CAMP: Chapter 9

A few days later, the official Weibo of Burning Hot Assembly Show was officially created. At the same time, the list of all teams participating in the first episode of the program was released. It could be seen from this list that they were basically second-tier teams of the secondary league.

Since QU, IBB and the other teams had repeatedly made it to the professional league as well as the newly relegated WAG and other powerful teams were listed, there was slightly less scolding than when news of the variety show was first released.

For the club’s fans, it was good that there was an extra chance to enter the professional league. In this list, there was one team that attracted a lot of attention for its uniqueness.

[Where did GH come from? Has anyone heard of it?]

[I don’t know! I checked and there doesn’t seem to be relevant information at all.]

[What’s the situation? There are so many sub-league teams. Isn’t it good to give them a chance?]

[I don’t know where this unregistered team came from. Are they related?]

[The people upstairs have less knowledge. For variety shows, one or two cannon fodder must be prepared. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be suitable to eliminate some teams in the first round.]

[Damn, upstairs brother made things clear!]

Such discussions didn’t last long.

After all, no one was too interested in providing heat to an unknown small team. After strolling around in the comments area, most of the e-sports fans went to their own team’s Weibo accounts to leave a message: [Brothers, you have lost your chance in the previous promotion. This variety show is simply an extra ticket. You must win it!]

There was an uproar on the Internet for a while and fans of the sub-league were enthusiastic. Relatively speaking, fans of the major professional teams were calm. It was just a variety show of weak chickens pecking at each other. Why should they pay attention to it? It didn’t matter to them anyway. It was better to look forward to the next transfer period.

This determined if their team could get a good place in the professional league next season. In a way, this was also a fight!

Finally, in the midst of the fans’ expectations, the Burning Hot League officially opened the transfer period. The comments area under the official Weibos of major clubs were basically occupied.

[Please UI, quickly dig up a reliable jungler and come back. Every time, the wild area is raising pigs for others!]

[NNN really isn’t going to add new blood to the bottom lane this year?]

[Wow, there are many players listed this year. Hurry up and choose quickly!]

[BOD is being sold as a whole package? Congratulations, this old club has finally gone bankrupt!]

[Forget the useless BOD, do you want to buy a water dispenser by buying them? GIve TU a strong mid-laner!]

The annual transfer period was destined to be very lively and this year was the same. Several clubs successively announced the listed players and fans began to choose for their team with relish. Of course, the specific operation wasn’t for the fans to decide. The management of each club had their favourite candidates for a long time and the rest was just formalities.

It was already noisy but the third day after the transfer period opened, breaking news was disclosed and the entire gaming circle suddenly exploded. It was because the BK Club finally announced this year’s listening and TItans’ ID was shining.

Everyone stared at the page on the computer screen and rubbed their eyes. Then they rubbed it again and it was only after repeated confirmations that they were sure it wasn’t an illusion. Titans wanted to transfer?! All the BK fans felt that the sky was falling in their own home.

The fans of other teams also made shocked faces but they were a bit calmer. They quickly ran to the official Weibo of their club and frantically wrote messages: BK listed Titans. Ahhhh, management should wake up quickly. Hurry up and grab God Jing ahhhhhh!]

However, regardless of the fans’ excitement, all the clubs are at all. How could they not know about a good opportunity like Titans being listed? Who wouldn’t want to win him if they could? The problem was the price offered…

35 million! Buying a player for one or two years of effectiveness at this price? Forget it, they couldn’t afford it!

Just as everyone was eagerly waiting to see where Titans would go, they finally received the news. The topic of #Titans official transfer to the GH Club# rushed to the top of the hot search list in minutes.

Everyone was a bit confused when they first saw it. GH Club? Where did this come from? Why hadn’t they heard of it before? It was only after a long time that some people finally reacted. For this name, they always felt there was a trace of… familiarity?

Finally, someone inadvertently glanced at the team roster on the official Weibo of Burning Hot Assembly Show and felt bad.

Damn? What the f*k???

[Titans is bought by a third-rate team that came out of nowhere? What ghost story is this?!]

[Where did this club come from? They haven’t participated in the secondary league right? They bought Titans to participate in the variety show?]

[Shy show! How do you feel about interviewing the teams of other talent shows?]

[Damn, what is going on? I suddenly have some expectations for this variety show?]

[I am an unshakeable Titans fan. I’m crying. My God Jing went to a third-rate show. How can he be reduced to a comedian?!!]

[Hahaha, the upstairs brother is laughing at me. Comedians are fine.]

[I say, perhaps Titans is declining and BK’s management took advantage of this to make a fortune?]

