CAMP: Chapter 87

He had been too busy last night. It was true that Jing Yuanzhou hadn’t paid attention to the situation on the Internet until now. It wasn’t until he saw the message from Ku Tianlu that he discovered the professional players group had completely blown up.

[F*k, what does this interview with Win mean? Are they looking down on our domestic division?]

[I remember that this team didn’t even make it into the semi-finals last year, right? Are they so arrogant after winning the spring competition?]

[It’s too tiring to play in the Korean division so they come to our national server to relax? Do they really think there is no one in our league?]

[Isn’t it said that the professional players in South Korea have also been mobilized? It seems they really want to come to our national server to get first place.]

[In fact, I have good friends among the Korean teams. They said that they didn’t want to join in at first. It’s just that Win has stirred public opinion too much.]

[It’s true that if fans are seeking official mobilization, they will have to consider the pressure of public opinion even if they want to stay out of it.]

[Wait, what are you talking about? I just came online?]

[Guiding the way: [Video Link]]

[Warm reminder, it is recommended to drink a glass of water to calm down. They are really putting on an act.]

Jing Yuanzhou saw the chat history and more or less understood what was going on. He clicked on the video link posted in the group. The person in the video was the MVP of the game and was being interviewed. He had striking red hair and judging from the uniform he was wearing, he was a member of the Win team. It was said that Win had dug up a lot of newcomers this year. Judging from the strange young face, he should be one of them.

After playing for so many years, Jing Yuanzhou had learned some Korean for the convenience of the World Competition. He could understand the content of the words even without looking at the subtitles translation. “In fact, this game wasn’t played very well. Fortunately, the opponent seems to be more out of shape than me. If I played normally then I should’ve taken more than 10 heads…. but there won’t be any such distractions in the following matches. As stated before, this winner of this year’s World Competition must be our Win. I’m not speaking big words. We really have strength.”

The host asked, “The evaluation of you on the Internet is that you are currently the top side-lane player in the Korean competition area. What do you think of this?”

The redhead looked disapproving. “I am the best in South Korea but to be more accurate, it isn’t an exaggeration to say that I am the world’s top side-lane player.”

The host was a bit flustered and changed the subject appropriately. “Win’s momentum this year is indeed very strong. In order to show such an excellent performance, I believe the private training must’ve been very difficult right?”

“In fact, it’s fine. The arrangement was quite intensive a while ago but it has been adjusted recently.” The redhead hesitated when he said this and looked up at the camera lens. “It’s just that it’s too tiring to play the rankings in the Korean division. Thus, I’m going to the China server to relax in the later period. The Chinese division might not have won the World Competition for several years but it is good to take this opportunity to have a look. By the way, I will see if I can find the time to reach number one there. It seems interesting when thinking about it this way. I just don’t know if the players from other teams are interested. Why don’t we go together?”

The video came to an abrupt end here.

Jing Yuanzhou raised his eyebrow slightly. He didn’t expect the arrogant newcomer of the Win team to be a side-lane player just like him. In fact, every professional player had some common attributes of the position. Side-lane players were generally more stable and reliable. There were few players who were so arrogant and domineering.

Jing Yuanzhou saw this interview and understood why Ku Tianlu was so outraged. It wasn’t just a simple matter of mocking others. If other South Korean players really entered the Chinese server as the redhead called out for them to do, the competition for the rankings would be really lively.

In particular, this was an era where the Internet was so developed. Even if the professional players themselves didn’t want to get involved in this matter, the aroused mentality of the netizens in both countries would exert pressure on them. It would be sublimated to the level of national honor or disgrace. In this way, it wasn’t their own decision even if the players of the two major divisions didn’t want to participate in this ranking competition.

The Korean players came over with the slogan of playing for fun. Even if they failed to squeeze to the top of the leaderboard, it was just a matter of returning to their own division. However, the defensive side was completely different. Normally, no one paid attention to this thing. Even if they knew that the number one player was a South Korean player, they would laugh at most. Now under such strong public opinion, if they really let a South Korean player reach the top then it was stepping on the faces of all Chinese professional players.

Normally, professional players would try out various tactics and didn’t care about winning or losing in the rankings of their accounts. The result was that they were now under a lot of pressure. Jing Yuanzhou continued to scroll down through the chat records of the group. Unsurprisingly, the top players of each big team were pinged one by one to be summoned.

LDF – Luni: [Don’t blow it up. I’ve seen it. If the Korean players really came then I will be sure to fight.]

