CNC: Chapter 110

Zi City Bug (6)

You Yu’s eyes were half lowered and the knife in his hand glowed in a dangerously cold manner.

The air froze in an instant and the campfire crackled in the silence.

“Who wants to be the first person to experience it?” You Yu seemed to smile.

His voice was low, but it was enough to make everyone feel terrified. No one dared to act rashly for the time being. They waited for others to test the bottom line of this arrogant and terrifying guy.

Hei Cha had an idea and immediately warned the group. “This guy is a crazy dream maker. I’ve seen his perverted means several times. We can’t afford to provoke him…”

After all, in the eyes of sleepwalkers, the dream makers were a privileged class that decided their life or death. They were the maintainer and enforcer of the rules of the entire Nightmare World, and an existence that couldn’t be questioned or resisted.

The bald man examined You Yu from top to bottom. “Are you really a dream maker?”

Before You Yu could speak, the silently watching Pei Mo said in a trembling voice, “It is true… I happened to meet him in the last instance before I died… His methods are really terrible… Don’t provoke him…”

The bald man looked at the shadows on the ground stretched out by the campfire and was silent for a moment. Then he stared straight at You Yu. “So what if you are a dream maker?”

Pei Mo heard the bald man’s arrogant tone and suddenly felt bad. He silently moved away to the side to avoid being affected.

“Based on what I know, we re-entered the ruined Zi City because the dream making system collapsed due to a serious bug. The system is paralyzed, so what is the difference between the dream makers and us?” The bald man’s eyes narrowed slightly and the corners of his lips rose in a mocking smile. “Now you are just a system lackey who has lost his combat effectiveness and has been abandoned, right?”

Everyone looked at the bald man with disbelief. His words made the people who were oppressed by the dream makers feel very relieved, but now the situation wasn’t clear. They didn’t dare to easily provoke a dream maker.

Unexpectedly, the scolded You Yu didn’t care very much. “This gentleman, please pay attention to your words—”

The bald man didn’t wait for him to finish and directly rushed out with his leg aimed at You Yu.

He despised this dream maker who looked gentle, had no combat skills, and seemed to only use the privileges of the system to play with them. He thought about the fact that he was someone who practiced martial arts in the real world and had long wanted to beat the dream makers to the ground and beat them up to relieve his anger.

Now, the system had collapsed and the dream maker’s authority must be greatly restricted. Otherwise, the other person wouldn’t have threatened a killer to find a clue to break the situation.

Everyone was equal right now, so he would use the opportunity to teach the other person a lesson and clear up old and new hatreds.

The bald man’s actions hardly gave the other person any time to react and he kicked at You Yu in a fast and tricky manner.

You Yu stood in place and methodically put on gloves. Chi Nan looked at his side profile that was half sunken in the shadows and saw a bit of impatience in his quiet expression.

The bald man was about to kick You Yu. You Yu, who was originally standing still, dodged and avoided it. At the same time, he used a gloved hand to restrain the bald man’s shoulder and kicked the back of the bald man’s kneecap with all his strength.

The bald man was caught off guard and struggled in the air. He was easily kicked to the ground by You Yu. At the same time, You Yu broke both his shoulders.

He struggled for a while and wanted to continue fighting, but unfortunately, You Yu was far above him in both skills and strength. You Yu soon broke several of his ribs and his ankles.

The man’s screams echoed through the narrow shelter, making one feel terrified.

Everyone stared at the bald man, who was paralyzed on the ground with tears and snot running down his face. A layer of cold sweat appeared on the backs of the sleepwalkers who had previously clamored to kill Chi Nan, and their voices got stuck in their throats.

Chi Nan turned to look at Rui Rui and Rui Rui’s mother, who were stunned in place. He covered his eyes with his hand as a signal and Rui Rui’s mother immediately reacted. She wrapped her arms around her daughter to block her eyes, not allowing her daughter to continue watching the bloody and violent scene.