[I’ll be straightforward. BK’s management should collectively die! What is this? Squeezing out God Jing before using his residual heat? Is he a money making tool?]

[Why do the Jing fans have to suffer this grievance?]

Some people were gossiping about the new team, some were questioning Jing Yuanzhou’s transfer motives and some were greeting the BK management team’s ancestral graves. The Internet had become completely noisy overnight.

Lin Yan didn’t bother paying attention to this. He had Luo Mo handle the transfer contract and picked a lucky day to happily go to the BK base and pick up the person. He didn’t know where news had leaked from but fans of Titans and the BK team were waiting at the gate of the base, blocking the road around the gate.

Everyone was holding support cards and waiting with red eyes for Jing Yuanzhou to come out and give an explanation. Since there were too many people, all the security guards of the club were dispatched to maintain order and avoid a stampede.

In such a noisy and solemn atmosphere, no one noticed the slender figure dragging a suitcase that appeared at the side door of BK’s base. Jing Yuanzhou might’ve played for the BK Club for many years but there wasn’t much luggage to be taken away. He only had one suitcase.

He looked back at the familiar building behind him before walking to the small door that the club didn’t often use. Far away, he could see a figure lazily waiting beside the car. The sunlight today was a bit dazzling. Lin Yan wore a black cap and big sunglasses that covered most of his face.

He noticed Jing Yuanzhou and lowered his sunglasses slightly with his fingertips, revealing a pair of smiling eyes. “As expected of God Jing, moving houses isn’t easy. In order to cooperate with you, I made myself look low-key on purpose.”

Jing Yuanzhou’s gaze swept over the pink Lamborghini behind this person and his lips curved up slightly. “It is quite low-key.”

Lin Yan didn’t hear the teasing in the tone and helped put Jing Yuanzhou’s luggage in the car.

His gaze moved behind Jing Yuanzhou and he whistled softly. “What’s the matter with this kid? Doesn’t he know that you will be gone forever.”

The other teammates wanted to come and see him off but they were all stopped by Jing Yuanzhou. There was only Lan MIn left. Since learning that Jing Yuanzhou was going to such an unknown club, he always felt a bit out of balance. He had followed to see the person who cheated his master away.

Lan Min’s eyes were already red from the parting. He heard this sentence and angrily cried out, “You should be gone forever!”

Lin Yan wondered, “The BK Club has nothing to do with me. Why would I come back after taking Titans away?”

Lan Min was choked by the words and his eyes became redder with anger and annoyance.

Jing Yuanzhou was helpless. “Don’t tease him.”

Lin Yan smiled and turned to open the door for Jing Yuanzhou in a gentlemanly manner. Then he made a ‘please’ gesture.

Jing Yuanzhou looked back at Lan Min. “Go back to training. I’m leaving.”

Lan Min had been trying his best but at this moment, tears fell uncontrollably. He sobbed and shouted, “Master, if you don’t have a good time there, I’ll go to Manager Wang and ask him to find a way to get you back! Wu wu wu, after… in a few days, I will go to your side to see… to look at you!”

Jing Yuanzhou’s eyes shook slightly but before he could say anything, Lin Yan had pushed him inside and closed the door.

Lin Yan sat in the driver’s seat and shrugged when he noticed Jing Yuanzhou’s inquiring gaze. “It’s nothing. I’m just afraid that his howling voice is too loud and will attract your fans. At that time, there will be more than a few people trying to tear me apart.”

Jing Yuanzhou slightly raised his eyebrow. “You are still afraid?”

“I’m afraid, why wouldn’t I be afraid?” Lin Yan replied thoughtlessly without any burden. “You don’t know but I just walked around to the front to take a look. This battle, tut, it is too amazing. I can only say that it is worthy of Titans!”

Jing Yuanzhou chuckled and looked out the window. All the surroundings here that were so familiar were rapidly retreating, finally drifting away from him.

Goodbye, BK.Titans.

For a while, the car was silent. Then the play button was pressed and the sound of music was heard: the birds on the trees are in pairs, the green water is clear and the mountain range is smiling. From now on, they wouldn’t suffer from enslavement again. The husband and wife both return home… You and I are like mandarin ducks, flying with each other together in the world.

Lin Yan was very satisfied with his taste and tilted his head as he asked, “Is it good to listen to?”

Jing Yuanzhou, “……”

Wasn’t this song ‘Husband and Wife Return Home?’

Lin Yan understood how Jing Yuanzhou would feel leaving his old club. The silence was due to feeling alone and he didn’t mention it.

Then Lin Yan remembered something. “By the way, Gloy is also coming to the club today. The time we arrive should almost the same.”

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