LDF – Luni: [I just want to ask. Who is number one in the national server right now?]

UL – BALL: [I just went to check. It is a passerby king called ‘Labor and Capital’. That was just two days ago. Now the name has been changed to ‘Labor and Capital Number One in the Country’.] (So Labor and Capital in pinyin is also Laozi, using different characters. So it is probably a pun)

LDF – Luni: [He is poor. He worked so hard for the ranking only to become the target of all snipers.]

PAY – Demen: [It’s fine. The players in this position are under great pressure. Apparently the redhead in Win is the best side-lane player in the world.]

UL – BALL: [He is really brave to speak. However, why are you under pressure? Isn’t there another one above you?]

LDF – Luni: [Forget that person. I don’t know where his mind is right now, tsk.]

UL – BALL: [Luni, aren’t you on good terms with Titans?]

LDF – Luni: [How do you see that I have a good relationship with him? #smile.jpg]

Jing Yuanzhou sent a message right at this time.

GH – Titans: [Smile.jpg]

LDF – Luni: [……]

LDF – Luni: [What the hell are you smiling at? Don’t steal my picture!]

Jing Yuanzhou took a look at the smiling emoji that came with WeChat and slowly typed: [Okay, I won’t steal your picture.]

The discussion continued after his interruption.

PAY – Demen: [Okay, the one above me has come out and I do feel like the pressure has suddenly decreased a lot.]

Three – Wuhoo: [It seems the Korean side hasn’t started yet, right?]

Three – Wuhoo: [In any case, let them come. They will come in vertically and go back horizontally.]

Three – Come: [Let me remind you… Wuhoo, do you want to check your current ranking before saying this?]

There was a noticeable pause.

Three – Wuhoo: [So what if I’m in the top 200? Do I have no right to speak if I’m not in the top 100?]

At Come’s reminder, the other players finally remembered to go and take a look at their current ranking. They were busy with the matches and didn’t play the rankings, which led to the ranking of each account being really terrible. Finally, according to the statistics, there were one or two players with great self-control who managed to maintain themselves in the top 50. It was indeed a good result to be able to stay in the top 200 like Wuhoo.

In the face of this cruel reality, the professional players couldn’t help falling into a weird silence. Finally, someone asked a very important question. [So who has the highest ranking among us?]

PAY – Demen: [It should be our team’s AI. He is currently ranked eighth in the national server. Is there anyone higher than this?]

PAY – AI: [No, I’m the highest.]

No one was surprised by the result.

After all, the pressure of the matches was too great. There already wasn’t enough time for everyone to get familiar with new tactics and study new systems. How could there be so much time to rush to the top of the rankings? Even if they rushed up for a certain period of time, there would be no time to maintain their ranks when there was a match, and other players would overtake them in minutes. For professional players like them, it was really unnecessary to care about these things except during the off-season.

The exception was AI who was an emotionless training machine. He was probably the only one who could maintain a steady state of mind without turbulence and continue to gain points in the rankings without affecting the matches.

This reality made everyone sigh involuntarily. Finally, they said they would end the chat and rush to train. All of them were ready to go to the game to raise their rankings. If the South Korean players really entered, they couldn’t lose at the starting line.

Jing Yuanzhou saw that the group had become quiet and switched from WeChat to Weibo. Not surprisingly, he found that the entire e-sports circle had already exploded. After all, young people engaged in e-sports had a lot of energy. On the hot spot alone, this matter occupied three or four very eye-catching positions at the top.

Lin Yan came out of the shower and saw Jing Yuanzhou sitting at the desk on his phone. He saw Jing Yuanzhou’s frowning and contemplative look and couldn’t help walking behind this person, slowly leaning down. “What are you looking at?”

His hair was still a bit moist and contained the light fragrance of shampoo. It was a good smell. Jing Yuanzhou lightly sniffed before handing the phone over. “Take a look.”

Lin Yan pulled out a chair and sat down. He opened the takeout and while eating, his finger slid back and forth on the screen of Jing Yuanzhou’s phone. In a moment, he realized what happened. He watched the interview video again and his eyebrows furrowed unhappily. “This side-lane player of Win is called Nilay right? The world’s number one side-lane player… haha, I’m afraid he wants to eat farts!”

Jing Yuanzhou couldn’t hide the smile in his eyes every time he saw Lin Yan supporting him. He controlled the curve of his mouth and said, “In any case, the players in the group have exploded. there is a high probability that all teams are ready to go online to snipe them. I just don’t know which teams from South Korea will come over to join in on the fun.”

