they just want to sacrifice our souls or bodies then they could find an altar to kill us without going through such trouble.”

No 9 was silent for a moment and quickly followed the rhythm of his thoughts. “Do they want to use our dying fear as energy for their magic?”

You Yu looked at him with rare admiration. “After all, a child’s fear is the purest.”

He paused before adding with a smile, “Although neither you nor I have this thing.”

Chi Nan, who had been silently observing and listening, wondered if this ‘thing’ in You Yu’s mouth meant fear or purity.

Forget it, this guy didn’t have either of these things.

The amusement park wasn’t lark. Through You Yu’s eyes, Chi Nan noticed that there was an iron clock in the central area of the amusement park.

The clock hands pointed to 11:20.

“It seems we have 40 minutes of preparation time.” Chi Nan had experienced six instances and knew that midnight was likely the key to open the door to the other world in the Nightmare World.

You Yu replied, “40 minutes of preparation time is enough.”

There were watchtower-like towers in the southeast and northwest of the amusement park. You Yu looked at them and said, “It seems that the ‘chefs’ are hiding there and observing the dining situation of the customers.”

Chi Nan, “……”

The layout of the amusement park had a warm and eerie beauty. The branches soaked by the rain were covered with colorful balloons and a row of doll machines covered with moss were placed under the trees. Once looking closer, he found that the doll machines were full of children’s skulls. The black holes of the skull faced the direction of the window and the skulls were neatly stacked as if waiting for tourists to pull them out.

The carousel in the central area flashed neon. However, there were no wooden horses that rotated non-stop. They were dried corpses that were fixed to straight wooden pillars that rotated.

The Ferris wheel on the left side of the entrance of the amusement park also moved. The rainy night was too quiet so the group of people could clearly hear the strange sound coming from inside the Ferris wheel… it sounded like a lot of people were trapped in the inner boxes, desperately scratching at the glass window with their fingernails.

In the center of the park, a guillotine used to perform magic was moving in a circular motion and cutting heads. The 25 kg blade was repeatedly smashing down onto the wooden support.

Behind the scaffold was a corpse whose head had been cut off. On the edge of the guillotine, more than ten heads rolled to the ground like leather balls. The rain fell down and washed away the blood on the stage, but the blood smell lingered and became more intense in the rainy night.

Seeing these creepy amusement park events, two or three more children were so frightened that they fell unconscious. The rest of the children’ didn’t faint but they curled up and shivered.

You Yu and No 9 were the only ones who didn’t change their expressions. You Yu didn’t feel much but Chi Nan felt that the expressions of the two of them were surprisingly similar.

“Brother Nan, have you been to an amusement park” You Yu’s gaze swept over the rain that was stained neon. He seemed to be looking for something that would arouse his interest.

Chi Nan replied very honestly. “No, this is the first time.”

You Yu wondered, “So are we on a date?”

Chi Nan, “……”

You Yu smiled. “What do you want to play?”

Chi Nan was silent for a moment. He followed You Yu’s gaze to see this well-designed death amusement park and finally said, “let’s do business first.”

His tone was as calm as ever but You Yu could hear regret in his words.

It seemed that Chi Nan liked a place like the amusement park.

“Okay.” You Yu said while his eyes fell on a corner of the amusement park. “Do you want to make a wish to build an amusement park at the Dawn Base? The doll machines can be filled with chic and cute little skeletons.”

“Can I?”

“You can definitely do it if you make a wish.”

Chi Nan thought for a moment. “Yes. Then I want to raise squid in the dill machine. The kind that has dipping sauce provided and can be grilled to eat.” (TL: Youyu with different characters= squid)

You Yu, “……”

In the end, You Yu stopped by a long-deserted cistern in a corner of the amusement park. The previously dry cistern was refilled with rain water.

You Yu checked it for a moment. The plastic hose sticking out of the cistern was still about to release water normally.

His gaze moved to the balloons hanging on the trees again. The moment he had an idea in his heart, Chi Nan also guessed his plan and had doubts. “We are just sharing the senses now. Will my tears still work?”

“How can you know without giving it a try?” You Yu said. “The items are restricted so it seems we can only do it ourselves.”

“Brother Nan, it looked like a lot of fun when you had the water fight at the Angel Welfare Institute last time. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a chance to participate.”

Chi Nan knew his intentions and said, “This time, I’ll play with you.”

You Yu smiled. “Brother Nan is so good to me.”

Chi Nan, “……”

No 9 walked over when he saw You Yu talking to himself by the cistern. Somehow, he felt that the other person had an idea in his heart and asked, “What are we going to do now?”

You Yu answered, “We have come to the amusement park so we should naturally play.”

