CAMP: Chapter 82 Part 2

The second week of the regular season would be carried out in Nancheng. Coincidentally, this was Jian Ye’s hometown and the base of the secondary league team where he originally played as a substitute. They knew that Jian Ye was coming, so his original teammates called him in advance, saying they would gather after a match and invite the entire GH team to have a meal together.

Jian Ye had been on this team for two years as a substitute. He might not have played much due to his hero pool but his relationship with his teammates was quite good. He received the call and agreed very happily.

Lin Yan naturally had no opinion on this. As the competition day approached, he had Luo Mo book the tickets for everyone in advance and took them to the airport. According to the flow of the regular season, each team would basically have one or two days between matches.

This obviously wasn’t very friendly for teams that needed to travel back and forth. Most teams would choose to book a room for one week at a local hotel and arrange the corresponding computer equipment. Then the daily training could be done at the hotel.

Lin Yan wasn’t the type of person who liked to make twists and turns. He considered the comfort of the players and proudly chose the highest star Mingui Hotel near the arena.

All the participating teams chose the locations by themselves. Lin Yan didn’t know the arrangement of other clubs until he got off the plane and drove the hotel. Walking into the lobby, he saw familiar team uniforms. It seemed many other teams had made the same choice as them.

Minghui Hotel was the highest rated hotel near the competition venue. The price of a room was naturally very impressive. It seemed that GH wasn’t the only one attracted. The arrival time of the teams was slightly different. Once GH arrived, they could see the SUU team checking in while the BK team was waiting in the adjacent rest area.

SUU got the room cards and was allocating them. Therefore, they didn’t notice the group of people who entered the lobby. It wasn’t until Peng He instinctively turned his head at the noise behind him that he became slightly stunned when he discovered the identities of the people who had come.

After all, BK and GH were familiar with each other. They met face to face and instinctively started chatting. Peng He didn’t realize that the expression on his face was slightly stiff. His instinctive gaze at one of the figures was somewhat strange and he stood there for a long time, forgetting to move.

The support looked back and saw the captain’s strange reaction. He followed Peng He’s gaze and asked with surprise, “GH is actually staying here? Captain, should we… also go over and say hello?”

Peng He’s mind seemed to return. His eyes flickered and he withdrew his gaze. “No, it isn’t necessary.”

He glanced at the assigned room card and turned around. “Let’s go.”

The others found his attitude somewhat strange but they didn’t say much. They followed behind Peng He and walked to the elevator.

Bi Yaohua was the first to notice the movement and reminded BK, “Hey, SUU is finished. Isn’t it your turn?”

“Oh yes.” Ku Tianlu collected the ID cards and handed them over to Manager Wang. “Brother Wang, I have to trouble you.”

Earlier, Manager Wang had been really scolded by the management due to the matter of Jing Yuanzhou’s transfer.

At this time, he faced the people of GH and his mood was naturally extremely subtle. He wasn’t satisfied with Ku Tianlu’s blatant attitude but he couldn’t stand there and attract people’s attention. Thus, he turned around and walked to the hotel counter.

Gu Luo’s eyes remained on the backs of the SUU team and he asked curiously, “Are the two yellow-haired people the foreign aid they invited? Are they as powerful as the Internet said?”

“When we played against SUU in the mid-season, the two of them were really strong individually. They just lacked a tacit understanding with the team. I don’t know how well they have learned Chinese. I still remember that they couldn’t say anything during the handshake part after the game.” BK’s shooter paused here before saying, “However, in the games last week, SUU played really beautifully. They have obviously improved a lot from the mid-season.”

Ku Tianlu heard the conversation, looked over and reminded them in a serious tone, “If I remember correctly, your next opponent is the SUU team right? In any case, you have to be careful. The two foreign aids didn’t only bring themselves to our competition area. They also brought a lot of tricky tactics from South Korea. It has been useless so far but if they feel that their chances of winning in the next game isn’t enough, they might take them out.”

