CAMP: Chapter 80

The opening ceremony of the autumn competition officially ended in this way. After the opening match, they should’ve entered the regular season. Unexpectedly, the next day, the front page headlines of major e-sports media was completely occupied by the same topic.

#Five demon king players gather in the parking lot#, #Titans’s return#,  #sympathy between the great gods# and other topics all jumped into the hot search headlines.

All the photos after entering these articles were shot with the parking lot in the background. In the distance, they could see the god-level players in the uniforms of each team standing in one place, the light making everything feel very sacred.

The photo of Luni and Jing Yuanzhou holding hands was particularly eye-catching. This type of scene where top players gathered together was only seen in official events such as the all-star games or the opening ceremony. At this time, the private contact between this group of players was suddenly exposed. They were all top-traffic god-level players and it wasn’t a surprise that they instantly detonated the Internet.]

[F&k, is the parking lot after the opening ceremony so wonderful?]

[Ahhh, I know that place! I wanted to go there on that day but was stopped by the security guards. I hate it!]

[What are the great gods playing? Titans’ strength is just that. Is there any need to give such a big shock?]

[Oh, his strength is just that? Upstairs, do you want to try eating the keyboard?]

[Wuwuwu, I’m suddenly in tears. Titans is the best in the world. He deserves it!]

[Oh my god, is this the friendship between the demon king players. Fight to the death on the field while cherishing each other off the field?]

[Looking at this, the interviews at the opening ceremony weren’t just casual talk. It seems that the professional teams are really caring about GH?]

[Don’t say anything else. Is a rookie team like GH worth it? At most, I can accept it as giving some face to Titans.]

[Wuhoo, wake up! Titans is your opponent!]

[Wait, the last photo… I suddenly think that the pair of Luni and Titans is a bit good?]

[The upstairs person finally said my heart! Loving each other while wanting to kill each other, I feel it!]

[Can sparks collide between the mid-lane and top-lane? Isn’t this it?]

[Look at the eyes of these two people, look at the smile on Titans’ face! It’s my taste, my taste!]

[Oh, evil. Get lost! Parents love is true!]

Netizens were discussing it on the Internet while the inside of the major clubs was also particularly exciting.

The managers of each team almost failed to control themselves and wanted to grab a kitchen knife. If it wasn’t for the fact that these top players were the pillars of their team, they would likely lose control and cut them one by one. The roaring voices were full of soul questioning, “What were you thinking? Can you tell me what you were thinking at the time?”

The team managers really wanted to break open these players’ heads to understand them. These great gods were usually so reluctant when finding them to shoot publicity and endorsements.

The result? They ran to others to stir up free enthusiasm! The other side was now receiving more unprecedented positive enthusiasm than ever! Didn’t they deserve it as managers who worked hard for the club?!

In fact, the blame wasn’t on the managers.

When the news first came out, it was initially just a pure rivalry friendship. Then it was obvious that the PR department of the GH Club took action at the right time. The direction was gradually brought to the strength of the GH team. Many fans started to join in and shot their names, hoping for some passionate collisions between the other teams and GH on the field.

The more that the topic of GH soared in popularity, the more the managers of each team had to take quick-acting heart-saving pills. What was the difference between f&king them up and stepping on their graves to take their traffic?!

In particular, Brother Chen, the manager of LDF, almost smashed his phone screen into Luni’s face. He gritted his teeth and squeezed out a sentence, “I would ask you what you were thinking but Luni… why have I never found that you can build a sense of CP with Titans?”

Luni had been ready to be reprimanded when he heard the news early this morning but these words inevitably gave him a pause. “What CP feeling?”

Brother Chen shook his phone. “It’s the netizens’ new combination. Congratulations, your record of zero gossip has ended. Surprise! Are you happy?”

Luni clearly saw the contents of the comments and stopped eating the deep-fried breadstick in his mouth. “……”

He was an innocent, straight man who wanted beauty and talent. If there needed to be a scandal, shouldn’t it be with a beautiful anchor? In the end, he formed a CP with a big man like Jing Yuanzhou? How could he be happy?

A strange silence flowed between the two men for a moment. Just then, the phone on the table vibrated twice. Luni hadn’t recovered yet as he reached out and saw the source of the message at once. It was the one who had caused his innocence to be destroyed.

The other person’s message was very brief. [If you need something then please mention me in the group or contact our coach directly. See you in a month.]

Luni couldn’t understand the meaning of these words for a while. He was just about to frown when enlightenment struck and he realized. He used a paper towel to wipe the oil from his fingers, quickly typed a full stop and sent it.

Unsurprisingly, he received a notification from WeChat. [Z has turned on friends verification. You are not his (her) friend. Please send a friend verification request. You can only chat to the other person after the verification.]

Even if he had a premonition, Luni couldn’t endure it anymore when he saw the message. “F&k, this beast?!”

Although according to Jing Yuanzhou’s personality, he would probably do some actions to avoid suspicion and prove his innocence but Luni never expected this person to be so crazy.

‘See me in one month? Oh, never again!’

Once the time came, he wouldn’t add this dog man as a friend even if he kneeled down to beg!

