CAMP: Chapter 83 Part 2

The staff member didn’t know the specific matter between the two teams but Bi Yaohua’s attitude toward the QOG team was well known. The staff member instantly became vigilant.

Both sides were professional teams. They shouldn’t break any rules but the staff member still took out his mobile phone. If there was a real dispute, he could call the security guard over as soon as possible.

QOG’s captain Roser was walking in the front and his expression instantly sank when he saw Bi Yaohua. He wanted to say something but his gaze passed over Lin Yan and he fell silent.

The last time they met, he had regarded Lin Yan as an ordinary team coach and naturally didn’t care too much about this person. However, the hot search in the past few days revealed this coach’s hidden background. In front of the coach, he didn’t dare make too much trouble.

Roser usually dealt with people with money so he knew how hard they were to provoke. He thought this and lowered his head to avoid GH’s gaze. He wanted to calmly walk to the side with the members of QOG. Just as he passed by, Bi Yaohua suddenly stretched out a foot to stop him.

Roser’s expression sunk a bit. “What do you want?”

There were so many people around and he wasn’t worried about Bi Yaohua’s aggressive behavior. It was just that based on his understanding of this man, he knew this wouldn’t be a good thing. Sure enough. Bi Yaohua smiled while lowering his eyes and whistled. “Yo, you lost?”

Roser noticed Lin Yan and Jing Yuanzhou both looking over and took a deep breath, enduring it. “Winning or losing is normal. Our skills just weren’t as good as the opponent. Why? Have you never lost?”

Bi Yaohua sneered. “I have naturally lost. It is just hard to be so happy when losing like you! What is your secret? Can you teach me?”

The expression on Roser’s face was wonderful for a while. Then he took into account the presence of others and gritted his teeth. “So what’s the matter?”

Damn, wasn’t this idiot going to play? Why was he still acting so pretentiously here?

Bi Yaohua seemed to hear Roser’s heart and smiled even more happily. “It’s fine. I just feel that since we were on the same team previously, I should offer my condolences. In short, I will cheer for you in the next game!”

Roser heard such a sentence and thought he had an auditory hallucination for a moment. “What did you say?”

“After all, I promised to personally send you home.” Bi Yaohua’s tone was light. “If QOG’s points are at the bottom and you have eliminated yourself before it starts, won’t it cause some trouble for us?”

Roser, “……”

F&k you!

The staff member saw that the situation was wrong and hurriedly came to control it. “The second match is about to begin. Everyone, you…”

Lin Yan really liked to watch Bi Yaohua irritating people but he knew this wasn’t the time. Thus, he called out to Bi Yaohua from a distance. “BB, let’s go.”

The MVP of the first match was given to Lan Min. After the interview ended, the two teams of the second match entered under the attention of many people. They sat down in their area and Lin Yan gave a reminder. “QOG is in the future. The SUU game must be won first, you know?”

Bi Yaohua’s mentality was very stable. The previous incident didn’t affect his mood at all. Rather, he felt refreshed. “Don’t worry Coach! I will do it properly!”

It was just after the end of a game and the atmosphere at the scene was thoroughly heated up. Coincidentally, today’s official commentators were GH’s old friends, Brother Rabbit Hat and Cry Cry. They reviewed the highlights of the game just now and then turned their attention to the two teams on the field.

It was presumably due to the hot search a while ago but the director didn’t rush to show the players. Instead, the camera first gave Lin Yan a close-up.

Commentator Brother Rabbit Hat said, “Speaking of which, due to the previous participation in the recording of Burning Hot Assembly, Coach Lin of the GH team can be considered our old friend. Not only was he a hot topic, he could bring a brand new team all the way to the professional league which shows his superb ability. Facing the strong team of SUU today, I wonder what type of lineup Coach Lin will come up with to fight?”

“I’m also very curious about this.” Commentator Cry Cry tacitly spoke. “Actually, I have watched the GH team’s previous matches. During the game against PILL, they once again brought out the four assassin heroes which can be called very strong. I don’t know if I will have the chance to see GH play it again today.”

“I think differently.” Brother Rabbit Hat laughed. “GH is currently the only team in the league whose core system hasn’t been understood. The e-sports media has previously analyzed this multi-core model. According to my understanding of Coach Lin, he is definitely a person who isn’t content to keep the status quo. I think that in today’s strong matchup, GH is likely to come up with a new battle system. It is something to really look forward to.”

