CAMP: Chapter 92

Lin Yan really wanted to feel distressed for Jing Yuanzhou but reality didn’t allow it. Jing Yuanzhou’s phone suddenly rang. Lin Yan frowned, broke free from this person’s arms, and reminded him, “Your phone.”

Jing Yuanzhou’s eyes lowered slightly. His face didn’t show much of an expression but he obviously wasn’t very happy. He picked up the phone and took a look. He originally wanted to hang up directly but eventually answered it under Lin Yan’s gaze.

On the other end of the phone, Luni’s voice was heard. “Titans, have you returned to the hotel after the match?”

Jing Yuanzhou responded indifferently, “I’m back. What happened?”

“Is your coach with you? Let’s talk about participating in the sniping.” Luni didn’t complain about Jing Yuanzhou’s indifferent attitude as usual. Perhaps it was because he was really upset but he got straight to the point. “The teams that have no matches today and tomorrow are basically ready to participate in the evening. That South Korean basta*d boasted that he was going to hit the top 10 in the national server tonight. Huh, he will be beaten out of the top 20 at that time!”

For the past two days, the GH team could be considered blind to the outside world in order to prepare to face the BK team. Still, they more or less had heard about the bloody battle on the national server.

Therefore, the two people couldn’t help exchanging glances when they heard Luni’s voice filled with indignation.

Jing Yuanzhou pressed the speaker mode. Next to him, Lin Yan leaned closer. “I am Lin Yan. We have no problem participating in the ranking competition but… why tonight?”

Luni was silent for a moment. Then he couldn’t help exclaiming, “Is the hotel you booked in a ravine and cut off from the Internet? This matter has been on the hot search for more than an hour but you don’t know anything?”

Lin Yan was perplexed. “Eh? I haven’t had time to look yet.”

Luni’s tone was a bit low as he explained this matter, “It is the side-laner of the Win team. He seems to be called Nilay or something. He came all the way to the national server to play the rankings and sent a tweet suggesting something. Even AI has been completely angered and the entire PAY team has started broadcasting collectively. The other teams are also ready to snipe him. However, your GH just finished a match. You can play when convenient. If you are too tired then adjust it. You can wait until tomorrow to pick up the shift from several of our teams.”

Lin Yan became more curious when he heard this. “It isn’t inconvenient but… Tweeting? Was that Nilay in a match against our professional players?”

Jing Yuanzhou heard Luni’s words and already realized. “If he can anger AI then he must’ve met DeMen.”

“That’s right. It just so happened that AI had something to do and DeMen broadcasted a singles game. None of his teammates could play jungler. So after meeting the opposite jungler and side-laner Nilay, there was nothing he could do and he was completely abused. Then that Nilay sent out a tweet. It didn’t clearly state anything but the strange tone makes it obvious who he is mocking.”

At this point, Luni gritted his teeth. “You should know that in the domestic league, DeMen’s temper is one of the best. Once this tweet spread, the fans in the live broadcast room exploded. He still thought about not making too much of a fuss but is that even possible? The matter immediately became number one on the hot search. Once AI came back, he saw the ins and outs summarized by the netizens instantly.  He pulled DeMen to line up as a pair on the spot. Presumably, he won’t be ready to stop until he faces Nilay.”

Lin Yan didn’t expect such a wonderful thing to actually happen. He slowly thought about Luni’s words before glancing back at Jing Yuanzhou and asking, “Why does the name Nilay feel a bit familiar? Is he the one who bragged that he is the number one side-laner in the world last time?”

Before Jing Yuanzhou could answer, Luni’s voice came from the speaker of the mobile phone. “Yes yes, he is the one who caused all the troubles in the last interview! DeMen is also considered a top side-lane player in our competition area. This time, he lost in the live broadcast and caused Nilay to be even more arrogant. It seems his next goal is to target Titans.”

Jing Yuanzhou interrupted him not too gently. “Don’t fan the flames.”

“How can I be fanning the flames? It’s a fact! You should be careful based on the things Nilay did before!” Luni ignored Jing Yuanzhou and asked Lin Yan, “Coach Lin, that redhead from the Korean division is so arrogant. Can you tolerate it?”

Lin Yan simply replied, “No.”

Luni asked again, “Then tonight?”

Lin Yan said, “Don’t worry. Our GH will report on time.”

Luni was satisfied. “Then I won’t bother you. We are also ready to broadcast collectively so I will hang up first.”

Jing Yuanzhou didn’t try to keep him. “Goodbye.”

The call ended and the room was quiet.

Lin Yan raised his head and met Jing Yuanzhou’s gaze. He couldn’t help smiling as he pinched between Jing Yuanzhou’s slightly furrowed eyebrows. “What’s the matter? Didn’t you want me to feel distressed for you? Aren’t I feeling distressed for you now?”

