CAMP: Chapter 89

In the current regular season rankings, BK and GH were currently teams with all victories so they had equal points. At the end of today’s game, there was bound to be a team removed from the first echelon of total points.

Once the regular season officially entered the half-stage, it was difficult for a team to maintain a complete victory record under such high pressure intensity. However, the playoffs adopted a seeded format where lowered ranked teams played more matches. Therefore, the ranking of the regular season would have a huge impact on the subsequent matches. No team was willing to leave with regrets if possible.

It was for this reason that as the schedule progressed, the matches became more difficult and intense. The battle for the top eight slowly turned into a battle for the top rankings. Such a fierce competition system and some uncertain factors made today’s atmosphere more solemn than any other match.

This heavy feeling wasn’t caused by the players of both teams. It was mainly from the fans. Not to mention the old BK fans, there were many current fans of the GH team who used to be BK fans and transferred teams along with Jing Yuanzhou.

Once the list of players of both sides was officially displayed on the big screen, how complicated were the emotions of the fans who supported the BK team when they saw the ID GH.Titans opposite the BK team?

The GH team members walked into the arena following the guidance of the staff and received this subtle and somewhat depressing atmosphere from the audience.

Bi Yaohua looked down in their zone and spoke while checking the equipment. “What’s the matter with the audience today? If you weren’t with me, I would’ve thought that I went to a funeral by mistake!”

“It’s almost the same. The fans still had some illusions when we didn’t meet the BK team before but now…” Gu Luo sighed deeply as he substituted himself in the place of the fans. “If it wasn’t for the fact that I’m in the same team as the captain, I wouldn’t be able to accept such a heart-breaking match.”

Chen Yushen answered, “If you can’t accept it then don’t go to the scene.”

Jian Ye couldn’t hold back. “I’m sorry but, hahahaha… that’s right.”

“Indeed, they know the two teams are playing today but still have to come and join in on the fun. Is this the legend about how mourning on the spot is more realistic?” Bi Yaohua clicked his tongue. “I really don’t understand you fans. He is a professional player. What does it matter where he plays as long as he is still on the field? From my perspective, binding any ID to a team is a type of immoral behavior in itself.’

Jian Ye tried his best to put away his smile. “Brother Trash Talk, the endurance of the heart isn’t something that ordinary people can learn. After all, they are human. They have paid with their true feelings and it’s normal to feel bad.”

Gu Luo managed not to look in Jing Yuanzhou’s direction. After a moment of silence, he couldn’t help trying to change the topic. “Speaking of which, I feel pretty good lately. Why don’t we play the central core system today?”

After checking his equipment, Jing Yuanzhou had been leaning against his gaming chair without saying anything. He heard Gu Luo’s words and naturally knew that this young mind-laner wanted to help him share the burden. He spoke lightly, “No, it is better to use the side-lane core when playing BK.”

BK’s side-lane player was now Lan Min. His play had recently become more eye-catching but Jing Yuanzhou was still Jing Yuanzhou. Based on his understanding of his little apprentice, he could definitely crush Lan Min even if he played with those heroes.

They had played so many games against BK and the side lane core system could maximize the advantages. The GH players knew this better than anyone else. However, they also knew what the BK team meant to Jing Yuanzhou and what Jing Yuanzhou meant to the BK fans.

This match must be played but out of concern for public opinion, the GH players came to a consensus. They would rather fight harder in the process than for their captain to bear unnecessary pressure on the Internet due to this match.

There was a brief silence on the voice channel. It wasn’t known how long passed before Bi Yaohua’s languid voice was heard. “It isn’t necessarily only the side lane core system that has the advantage right? Now I’m too familiar with BK’s shooter. How about letting me play the core? Won’t it be fun?”

“No need.” Jing Yuanzhou refused again in a light tone, his eyes crossing the stage to the opposite BK zone. “Now it is just the regular season. It isn’t a decisive game. If I need to deliberately avoid them now, how should we play when meeting BK in the playoffs? We should use the side lane core today. There is no need to consider other things.”

Bi Yaohua originally wanted to say more words but in the end, he fell silent.

In the silence, Jing Yuanzhou calmly changed the subject. “You have so much time to chat. Have you finished checking your equipment?”

As he said these words, he sat up straighter and moved the mouse. However, before he had time to calm down and feel the sensitivity, he felt the person behind him gently place hands on his shoulders.

Lin Yan’s slender fingers gently kneaded both of Jing Yuanzhou’s shoulders twice before his voice came from the headphones. “I say, aren’t you a bit too indifferent to the coach? Shouldn’t I have the final say on what tactical system to use? You guys are talking so much before I even open my mouth?”

Gu Luo said, “I’m sorry…”

Bi Yaohua coughed a few times. “It’s useless. Coach has the final say.”

