CAMP: Chapter 83 Part 1

The last message in the GH group chat was at 3 a.m. and it was from Lin Yan. [After getting up, gather in my room. I will sort out the tactics for you again.]

The next day, the team members woke up one by one and saw the message. They immediately finished washing up and rang the doorbell of Lin Yan’s room. A long time passed but no one opened the door.

They exchanged looks and were wondering if they should come back later when there was finally a faint sound from the room. Lin Yan opened the door of the room. His hair was messy and loose while his voice was hoarse and tired. “Ah, you are all awake?”

The coat on his body was obviously pulled on just after getting up. The folds of his clothes inside were a bit clear and it was slightly subtle in such an environment. Bi Yaohua’s hand that had just reached for the doorbell couldn’t help pausing. He asked in a rare understanding manner, “Should we come back later?”

“No, I’ll just wash my face. Come in.”  Lin Yan yawned and turned sideways. After opening the door a little bit, he headed to the bathroom and knocked on the door. “Are you still not ready?”

Jing Yuanzhou’s voice was heard through the door. “I’ll come out immediately.”

Lin Yan was obviously still a bit sleepy. He leaned against the wall and waited with half-squinted eyes. The other four people were frozen in place, not knowing if they should move or not. They all knew that their captain had the habit of getting up early to do morning exercise. Now looking at this, he had just woken up?

Gu Luo couldn’t make up his mind and asked in a low voice, “Brother, should we… go in?”

Jian Ye looked at Lin Yan’s expression and gritted his teeth. “Go in!”

The four of them followed one after another, entering the room in a restless manner. They instinctively scanned the room and found there was no chaotic scene that was inconvenient to be seen by outsiders as they imagined. They couldn’t help feeling a bit relieved.

Lin Yan came out of the bathroom after washing up and the expression on his face was already sober. After yawning and sitting down at the table, he clicked the mouse and opened the newly created document on the desktop. “To be honest, it really isn’t easy to grab this point from SUU’s hand. These are the points to pay attention to that I sorted out last night. Take a good look at it first. If you have any questions, we can discuss them in detail later.”

Gu Luo saw the packed document and felt shocked. Something vaguely appeared in his heart. He couldn’t help sounding a bit moved. “Coach, did you spend all of last night doing this for us? In fact, we can cope with the match on our own now. You don’t have to work so hard for us like this…”

“You don’t need to think too much. It wasn’t too hard. I actually finished it at 2 o’clock.” Lin Yan rubbed his hair sleeping. “Struggling all night had nothing to do with you. If you really want to blame someone, you should blame your captain. He really meant to keep me from sleeping!”

Gu Luo’s moved expression abruptly froze. “!”

The other three also looked up. “???”

Jing Yuanzhou was already sitting on the sofa with eyes closed and a tired expression. He felt the gazes from those around him and opened his eyes to look at Lin Yan. “You should say it clearly. Who didn’t let who sleep in the end?”

Lin Yan couldn’t shift the blame and coughed. “Did I say it incorrectly? Last night was too intense. Who could sleep?”

The members of GH, “……”

So what did they do last night?!!

Jing Yuanzhou originally wanted to tease a few more words. Then he felt the weird atmosphere of silence around him, realized something and couldn’t help laughing.

Considering the innocence of the coach, he had a rare conscience and added, “Don’t you know your coach’s personality? The two foreign players on the SUU team were from the Case team. Therefore, he went looking for the videos of Case’s games. He watched it and forgot the time. I wanted to remind him but he dragged me to watch it all night.”

Lin Yan listened to Jing Yuanzhou and was a bit unhappy. “Case played really well in the past two years. Even if I was the one watching them, didn’t you send me those videos?”

Jing Yuanzhou compromised. “Yes, I was wrong.”

Don’t talk about the others. If they said something like this, even Bi Yaohua wanted to close himself up. “…Coach, should we look at the document now?”

Gu Luo added from next to him, “Yes, the match is tomorrow. We should hurry and take a look.”