Soon, You Yu asked No 9 to have the remaining children who hadn’t fainted to remove the balloons from the tree, release the gas from them and keep them for later use.

No 9 was a good partner. He accepted the task and confirmed concisely, “How much is needed?”

“As much as possible, thank you.”

“Yes, I’ll do my best.” No 9 shook the shackles of his hands.

No 9 quickly summoned the remaining children to grab the balloons and deflate them. Meanwhile, You Yu smashed the candy vending machine in the amusement park. He confirmed that the candy was edible and opened the outer packaging, stuffing it into his mouth.

He sat on the edge of the cistern and his reflection was cast on the water by the colored lights.

The water wasn’t calm. The continuous raindrops broke his shadow and You Yu bit the candy while waiting for some type of emotion to come.”

“I only have the sensory sharing right to your body. I can’t make you shed tears through sugar,” Chi Nan said with regret.

You Yu looked up. The rain seeped into his eyes, just as he had looked into the void countless times in the past 229 days, only to see endless rain and night.

His eyes quickly became wet.

“I know. I just want to experience the feeling of eating sweet candy while shedding tears from Brother Nan’s right eye.”

You Yu’s eyelashes trembled slightly as he spoke. They were like butterfly wings that were wet by the rain and his tears dripped into the cistern along with the rain.

Chi Nan didn’t speak because he didn’t know how to respond.

This was the second time he had seen You Yu cry. He knew it was part of the plan but the tears still left him at a loss.

He couldn’t read You Yu’s emotions but he could faintly feel that You Yu’s tears seemed to be related to him.

He said, “Sorry.”

You Yu was stunned for a moment before smiling. “It seems that Brother Nan’s birthday wish can’t be fulfilled.”

He remembered Chi Nan making a wish on the birthday cake, hoping to not see him shed tears again.

He also found that his tears could move Chi Nan and this discovery made him feel like it was worthwhile to cry.

“Therefore, such a thing like shedding tears will be handed over to Brother Nan in the future.”

You Yu mixed the tears from his right eye into the rainwater in the cistern and seemed to be looking forward to it.

10 minutes later, the highly efficient No. 9 handed over 200 deflated balloons to You Yu. You Yu started to attach the balloons to the valve of the plastic hose, opened the tap and poured the water mixed with tears into the balloon.

No 9 watched his actions with some doubt. “What are you going to do with this?”

You Yu concentrated on making weapons. “You’ll know when the time comes.”


The bell rang at midnight on time. The black robed people outside the amusement park stopped their movements and started to recite the incantation reverently.

Time passed and they felt a strong resentment burst out from the earth, quickly surrounding this unfortunate amusement park. The 13 unlucky children who were chosen as sacrifices were about to meet the sacrifice of death in the midst of endless fear and despair.

In less than 10 minutes, there was a violent tapping sound from inside the large iron gate of the amusement park, followed by the numbing sound of nails rubbing against iron.

The person in charge frowned impatiently and spoke to the trainee around him who was participating in the sacrifice ceremony for the first time. “Every time the sacrifice occurs, the children will have a strong desire to survive under their extreme fear. Sometimes in order to escape from the amusement park, their 10 fingernails will be worn down and bleed. This means we have to clean the gate every time.”

The trainee felt pain from his fingers and looked reverently at the iron gate, his tone sincere and fanatical. “Their sacrifice is definitely worth it for the coming disaster. I would like to pray for them.”

He had just finished speaking when a decaying hand tore through the tight iron gate and popped out of the amusement park.

Before the people in black robes could react, rotten arms emerged from the iron gate one after another. The wet and bloody condition gave everyone the illusion that they had entered hell.

“W-What is going on?!”

The trainee was frightened and retreated to the side of the carriage to observe the development of the situation. Meanwhile, the black robed man in charge went forward to check the situation.

This type of sacrifice ceremony used children’s fear and souls. They had held it hundreds of times and their harvest was bountiful and successful every time. There had never been a situation where corpses tore at the gate. What was the problem?

Before he could organize his thoughts, a balloon filled with water passed through a hole in the gate and smashed accurately onto the face of the person in charge. The balloon instantly burst and covered him with water.

The person in charge had never suffered such humiliation and was about to curse. He had just opened his mouth in anger when the thick iron gate of the amusement park collapsed. The person in charge stepped back and rolled to the ground. If he hadn’t reacted sensitively, he would’ve been blown away by this gate.

The scene that followed could be said… the people in black robes present would never forget it.

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1 year ago

Anyone else thinking that You Yu is Number 9’s reincarnation?

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Yeah, I was thinking the same thing.

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+1 he’s really doomed to have mommy issues

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Yess,No. 9 is definitely You Yu’s past self! Maybe he fell in love with the dream god while painting him! And thus when he got reincarnated,the painting followed him again!