CAMP: Chapter 93

GH wasn’t the first team to participate in the sniper operation, nor were they the last. As early as when all of the PAY members started broadcasting, the entire forum was filled with various posts. The topics revolved around tonight’s anti-Korea plan.

[Report! Following the broadcast of the GH team, Three ended their match and collectively went online as well!]

[Ahhh, this time it is becoming louder and louder! I’m jumping between the major live broadcasts and my hair is standing up!]

[Don’t say anything else. Some Koreans are really arrogant. I was watching the live broadcasts just now and saw them mocking the anchors in English.]

[F*k, it’s really poisonous! Let those who team with a Korean professional player play with them! I don’t believe they can’t play them!]

[No no no, no one is calling for others to be actors right? Won’t your account be sealed?] (Actors= those who deliberately play bad to make their team lose!)

[??? Is the upstairs person serious?]

[Acting? It is still the autumn competition right now! If professional players are suspected of hiring actors, do you want to cause the club to be banned?!]

[Don’t mention professional players. The live broadcasting platform is also very strict with punishing actors for negative games, okay?]

[Moreover, they are all in the top 100 of the ladder. If the reputation points are less than 100 then you are banned from ranking in this bracket.]

[It’s true. If you are reported for throwing a game and banned for four games, do you have to play four games to make up enough points to play a ranking game?

[Hahaha, it is inexplicably funny.]

[What the hell… are you really discussing this? E-sports speaks with strength. It really isn’t appropriate to act!]

[If others see this, I’m afraid they will go back and tweet that we can’t afford to lose.]

[We must beat them out of our division righteously! How else do we extinguish their spirits?!]

[Okay, don’t worry about this mess. Did you see the statistics post of the poster next door? All the game statistics of the high ranked players are there. It’s awesome!]

The discussion on the forum was very exciting while the professional players were in the high-intensity rhythm of scoring points.

Lin Yan and Jing Yuanzhou entered the queue together and quickly completed the matching. The main goal tonight was to rush up the rankings so it was naturally different from the previous live broadcasts.

Lin Yan wasn’t polite. After entering, he took the initiative to ask for the position of jungler. Jing Yuanzhou noticed the position mark on the screen and was silent for a moment. “There’s no need to play jungler. It’s fine to fill up the position.”

Lin Yan knew Jing Yuanzhou was worried he wouldn’t be able to stand playing all night. After all, the jungler drove the rhythm of the game so the intensity of the operation throughout the game was naturally much higher than ordinary positions such as the support. However, this happened to be the easiest position to score when teaming up in a pair like this.

Lin Yan simply stretched his bones. “It’s fine. I can play a bit faster as the jungler.”

Jing Yuanzhou paused and didn’t say anything else. The three teammates they matched with in this game were all national server players. Although no one was prepared to be actors, the absence of Korean players meant the entire atmosphere of the game was a lot more pleasant.

There was Jing Yuanzhou in the top lane so Lin Yan was naturally relieved. His jungler was completely liberated and the main rhythm points were decisively placed in the middle and bottom lanes. He widened the gap in an instant.

The first game was won in 35 minutes. The statistics were settled. Lin Yan suspected that Jing Yuanzhou was doing things too slowly so he directly took the position of captain and headed straight to the next game.

This time, Lin Yan still took the jungler position and Jing Yuanzhou continued to be on the top lane. It just so happened that they matched with the mid-laner of the Three team. The only fly in the ointment was that the shooter seemed to be a Korean player.

Lin Yan quickly adjusted his summoner skills and the moment the game started, he actively invaded the other side’s jungler area. There were three professional players on a team and they crushed the opponents with no suspense.

The game went to the 32nd minute before it was won. After coming out of this game, Jing Yuanzhou was worried about Lin Yan’s mental state and looked over. Lin Yan received this gaze and made an ‘OK’ gesture to express comfort. Then he neatly entered the matching queue again.

The third game was over 42 minutes later. Then it was the fourth game. The fifth game…

The devastating winning streak made the two men’s rankings visibly rise a lot to the naked eye. Once their total score increased, the matching process was obviously much slower after entering the queue.

Lin Yan waited for more than a minute without being matched to anyone. He took advantage of when Jing Yuanzhou wasn’t paying attention to wipe the sweat from his forehead and stretch his hands.

