CAMP: Chapter 97

The battle for the ranking that lasted all night ended with the hour hand pointing at 00:00. In the process, the ranking statistics post of the Burning Hot forum had been continuously updated. The most watched was undoubtedly the screenshot of the final rankings.

In the past, the top 10 rankings didn’t change much in the short term. Now thanks to the blessing from South Korean, all the places had been filled with new blood. Due to the ranking gap, Jian Ning was unable to team up with Jian Ye. In the end, Labor and Capital Number One in the Country fell from first to second place.

Instead, it was AI who got first in the national server with an absolute high score. AI’s ranking was already in the top 10. This result wasn’t surprising after a night of ranking battles. Meanwhile, DeMen who teamed up with him also entered the top 10 and finally stopped at 6th place.

After that, Wuhoo was 7th, Jing Yuanzhou was 9th, Come was 12th and Luni was 13th.

In addition, other professional players could be found on the rankings. LDF’s ROMM was 22nd, BK’s Ku Tianlu was 23rd and Lan Min was 18th. On SUU’s side, it wasn’t good for the Korean aid players to participate in the dispute. In the end, Peng He was the one mainly responsible for it and he reached 24th…

However, in this ranking competition, the most surprising was the new team of GH.

After the addition of the new passersby king Labor and Capital Number One in the Country, GH became the only professional team beside PAY who had two people in the top 10. The final rankings of the other team members was also very beautiful. The mid-laner Gloy was ranked 26th, the jungler Abyss was 19th, the shooter BB was ranked 30th and the support Gun was ranked 38th.

In such a gathering of masters, all members of GH made it to the top 50 in one night. This was undoubtedly a very scary result. Once such data was clearly placed in front of them, the onlookers outside the circle couldn’t help being shocked. It was also at this time that they found that the overall personal strength of GH’s players was actually strong to this extent?

On the other hand, thanks to the beautiful response of the professional players, those from South Korea were completely hit in the face. According to statistics, there were a total of six South Korean professional teams who came to the national server to play this time as well as countless high level players who came to join in on the fun. Yet in the final rankings, none of them entered the top 10. They were all blocked by the national server players outside the top 10.

Among them, the 11th ranked Nilay was the one with the highest rank. This was the second time that Nilay stood at this distance outside the top 10.

It was a pity that his first opportunity for promotion was stifled by Lin Yan and Jing Yuanzhou. Nilay lost too many points at once due to his tragic statistics in that game. There was such a large points difference that even if he maintained a winning streak after that, he still missed out on the top 10 before the deadline.

11th place was just a hair’s breadth away from 10th but it was always a thousand miles away.

This result combined with Nilay’s public statement that he must enter the top 10 and it didn’t require domestic netizens to come forward. Korean netizens already completely captured his comments area on Twitter.

The video of the promotion fiasco went viral everywhere. Nilay, the party in question, changed from his past arrogance. After the official announcement of the final rankings, he seemed to disappear from the Internet. He never appeared in the midst of the swearing and scolding.

It was at this time that netizens discovered the South Korean players on the rankings, including Nilay, renamed their accounts and hadn’t logged in since. It was a complete victory. This was undoubtedly an extreme celebration in the Chinese e-sports circle!

Lin Yan woke up and saw the situation that had changed dramatically. His sleep had been too heavy so he couldn’t react for a moment in his dazed state. “This… they all went back?”

At this point, Jing Yuanzhou had already come back from his run and put the breakfast he bought on the table. “Their faces have already been beaten and it doesn’t make sense for them to continue. The Korean division is also entering the autumn competition. Although all the teams that came here to play, except for WIN, only have average strength, they still need time to prepare for the professional league. It isn’t worth spending too much time here.”

“That is true…” Lin Yan sighed emotionally. “In this case, it is estimated that the next bloody storm will be at the World Competition.”

The South Korean division had lost face this time. Not all the teams could be blamed but it was a matter regarding the honor of the division. Even if the top teams hadn’t been willing to participate, they had to find a way to restore this honor.

Lin Yan thought up to here and couldn’t help shaking his head. Then he turned around and happened to see Jing Yuanzhou opening the soy milk and deep-fried breadsticks on the table. He couldn’t help his stomach growling.

He rubbed his messy hair and went to the bathroom. Once he finished washing up, he sat at the table and ate a delicious breakfast. Then he continued to hold his phone as he read the news on the Internet. “Speaking of which, did the e-sports media have to work overtime yesterday? The amount of information they obtained is quite complete!”

Jing Yuanzhou thought that Lin Yan was talking about the series of events derived from the ranking competition. He didn’t take it to heart until the phone was handed over to him.

On the screen, the title of ‘Titans reappears, the king of the past returns again’ was very eye-catching. The record of this report was very complete. It ranged from Jing Yuanzhou’s excellent performance in the match against BK yesterday afternoon, the operations that were described as heavenly after meeting Nilay in the evening to the strong crushing in the top lane that led to the top score… it was all listed.

