CAMP: Chapter 82 Part 1

The heat on the Internet lasted two whole days. During this process, there were no waves in the GH base. Everyone knew the ‘relationship’ between them so the GH players basically entered the tacit Buddhist mode.

After all, their captain and coach hadn’t come out publicly so they naturally didn’t dare ask or say anything. On the contrary, they always paid attention to the situation of the closet door. They had to be prepared to sacrifice themselves when appropriate. The team spirit ignited without warning. The tacit understanding of the team also reached its highest point due to this strange cause.

However, the person involved, Lin Yan was completely unaware of this. He had no idea that the youngsters in the family were worried about him.

The regular season had officially opened so Lin Yan devoted all his attention to preparing for the match. On the third day after the opening ceremony, GH ushered in the second match of the autumn season. This time, the opponent was the AIR team.

All matches during the regular season would be held in the arenas of three first-tier cities. This week’s host city was Ningcheng, which was where the Burning Hot League’s headquarters was located. It wasn’t too far from GH’s base. After lunch that day, everyone boarded the business car with their peripherals.

On the way to the arena, Luo Mo used his phone to take a few daily photos for publicity. After arriving at the parking lot, they followed the staff to the lounge.

The day before yesterday, Lin Yan had told everyone about AIR’s style of play. At this time, he had stopped cramming but there was always a strange feeling along the way. He leaned back lazily against the sofa with a thoughtful expression.

Jing Yuanzhou approached when he noticed Lin Yan’s expression and asked, “What’s wrong?”

Lin Yan frowned slightly. “I can’t tell. I just feel that something is weird today. I always feel that many people are staring at us.”

Bi Yaohua couldn’t help looking over and correcting it. “Coach, your feelings aren’t wrong. However, they weren’t staring at us. They are simply staring at you.”

Lin Yan wondered, “Why are they looking at me?”

Bi Yaohua looked surprised. “Don’t you know how popular the person who burst out recently is?”

Lin Yan wondered, “Who is it?”

He had been studying tactics against AIR for the past two days and didn’t care too much about other things.

Bi Yaohua held his forehead while counting with his fingers. “Look, you have the best game skills and the best coaching tactics. The most important thing is that you are the club’s golden boss behind the scenes. Tsk! Talent and appearance co-exists and you are also rich. This is the perfect male image in many love stories! It isn’t surprising that some people covet you, don’t you think?”

Lin Yan almost choked on air. He had stopped paying attention for one day and the rumors outside had become exaggerated to this extent?

In fact, Bi Yaohua was usually more ostentatious. This time, he considered Jing Yuanzhou’s presence and was relatively euphemistic. The situation on the Internet was much more exciting than what he said. In a nutshell, their coach was on fire!

Lin Yan had been busy these days but Jing Yuanzhou had paid close attention to the comments on the Internet. At this time, he just smiled. “However, it is estimated they can only covet him.”

The other people in the lounge heard this sentence and fell silent.

Captain, there was no need to abuse the single dogs. They all knew that the coach had a partner, okay!

The match was about to start. A staff member came to notify them about it when they came across this sour atmosphere. Everyone in GH immediately grabbed their equipment bags and walked out of the lounge without looking back. “Match! Go to the match!”

The AIR team hadn’t performed well in the mid-season. At that time, it had been hard for them to beat LARK and return their professional league qualification. In terms of strength alone, it was much weaker than the MEN team they had met in the opening match.

Theoretically speaking, the current GH should be at ease playing against AIR, but Lin Yan still bothered to make arrangements. He couldn’t say he was worried. He just didn’t want any accidents. He also wanted to protect the new tactics as much as possible while ensuring the winning rate.

The accumulation of points in the regular season was mainly to make it into the top eight. This might be important but the truly wise team would be absolutely unwilling to expose too much of the lineup at this stage.

The things that really pressured others definitely couldn’t be used in this period of time. Showing the trump cards too early was equal to giving the opponents made opportunities to prepare before the battle. There were still the quarter-finals, semi-finals and finals… looking further, there was even the future world championship.

For a team, there was no retreat if their foundation was exposed too early. Therefore, practicing a new system was a science and how to maximize the use of this system was another science. A careful person like Lin Yan was naturally racking his brain to push all the chips of their team to the extreme.

The BP process soon ended. Lin Yan finished his mission and walked down from the stage. Not surprisingly, he felt the scene suddenly boiling.