Today’s ranking rhythm made the fans feel satisfied. The barrage in Jing Yuanzhou’s live broadcast room flashed quickly and the content of the discussion gradually shifted from today’s match against the BK team to the superb coordination of the two people in a team.]

[F*k, what’s with Coach Lin today? So fierce!]

[I bet a cart of cucumbers that these two people have already slept together. Otherwise, how can they have such a good tacit understanding?]

[Hahaha are you saying this is the cooperation after sleeping in a bed?]

[I have a bold idea. Who is better at the jungler, Coach Lin or AI?]

[??? This PAY fan feels offended. How long has AI been a god? Do you need to brag about the coach like this?]

[Why is a PAY fan watching Titans’ live broadcast? Get lost, don’t affect us over here!]

[Ahhhh, they are winning consecutively. At this rhythm, they will go straight to the top 10 tonight!]

[There isn’t much else to say. Play the song ‘Cool’ to the Korean players.]

[What Cool? Go directly with  a war song! Isn’t it good when going home?]

Just as the discussion was on the rise, the fans in the live broadcast room looked up and saw the mouse on the screen moving without warning. Before entering the BP interface of the next round, Jing Yuanzhou took the initiative to cancel the match. A magnetic voice came through the headset. “It’s late. Take a break.”

The long time playing had made Lin Yan a bit distracted. After hearing this, he realized that it was actually already 6 o’clock. He opened the current rankings list. “Would you like to play two more? Now we are in the 30s and it is expected that the climb up will be even slower.”

Jing Yuanzhou wasn’t prepared to discuss this. “There’s no hurry. Eat first.”

Then he told the audience in the live broadcast room. “I will stop for a while and come back later.”

The live broadcast interface dimmed and then the entire screen was cut off.

The barrage, [……]

What was this? There was some bitterness about being neglected but the conversation between the two people just now had an air of pampering. What was going on?!

Lin Yan couldn’t help laughing a bit when he saw Jing Yuanzhou’s smooth actions. “Are you so hungry?”

“Yes, I’m starving to death.” Jing Yuanzhou lowered his head and placed a takeout order from the mobile app. Then he looked back at Lin Yan and abruptly stretched out his hand. The moment his wrist was grabbed and heated up by the man’s body temperature, Lin Yan was taken aback for a moment before understanding.

His posture stiffened slightly but he didn’t break free. Instead, he took the initiative to give his hand to Jing Yuanzhou. “Are you so strict, Captain Jing? I said it was nothing. My hand is stable and it isn’t shaking at all. If you do believe me, do you want to give it a good check?”

Jing Yuanzhou was relieved after confirming it but he still gently pinched Lin Yan’s fingers. “If you feel uncomfortable then don’t hold it in. We aren’t in a hurry to reach the top, you know?”

Lin Yan sighed. “Do I look like someone who isn’t serious?”

Jing Yuanzhou’s mouth twitched meaningfully. “It is because you don’t look at it that I can’t let you secretly be strong.”

Lin Yan raised his head and just happened to meet Jing Yuanzhou’s eyes. For some reason, he suddenly felt guilty so he cleared his throat. One thing was true. Lin Yan had adapted well to teaming up with Jing Yuanzhou. Even during the two hour process of teaming up just now, there were no obvious symptoms of discomfort. This far exceeded his expectations.

It was just that under such a high-intensity battle, a bit of fatigue would inevitably occur. It was only after Lin Yan relaxed that he felt the sweat all over his body glued to his clothes, making him feel slightly cool.

In any case, it was always necessary to eat. Seeing that Jing Yuanzhou had already shut down the live broadcast, he didn’t say much. He merely picked up his phone and looked at WeChat. It could be found that the other members of the team also chose to eat at this time. On the other side, their newly signed newcomer Jian Ning also came home from school. He reported into the group and said he would immediately participate in the game.

Lin Yan sent the message ‘Jiayou everyone’ to the group. He saw a wave of replies before going back to the computer.

At present, the homepage recommendations of the major live broadcast platforms were occupied by the live broadcasts of some professional players. He observed it for a moment before clicking into the AI live broadcast banner recommendation.

AI and DeMen had obviously been teaming up for a long time. AI’s previous ranking was 5th in the national server and DeMen was in the top 20. Now the two of them had reached 3rd and 12th respectively. At this level, the strength on both sides was extremely high and each game was more difficult to play. The rhythm of the top rankings was really a bit fierce.

