CNC: Chapter 11

Just after Old Yu finished speaking, Chi Nan sniffed hard and two streams of blood flowed down.

“I just praised you casually and you got a nosebleed?” Old Yu didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

Hei Cha held his forehead. “Is it the blood that wasn’t cleaned just now… f*k, why are you bleeding even more?”

Chi Nan took a tissue from Song Yue and wiped his nose. “Perhaps I stayed up too late these days.”

“No.” Old Yu frowned. “There is a reason for any abnormal physical reaction in the Nightmare World. I just said you have talent. Don’t take it lightly.”

“Perhaps it is the bowl of medicine…” Hei Cha’s expression changed dramatically as he looked worriedly at Chi Nan, who kept wiping his nose.

Chi Nan blocked his nose with a tissue and raised his head to stop the bleeding. “The medicine is too strong.”

Hei Cha, “……”

“Now there are only eight wall lamps left in the living room.” Cheng Xu lay against the guardrail, his expression not very good. “There were 10 people when we came in, plus the three members of Bai Yingzhi’s family and the maid. This villa has a total of 14 people.”

The young man who rarely spoke frowned. “Hei Cha said there was a report in the news. In the fire at Bai Yingzhi’s villa, 13 people died. In other words, only one of us can live in the end?”

Everyone had vaguely guessed some things but they didn’t dare express their terrible thoughts. It was as if once their words were exposed, it would become real.

Cheng Xu told them, “Don’t forget, it was the young master who survived in the end?”

Nan Lu opened her mouth. “Do we have to kill the young master NPC and fight for the only survival spot?”

Everyone fell silent. A moment later, Old Yu said, “As far as I know, even difficult battle royales in the Nightmare World won’t have only one person surviving.”

There was a pause before he thought of something. He pulled out his script and turned straight to the end. “Have you noticed that the resume after the script isn’t quite right?”

“What isn’t right?” Hearing this, everyone turned to the object they had regarded as ominous and never wanted to take another look. They wanted to tear up and burn the script but the more they looked, the more confused they became.

Song Yue said, “I have read this resume before but it obviously isn’t my own. I think it should be the ‘identity’ assigned to me in the Nightmare instance. This identity matches Bai Yingzhi’s statement. However, there isn’t anything apart from the name, gender, birthday, graduate school and professional information so I didn’t worry too much.”

The social animal Song Yue added, “If I really used this resume to find a job, I would starve to death.”

“Useful information is often hidden in the most common details.” Old Yu raised an eyebrow. “When writing a resume, do you write your detailed date of birth?”

Song Yue opened the resume again and her expression became even more confused. “I wouldn’t have paid attention to this if you hadn’t mentioned it. I have seen many people write the year, month and day on resumes but this even has the time written…” She shook her head. “Is it an act of confusion?”

Chi Nan turned to Hei Cha when he heard this. “Do you know how to read the birth date fortune?”

Hei Cha became confused at the sudden question. “Eh? Yes, do you want me to calculate it?”

Chi Nan nodded. “Yes, calculate the birth dates on the resumes. Perhaps there will be some clues.”

Hei Cha understood the meaning and started to study the birth dates on the resumes. The more he looked, the gloomier his face became. “F*k, our assigned identities… they are people with extremely yin birth dates.”

The group was shocked and Song Yue asked hurriedly, “People of extreme yin… does that mean it is easy to see ghosts?”

Hei Cha nodded. “Not only is it easy to see ghosts but it is also easy to be possessed by ghosts… in short, it is the most appetizing people for ghosts.”

The moment he finished speaking, a cold wind blew from the end of the enclosed corridor and everyone got goosebumps.

“What do you mean? Why are only people with a ghost physique gathered here…” Nan Lu was already crying as she held her trembling arms.

Chi Nan said, “We are the ‘guests’ invited by Bai Yingzhi. She should be someone who wants to use our extremely yin physique to complete some type of sacrifice.

“Then it makes sense that she doesn’t allow us to leave any food left over. There is a folk saying that sacrifices can’t go hungry.” Old Yu agreed.

A chill went down Hei Cha’s spine as he got goosebumps. “Bai Yingzhi wants to sacrifice us to evil spirits to save her son?”

“Then isn’t the truth of the accident that year revealed? Bai Yingzhi invited 10 students with extreme yin. These brothers and sisters came to the house to audition but they were in fact used to replace her son, who is possessed by evil spirits? In the end, the young master was saved but Bai Yingzhi and her husband were lost.” Song Yue concluded, excitement filling her eyes.”

