CAMP: Chapter 90

The game officially began and the barrage of the live broadcast room also flashed by quickly.

[I’m laughing to death. This is the daily face slapping series of the commentators.]

[Looking at the matches of the GH team, I always feel that the other teams can’t play against Coach Lin.]

[I want to laugh but I can’t laugh.]

[Yes, looking at the two IDs on the lane, my desire to cry is too strong.]

[I don’t know why I’m watching this match. It is physical and mental torture.]

[F*k, this doesn’t matter are all. My body isn’t good but forget it. I’ll go to cry for a while and then come back to continue watching.]

[…Are all the previous people BK fans? In fact, this is really unnecessary.]

[Yes, I might be sad but what is the difference between your actions and moral kidnapping? Are they not allowed to fight?]

[In any case, they aren’t in the same team. It is normal to meet in a match right?]

[It isn’t that transferring is a heinous event but for an old fan, it is really heartbreaking.]

[Forget it, just say a few words and then watch the match!]

This match was tantamount to stabbing knives in the hearts of the old BK fans. However, this game was basically just their own experience. The game still needed to continue. Still, from the perspective of selfishness alone, GH’s final lineup made many people sigh with relief.

After all, Jing Yuanzhou had played for the BK team for so many years. Most of the fans might have sent blessings for his new future but it was still hard for some to accept the original captain fighting for life and death against the BK team on the field.

The lineup arrangement of the coaches on both sides were completely different. GH’s lineup expressed a clear avoidance attitude, allowing fans who still supported the BK team to have more good feelings toward Lin Yan.

The moment Jing Yuanzhou got the bloodthirsty succubus Pelia, he was destined to stay in the lane for a long time. No one knew Jing Yuanzhou’s strength better than BK. He was difficult to gang up on in itself. The use of the bloodkin in this game was enough for BK to make the most sensible judgment.

Not long after the start of the game, Ku Tianlu’s intentions were very obvious. Give up on doing things to the top lane and wholeheartedly aim at the next lane. The development of the two output positions was particularly important for the four-and-one tactical system of the GH team.

If they could suppress the shooter Bi Yaohua in the early stages then GH’s lineup would be broken in the middle and later stages when team battles were necessary. There was no problem with Ku Tianlu’s plan but unfortunately, the GH team had no intention of supporting Bi Yaohua at all.

“I will work hard in this game. Your ability to thrive is the greatest comfort to Brother Trash Talk.” After listening to Lin Yan’s plan, Bi Yaohua already knew he was destined to be the victim. He had already considered his equipment in advance. Once he had two output pieces, he would start to officially take the defensive route. It was like the old saying: half-tank shooters were fearless!

Chen Yushen heard the sadness in Bi Yaohua’s voice and in a rare manner, coaxed this person. “Thank you for your hard work. I will find an opportunity to gank and help you out.”

Bi Yaohua told him, “No, I’m just complaining. Do it at your own pace.”

“Okay.” Chen Yushen stared at the map. He simply cleared the jungle monsters in front of him and started to invade the opponent’s jungle area. If there were no accidents, BK’s jungler Ku Tianlu should be active in the bottom half of the map.

Just as Chen Yushen started to eat at the economy of BK’s jungle area, Ku Tianlu really came to the bottom lane. Bi Yaohua was arrogantly clearing the lane. Then he saw the two people rushing at him and wailed before retreating. However, it was too late. It was inevitable that he would die. Fortunately, Gu Luo in the mid-lane was quicker and completed a single kill before Bi Yaohua fell.

[First Blood!]

Bi Yaohua looked at the dark computer screen and let out a long sigh. “Gloy, sure enough! It wasn’t in vain that I fought for an extra two seconds. We didn’t suffer a loss. Awesome!”

Gu Luo let out an embarrassed laugh. “Thank you Brother Trash Talk.”

Bi Yaohua accepted the thanks without any burden. “You’re welcome.”

The first kill filled the venue with applause.

This was a solo kill. The audience’s attention couldn’t help turning to the young mid-laner of the GH team. His hair was an eye-catching grandma gray and his face still contained a childishness to it. His gaze directed toward the computer screen was so sharp and the fierce style on the field was completely inconsistent with his appearance.

They remembered that when GH first appeared in the public eye, almost all the attention was placed on Jing Yuanzhou. It wasn’t until this time that they finally realized it. Before they knew it, everyone in the team had become such a reliable existence. This match wasn’t a match between Jing Yuanzhou and his former team. It was a strong duel between the GH team and the BK team!