Jing Yuanzhou naturally knew the reason why Lin Yan was concerned about this matter. Compared with the so-called honor of the competitive area, the main thing was that Nilay directly provoked Jing Yuanzhou the moment he opened his mouth.

“I didn’t want you to feel distressed about this.” Jing Yuanzhou gave a low sigh before his frowning expression relaxed under the gentle kneading. He didn’t say anything else and just asked, “Then what are you going to do?”

Lin Yan didn’t answer but reached out to touch his phone. He logged into the major live broadcast platform and saw that the rooms in the gaming area neatly had the prefix: [Unite as one, fight against South Korea.]

It was obviously spectacular. He could feel the bloody storm in the current ranking competition without even logging into the game.

Lin Yan thought about it. “There is nothing to prepare. Inform them and broadcast it collectively.”


In order to facilitate training, Luo Mo had already arranged well-equipped computers in the hotel room for everyone.

Lin Yan tagged all the members in the group. Within 30 minutes, following the broadcasts of the other major professional teams, the GH team members appeared in their own live broadcast room one after another under the call of their coach.

Under the randomness of the previous broadcasts, the Twitter event had already continued to ferment for a period of time on the Internet. Under the spectacular scene of almost all professional players live broadcasting, there was an increasingly tense and solemn atmosphere.

On the premise that teammates were more reliable, it was always better to line up as a pair than alone. There was a clear goal tonight so the roommates Jian Ye and Gu Luo and Bi Yaohua and Chen Yushen formed teams and started playing together.

Lin Yan also logged into his account. He was the coach. He was different from the players who brought commonly used equipment with them and quickly got used to the computer keyboard and mouse. He began adjusting the shortcut keys. “Don’t solo tonight. Wait for me and I’ll accompany you.”


Jing Yuanzhou didn’t turn on the camera today. During the time he was checking the equipment, he paused for a moment and temporarily turned off his microphone. Then he turned back to remind Lin Yan, “According to Luni’s words, the sniping is estimated to end at midnight.”

Lin Yan knew what Jing Yuanzhou was worried about. He didn’t care too much and comforted the other person. “It’s fine. I have adapted to your voice very well recently. It shouldn’t be too big a problem. If necessary, it isn’t bad to take this opportunity to force myself a bit. After all, if I just play a few rounds and then rest then I will never know what my critical point is. Isn’t that right?”

Jing Yuanzhou didn’t respond.

Lin Yan finished adjusting and looked over calmly, “In addition, why was DeMen ridiculed today? To put it bluntly, it was because AI wasn’t there so that redhead from South Korea took advantage of the loopholes. I don’t want that to happen to you so I have to team up with you. Tonight is a special situation and I have to watch you.”

A long time passed and there was still no reply. Then Jing Yuanzhou withdrew his gaze. “If you feel uncomfortable then please tell me. Don’t force it.”

Lin Yan smiled. “Yes, I will be sure to do so.”

For today’s live broadcast, Jing Yuanzhou didn’t turn on the video. The screen stayed in the game lobby without moving and even the voice was completely shut off. Only the barrage in the live broadcast room continued to scroll.

[The outside has completely exploded. I guess Titans definitely won’t standby.]

[Don’t mention anything else, the people from the Korean division really make me speechless. Can they be so cocky just from the rankings?]

[Am I stuck? The screen hasn’t moved for a long time. What about Titans?]

[I’m really happy today. After the match in the afternoon, he is actually opening a live broadcast. I cried in the afternoon!]

[I’ve exploded, this afternoon’s match was a real explosion! Titans, I love you. Do you see that I love you?!!!]

[Who wants your love? Titans just needs the coach? So will the coach be together with him today?]

[I just went to the live broadcast rooms of all the other GH members. It seems that they are at the hotel and living in standard double rooms. So who is Titans living with?]

[Haha, do you still need to ask this question? It is of course…]

[Ahhhh, if you have the ability to broadcast then I hope you have the ability to turn on the camera!]

[There isn’t much to see. I hope the Korean players will explode in place tonight.]

Finally, there was a rustling sound heard in the live broadcast room.

Then Jing Yuanzhou’s voice was heard. “Yes, I’ll invite you.”

There was a response from someone nearby. Then the mouse cursor in the center of the screen moved. It established a doubles queue and a team invitation was skillfully sent out. It was the familiar ID: Who Isn’t a Little Princess.

Two days had passed since the influx of South Korean players to the national server and the first echelon was currently around the top 50.

Jing Yuanzhou and Lin Yan had been teaming up for so long and their ranking happened to be in this range. It was time to take part in tonight’s sniping event.

Proofreader: Nao

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