Even if the author of the article wasn’t a die-hard fan of Jing Yuanzhou, it was estimated that he had been paying attention to Jing Yuanzhou for at least a few years. There was a sense of truth in the entire text and the author found it hard to maintain absolute sanity. Not only did he give supreme affirmation to Titans who had a strong style in his early years, but it was hard not to feel the excitement and crying emotion from the heart for the return of the former king.

The last sentence of the article read:

“Perhaps it is only now that I will thank the management of the BK team. After coming to the GH team, the once shining Titans finally found his soul! In this year’s World Competition finals, there must be the GH team fighting at the top of the world!”

The comments area might have some sunspots but it was almost completely occupied by Titans fans. Such a report undoubtedly resonated too much with them.

[Ahhh, yes. I am looking forward to the GH team entering the finals.]

[Looking back now, I always feel that Titans did suffer a lot of grievances when he was at BK.]

[I was wrong. I previously questioned Titans choice to transfer. Now… I don’t know what to say. I just want to shout that my parents love is awesome!]

[I don’t intend to target the players. I just want to scold the BK team’s stupid management!]

[It isn’t just the management that is stupid. I feel that the coaching team had some problems with the BP in the finals last season.]

[F*k, I didn’t think too much before. Now that I look at it, why do I feel like the transfer at that time has something hidden?]

[Come on, the past is over. TItans is doing well and that is enough!]

[That’s right. My anger at the redhead was relieved last night. Now I’m not asking for anything else. I’m just waiting for my god again!]

[What do you mean by waiting for your god? Titans was originally a god-level player! If you want to wait, you should wait for him to ascend to the top of the gods!]

[Haha, yes, ascend to the top of the gods! The Go Home team should rush for it!]

[I’m laughing to death. The Go Home team fans are booking a spot in the World Competition in advance? Aren’t they afraid of breaking their waists?]

[What does it have to do with you sunspots? If we want to book it then we will book it. In addition, it doesn’t affect me from calling BK’s management stupid!]

]Hahaha, isn’t it as I said? Titans is so awesome. Isn’t the management of the BK team  crying?]

[I guess so. I don’t know what they were thinking releasing the big demon king. It isn’t that Mini is bad but Titans is definitely stronger!]

[What if BK feels that their championship trophies aren’t lacking? (dog head.jpg)]

Lin Yan had slept and eaten enough. He was obviously in a good mood at the moment and showed a smile. “To be honest, it is really touching. I thought that such a big battle would be the hot topic. I didn’t expect people to notice such a thing. Sure enough, everyone’s eyes were very poisonous. I’m pleased to see someone else scold BK’s management.”

Jing Yuanzhou knew many friends who liked to hold grudges but Lin Yan’s attitude of haggling over every cent made his heart itch. He handed over a deep-fried breadstick and watched Lin Yan bite it. He couldn’t help smiling silently. “You still hate them so much now?”

“I hate them. Why can’t I hate them? Do I have to like people who aren’t good to you?” Lin Yan raised his eyebrow arrogantly. He thought about it and laughed a bit. “I might hate them but I admit that I need to thank them.”


“I have to thank them for the sudden rushing of water in their brain so that they didn’t know how to cherish you and sent you to me.” The more Lin Yan thought about it, the happier he became. A willful look appeared in his eyes. “Do you remember? At that time, I said that GH was definitely your best choice.”

“I remember.” Jing Yuanzhou was taken aback for a moment before the look in his eyes gradually softened. “I can only say that I chose the right one.”


The mockery on the Internet lasted two days before the tumult of the ranking competition died down.

After all, the autumn competition had to continue. The attention of the netizens gradually returned to the regular season which had entered the second half of the season.

Unsurprisingly, the GH team that had competed for the top spots in the ranking competition were high-profile. It made passersby who originally disapproved of the new team to finally start paying attention to them positively.

The major e-sports media kept up with the trend. They took advantage of this wave of popularity to exaggerate the strength of the GH team. This made more people finally notice the young players in the GH team apart from Jing Yuanzhou.

More people followed the trend and the topic became hotter. Public opinion about the ‘rising star’ and ‘strongest dark horse’ spread like wildfire. Passersby were originally scornful of this e-sports variety show team. Now under the excessive praise, they were full of expectations. Such a strong wind direction overwhelmed the sunspots jumping up and down and they could only shut their mouths unwillingly.

Yet it was under such excessive attention that GH ushered in their first defeat. In the second match of the third week of the regular season, they met the Three team. In the face of this top team with the godly duo of Wuhoo and Come, GH lost in an undignified manner.

Proofreader: Nao

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… sabía que en algún momento perderian, pero– esto fue demasiado repentino (ب_ب)

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the ointment in JY's fingertips
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