Hei Cha agreed. “I think it is 80-90% correct.”

Chi Nan shook his head. “Impossible.”

“Why? Isn’t it basically possible?” Hei Cha looked at Chi Nan in confusion.

“Don’t forget the ‘Mom killed me.’”

Hei Cha choked up and he rubbed his face impatiently. “Why is it going round and round…”

“Is it possible that the young master misunderstood?” Song Yue asked doubtfully.

Old Yu shook his head. “The Nightmare instance won’t give such low-level obfuscating information.”

Everyone was feeling stunned when Chi Nan spoke calmly, “We have checked elsewhere in the house. It seems we have to go into the bedroom of the Bai Yingzhi husband and wife to know the truth.”

“Why is it you again? Last time, you went into the young master’s room. Have you become addicted?” Hei Cha was speechless.

“It is very enjoyable,” Chi Nan answered truthfully.

Hei Cha, “……” He couldn’t talk any longer.

Chi Nan explained, “Bai Yingzhi should go to film during the day and her bedroom isn’t monitored. We can go in to find clues while she is away.”

“How do you know that her bedroom isn’t monitored?” Hei Cha wondered strangely.

Chi Nan cocked his head. “Oh, the young master said it.

Everyone, “???” How did this little blind man walk through the back door so often?

Exhaustion would also affect the fluctuations in awakening value so in order to save energy, everyone went back to their rooms to rest.

The next day at dawn, everyone gathered in the dining room. Chi Nan was the last to arrive and his pale face was red.

“What’s wrong with you? Do you have a fever?” Hei Cha asked with concern.

Chi Nan sat down and drank a large glass of water. “It’s fine. I have already asked Aunt Mei to get me the anti-fever medicine.”

“You dare to take medicine in a place like this…” Hei Cha really couldn’t help this blind man.

Chi Nan shrugged. “I asked. It is medicine from a serious manufacturer and it hasn’t expired.”

After breakfast, Chi Nan’s temperature dropped slightly and everyone started to plan how to sneak into Bai Yingzhi’s bedroom.

They divided into two groups. Old Yu, Hei Cha and Chi Nan would go into the bedroom to find clues. Meanwhile, Cheng Xu, An Ran, Nan Lu and the young man were responsible for drawing Aunt Mei’s attention.

Bai Yingzhi and her husband went out early in the morning and her bedroom was locked. Fortunately, Hei Cha had been exploring unoccupied murder houses because of streaming and his technique of unlocking doors was very good.

“I know a bit. I can do simple locks but more complicated locks can’t be helped.” Hei Cha said while inserting a wire into the keyhole and twisting it. “It’s strange. The other doors in the villa had complicated locks. Only the master bedroom has a simple lock like it is deliberately inviting us to pry.”

Old Yu smiled. “Maybe it is intentional.”

There was a click and the door of the master bedroom opened.

Old Yu and Hei Cha were startled. Only Chi Nan walked into the room without hesitation.

Hei Cha followed Chi Nan. The moment Old Yu entered the bedroom, the door behind him closed tightly. The room fell into darkness. There was only the dripping sound of water in the silence. It was like the tap hadn’t been tightened… Hei Cha couldn’t help shivering In order to distract himself, he joked, “Which one of you peed your pants? It is dripping.”

“Shh.” Old Yu impatiently told him to be quiet.

Drip, drip.

It was obviously a closed room with closed curtains but Hei Cha felt wind in the room. It was cold and humid, making him shiver.

In the darkness, Chi Nan felt for the light switch as soon as possible. Yet the moment the light filled the bedroom, Old Yu and Hei Cha sucked in a breath at the same time.

There were ten tablets on the dresser with the names of the sacrificed and the details of their birth dates engraved on it. Right in front of the memorial tablets was a glass fish tank half the height of a person. It was filled with fishy, bright red liquid. Hei Cha looked at the fish tank and his face turned green. The strong visual impact almost made him vomit!

Just above the fish tank hung dozens of fresh or rotten crow bodies. They were cut open at the abdomen and hung in the air with their legs tied with intestines. Blood dripped from a high place and splashed blood on the white wall. At first glance, it looked like a wall covered with dark red flower wallpaper…

Drip, drip.