“It doesn’t matter which team comes over. I’m not afraid of them even when they come.” Lin Yan raised a spoonful of soup to his mouth. “I’ll adjust the training content once we finish playing this week. In any case, the lineups of several teams are almost the same. I will let the children go to the national service to raise their rankings. Let’s set a small goal for their ranking to be in the top 100. I can take this opportunity to stimulate their operation skills. It’s very good.”

Then he picked up a tissue and wiped the corners of his mouth. “As for the Win team’s recent arrogance… Forget it, there is nothing to worry about. In the end, they just lack a social beating. In this case, it is better to beat them up well. Isn’t this the truth?”

Jing Yuanzhou nodded and intimately agreed. “Yes, if it isn’t enough then hit them twice.”


Their recent meals and training were all carried out in the hotel. Soon, the GH team ushered in the second and final match of the week. This time, the strength of the opposing team wasn’t too strong and there was obviously less pressure than playing the SUU team.

In the regular season, the BO1 system was about playing on the spot. It had a big advantage for a team like GH with a decisive play style. It took only 35 minutes to win very beautifully.

The match time was in the afternoon. Since they were flying back to Ningcheng the next day, they had dinner with Jian Ye’s secondary league team that night. The host team was very enthusiastic. Throughout the meal, they repeatedly thanked the GH team for their recognition of Jian Ye and wished them good luck in this year’s autumn competition.

Bi Yaohua hadn’t faced such an enthusiastic and honest team in a long time and he spoke much less words that night than usual. It wasn’t until they bid farewell and headed back that he couldn’t help covering his embarrassed little heart. “Gun Gun, I say! The posture of your former boss tonight is like someone dripping snot and tears while sending a maiden out of the house to get married! It really hurts and they must love you dearly!”

Jian Ye raised his eyes and kicked him. “Go away.”

Gu Luo recalled the scene at the table and couldn’t help laughing. “Brother Gun, the atmosphere of your previous team is good. They must’ve treated you well when you were in the team before?”

“It was pretty good.” Jian Ye recalled his previous situation in the secondary league and smiled. “It’s just a pity that their combat system requires more group control support. I couldn’t play since I’m not proficient in this. In the final analysis, I’m not suitable for their team.”

Chen Yushen was walking at the very back. At this time, he suddenly said, “You just suit us.”

Jian Ye was somewhat emotional thinking about the period when he was just a substitute. Just then, there was a loud noise from across the road. Everyone’s gazes were attracted to that area. Bi Yaohua saw the group of people that were chasing someone and immediately understood from their clothing. “Nancheng isn’t bad. At least their street culture is quite active!”

Chen Yushen, “……”

This was a really flexible and vivid description of ‘street culture’. Wasn’t it more like a group of gangsters gathered to fight?

Lin Yan obviously didn’t have much interest in this type of thing. He glanced at the time and told them, “Now there are cameras everywhere and nothing can happen. Don’t be nosy and let’s go back.”

The others responded positively but once they turned their heads, they found that Jian Ye was frozen in place and didn’t move.

Gu Luo blinked doubtfully. “Brother Gun, what’s wrong?”

“Nothing.” Jian Ye’s gaze was always on the opposite side. At this time, he suddenly came back to his senses. He rushed forward while calling out, “You go back first. Don’t wait for me!”

The last sound was still in their ears when they saw him crossing the road with few vehicles and chasing right after the group. Everything happened so suddenly that the team members couldn’t help looking at each other. They failed to react for a moment. Yet in this case, it was impossible to treat it as if nothing happened. They immediately followed without hesitation.

They finally ran into a dead end and the group stopped completely. By the time the GH team arrived, they saw that Jian Ye was holding a person in his arms while using his hands to flexibly deal with the gangsters.

There were no cameras in this area but it was obvious that Jian Ye was taking the league’s rules into consideration. He was very restrained and didn’t take the initiative. Even so, he still managed to avoid the sticks these people were swinging and inadvertently caused them to suffer heavy blows from their own people.

These gangsters obviously hadn’t expected Jian Ye to suddenly appear. It was only a momentary confrontation but they realized this was someone with experience. The chaotic scene became even more chaotic. Just then, they heard someone whistle behind them. “Yo, this is very lively!”

Looking back, Bi Yaohua’s peacock hair was extremely dazzling under the night lights. He just stopped at the entrance of the alley but the pressure coming off him felt like there were thousands of troops behind him. There were a few people standing behind him. The shorter one with his hair dyed a granny gray was very eye-catching.

