CAMP: Chapter 8

His attitude made it seem that he wasn’t surprised by Jing Yuanzhou’s suggestion. Jing Yuanzhou watched Lin Yan and could only think of one possibility. “Have other clubs invited you?”

Lin Yan cocked his head to look at the other person. “Little brother, look at the mess I played just now. Besides you, who else would invite me?”

Jing Yuanzhou took out a cigarette, directly placed it in his mouth and didn’t answer.

Was it messy? Indeed, for the entire afternoon, Lin Yan had played in a different position almost every game and seemed to be a pure hoodlum. However, someone who paid close attention would find that each hero’s choice could always quietly make up for the biggest flaw in the team’s lineup.

Every time Lin Yan entered the game, he took the place of filling in the missing position. He gave priority to his teammates to choose the heroes and was often the last one to make a choice. This meant that every time a hero was taken, a decision was made in a few seconds after determining the lineup of both sides.

After every game, it seemed like he never had the chance to get the MVP but thinking about it carefully, this teammate who seemed to have no sense of existence in the entire game would often make a quick decision in a crucial moment of the team battle to determine victory or defeat.

Even Jing Yuanzhou wouldn’t have found this if he hadn’t been constantly observing from Lin Yan’s perspective. Still, even without looking at these details, just being able to maintain the unsuccessful existence in every round was already a scary thing to think about.

You know, players doing the ranking ladder often chose their best heroes. Lin Yan’s ability to ‘peacefully develop’ with the opponent’s players in any position while passively filling out this position proved that he had sufficient insight into the attributes of these heroes.

There were no more than 10 people in the Burning Hot League, including Jing Yuanzhou, who could do this. This was already a very surprising number.

Jing Yuanzhou was suddenly curious about Lin Yan’s serious attitude. If he really chose the position he was best at and the most skilled hero, what would he be like?

He knew very well that Lin Yan wasn’t short of money but how many people really entered the professional league purely for money? The willingness to spend so much money to establish a club was enough to show his yearning for the field of e-sports. On the premise of having sufficient strength, why didn’t he become a professional player?

Lin Yan faced such a straightforward and explicit gaze. He originally wanted to flirt but ended up changing it to a low cough. “Don’t look at me like that. I will feel sorry.”

Jing Yuanzhou thought it was a bit novel. “There is actually a time when Chief Lin feels embarrassed?”

Lin Yan stared at this face for a while and smiled. “In the face of a man like Captain Jing, how many people can maintain absolute calm?”

“Then can you impulsively satisfy my curiosity?”

Lin Yan blinked. “In fact, it’s nothing. I simply feel that it is better for me to be a coach behind the scenes than a professional player.”

Jing Yuanzhou wondered, “You want to be the coach?”

He obviously hadn’t expected Lin Yan to think so. You know, most coaches often made this choice because they weren’t strong enough to meet professional standards or they were professional players about to retire.

“Why? Isn’t it good to be a coach.” Lin Yan’s lips curved up lazily. “The glory on the stage is certainly attractive but there must always be someone standing behind it, isn’t that right God Jing?”

Naturally, no one had a deeper understanding of a coach’s importance to the club than Jing Yuanzhou. After all, the beginning of BK’s collapse began quietly from the moment when the coaching staff couldn’t keep up with the rhythm.

“In addition, compared to the boring training, I like the feeling of playing with people between applause.”’ Lin Yan smiled. “My words about being the man standing behind you weren’t just a joke.”

He lifted his legs and instantly turned his chair back away. “In any case, you haven’t answered my question yet. What do you think of this child I like?’

He casually tapped on the mouse a few times and played a video. Jing Yuanzhou didn’t continue the topic. He glanced at the computer screen and evaluated, “He is very strong but is a bit too independent.”

The word ‘independent’ wasn’t necessarily a good thing in the professional league.

It could mean that the individual strength was outstanding and this was enough to complete the carry in the field without the support of teammates. On the other hand, it could also be understood as being too selfish, easily disconnected from the team and too low in team integration.

