CAMP: Chapter 91

No matter how complicated the mood of fans on and off the field was, the scene returned to its normal process after this brief episode. Everyone in GH went to shake hands with BK and they could instantly see the red-eyed Lan Min. The little crybaby lived up to expectations and couldn’t hold back his tears, but it was understandable in this situation.

After all, it was rare for Jing Yuanzhou to fully release himself in this way. All opponents who experienced this severe beating would always remember the pain to their bones, let alone the outbreak after being sealed for a long time.

They happened to meet and the child had been beaten silly. It was the feeling of despair that no matter how hard you racked your brain, you were doomed to be unable to do anything.

Lan Min was completely stunned. Apart from the crying, he still obviously hadn’t recovered. It wasn’t until Jing Yuanzhou stood in front of him and he saw the tall figure that he belatedly moved his mouth. “Master…”

The four-and-one lineup actually tested the level of the solo player. If Lan Min had done a bit more containment in the game just now, if he didn’t need his teammates to come and help, then it might’ve been a completely different ending. Lan Min knew this very well. It was precisely due to this that the more he thought about it, the more he blamed himself. He hadn’t played well and had dragged down his teammates.

Jing Yuanzhou’s gaze fell on these red eyes. He was silent for a moment before gently shaking Lan Min’s hand. “You played well.”

Lan Min was stunned and raised his head blankly, obviously feeling disbelief at this evaluation. “I… did I play well?”

Jing Yuanzhou told the truth. “Yes, you played well. If it was the side-lane player of another team, they might not be able to play like you.”

Such a sentence made the staff next to him look over with a complicated expression. It was Titans after all. He really dared to say some words. Fortunately, all the headsets had already been removed. Otherwise, if it spread out like this then it wasn’t known what type of bloody storm would be created.

The staff member couldn’t help inwardly complaining but the moment he heard these words, Lan Min’s eyes brightened. His extremely depressed state changed to an excited one. “So Master, I actually played well?”

Jing Yuanzhou smiled. “Really.”

The expression on Lan Min’s face instantly became serious. “Then I… will be sure to play better next time!”

Jing Yuanzhou accepted it. “Yes, jiayou.”

Ku Tianlu saw everything and his heart became bitter. He now fully realized the pain of helping others with their child. Just now, he saw that Lan Min was feeling down and tried to comfort Lan Min as his captain. As a result, he almost wore out his lips and there was no effect. Now this little kid who didn’t listen to him at all was immediately coaxed by Jing Yuanzhou with a few words?

F*k, he could only say that bringing up a child single-handedly was different!

Once Jing Yuanzhou finished shaking hands, it was Gu Luo’s turn.

Looking at these red eyes, the grandma gray-haired Gu Luo rubbed his hair with some annoyance. He thought for a moment before saying, “Don’t cry. You will look more like a rabbit when crying.”

Lan Min who had just been resurrected with full blood, “?”

Was this a provocation? This should be a provocation right?!


The next match was between Three and UL.

After finishing the post-match interview, everyone at GH didn’t choose to stay to watch it. They packed up their peripherals and were ready to go back. It was just like in the past. They followed the staff members through the passage dedicated to professional players.

Originally, non-staff members weren’t allowed to pass through this space. Yet when they arrived at the door, they found a group of people had come from somewhere and this small space was tightly enclosed.

They bumped into such a large crowd without warning and everyone in GH couldn’t help stopping in consternation. If it wasn’t for the Titans support cards held up high, Bi Yaohua would think they were black fans here to find fault with him based on the solemn expressions on their faces.

The staff member quickly notified the security guards through the walkie-talkie. In the blink of an eye, a few burly men arrived at the scene. They were about to come up to catch the people when Lin Yan gently told them, “Don’t be too nervous. It’s just a fan meeting.”

The security guards were stunned. They didn’t do anything after hearing this but carefully stood in front of the group to avoid unnecessary disputes. The atmosphere was subtle for a time.

Jing Yuanzhou didn’t speak. He just stood in front of the GH team and looked at the fans on the opposite side. Then someone shouted, “Titans” and raised the support card high in the air.

[Titans, jiayou!]

There wasn’t much expression on Jing Yuanzhou’s face and it wasn’t until this time that his eyes slightly shook. Then one by one, more support cards were raised.

[I have worshipped you since the first year and will stand behind you forever.]

[Titans, I like you as much as my girlfriend.]

[No matter how long it takes, you are still the same wild teenager on the field!]

[Please take our expectations with you to the top!]

[No matter what team you are in, you will always be our Titans.]