Gu Luo’s solo kill officially opened up the game. Ku Tianlu might’ve killed Bi Yaohua but his entire jungle area had been cleared by Chen Yushen and his economy was slightly damaged. After returning to the city to restore his status, he found an opportunity to start invading GH’s jungle area.

First, he ambushed in advance and smoothly harassed Chen Yushen. Then after finishing this, he went with the support to assist the mid-laner who was gradually declining. He helped push the soldier line to the opponent’s tower and originally wanted to go to the bottom lane to make trouble. However, GH clearly read his intentions in advance. Chen Yushen and Jian Ye laid an ambush in the middle, directly disrupting BK’s extremely smooth gank rhythm.

The tight confrontation between them pushed the atmosphere to the extreme. It was originally a 2V2 fight between the junglers and supports. Then it soon developed into a small-scale team battle with the addition of the mid-laners on both sides. Subsequently, the shooters also entered the game.

Some time passed and they exchanged two heads for two. The remaining players escaped in a state of residual health and calmly returned to the canyon. The entire process could be called dangerous and the superb operations were obvious. It was clearly only a 4V4 small team battle but it gave off the momentum like there were a thousand troops.

The audience was so excited that they couldn’t help shifting their eyes to the top of the map. Yet no matter how thrilling the other players played, it didn’t seem to affect the laning process of the two on the top lane.

From the perspective of mana and health, Lan Min’s condition was obviously much worse. He was constantly pressed under the defense tower and was struggling to clear the soldiers. However, on the premise of ensuring that he wasn’t killed, he tried his best to stabilize the economic gap between the two sides.

The system’s death notifications were displayed one after another on the screen but his vision was still firmly locked on the opposite figure. Aside from the previous training matches, this was the first time he had officially met Jing Yuanzhou on the field. Right now, they were no longer master and disciple but pure opponents.

Perhaps it was from being too nervous but Lan Min felt his hand on the mouse slightly shaking. He took a deep breath and forced himself to calm down. He might not be strong enough but at the very least, he couldn’t be afraid of any challenges.

Jing Yuanzhou was equally focused. No one knew better than him that the game didn’t need to be played like this. The only thing he could do about the choices made by his teammates was to maximize the advantages of the top lane.

His eyes squinted slightly as Jing Yuanzhou’s gaze passed over the defense tower with half its health remaining. He glanced at the time again and the corners of his mouth slightly lowered. His first piece of equipment had taken shape and it was time.

Everyone knew that Titans used to be the core of BK’s team battles. As long as he was there, he could always easily seize an opportunity. It didn’t matter how BK was pushed in the game. They just needed Titans to seize even a momentary opportunity to tear open an extremely strong breakthrough for the BK team.

It seemed that everyone naturally agreed that he should be a natural team battle player. They forgot that when this ID first appeared in the league, it was originally an ‘independent fighter’ that no enemy could resist.

Now, the once forgotten Titans was completely awakened. He didn’t have to think about how to cooperate with the team or worry about the movements of other players on the field. He just needed to kill the opponents in front of him. The push and pull between the other two lanes and the jungle area were continuing when the news of a kill in the top lane appeared.

The director switched the camera over and only saw the back of the bloodthirsty succubus Pelia leaving from under the defense tower. It wasn’t just a single kill but an extremely powerful tower dive!

Lan Min couldn’t recover for a while and didn’t remember to rush to the lane again until he was resurrected. In the blink of an eye, Jing Yuanzhou had taken a line of soldiers to push through the outermost tower and directly pressed to the second tower.

Meanwhile, the other four players of the GH team were creating a fuss near the abyss king. Ku Tianlu couldn’t leave and had to ask on the voice channel, “Mini, can you still support it?”

Lan Min gritted his teeth. “I… will try.”

However, it turned out that many things weren’t achievable. Another small-scale team battle occurred. GH exchanged Bi Yaohua’s head for three heads from the BK team and they also won the abyss king’s group buff.

In the top lane, Jing Yuanzhou once again crossed the tower and killed Lan Min. Then he took the line of soldiers to push to the high ground. The only surviving mid-laner of the BK team had to choose to retreat and guard the tower from the incoming enemy soldiers.