Once, Jing Yuanzhou was ridiculed by the e-sports media as an excessively ‘independent’ man. The BK team had just been reorganized that year and the other newcomers in the team were unable to keep up with his pace. The team was out of touch with each other during the match.

Anyone with a little knowledge of this period of history knew that for Jing Yuanzhou, the word ‘independent’ had a special meaning.

However, Lin Yan nodded in satisfaction after hearing the words. He took out a pen and wrote something down in his notebook. “Titans has the same opinion as me. I am very happy.”

Jing Yuanzhou was silent for a moment. “Such a player isn’t necessarily a good thing for a team.”

“I know.” Lin Yan gently tapped against the table with the tip of his pen and smiled at Jing Yuanzhou. “Sometimes it is more difficult to make someone slow down and wait for his teammates to catch up then it is to improve and break through. Such sacrifices aren’t something that everyone can do.”

Jing Yuanzhou froze for a moment under such a soft and calm gaze.

Then Lin Yan continued slowly. “Since it is too difficult, why not let his teammates catch up with him?”

Jing Yuanzhou laughed. “That isn’t an easy task.”

He still remembered when he had just entered the league and was pushed to the top of the altar. Still, it was impossible for all the members of the team to be geniuses. They entered the semi-finals as a dark horse but the shortcomings in their lack of strength were completely revealed. During the team battle, the other teammates were unable to keep up with his rhythm. BK looked like loose sand on the field. After the match, the fans came to the official Weibo to say goodbye and stop being fans. The media reported that it was the most tragic turnover scene of the season.

After that, the other members of BK actively tried to run in but the gap in their strength was like a deep ditch in front of them. The balance point was unable to be found and the coaching staff eventually decided that Jing Yuanzhou would change part of his style to match the rhythm of the team.

Since then, the Titans on the field was no longer as sharp as he was in the beginning. On the other hand, it was precisely due to this reason that Jing Yuanzhou became the strongest pillar behind BK and the dynasty belonging to BK officially opened. This type of personal experience made Jing Yuanzhou aware of the difficulty of Lin Yan’s understated words.

However, Lin Yan obviously didn’t think so.

“How can I know if I don’t try it?” Lin Yan took out a form to fill in Gloy’s name and once again looked at Jing Yuanzhou with a smile. “Don’t you think this kid’s laning style is very similar to someone?”

Jing Yuanzhou thought about it for a moment. “It is like me.”

He might walk on the side lanes and this Gloy played the mid-lane but there was still a trace of his playing style. To be precise, it was his style when he first joined the league, unpolished edges and a biting cold wind.

“As expected of TItans, your vision is really accurate. Gloy is your number one fan!” Lin Yan flipped through his notebook and showed a page to Jing Yuanzhou. “Since his strength has been recognized by God Jing, I’ll consider him qualified for the interview. This is the child’s WeChat. I’m asking God Jing to issue a professional invitation on behalf of the club.”

Jing Yuanzhou, “……”

After going around in such a big circle, this was originally what he wanted?”

His lips slowly curved in a smile. “Chief Lin is really doing good business. Taking me from BK can also solve the recruitment problem of the other players?”

Lin Yan showed a cheeky smile. “You came here so I can’t waste it. I must make the best use of it!”

Jing Yuanzhou didn’t say much and finally confirmed it again. “You’ve decided?”

Lin Yan pulled out a new mobile phone. “Use the club’s mobile phone.”

“No, use my own.”

Lin Yan smiled and calmly took back his phone.

Gloy’s WeChat was added smoothly. The note ‘I am Titans’ attached to the application meant it was passed in seconds.

As for the invitation to join GH, he agreed without hesitation.

Jing Yuanzhou saw the sentence ‘I’m willing’ sent by the other person and frowned slightly. He replied: [It isn’t the BK team. Do you want to consider it carefully?”

Gloy: [What about you, God Jing? Will you be there?]

Jing Yuanzhou: [En.]

Gloy: [There are no problems as long as you are there!]

He seemed to be a diehard fan who was only a loyal fan of the player, not the specific team. Lin Yan happened to see such a sentence when he came over and he sighed emotionally. “The children these days are so cute!”