“Sure enough, the memorial tablets have the names on our resumes. We are all sacrificial guests.” Old Yu’s tolerance was better than Old Yu but his voice changed at this moment. “Why… is there the name You Yu?”

Not only did the altar have the name ‘You Yu’ but it was also plastered with photos of him. It was from birth and a toddler to when he was seven or eight years old. The growth process of You Yu was recorded on the photos and stuck on the wall facing the altar.

Without exception, every photo of You Yu was covered with red bloody handprints!

“What is going on?”

Hei Cha tried to endure the physical and mental discomfort as he stepped forward to take a look. Once the layout of the entire altar was clearly seen, a chill rushed from the soles of his feet to the top of his head. He trembled with disgust. “The owner of this room intends to use the young master as the main sacrifice. Us guests will be ‘sacrifices’ to attract 100 ghosts to ‘eat’ and repay the debt to the evil spirit.”

Old Yu frowned. “So Bai Yingzhi really isn’t trying to save her son?”

“What f*king save. I now suspect that Bai Yingzhi gave birth to her son to sacrifice to the evil spirit.’ Hei Cha was agitated at first but now he was disgusted and angry. “Take a look. Is there a small black box full of spells on the altar? There should be a contract in it. This is needed for the ceremony.”

Old Yu responded and Chi Nan also tried to help find clues.

“Chi Nan, are you okay? Your expression looks really bad.” Hei Cha glanced at the pale Chi Nan with worry.

“I’m fine. Maybe it is because of the light.”

Chi Nan’s heart was dull after entering the room. It was as if he couldn’t breathe under the pressure of something. The heat in his body also rushed up and caused him to be a bit dizzy. However, he was only one step away from the truth of that year. He didn’t want to miss it. As Chi Nan moved his hands to the wall facing the altar, his movements slowed as his feverish fingers slowly stroked the wall of You Yu’s photos.

“Did you find something?” Old Yu noticed his movements.

Chi Nan’s eyelashes trembled. “I seem to…”

He seemed to hear little You Yu’s voice… although he couldn’t tell what You Yu was saying.

It was like little You Yu from another time and space was standing behind this wall and trying to tell him something…

Before Chi Nan finished speaking, there was a bang from the fish tank followed by bubbles appearing in the thick blood. The oxygen pump in the fish tank was somehow turned on. A cold blue light at the bottom of the tank also lit up, allowing people to see the skin tissue and hair in the water…

Old Yu and Hei Cha looked at each other and made a ‘vomit’ gesture.

“F*k, I don’t want to eat meat for half a year…” Hei Cha felt nauseous.

Old Yu continued the topic just now, “Chi Nan, what did you want to say?”

Chi Nan told him, “The contract might be hidden in this way.”

There was a moment of silence before Old Yu suddenly raised his head. “The light of the fish tank!”

“Huh?” Hei Cha was stunned.

“Look, the fish tank shot a beam of light and it happened to hit the photo wall. This shouldn’t be a coincidence?”

Old Yu’s eyes fell on the photo touched by the beam. A huge birthday cake was placed in front of You Yu with eight candles burning on it. In the candlelight, You Yu had his eyes closed as he made a wish.

The eighth birthday? Hei Cha understood. He tore off the photo and saw a hidden space on the wall.

“I found it! This is it!”

Hei Cha took out a small box covered in spells and opened the lid without hesitation. There wasn’t much space in the box. There was a piece of yellow paper folded over and pressed to the bottom of the box. There was also a bunch of hair and pulled fingernails on top of the paper.

“These are Bai Yingzhi’s contract objects.”

Hei Cha just wanted to reach out to take them when Chi Nan handed him disposable gloves. “Maybe this can be used.”

“…Thank you.”

Hei Cha put on the gloves and threw Bai Yingzhi’s hair tissue and fingernails into the fish tank with disgust.

The contract was made of special talisman paper and red words were written on it. Hei Cha’s expression became heavier as he read it and the truth about the possession of the evil spirits in the past was revealed.

The arrival of You Yu in this world was indeed a deal between Bai Yingzhi and the evil spirits.

The author has something to say:

Everyone: What is your relationship with the young master?

Chi Nan: Probably… a physical relationship?

Everyone, “???”

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1 year ago

Well we all suspected it didn’t we? Bai Yingzhi seemed super sus when she was squeezing out blood from her son on a talisman,couple it with You Yu’s cycical attitude towards her and that Mother kill me.Poor boy