Yet in this way, the defense towers of the middle and bottom lanes were no longer guarded. The members of GH split to push the last two towers. Since then, the rhythm of GH’s four-and-one tactics was played to the extreme. It was clear that Lan Min couldn’t stop Jing Yuanzhou.

Ku Tianlu became aware of this and had to allocate some energy to assist with defense. However, the bloodthirsty succubus that had developed this far seemed to have endless life. Under Jing Yuanzhou’s extreme operations, he directly took a wave of double kills when it was 1V2.

On the other side, the GH players had also crushed the defense towers. The top and middle lanes were under extreme pressure at the same time and it was hard for the three remaining players of BK to resist.

BK’s base crystal was completely crushed.

The entire venue fell silent. After a long time, a restrained sob was vaguely heard. It wasn’t just fans of the BK team. Many old Titans fans couldn’t help choking up. The gazes came from all directions and fell on the tall figure in the GhH zone. They couldn’t return to their senses for a long time.

The barrage in the live broadcast room completely exploded.

[Ohhh, lost! BK was defeated by Titans!]

[I don’t know why. I’m obviously not a fan of the two teams but I have a strange feeling in my heart.]

[Can you stop selling misery? GH has already acted kindly even. Titans never participated in the team battle from start to finish!]

[What are you doing in such a rush? No one is cursing right? Isn’t it normal to feel bad?]

[Am I the only one who thinks that Titans seems a bit different today?]

[It’s true. He really is different!]

[I’ve watched the Bk team for several years and I’ve never seen TItans like he is today… F*k, I don’t know how to describe it.]

Once this topic was brought up, another group of fans finally couldn’t help jumping out.

[Don’t say it. I’m an old fan of Titans and I’m almost blind from crying.]

[How is this different? This is what he should’ve looked like, okay?]

[What? I’m a BK fan who entered the pit relatively late. What is the situation? Can you give me a guide?]

[Go and watch the video of when Titans first joined the league.]

[Wow, since he changed his style of play for BK, I’ve never seen Titans act so arrogantly on the field. Today I can see it again!]

[Don’t say anything else. The youth of my master is back!]

[It is true. I’m begging the BK fans to be human. Titans has already paid too much for BK. Now he has finally found himself again. Don’t engage in moral kidnapping!}

[I can’t say anything. What is going on in this game? There are too many tears!]

[This lineup was arranged by Coach Lin. I believe in Parents Love again! QAQ!]

[I’m going crazy. This is the real Titans!!!]

The moment the GH players took off their headphones, they were startled by the chants of ‘Titans.’ It repeated one after another and there was even some vague crying.

After the match ended, Jing Yuanzhou discovered that in this 40 minute period, he had a faint layer of sweat all over his body. This was the long-lost feeling of his blood boiling. Combined with the unified shouts around him and he was in a rare trance.

He sat there for a moment, looking down. His fingertips on the table bent slightly. Then he sighed, pushed back his gaming chair and stood up. According to procedure, it was time to shake hands with the defeated BK side.

However, once Jing Yuanzhou turned around, he found that Lin Yan had stepped onto the stage. There was a faint smile on Lin Yan’s face. The surroundings were so noisy that Jing Yuanzhou could only tell his words by reading his lips. “Congratulations on coming back, Titans.”

It felt like somewhere in his heart was vaguely hit. Jing Yuanzhou abruptly took a step forward. The direction clearly wasn’t BK’s zone, which made the staff members waiting stunned. They were about to go up to remind him but the director had already moved the camera over.

On the big screen in the center, everyone could see Jing Yuanzhou suddenly reaching out and pulling Lin Yan over for a hug. The unanimous cheers of the audience came to a halt at this scene. Later, they saw Coach Lin of the GH team recover from his astonishment and lightly pat Jing Yuanzhou on the back.

After a brief silence, the entire venue was completely filled with screams.

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1 year ago

Aside from Guo Lu, what I love about this series is the opportunity to explore each of GH’s troubles. Nothing needs to be said about Titans, CY’s camp incident, BY’s match fixing, and Jian Ye’s brother situation. The only one we haven’t gotten was Guo Lu but he’s going to be their core in the future?? It must be realy emotional for JY having to hold back and cater to the team all this team, and for once in a long time now getting to play however he wants.

Daring to Dream
Daring to Dream
6 months ago

Yes everyone having backstory makes the story richer for me.
Hope Gloy gets a story as well

11 months ago

Crazyyy!!! 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