Jing Yuanzhou glanced at him. “Chief Lin, don’t you think this is like consuming my character to abduct a child?”

Lin Yan raised an index finger. “How can you say it is like consuming your character? Being able to come to GH is clearly an accumulation of blessings.”

Jing Yuanzhou raised his eyebrow noncommittally and reluctantly agreed with this statement. He lowered his head and fiddled with the phone before putting it back in his pocket. “Please contact Gloy for the specific signing of the contract.”

“Of course.”

“By the way, I talked to him about this afternoon’s live broadcast and there are some words he wants to convey to you.”

Lin Yan took a cup and raised it to his lips. “Hmm?”

Jing Yuanzhou told him, “Financial backer little sister, you are really super soft and cute. I look forward to the next time we formally meet!”

Lin Yan spat out the mouthful of water he just drank and Jing Yuanzhou smiled. “That is it.”

Lin Yan, “……”

He might’ve followed Gloy around and given him exaggerated compliments all afternoon but how was this acting soft?!

Jing Yuanzhou inexplicably felt that Lin Yan’s deflated appearance was particularly cute and couldn’t help taking another look. The cigarette hanging from his mouth swayed slightly as he got up from his chair. “It’s late. I’ll go back first.”

Lin Yan also got up. “The transfer period will open in a few days. I will go to the BK Club to pick you up.”

Jing Yuanzhou thought about it and nodded. “That’s fine.”

Lin Yan sent Jing Yuanzhou to the door and watched him leave before turning back around. He made a call to Luo Mo to arrange the signing procedures before rubbing his temples and sitting down on the sofa. He wasn’t needed to carry anyone but an afternoon of ranking was really tiring.

Lin Yan lay down and his eyes stared at the ceiling.

In fact, according to the plot of the original novel, the time in which Gloy entered the professional league should be soon. A boy made of gold was always glowing and hot. It was just that he didn’t sign with GH, a non-existent club, but BK’s rival team LW.

In the original novel, the BK Club had serious internal disagreements due to Jing Yuanzhou’s staying or leaving. By the time Gloy finally received an invitation from a professional team, Jing Yuanzhou had made the choice to retire early for the sake of the BK team’s harmony.

It was precisely this that made Gloy even more dissatisfied with BK.

The once young teenager was polished and grew in the professional league, finally becoming the demon king of the mid-lane that made the world frightened. However, the teammates who couldn’t keep up with him inevitably became a burden to Gloy. This made him repeat the mistake of Titans and he gradually dimmed under the aura of the original novel’s protagonist.

The lights at the top were faintly dazzling.

Lin Yan glanced at the headphones that had been thrown aside since the start of the afternoon and reached out a hand to cover his eyes. However, his mouth curved up arrogantly.

Indeed, who wouldn’t want to enjoy the glory in front of the stage if possible? However, since he was destined to be unable to become a professional player, he would focus on this behind-the-scenes role and support everyone to become the most shining presence on the field.

Jing Yuanzhou was right. Some things weren’t so easy to achieve. But how would he know if he didn’t try? It was when all the ‘impossible’ became ‘possible’ that it truly made people feel excited…

The author has something to say:

Lin Yan: I want to be stimulated.

Jing Yuanzhou: My name is ‘stimulation.’

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Hua Hua
Hua Hua
1 year ago

Oh no, what happened thooo. What do u mean destinedddd???

4 months ago

Maybe LY’s talking about the transmigration putting him in the body of someone past the age of being a pro gamer? 🤔
Also I’m super curious about who the original novel’s protagonist is 👀 But I don’t know if it will ever be specified. I feel like the protagonist should be that promising newcomer that ‘replaced’ JYZ, what was his name? Something Min.

3 months ago
Reply to  TheJiaoCoin

‘Lin Yan glanced at the headphones that had been thrown aside since the start of the afternoon’ hmm…this make me think perhaps he have some sort of trauma or maybe he was injured before and he can’t play anymore, either way I think this stems from something deeper than him being past the age