You Yu was disgusted by the bald man’s screams and took off his gloves, shoving them directly into the man’s mouth.

He looked condescendingly at the bald man who was convulsing with pain and asked in a low voice, “What? Do you have the strength to beat people when you are full of anger?”

The bald man naturally couldn’t answer him. The man’s chest just rose and fell violently while his face was covered with water stains. He seemed to be in a lot of pain.

You Yu didn’t bother looking at this person again. He smiled slightly and looked at everyone else. “Who wants to try it?”

No one dared to make a sound again. Hei Cha felt that 229 was terrifying while also feeling relieved for Chi Nan.

This perverted dream maker was crazy, but it was obvious that he was really good to Chi Nan.

“That is just the appetizer,” You Yu continued calmly, “If you still want to experience dinner and dessert then I will accompany you to the end.”

Everyone: “……”

“After all, you are the customers of the Nightmare World. I serve the system and should meet all the needs of the customers. Once the system returns to normal, I can bring you more surprises.” You Yu changed to another pair of clean gloves, walked over to Chi Nan, and held his hand. “So don’t be polite to me.”

Chi Nan’s hand was held by him. “Thank you.”

You Yu showed him a gentle smile that was different from the one just now. “I already said that you don’t need to be polite.”

“Let’s go.” You Yu dragged Chi Nan toward the safe passage of the shelter.

They were no longer fit to stay in the shelter. You Yu wanted to take his ‘Lord God’ away.

Staying with the monsters and evil spirits was much safer than this group of humans.

Although the monsters and evil spirits didn’t think so…

“Chi Nan, I will go with you.” Hei Cha knew that these two people weren’t deserting, but were returning to the ground to find a way to break the situation other than killing the Lord God. He rushed to catch up with them. “If there is any danger, I can take care of it…”

Chi Nan told him, “It’s fine, we can handle it. It is much safer for you to stay in the shelter.”

Hei Cha shook his head. “No, you can’t go on an adventure every time. I…”

You Yu looked back. “Are you going to come and be a lightbulb?”

Hei Cha: “……” He was stunned and froze in place, speechless.

He was speechless even though he knew that 229 was saying this in accordance with Chi Nan’s intentions and it was in consideration for his safety.

Chi Nan instructed, “If any monsters try to invade, the liquid in your kettle can handle it.”

Hei Cha scratched his neck in a confused manner. “That… Is there anything else I can do?”

You Yu told him, “Look at the people here and don’t let them add trouble for us. Then wait for our news.”

Hei Cha’s lips moved. Finally, he swallowed down his worry and nodded.

“Chi Nan, if I can successfully wake up this time, I hope…I won’t forget you again,” Hei Cha anxiously stuttered.

Now that he had the memories of returning to reality, he knew that in another world, he had completely forgotten about Chi Nan.

Everything was smooth sailing. Life was plain and moving forward as he desired. It was just that he would occasionally wake up from a late night dream and inexplicably feel lost, as if he had forgotten an important friend.

He knew all too well the feeling of being powerless to remember.

Chi Nan looked back and his calm look and tone had the power of reassurance. “It doesn’t matter. I’ll go find you.”

His promise was the same as himself. It was light, but it didn’t feel casual or perfunctory.

“I’ll fix it,” Chi Nan added with some other emotion flashing in his green eyes.

Hei Cha nodded vigorously. “I believe you.”


The temperature on the ground had dropped a lot.

Green moonlight shrouded the ruined Zi City. There were no hunting teams or monsters around. Only fine snow drifted from the night sky. The entire doomsday city seemed even quieter under the fine snow.

It wasn’t known when the snow started falling. Chi Nan held his hand out to the snow and unexpectedly didn’t feel the cold.

The snowflakes melted into a small pool of water in the palm of his hand and was dyed an unreal green by the moonlight.