[God of the side lane, never die!]

It was obvious that these signs had been prepared for today’s match. It was just an ordinary method of support but in such a situation, it touched a chord deep in the heart. Jian Ye couldn’t help looking away, his voice hoarse as he whispered, “F*k.”

Chen Yushen stared at the somewhat dazzling signs and lowered the brim of his hat a bit to cover the expression on his face.

Next to him, Gu Luo’s eyes were a bit red. He was also one of Titans’s diehard fans and empathized more than the rest of the players. He secretly rubbed his eyes with the back of his hands so that others wouldn’t see his disappointing performance.

Jing Yuanzhou couldn’t naturally feel the surrounding atmosphere. His eyes lowered slightly. Then he stepped back and bowed deeply to the fans a few meters away.

Time seemed to freeze in this moment. Some fans felt choked up and started to shout hysterically, “Titans, I will always support you forever!”

However, Jing Yuanzhou didn’t express too much. He retracted his gaze and controlled the slight movement of his throat. “Let’s go back.”

Everyone followed Jing Yuanzhou to the car one after another. They gradually drove out of the parking lot and could see the fans still standing there and watching from a distance. No one talked in the car. Their thoughts seemed stuck on the scene just now.

Lin Yan sat in the last row of the business car with JIng Yuanzhou. The few people in the front row were either in a daze or silently played with their phones. They sensibly didn’t glance at the back. After getting in the car, Jing Yuanzhou leaned back, closed his eyes and rested. The breeze that blew in through the window made his hair a bit messy.

Lin Yan turned his head and looked out the window, the expression on his face plunged into the changing light and shade with the passing scenery. His mood couldn’t be determined by his expression.

In this atmosphere where there seemed to be no communication at all, everything was quiet. In the silence, there was a sudden touch on Jing Yuanzhou’s palm.

Lin Yan’s fingertips were slightly cold and seemed to cut a clear path through Jing Yuanzhou’s mind. After some gentle strokes, Lin Yan suddenly grasped the whole hand firmly and pulled this person out of his complex thoughts.

In the short time when he closed his eyes, Jing Yuanzhou seemed to see countless versions of himself. The him who first entered the league, fought side by side with his BK teammates, nearly collapsed in order to transform himself and reached the glory at the top of the professional league…

In the midst of all this, he was dragged back to reality by Lin Yan’s interlocking fingers. The eyes that had been closed suddenly opened. Jing Yuanzhou looked up and only saw the man’s side profile as he looked out the window. Such a near perfect arc of the face fell into Jing Yuanzhou’s eyes. There was clearly no communication but their two hearts were burned by the palms that were close to each other.

The color of Jing Yuanzhou’s eyes became deeper and deeper. He retracted his gaze and slowly closed his eyes again as if nothing had happened.

No one noticed the quiet and ambiguous atmosphere in the carriage. Only the two people in the back knew that in this silent environment, every touch seemed to be magnified to the extreme.

Lin Yan felt Jing Yuanzhou grab his hand back and his calm expression changed slightly. For a moment, he couldn’t hold back the curve of his mouth.

The business car stopped at the hotel entrance. As they got out, the two men tacitly released their intertwined fingers.

All the team members went back to their rooms to rest.  Jing Yuanzhou and Lin Yan returned to their room and closed the door. Before Lin Yan could take two steps, a huge force suddenly pulled him over.

The next second, he slammed into a wide chest. Jing Yuanzhou’s muffled voice was heard from above his head. They were so close that Lin Yan could feel the faint vibrations of the chest cavity. “Did you do it intentionally?”

Lin Yan gently struggled a bit but failed to get free. He smiled lightly and asked back, “Which one do you mean?”

“All of it.” Jing Yuanzhou’s posture didn’t let up at all and his breath blew onto Lin Yan’s ear. “Whether it is the four-and-one lineup or coming back here in the car. Everything… is deliberate.”

His tone fell at the end and became more of a statement then a question. Lin Yan never thought that anything could be hidden from Jing Yuanzhou. Since it was revealed as expected, it wasn’t worth being surprised. He slowly looked up at Jing Yuanzhou’s side profile and responded calmly, “It was intentional. I felt distressed for you.”

Such an angle made the already exquisitely carved face more attractive. Jing Yuanzhou felt a tingling sensation pass through his heart. He reached out to pinch Lin Yan’s chin and leaned over to kiss Lin Yan for a moment. Lips and teeth tangled together and the ambiguous atmosphere ran rampant.

Hoarse words fell around them. “Then let me feel more distressed.”

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