Lin Yan watched the game in the live broadcast room and was a bit touched. “It seems that AI is really stimulated today. Look at this expression. Tsk… I used to want to challenge the PAY team in hard mode but now it seems that everyone is right. If it isn’t necessary, it is best not to provoke this jungler machine.”

Jing Yuanzhou went to open the door to get the takeout and said, “So why do you want to provoke him?”

Lin Yan thought about it and found it was for the same reason. He couldn’t help laughing only to realize what Jing Yuanzhou had brought it. “How did you know that I wanted to eat nian gao (steamed glutinous rice cake)?”

Jing Yuanzhou handed over a spoon and answered casually, “I was passing by when you mentioned it to Manager Luo.”

Lin Yan took the bowl and ate it at the table. He saw someone post a link and clicked in to look, only to find it was a detailed data post. As for the content, it was the ranking and performance of all professional players currently broadcasting.

Lin Yan didn’t have to look to know that the content of the following posts must be very exciting. However, he didn’t want to affect his mood so he didn’t scroll down. He just glanced quickly at the content that was updated 5 minutes ago and sighed. “All the clubs are really working hard…”

Compared with the situation a few days ago, the rankings had undergone a major change. The professional players who were wandering around the 200s a while ago had already rushed into the top 100 and accounted for almost half of the top 50 rankings. The more active group had reached around 20 and had started to attack the top 10.

As a result, Jing Yuanzhou and Lin Yan’s current ranking in the 30s wasn’t that outstanding. However, combined with the winning percentage in the additional statistics portion of the post, the 100% winning rate behind Jing Yuanzhou’s ID was absolutely eye-catching. After all, the high-end game was reaching its peak. It wasn’t known what teammates one would be matched with so the winning rate at this stage was very mysterious.

In addition, the ranking mechanism of Burning Hot meant that players could get something called ‘hidden points’ after a winning streak. The higher the hidden points, the more points they would receive after every victory. It was just that there would be a higher probability of matching with players far higher than the current ranking and this would naturally greatly increase the difficulty of winning consecutive games.

It wasn’t difficult to see from this post that apart from Jing Yuanzhou, the winning percentage of other players was almost always in a state of ups and downs. It showed the fierceness of the ranking battle.

Lin Yan only realized the existence of hidden points after this post. He placed the last of the nian gao in his mouth and spoke. “Judging from our winning rate during this period, I also feel that we will be able to reach around the 15th ranking soon?”

Jing Yuanzhou nodded. “Yes, I feel the same.”

Lin Yan looked at the current ranking of Nilay from South Korea and smiled slightly, “So the redhead is 14th? Let’s snipe him!”


After dinner, the two of them continued to broadcast the game and soon won two more games in a row. The addition of the previous games meant it was already a 10 game winning streak. Lin Yan tried hard to maintain his state but as the matched players had a higher and higher ranking, it was unavoidable for him to start sweating in such a high pressure situation.

Another game ended. They were facing a pair of South Korean professional players on the opposite side. They might’ve won in the end but it took them a full 45 minutes. After exiting the settlement interface, Lin Yan let out a sigh of relief. He took advantage of the long matching time to secretly rubbed his white fingers, trying to maintain his state as much as possible. It had to be said that today’s teaming up had far exceeded his expectations.

The matching was completed and Lin Yan still took the jungler position. The others saw Jing Yuanzhou’s ID and voluntarily gave up the top lane. Jing Yuanzhou was paying attention to Lin Yan’s situation and obviously had a bad expression on his face. He locked onto his hero and suggested, “Let’s take a break after this game.”

Lin Yan didn’t think much. “No, now we’re in the top 20 and there are two hours remaining. We should be able to make it into the top 10.”

Jing Yuanzhou wanted to say ‘I don’t want to be in the top 10’ when his words were interrupted by Lin Yan. “Wait a minute, look at the ID of the death wanderer on the opposite side. Isn’t it a bit familiar?”

At this time, Jing Yuanzhou noticed that his signature hero, the death wanderer was taken by the side-laner on the opposite side. As for this ID…

As Lin Yan said, it was indeed familiar. It was the side-laner of the South Korean Win team, Nilay.

Determination flashed in Lin Yan’s eyes which originally didn’t have much energy. He couldn’t help laughing. “This could be regarded as a successful snipe by us!”

Proofreader: Nao

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