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CAMP: Chapter 81

Today, the two of them played in normal ranking mode. They quickly completed the match-up and entered the BP interface. It was different from the previous times when he filled in any position. Lin Yan had agreed to take Jing Yuanzhou to earn points so he directly typed in the public screen after entering: [Fourth spot AD.]

However, the attention of others wasn’t on him. There was a moment’s pause before people started talking.

[New Century Actor: The third spot is… God Jing?]

[Mr.T: Yes.]

[Leave You to Eat Farts: F&k, a great god is playing? Then asking the great god to take me to fly!]

[Mr.T: I am playing support.]

[Leave You to Eat Farts: ???]

[New Century Actor: What, the wind was a bit strong just now. Can I trouble you to repeat what you just said?]

[Mr.T: I am playing support.]

[Mr.T: The fourth person is going to take me to fly.]

[Who Isn’t a Little Princess: Yes, he is just in charge of lying down and holding my thigh today.]

The others fell silent, apparently digesting the huge amount of information between the lines. For a public figure like Jing Yuanzhou, the IDs of the side accounts naturally weren’t a big secret. However, Lin Yan’s ID wasn’t known to many people except CP fans.

At this time, the few passersby players were at a loss and just repeatedly had a few thoughts. Titans didn’t take the top lane and changed to play support. Titans was actually lying down and waiting for someone else to take him to fly. The ID of the person who would take him to fly looked like it belonged to a girl…

To sum it up: Did Titans become so self-indulgent after leaving BK?!

As the passersby players completed the selection process in a muddled manner, the barrage of the live broadcast room was full of laughter.

[Hahahah, I can feel the collapse of these friends across the screen.]

[I just thought about a new headline: Surprise! The top side-lane player is actually…]

[Other than that, Titans is able to hug the coach’s thigh so skillfully. I really didn’t expect it.]

[Am I the only one curious about how well Titans can play a support?]

[He selected the fluorescent fairy. How well can he play? Taking out this hero shows he is ready to muddle along.]

[The taste of this technique fan has been caught by the coach’s jungler. I don’t know if I should have expectations for today’s shooter.]

[You judge, you judge, did the words Titans sent out just now seem like a pretty boy living off a rich woman?]

[Pfft, brother in front, once you accept this setting…]

[??? I’m afraid it’s poisonous. I can’t change it!]

Jing Yuanzhou glanced at the barrage during the game introduction and happened to see the last few messages. He couldn’t help laughing. “In fact, there is nothing wrong with living off someone, especially if it is Coach Lin’s food which is very delicious… Huh? Who is richer between Coach Lin and me?”

Jing Yuanzhou didn’t need to think about this question and blurted out, “Of course he is richer than me. Let me put it this way. The money in my card right now was given by the coach… private money?  It is a bit wrong for you to say this. In any case, the money can be considered as in exchange for proper labor. It is legitimate labor income and the channels are legal.”

[Hahahaha, fake, continue to fabricate things!]

[Titan’s mouth is a deceitful ghost.]

[It is all about selling. Can it still be legal?]

Lin Yan heard Jing Yuanzhou’s ambiguous words through the headphones and wasn’t surprised to see that the barrage had completely exploded. He thought of the scandal with Luni today and slightly raised an eyebrow.

As the game character refreshed, he bought equipment to go out while speaking indifferently, “Aren’t you embarrassed to mention selling yourself? I paid such a high fee but now you are lying down and letting me do the work. The barrage saying you’re living off me really isn’t wronging you.”

Jing Yuanzhou hadn’t expected Lin Yan to suddenly say this. He paused for a moment before laughing. “It is true that I am indeed wrong.”

Lin Yan started to clear the soldiers without delay. “Well, your attitude of admitting mistakes is okay.”

Jing Yuanzhou suggested, “Then you should lie down and let me do it.”

Lin Yan moved accurately and avoided the skills from the opponent. He instantly pushed the other shooter back under the tower and glanced at Jing Yuanzhou’s delicate figure. “You are this fairy. Can you do it?”

Jing Yuanzhou smile. “In any case, I will be able to satisfy you.”

The two of them were joking and didn’t notice that the barrage in the live broadcast room was going crazy.

[At this scale, won’t the live broadcast room be sealed?]

[Just now my mother asked me why my color suddenly changed.]

[Do these two people usually talk like this? What is with these ambiguous words?]

[I was wrong. I am underage and shouldn’t be here.]

[Parents love has always been a special show for adults and isn’t suitable for children. Children should obediently go to their guardian.]

[After listening to too much trash talk, hearing this type of talk is actually comfortable?]

[As for the naturalness of this dialogue, I’m sure the two of them must’ve done it!]

[This is irrefutable proof that Titans is the newly promoted pornographic anchor.]