Soon, Chi Nan felt that the back of his hands, his shoulders, and his cheeks were all wet from the falling snow.

You Yu looked at him through the snow and moonlight and didn’t speak for a long time.

“Why are you crying?” You Yu asked Chi Nan. His voice was a bit deep and was instantly mixed with the wind and snow, making it sound not very real.

“Huh?” Chi Nan blinked like he had just woken from a dream. He suddenly realized that his eyelashes were wet and sticky.

He reached up to wipe the corners of his eyes. He didn’t remember what he was thinking about just now and didn’t know why tears flowed. It was just that some type of unspeakable emotion was suppressed in his chest. He thought that this was probably what people called sadness.

However, what was he upset about? He didn’t know.

“What is going on…?” Chi Nan murmured. It was as if he was overwhelmed by the uncontrollable tears.

You Yu had already taken out a handkerchief and carefully wiped away the tears for him.

“Is the bug in Zi City related to me?” Chi Nan looked at You Yu with wet eyes. His voice was a bit hoarse, like someone who had just woken up from a dream.

You Yu’s movement paused slightly. “I can’t answer that question now.”

At that time, he decided to let Pei Mo use the Book of Revelations. In addition to wanting to quickly determine the way to break the situation, he was also acting selfishly.

As a dream maker, it was necessary to closely monitor any sleepwalkers who caused serious bugs to the system. If necessary, he should take urgent measures to prevent the existence of possible threats and obliterate the sleepwalker who could create the bugs.

At the Dawn Base, 207 didn’t say it, but You Yu clearly understood.

It wasn’t a coincidence that after entering the Zi City that collapsed due to a bug, the moon was the same color as Chi Nan’s eyes.

Why was Chi Nan sealed in the Crying Boy? Why did the main system keep hiding the existence of the painting? What was Chi Nan’s true identity? If the system really wanted to erase the existence of the Crying Boy, why did it pull Chi Nan into the Nightmare World?

These contradictory questions might be answered in this bug.

The task of the surviving sleepwalkers was to ‘kill the Lord God.’ The so-called Lord God was full of hints and metaphors. You Yu must find the identity of the ‘Lord God.’

He was inexplicably afraid of the truth, but he was never a person to run away due to fear.

It was only by knowing the truth that he could find the solution. You Yu was convinced of this.

Moreover, he was now trapped in the collapsed Zi City and had completely lost contact with the outside world. Even if he really found something, the other sleepwalkers and the main system couldn’t detect it. This was the perfect opportunity.

Chi Nan’s tears had already stopped. “Based on your understanding of the system, what would be the rules for the selection of the Lord God?”

“It is a bug, so there are no rules to speak of.” You Yu looked down and Chi Nan couldn’t see his expression clearly.

“I see. That is bad luck…” Chi Nan looked up at the snow in the sky, as if he could see where they came from. “It seems that something has been different since coming out of the ghost tunnel.”

His voice wasn’t the same as before. There was a slight tiredness in the calm.

“Are you tired?” You Yu asked him.

Chi Nan shook his head. “I’m just a bit sad, but I don’t know where this emotion comes from.”

You Yu suddenly looked up. “What were you thinking when it started snowing at the Dawn Base?”

Chi Nan didn’t know why You Yu asked this question, but he answered truthfully, “I was thinking, if only it could snow at the Dawn Base.”

“Why?” You Yu frowned.

“I suddenly remembered that when you were a child, you said you wanted to play in the snow.”

You Yu’s expression froze. He stared at Chi Nan for a moment before smiling. “Thank you.”

He had almost confirmed the conjecture in his mind.

Chi Nan didn’t know why You Yu thanked him. After all, the snow was just a coincidence.

“Brother Nan, where do you most want to go now?” You Yu looked into the darkness of the deserted Zi City and asked Chi Nan.

Chi Nan thought about it very seriously and answered according to his heart, “North District 3, Building 57, Room 206.”

“Okay, let’s go.”

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