Meanwhile, Jing Yuanzhou sneezed in GH’s base. Lin Yan raised his head from where he was sitting on the sofa and looked over. “Have you caught a cold?”

Jing Yuanzhou touched the tip of his nose. “No.”

Lin Yan raised his eyebrow. “Then think about it. Did you recently offend someone?”

Jing Yuanzhou thought for a moment and told the truth. “I’ve offended too many people and I can’t lock onto one.”

Lin Yan gave a low laugh before closing his eyes. From a distance, the Weibo interface could be seen on his phone. Lin Yan had been reading the comments just now. There wasn’t much emotion on his face. Only his fingertips moved flexibly on the screen.

Jing Yuanzhou had also quietly logged into Weibo to take a look. The content of the comments had been occupied by the evil CP party that came out of nowhere. These people said that his and Luni’s CP had very real feelings and the limelight overshadowed the Parents CP fans. On a whole, the current situation could be described as more serious than ever before.

Jing Yuanzhou glanced at Lin Yan’s expression and was silent for a moment. Then he walked slowly to the back of the sofa. Lin Yan’s entire attention was on his phone and he apparently wasn’t paying attention to Jing Yuanzhou. It wasn’t until the man’s shadow slowly fell over him from the back of the sofa that he came back to his senses.

The moment he was going to look back, Jing Yuanzhou’s voice entered his ears. “It seems our Parents love hasn’t been in business for a long time? There are no training arrangements this afternoon. Should we consider giving our CP fans some benefits?”

His breathing was so close that Lin Yan’s ears instantly heated up. At this time, he finally realized Jing Yuanzhou’s intentions. He held back a smile and pushed this person away a bit. “Don’t make trouble. It really doesn’t need to be that way. I’m not that type of careful person.”

“I know you’re not. “ Jing Yuanzhou stood up straight and looked down extremely calmly. “However, I am.”

Seeing the person in front of him look back in an inquiring manner, Jing Yuanzhou thought for a moment before continuing without hesitation. “What should we do? We might not have officially started dating but we have at least determined our status. Now the Internet is talking about the matter between me and Luni in such a straightforward manner. If it leads to my position in the palace being at risk, won’t I cry?”

Lin Yan stared at Jing Yuanzhou steadily for a while before muttering with a smile, “I’m not crying. Why are you crying?”

Jing Yuanzhou’s tone was serious. “I really will cry.”

Lin Yan was a bit stupefied by this attitude and vaguely felt something move in his heart. He was indeed not a careful person but… it seemed he wasn’t as generous as he seemed. Otherwise, there was no need for him to talk to fans in the comments area.

His fingertips moved and Lin Yan calmly deleted the replies he had planned to post under these comments with his side account. Then he cleared his throat. “Well, this is fine. It’s nothing, so I’ll satisfy you.”

Three minutes later, Jing Yuanzhou suddenly started live broadcasting without warning. In the short time it took to organize his equipment, the barrage of the live broadcast room became a battle scene between the new TL CP fans and the Parents CP fans.

In the midst of the battle, there were people in the barrage trying to inquire about the specific details of what happened in the parking lot. There were some who even wanted to tentatively ask Jing Yuanzhou if he was happy being ‘favored’ by so many gods at the same time.

Jing Yuanzhou didn’t seem to notice the contents of the barrage and there was no interaction in the entire process. Just as his equipment was finally adjusted and he entered his account to log in, a figure suddenly entered the camera of his live broadcast room.

Lin Yan handed him a cup of freshly brewed coffee and reminded him, “There are still training games to be played in the evening so it can only be broadcasted for a while in the afternoon. After all, you should pay more attention to rest after a match.”

Jing Yuanzhou let out a low hum of agreement. “You have the final say.”

The barrage paused for a moment without warning. Once Lin Yan finished delivering the coffee, he turned and sat at the next computer. He logged into the game, naturally sent Jing Yuanzhou a team invitation and the two of them entered the queue.

Lin Yan checked the keys and after confirming there were no problems, he casually asked, “What position do you want to play today?”

“I want to play support. Can you take me?”

[This time, can I understand it as being spoiled?]

[Titans playing support? What type of devil’s live broadcast is this???]

[Previous person, wake up. The point is that Titans is asking the coach to take him?]

[I’m sure there will be a new hot search soon.]

[#Surprise, Titans actually asked people to take him to gain points# doghead.jpg.]

Lin Yan paused before nodding in response. “Okay. The support has a lower operation requirement so you can rest.”

He gently stretched his joints. “Just lie down.”

Jing Yuanzhou smiled. “Thank you for taking me to fly.”

The two people chatting and smiling didn’t notice that the barrage of the live broadcast room had long gone completely crazy. The fans of the TL group who were frantically looking for a sense of existence weren’t even in the live broadcast room for 10 minutes before declaring their collapse.

Barrage: [Ahhhhh, the coach is so pampering!!!]

The author has something to say:

Luni: Why do I always get hurt??? In addition, Jing Yuanzhou, you are a real dog!

Proofreader: Nao 

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