[It seems there is no sense of violation when replacing the word ‘come’ to ‘move’?]

[Ahhhhh f&k. I f&king became stiff. How can these two men be so flirty?]

However, Jing Yuanzhou did what he said. It could be seen on the screen that the fluorescent fairy suddenly took the initiative.

Accurate predictive control, crucial shield protection, predicting the ganks of the enemy players… it was obviously such a weak and soft support character but Jing Yuanzhou gave it the feeling of playing a front row tank support.

He walked through the rain of bullets and exquisitely avoided most of the skills. He took advantage of the bushes to play around with the few people chasing behind him. Finally, he used the flash skill to avoid a fatal blow.

In the entire process, Lin Yan just needed to stand in the rear and output without any burden. By the time the game reached 12 minutes, under Jing Yuanzhou’s protection, Lin Yan directly developed into a shooter who could take a head with several shots.

The jungler who was the first player to speak to them came to gank a few times. After seeing Jing Yuanzhou’s series of operations that were like flowing water, he could only feel admiration. God Jing’s skills in picking up girls was really amazing! If he was that shooter, he would’ve completely fallen for the tenderness of this support! Absolutely! Truly amazing!

Seeing that the round was about to end, Lin Yan suddenly spoke into the microphone. “Okay, it was cool. Thank you. Don’t work hard now. Lie down and let me do it for you.”

Jing Yuanzhou heard that Lin Yan wanted to give him a break and took a sip of the coffee that was next to him. “Okay, I’ll listen to you.”

They played a total of four ranking games in this afternoon’s live broadcast. However, the amount of information in the entire process was a bit large. The audience of the live broadcast room was still a bit confused even after Jing Yuanzhou stopped broadcasting.

On the dark screen, the barrage still appeared quickly.

[Why is Coach Lin’s shooter so strong?]

[Why do I feel that the atmosphere between them is really strange?!]

[F&k, surely it isn’t real?]

[Speaking of which, Coach Lin is so skilled. Why isn’t he a professional player? He isn’t older than Titans, right?]

[Yes, why isn’t he signed to GH? Does the coach himself not want it or is management stupid?]

[I only care about Titans’ sale fee…]

[I have one thing to say. Doesn’t Titans listen to Coach Lin too much? Did he care about the coaching team when he was at BK?]

[Speaking of the coaching team, doesn’t it say that GH’s owner is very rich? Why is Coach Lin the only one showing up?]

[There is no problem for the coach to show up every day but I feel that he is involved in everything about GH.]

[I remember that the boss behind GH is the Lin Group? Oh, wait! Lin?]

[!!! Coach Lin also has the last name Lin…]

For e-sports clubs, the attention of the netizens was basically on the professional players. As for the boss behind the club, most had just heard about it. However, it was clearly discussed in today’s barrage. One Sherlock Holmes found clues on the Internet, peeling back layers to find the coach’s identity.

Lin Yan was also the prince of the Lin Group.

Barrage: [F&k, f&k, f&k?!!!]

So the boss who bought Titans from BK for 35 million yuan was Coach Lin?!

[No wonder why Titans said that all the money in his card is from the coach. Isn’t this selling himself?]

After finding out this knowledge and looking back at the previous things, everyone couldn’t help falling silent. They really wanted to stop their brains but the more they thought about it, the more they felt they had irrefutable evidence that Titans was being supported…

The local rich person sought true love and spent a lot of money just to make the great god smile. He didn’t hesitate to set up a huge e-sports club to eventually win the championship—this script was simply too touching!

In fact, Lin Yan had never hidden his identity but they didn’t pay attention to it. Over time, people just considered him a coach. Unexpectedly, he just accompanied Jing Yuanzhou for a few double matches and after dinner, the Internet turned over his identity.

Originally, Lin Yan’s popularity was mainly with the CP fans. Then recently, the name of the GH team itself brought its own traffic. Jing Yuanzhou’s topic had always been extremely high. The two people joining together created another wave of hot searches and the posture of rising up was extremely legendary.

Lin Yan casually opened an entry and looked at it. With one glance, he saw a popular title. “…The Overbearing Coach and the God-level Side-Lane Player?”


What was this?

The other person was in a good state of acceptance and didn’t forget to congratulate him. “Congratulations, you saved money on publicity expenses.”

Lin Yan couldn’t help looking up at Jing Yuanzhou. He originally wanted to make some complaints but thinking about it carefully, it was indeed true.

After weighing the pros and cons, Lin Yan didn’t ask Luo Mo to spend money to withdraw the hot search. He threw the phone away and turned to arrange the training content for the night.

Forget it, it wasn’t a secret anyway. He wouldn’t send away the free heat. Let them be!

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Dudas dudosas que espero me resuelvan en algún momento:
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i wonder if we will know other Lin family members

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