Commentator Cry Cry said, “However, SUU has introduced two Korean players. At present, the whole team has adapted very well. They won’t be easy to deal with.”

Brother Rabbit Hat exclaimed, “in short, no matter what, I believe this game will be very interesting!”

Lin Yan was just about to put on his soundproof headphones when he heard this. He couldn’t help glancing in the direction of the commentary platform with a faint smile in his eyes. Among other things, the evaluation of ‘isn’t content to keep the status quo’ was really appropriate for him.

The equipment on both sides was checked and the game officially entered the BP part. There wasn’t much hesitation about the first two banned spots for both sides. SUU gave both positions to Jing Yuanzhou while GH banned two strong heroes. It wasn’t until the last choice that they both hesitated.

SUU was mainly considering the lineup used by GH previously and hesitated over whether to ban a support hero or not. Meanwhile, SUU was too conventional in their banning picks that it was hard for Lin Yan to determine what lineup they would use.

The SUU side finally chose to ban Jian Ye. Lin Yan considered it before making a safe choice. “Ban Cyclops.”

Cyclops was a tank hero and the usage of it in the domestic league actually wasn’t high. However, it recently appeared frequently in South Korea and was a core existence of many tactical systems. Once this hero was disabled, the opponent’s tactics could be limited to the smallest range.

The players of GH looked at SUU’s three banned picks and couldn’t help laughing. “Brother Gun, great! If this continues, you will become the most targeted support player in this year’s league!”

“……” Jian Ye didn’t know if this was a good thing or bad thing and was silent for a while. Then he said politely, “It is all the coach’s credit.”

For once, Lin Yan didn’t say anything. His eyes were firmly focused on the opponent’s hero choice. SUU was first and they picked the top lane hero who was very defensive. They were obviously preparing to resist Jing Yuanzhou’s pressure.

Lin Yan lowered his head and wrote a few things in the notebook. Then he asked his team members to lock onto an assassin and healing support first. The second hero SUU took was a mid-laner with powerful group control skills. So far, the choice of heroes on both sides seemed very stable.

This lasted until SUU locked onto the third hero. It was a tank support with group control skills. Lin Yan’s gaze was focused on the three heroes and something flashed through his eyes. “It’s like this…”

He gently crossed out the original selection plan in his notebook and pulled the microphone to his lips. “Take the shadow sniper and mechanical bomber.”

Gu Luo was surprised. “Coach, you are ready to use…”

Lin Yan laughed. “Yes, no game is more suitable for this system than now.”

The officials had always been paying attention to the lineup selection of both sides.

Brother Rabbit Hat saw the two heroes GH just selected and was stunned. “Mechanical bomber! GH didn’t take a stabbing hero! Is GH’s mid-laner Gloy finally ready to change his hero? I seem to recall that he hasn’t used this type of hero before. Is it a deliberate adjustment for the team’s lineup?”

Commentator Cry Cry added, “Now GH has selected four heroes and it depends on what Titans will pick.”

The BP process continued. SUU’s last heroes were determined and the lineup system was finally fully displayed in front of the audience.

As Lin Yan guessed, it was a complete team battle lineup. A strong front row and many control skills. This was sufficient preparation for team battles and was definitely a very troublesome lineup.

“Okay, only GH’s final choice is left. GH’s hero selection this time can be called quite satisfactory. However, judging by the current lineup situation, it might be inferior when facing SUU in a team battle…” Commentator Rabbit Hat was carefully analyzing it when he saw the last hero that GH selected.

He was speaking when he almost bit his tongue. Weren’t they lacking a top lane hero? Why take the wilderness swordsman? Not only was the playing rate of the wilderness swordsman not high in this version of the game but just based on the skills alone, it was a jungler hero. There was no way it could go to the top lane!

The commentators were silent while there was a lot of discussion throughout the venue.

Just then, the positions of the GH heroes were adjusted. The wilderness swordsman that was selected last changed to Chen Yushen’s jungler position. The physical assassin they originally thought would be the jungler hero fell into the hands of mid-laner Gu Luo. As for the enthusiastically discussed ‘mid-laner hero’, the mechanical bomber, it went round and round and finally stopped in front of the ID of Jing Yuanzhou! So the mechanical bomber was GH’s top lane hero this time?

In the BP session, only two of the five positions were guessed. Brother Rabbit Hat felt he had encountered an unprecedented crisis in his commentary career.

F&k conforming to the norms. What type of wonderful lineup was GH taking?!!!

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