The other three looked like good citizens compared to the two with different hair colors but the group of Nancheng gangsters couldn’t help having a thought—F*k, we lost!

The leader of the gangsters couldn’t figure out the origin of these people for a moment. He only knew that they looked strange. He glanced around before asking, “Who are you? Mind your own business!”

Jian Ye saw that his teammates had followed him and his eyes shook in a somewhat complicated manner. Still, he didn’t say too much at this time. He took off the cap on his head when he heard this question, revealing the distinct scar at the corner of his eye. “It has been too long since I’ve come home. Is there really a new group of people in Nancheng?”

The sentence spoken in a flat tone had a fierce aura that was completely different from usual. Not to mention those gangsters, even the people of GH couldn’t help being stunned. The young man protected by Jian Ye gritted his teeth and his bangs covered his face.

Lin Yan glanced around. He determined there wouldn’t be any fighting for the moment so he turned and walked out of the alley. He took out his phone and called a number.

Inside the alley, the conversation continued. The gangsters finally reacted after seeing the scar. The leader was obviously shocked and he asked in an uncertain voice, “Are you… Brother Ye?”

Hearing the words ‘Brother Ye’, the mouths of the GH players twitched and they stared at Jian Ye.

“Cough…” Jian Ye controlled his gaze and didn’t look at his teammates. He lowered his eyes and glanced at the group in front of him. “What’s the matter? Is Li Huaqiang’s little brother lacking eyesight now? The scar on my face was left by surnamed Li back then. How long has it been since no one recognized it?”

At this glance, the leader’s back instinctively straightened. Then he quickly recovered. “Bah, don’t lean on the past! Is it really right to call you Brother Ye? Didn’t you say that you’ve reformed? You found a wealthy team to play games and didn’t even care about your own brother. Why are you pretending here?”

Jian Ye instinctively looked down at the teenager in his arms when he heard these words and he frowned slightly. “Who says that I don’t care?”

The group of gangsters burst out laughing but they were obviously hesitant due to Jian Ye’s existence. They were hesitating over whether to continue or not when someone clapped loudly from the rear.

Lin Yan felt the gazes on him and smiled brightly. He helped up the mobile phone with the still brightly lit screen. “Sorry, I was terribly scared just now so I called the police. The police should come right away. So do you really want to continue talking here?”

“You called the police!” The leader’s expression sank and he couldn’t help yelling in a loud voice, “Are you so special? Don’t you understand the rules?”

“I’m not mixed up in your words so how can I know the rules?” Lin Yan innocently asked. “A good citizen is encountering difficulties. Shouldn’t I call the police to help?”

The leader almost vomited up blood out of anger. The gangsters obviously didn’t want to let Jian Ye go but taking into account the police arriving soon, they didn’t fight and ran away. The people of GH consciously made a path for them and soon, the surrounding area was empty.

Bi Yaohua was extremely alert and reminded them, “We shouldn’t stand here! The police are coming. Shouldn’t we hurry and leave?”

They were professional players. Even if it was just going to the police station to give a statement, the follow-up process was actually very troublesome. However, Lin Yan wasn’t in a hurry to leave. He just looked like this person was a fool. “BB, you are very good in ordinary times. What is going on today? You actually believed it when I said that I called the police?”

Gu Luo couldn’t help back and laughed loudly.

Bi Yaohua was stunned. “…F*k?”

A smile flashed in Jing Yuanzhou’s eyes. Then he turned in Jian Ye’s direction and wondered, “So this is?”

This must be a very important person for Jian Ye to protect him like this.

Jian Ye returned to his usual demeanor. He placed his cap back on, pressed down the brim of the cap and cleared his throat with some embarrassment. “Let me introduce you. This stinky boy… is my little brother.”

He probably couldn’t bear the surrounding gazes. The young man who had remained silently slowly raised his head, dark eyes full of vigilance. He stood beside Jian Ye and the similar facial features couldn’t help gradually overlapping.

The members of GH murmured, “Oh…”

Don’t say it, this person really looked like a small Brother Gun!

Proofreader: Nao

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Yoshi K
Yoshi K
1 year ago

There’s so much drama with teams, I’m glad at least Gun’s old one was good 😭☺️ Restoring my faith in humanity I swear

1 year ago

No se porque siento que el “mejor carril lateral del mundo” sabe algo del libro… Que tal que así era como debía ir el mundo… ?)

Daring to Dream
Daring to Dream
10 months ago

DiD a team mascot appear?