CAMP: Chapter 99

It was as Lin Yan said. The match with QOG was arranged as the first match of the last week of the regular season, which really made the players feel a bit excited. However, they always needed to proceed step by step in reality. Before facing this team from the netherworld, they needed to complete the next match of this week against the opponent UL team.

There was a lot of scolding on the Internet because GH had lost to Three. The various media that had previously been praising them also fell silent. This type of public opinion environment made the GH fans inevitably worry about the players.

On the day of the match, a group of people waited early on at the gate of the stadium. They raised the support cards in their hands and shouted loudly for GH.

At first glance, the scene was full of signs such as ‘Just win it back’, ‘Continue with the goal of the world championship’, ‘Go Home will send the opponents home’ etc. The atmosphere at the scene was filled with an unprecedented warmth.

The young players were being treated like this for the first time and felt somewhat flattered. In particular, Bi Yaohua. He looked at the sign that said ‘BB let’s go’ and almost burst into tears. “F*k, who can stand it when they’re so gentle all of a sudden?”

The others were also very moved. Then they froze at these words before laughing in unison. Still, they had never seen Brother Trash Talk so sentimental.

GH greeted the fans through the car window and walked through the safe passage toward the lounge. It was soon the preparation time and they were guided to the stage by the staff.

The UL team was one of the veteran teams in the league. It didn’t have any particularly outstanding players but it always played very steadily. It could be regarded as a regular visitor of the playoffs. This year’s UL promoted two rookies and retired two veterans. There might’ve been many changes in personnel but the overall cooperation wasn’t bad and their performance this season was still stable.

The GH team had just lost a match and was in a situation of being scolded on the Internet. It wasn’t known how many black fans were looking forward to them falling again in the hands of UL. Unfortunately, they didn’t live up to the sunspots’ intentions. Not only did the GH team show no signs of frustration but they were actually more excited than previous matches. Under their unstoppable momentum, it took them only 40 minutes to push directly to UL’s high ground and simply win the match.

Gu Luo seemed to have held his breath before finally releasing it today. His entire performance was brilliant. Once the output statistics were calculated, it was found that the mid-laner accounted for 58% of the total output damage. This was definitely a very surprising number for an assassin-type mage.

Gu Luo took the MVP and was interviewed again. The look in his eyes was clearly much firmer than his immature self at the beginning.

The host asked him what he wanted to say at this time and he stared into the cameraman’s lens firmly. “Coach said that every failure is for better progress. Therefore, our GH has never been afraid of failure. It is because our goal is to be the final champions!”

His words were powerful and the very firm heart behind the fierce expression could be felt through the screen.

Gu Luo returned to the lounge and met a line of unified gazes the moment he entered through the door. This made him pause and he became a bit awkward as he asked, “Why? What’s wrong? During my interview just now… did I say something that shouldn’t be said?”

Jian Ye laughed loudly. “No no, on the contrary, this time your words were too good!”

Gu Luo’s eyes lit up. “Is that so?”

“Really.” Jing Yuanzhou was sitting on the sofa and playing with his phone. He didn’t forget to express certainty. “It’s so good that the sunspots online are completely blown up. It’s great.”

Lin Yan added. “Really beautiful! The hot search will appear soon. I can guess that it’ll be something like #The GH team is shameless, they are so proud to lose a match#. It is good since I can save on advertising costs!”

The smile on Gu Luo’s face stopped and a question mark slowly appeared in his heart.

Bi Yaohua shook his head while reading the comments. “Gloy, I never knew that your ability to create a wave is so f*king accurate. There is a lot of hatred and it is powerful! One sentence blasted the entire group of sunspots. These people were jumping up and down about the match we lost to Three and now your interview completely shows how short-sighted those remarks were. It’s stabbing them in the heart with a knife.”

Gu Luo wondered, “So now the Internet is scolding me?”

Lin Yan answered, “Yes, perhaps you should uninstall Weibo for the next few days.”

“No.” There was none of the expected nervousness. Instead, Gu Luo reacted with excitement. He quickly took his phone out of his backpack and said, “Finally, I was waiting for them to scold me. Let me see what they’re saying.”

Lin Yan couldn’t respond for a while. “Waiting?”

Gu Luo had already started to play with his phone. A smile slowly appeared on his face as he glanced at Bi Yaohua. “Brother Trash Talk, they really are scolding me more fiercely than they’re scolding you!”

Bi Yaohua gave a thumbs up. “Great!”

Lin Yan glanced around several times. “Who can translate your happiness for me?”

Gu Luo replied, “Coach, it is like this. Brother Trash Talk previously said that all the jumping that the sunspots are doing is just paving the way for the future slap on the face. I thought about it carefully and it really makes sense!”

Jian Ye had been stunned by the words and deeds of the two people. Now he heard this and instantly understood. “F*k, this logic is indeed okay. Ah, why didn’t I think about it before?”

Gu Luo suggested, “Brother Gun, let’s look together.”

Chen Yushen to the side never spoke but he suddenly exited the news interface he was browsing and switched to Weibo.

Jing Yuanzhou didn’t follow their actions. His shoulders trembled slightly as he smiled and patted Lin Yan’s back lightly in a sign of comfort.