“Tricky tactics? How tricky can they be?” Gu Luo blinked slowly when he heard these words and accidentally revealed the true thoughts in his heart. “I don’t believe anyone can be dirtier than our coach… Oops—”

Before he finished, he was hit on the head. Lan Min couldn’t hold back and burst out laughing. Lin Yan was holding a volume of an e-sports magazine in his hand and there was a smile on his face. “Who is dirty?”

Gu Luo who stopped speaking: QAQ.

It wasn’t only Lan Min who laughed. Thanks to this interaction, a shallow smile even flashed in Chen Yushen’s eyes. He gently patted Gu Luo on the shoulder to express comfort and by the time he raised his head again, the elevator door diagonally opposite them had already closed.

After a slight pause, he withdrew his gaze without much emotions. No matter what happened in the past, all their intersections in the future would probably be on the field. Since they were opponents, then it was enough to win.

The BK team was settled and it was finally GH’s turn. This time, they brought the team manager Luo Mo. There were seven people so they booked a total of four rooms. Luo Mo came back with a stack of room cards. He barely thought about it as he handed one to Lin Yan. “Boss, this is yours. It is a single room and has a double bed.”

The moment he finished speaking, the eyes of the others toward Luo Mo wasn’t quite right. Luo Mo waited a while. Before Lin Yan could grab it, he felt the different gazes and finally reacted. “Ah, of course… if you think it is too boring to live alone, I don’t mind changing with you.”

Lin Yan hadn’t managed to speak when he heard the person next to him suddenly laugh. This very casual sentence instantly made the surrounding atmosphere become subtle.

Lin Yan’s lips pressed together tightly. He gently hit Jing Yuanzhou with his elbow before controlling the expression on his face. “You better live there and I’ll just share a room with Captain Jing. It’s more convenient for discussing tactics at night.”

Jing Yuanzhou coughed cooperatively. “Yes, I think so as well.”

The other team members felt that they had no eyes at the sanctimonious attitude of the two men. Didn’t their consciences hurt saying this?

Once Lin Yan and Jing Yuanzhou’s room was confirmed, the distribution of the rest was extremely simple. In the end, it was still in pairs like the variety show recording while the superfluous team manager Luo Mo enjoyed the treatment of a single room.

All the rooms were on the same floor. Lin Yan watched the others entering their own rooms before closing the door. He turned around and glimpsed Jing Yuanzhou who had never stopped smiling. He couldn’t help asking, “Why are you smiling?”

“I don’t know why. I just feel that my mouth is uncontrollable when I think about you wanting to actively discuss tactics with me.” Jing Yuanzhou took off his jacket and hung it up. “If you don’t like to see me smile then I’ll try to control it a little bit?”

“…No, you can just smile.”

The moment he finished speaking, he saw the curve of Jing Yuanzhou’s mouth become more distinct. Lin Yan’s heart slightly jumped and he suddenly retracted his gaze, turning to open his suitcase.

The large box actually only contained a few sets of clothing. The thing that took up the most space was the laptop he usually carried around. He took it out and placed the laptop on the desk by the wall.

Jing Yuanzhou was stunned when he saw Lin Yan pressing the power button. “Aren’t you going to eat?”

“No, I’ll order takeout later.” Lin Yan didn’t care about the half-open luggage and sat down at the table. “Ku Tianlu reminded me of something just now. I have always been referring to SUU’s previous videos for tactical reference but I forgot there is also the Korean tactical system. I will take advantage of the day we have tomorrow to adjust and rearrange all the information I have prepared.”

He finished speaking but didn’t hear a response from Jing Yuanzhou for a long time. Lin Yan was feeling puzzled when the shadow of a person came up behind him and firmly covered him. Jing Yuanzhou’s voice was heard from behind. It sounded a bit regretful and also helpless. “It seems that you really want to discuss tactics…”

Lin Yan choked up.

Jing Yuanzhou sighed again. “Unexpectedly, I would also have a day when I shower affection on an uninterested person.”

In such a narrow space, every small movement seemed magnified. Lin Yan vaguely felt his hair shaking slightly from this person’s breath. He couldn’t help his Adam’s apple moving up and down. In a trance, he heard his own voice say, “In fact, after the busy work is over… we can, cough, discuss something else.”

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