Many of the fans present today were GH fans and these fans were loyal viewers of the previous Burning Hot Assembly. They still had vivid memories of the warm-up game with the LARK team on the day of the finals. At this time, they saw the exact same lineup on the big screen and it was indeed difficult not to blow up.

The format for this BO1 was exactly the same as the warm-up game at that time, except that the LARK team was replaced with the current AIR team. The ultimate output lineup of four assassins once again appeared in the arena without warning.

“Hahaha, daring to release this? Shouldn’t the AIR coach have studied GH before the match?”

“I think it was studied but they probably didn’t expect the Go Home team to be so wild in the professional league.”

“I have to say that AIR’s BP is already very vigorous. If the strong heroes in this version of the game were released then it would be even worse, right?”

“Sure enough, AIR’s hero pool is still too soft. There aren’t many who play assassin heroes and the routines are obvious.”

“Why do I feel like Coach Lin is a great master? Both AIR and LARK are bottom teams so let them enjoy the same treatment?”

“The last sentence I gave to LARK will also be sent to AIR: May there be no slaughter in Heaven! Hahaha!”

“Che, is it interesting to play the same routines every day? Does GH have no new tricks?”

“Listening to this tone, is it a black fan? In fact, there is no need to be black just for the sake of being black.”

“Indeed, it is normal to keep back tactics in the regular season. It would be stupid to expose it in advance.”

“That’s right. Why care so much? Just win!”

GH did win this match and the win was pretty excellent. AIR wasn’t even able to hold on until the team battle stage. Their lanes were completely crushed. It took only 30 minutes to end this one-sided game.

Obviously, the current AIR team was a lot stronger than LARK during the previous warm-up game. However, the GH team was fiercer and more decisive than back then. This type of transformation was too obvious and every moment of collision on the field had a strange brilliance.

If the original match against MEN was still suspected of being won through luck, the victory in this match completely caused the so-called passersby to have no doubts about the strength of the new team, GH.

In this match, the MVP was Jing Yuanzhou and the interview process was much easier than Gu Luo’s interview.

On the way back after the match, Lin Yan took out the schedule and flipped through it. Then he couldn’t help laughing. “Speaking of which, our team really deserves to be the ‘son’ of the league.’ The schedule is almost comparable to the first-tier teams.”

The regular reason lasted a total of four weeks. During this period, all teams would play a single cycle of BO1 against every team in turn. No teams could be avoided but the specific order of matches was extremely careful.

The low ranked teams such as MEN, AIR, PILL etc were basically experience babies in the early stages. In a short period of two weeks, they were arranged against all the major teams to lay the foundation for the ranking of these teams. As for whether they could enter the top eight, it depended on their scoring during the last two weeks.

Compared to these teams who could be regarded as giving away their heads, the playing arrangement for GH from weak to strong was simply top treatment. Based on the schedule, they wouldn’t meet any strong teams in the early stages. Top giants such as Three and PAY would only be met after the third week. This made scoring in the early stages easier.

In the first week of the regular season, a total of three matches was arranged for GH. Following the crushing victory in the previous two matches, their third match was also successfully won. As a result, GH’s name was impressive in the standings after the first week.

Meanwhile, LDF only had two matches arranged in the first week. GH temporarily surpassed a giant team and were full of momentary glory. Seeing the fans of the official Weibo soaring, the hard-working manager Luo Mo almost burst out crying tears of joy. “It’s finally like the popularity of a professional team!”

Lin Yan couldn’t help glancing over. He didn’t see to understand why his former assistant could feel so much joy and sadness after taking over the club. However, compared to the issue of the club’s popularity, he was more concerned about the team’s actual performance.

The first week of the season had ended. Judging from the points, the situation of their team was pretty good indeed. However, the opponents encountered this time were too weak. Starting from the second week, the overall test would gradually become tougher. He didn’t care much about the other teams. The main thing was the first match that followed.

Their opponent was SUU. Putting aside the complex personal factors, it was difficult from the perspective of strength alone. In addition to Peng He, the current captain of SUU, there were the two newly introduced South Korean players who were very strong.

If SUU was still getting used to each other in the mid-season then based on the just concluded first week of the autumn competition, this team had already turned into a sword with a sharp edge! Obviously they would be a tough opponent.

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