Lin Yan, “……”

Even Lin Yan didn’t expect for his team culture to change so suddenly. He was silent for a moment before turning to Bi Yaohua. “BB, you are good. It is a shame to let you just play the game when you’re so talented. Shouldn’t you be given a part-time job as the team’s psychological counselor?”

Bi Yaohua cleared his throat and said politely, “It is just average, just average.”


The third week ended and the GH team returned to Ningcheng. The venues for the regular season were distributed between three cities and were changed every Monday. Now the cycle was back to its original point. The venue for next week’s matches were in the same city so the players could do the final preparations at their own base.

It wasn’t obvious on the surface but everyone had actually sighed with relief after losing the game against Three. Their training content in these two days were completed more positively than ever.

Ever since activating the ‘laughing at the black fans buff’, everyone was no longer afraid of being scolded. In the past, all of them wanted to avoid hearing the replays. Now they were eager to be criticized. The more severe, the better.

Lin Yan saw this change in mentality and was very satisfied. It had to be said that they didn’t really lose in this match against Three.

They trained with urgency and the final week of the regular season kicked off in a flash. So far in the standings, all the teams had more or less suffered defeats apart from the Three and PAY teams that still maintained a complete victory.

The competition was indeed fierce in the second half of the regular season, especially in the third week that just ended. BK lost to SUU and PAY, losing two matches in a row. LDF lost to Three and won against SUU. Most major teams had defeats.

The points went through changes and shifted so that GH was tied for third place. In fact, this ranking was also a hard hit on the faces of the sunspots.

Everyone in GH was naturally happy to hear about this but they were more concerned about QOG’s points situation. They hadn’t paid attention to it before but now they could see that QOG’s performance this season was indeed not satisfactory.

After playing for three weeks, they were currently in ninth place. If they couldn’t make it to the top eight then it would be a direct goodbye to the playoffs. In this way, the fourth of the competition was undoubtedly important for QOG.

However, the QOG team had finished all matches with other teams and their match with GH was their last match in the regular season. If they won, they still might not be able to enter the playoffs but if they lost, they were doomed to miss it.

At this time, everyone in GH had arrived at the competition venue and was walking toward the lounge.

Bi Yaohua watched QOG’s result and couldn’t help saying happily, “I think QOG’s acting was off this season. They are stuck in such an awkward position. It seems that after playing today, they really can pack up their things and roll home.”

There were no staff members around so Lin Yan was happy to let him talk. He glanced back at Bi Yaohua, “That’s why QOG will try to get a crucial point from us today. After all, from a certain point of view, this is the only chance for them to qualify for the playoffs.”

Jian Ye was emotional. “Brother Trash Talk, don’t you think this is a really evil fate? Earlier you said that you wanted to send them home with your own hands and now it is about to come true?”

Bi Yaohua smiled. “How great. God is standing on our side. I have to say that this feeling of erasing their last hope is really enjoyable!”

Gu Luo had recently been playing with Bi Yaohua a lot and he got straight to the topic. “They deserve it! This netherworld team isn’t worthy of winning!”

Bi Yaohua sincerely praised him. “Little Gloy, you are becoming more and more like me!”

Chen Yushen couldn’t help complaining. “Don’t bring him down with you…”

The group of people laughed as they walked forward and the atmosphere was lively for a while. They were just about to reach the lounge when they encountered a group of people. This was probably the legendary ‘enemies meet on a narrow road.’

QOG  hadn’t appeared again since their last encounter. The main reason was that the GH team was too much in the limelight. This made them worried about the battle that would take place sooner or later. Since they had no confidence to win, talking less and making less mistakes would allow them to avoid the possibility of being forcibly slapped in the face.

Thus, QOG avoided Bi Yaohua even more than before. It was quiet for a while. If it was really necessary to trace the intersection between the two teams, it was probably that QOG’s captain Roser secretly liked a comment on Weibo that had scolded BB.

Roser actually didn’t want to meet the GH team on such an occasion, especially Bi Yaohua. The moment they faced each other, he instinctively paused. His face tensed up and he wanted to walk away as if nothing happened.

They were just passing by each other when Bi Yaohua reached out and stopped him. Roser was alert when he looked up. His team was currently followed by two staff members. If Bi Yaohua dared to mock him at this time, he would report it and request for a ban.

After all, today was their chance to qualify for the playoffs and the odds of winning were slim. If they could force the Trash Talk King to be suspended for this match then they would have a much higher chance of winning five against four. Even if he had to take a beating on the mouth, he would definitely make it worth it!

In such a solemn atmosphere, Bi Yaohua opened his mouth. However, his words weren’t what Roser expected. The smile matched the arrogantly colored head and made him more flamboyant than ever. His demeanor might be provocative but the words that came out were polite and appropriate, making people feel disbelief. “Roser, it has been a while. How are you? Do you remember our previous agreement?”

He never thought it would be a sentence like this.

Roser paused for a moment before blurting out, “What agreement?”

The smile on Bi Yaohua’s face became more wanton. He paused before enunciating each word clearly, “Of course, it’s the agreement to send you home.”

Roser who wanted to give himself a big slap on the spot, “……”

F*k, why did he have to draw out these pretentious words?!

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