Lin Yan took back his hand to open his notebook and look through it. “I have my own arrangements for the match against BK today. The only thing you need to do today is use the lineup I have developed for you to the extreme. The rest are all issues I should consider. Don’t look for trouble by yourself.”

The members of GH answered quietly, “…I know.”

Jing Yuanzhou could still feel the faint touch on his shoulder. Lin Yan’s words fell in his ears like he was always surrounded by it and his heart was vaguely touched. It was more like Lin Yan was saying this to him alone rather than the team members. It was clear that when Lin Yan said this, he had already decided not to use the side lane core tactic in today’s match.

In the previous matches, this man always worked out the most advantageous lineup with an extremely objective attitude. Now he was ready to choose unnecessary evasion for Jing Yuanzhou.

Jing Yuanzhou, whose attitude had been fairly indifferent before, felt his throat tighten for a moment. He could feel the gaze that stayed on him from behind and finally let out a slow breath. “I said I can do it.”

Lin Yan smiled with disapproval. “The same can be said for everyone else.”

Jing Yuanzhou was silent for a moment.

Lin Yan’s gaze flicked over him toward the big screen. “Will we meet the BK team again in the playoffs? That’s a matter for the playoffs. Right now, we are playing a game in the regular season. For this BO1 system, I have prepared at least five or six tactics to deal with the BK team. I must admit that the side lane core is one of the tactics but it definitely isn’t the only one. So don’t bring in those stinky problems from the BK team. Remember, you are now in the GH team and the coach accompanying you is me. It is already destined to be different from before. You don’t have to fight everything alone anymore.”

The corners of Lin Yan’s lips lowered slightly and his tone unknowingly slowed down a bit. “So tell me Jing Yuanzhou, do you trust me?”

Jing Yuanzhou didn’t notice that the camera director happened to move the camera here and the corners of his originally flat lips curved slightly. The entire audience could only watch from a distance through the big screen as he said something.

At that time, low words could be heard in the GH team’s voice chat, helpless yet relieved. “I trust you.”


The match started and the BP process officially began. The two sides dealt with the ban process in a very simple manner. The game that belonged only to the coaches exchanged several rounds in the blink of an eye.

The BK team first took the heroes in the shooter, junger and support positions.  Then they locked onto their mid-laner and side-laner and the lineup for this game was completely shown on the big screen. At this time, only the last side-lane hero was left to be chosen for the GH team. Even so, BK’s last two choices were absolutely aimed at GH’s current lineup.

The official commentators on the commentary stage continued to talk.

Commentator A said, “I heard that BK and GH often play training matches in private. Now it seems that both sides do have a very deep understanding of each other’s lineup selection.”

Commentator B nodded. “Yes, both sides are obviously targeting each other in the ban process. They must’ve already guessed the other side’s lineup.”

“The core system on GH’s side is constantly changing but today they are dealing with BK. If they are seeking stability then they will definitely use the side lane core system.” Commentator A couldn’t help glancing at the lineups on both sides again. “The coach of BK has obviously buried a lot of foreshadowing when he selected the first few heroes. The final grabbing of the barbarian is obviously to take the outbreak flow. Combined with the plague revolutionary and it is obvious they want to directly cut off the retreat of the GH team’s side lane core!”

Commentator B also sighed. “It is really fatal for the tactical system to be suppressed by the opposing coach. It depends on whether the coach of GH can think of a way to reverse the disadvantage in the lineup. I can only say that the restraint of the BK team’s lineup is too obvious. Originally, Titans would have a high chance of winning if he had selected Griffin but now that isn’t suitable.”

Commentator A agreed. “I only hope that the GH team won’t be in chaos…”

Just then, the camera in the middle of the field happened to fall right into GH’s zone. In contrast to the urgent atmosphere created by the two commentators, the GH team members all looked relaxed rather than anxious.

Lin Yan stood at the back of their team zone and seemed to be in a good mood. At this time, the last hero for the GH team was officially selected—the bloodthirsty succubus Pelia.

It wasn’t an explosive warrior but an unexpected side-lane tank. It wasn’t until the lineup of both sides was displayed on the big screen that the audience reacted and exploded. Why did the GH team want to go with the center?

If the choice of the first four heroes was easily understood as the warrior explosive outbreak system, the selection of the bloodthirsty succubus changed it in seconds to the typical four-and-one flow! Forget the core being the side lane. The moment this system was taken out, it was clear that Titans, the vampire hero, wasn’t going to follow the team at all!

Lin Yan took off his headphones and met the resentful gaze of the BK coach opposite him. The smile in his eyes couldn’t be hidden for a moment. The game between coaches was this type of excitement.

‘You think you guessed my tactics? Sorry, I guessed you would guess my tactics. It isn’t just guessing. I also guided you step by step to choose the lineup I wanted.’

This was being skilled.

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