They really didn’t want to discuss the topic just now. The words were so ambiguous but it turned out they just watched videos all night long? ‘Sorry, my thoughts are too dirty!’

Lin Yan didn’t understand the team’s collapse but he agreed with the enthusiasm behind this type of active proposal. “Yes, we should hurry up.”

Everyone huddled in the hotel room the entire day.

Lin Yan didn’t arrange any specific training content for them to maintain their mental state before the game but just listing the key elements was enough for all of them to go back and digest for one night. The match was scheduled for the evening.

On the same day, GH went downstairs to eat in the hotel restaurant and happened to run into SUU who came out of the elevator next door. They met on this narrow road and the members of the two teams couldn’t help being stunned. Then they nodded and greeted each other.

After sitting in the pre-booked business car, Jian Ye couldn’t help sighing. “The one at the forefront just now is their captain, Mirror? He looks much smaller than on TV! I heard he is the son of the owner of the SUU club. Tsk, he is a young master. People really can’t be compared with him.”

Bi Yaohua laughed. “Gun Gun, you are so old, cough, I mean, mature. Still, you don’t need to speak in such an old-fashioned manner, right?”

Gu Luo recalled the gaze he inadvertently had met just now and quietly shrank back, muttering in a low voice, “I don’t know about the others but I always feel this person is too fierce.”

Jian Ye patted Gu Luo on the shoulder in a comforting manner. “Aren’t you both mid-laners? It’s probably the feeling when meeting players in the same position. You are about to fight each other to the death on the field soon. You can’t expect him to be as gentle as your Brother Gun, right?”

Gu Luo was persuaded. “In any case, I must be fiercer than him on the field.”

Jian Ye coaxed him in a smooth manner. “Yes, our Gloy is fierce.”

Chen Yushen sat by the window and didn’t speak the entire time. His eyes were filled with the lights that gradually lit up the distance and shadows, and light flashed in his eyes.

There were two games that night. First was BK against QOG and second was SUU against GH.

The members of GH didn’t have good feelings toward QOG, this underworld team. They felt very uncomfortable to play after them.

By the time they arrived at the venue, the first match had entered the preparatory stage. Both teams were already on the stage and none of the team members were met backstage.

The members of GH gathered around the TV in the lounge to watch the game that was broadcasted live.”

QOG’s strength was clearly no match for the BK team. Their base crystal was destroyed in the 40th minute.

“I don’t understand how a team like QOG can keep their place in the league.” Jian Ye reviewed the wave of team battles just now and was puzzled. “Can they actually reach the top 8 when playing like this?”

Bi Yaohua sneered. “I don’t want to admit it but Roser’s personal strength is actually pretty good. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have been blinded to sign that stupid contract with them. Then I soon discovered their ‘unstable’ state when playing. At that time, I didn’t know the basis behind their good or bad performance. It was only later that I figured it out. Haha, this trash QOG, their good or bad performance depends on whether the money is in place. Can you understand this?”

Jian Ye’s mouth twitched and it was a long time before he could say something. “F&k, these basta&ds are still doing this?”

“It isn’t every game so it isn’t regular. Sometimes they will perform for free in a few unimportant games to cover it up so it really isn’t easy to grasp.” Bi Yaohua glanced at the figures on the TV with a scornful expression. “However, if they walk late at night then they will encounter a ghost sooner or later. I’ll wait for the day when QOG is overturned.”

Just as he finished, the screen of the TV darkened.

Lin Yan threw the remote control in his hand to the side, his voice indifferent. “We can scold them when we go back. Today’s opponent is SUU so get ready to play them.”

Bi Yaohua was a person who understood the importance of things. He didn’t have an opinion on this and just stood up. The others took their bags and followed the staff member out of the lounge.

Unexpectedly, they had just walked a bit when they bumped into the QOG team who were returning from the match. BK wasn’t seen so the interview with the winner should be ongoing.

QOG had just lost the match but it was a smiling and harmonious atmosphere. There was no depression at all. They didn’t seem to expect to bump into GH and stopped instinctively. The atmosphere subtly changed.

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Daring to Dream
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