CAMP: Chapter 79

There was a live broadcast for the opening ceremony of the autumn competition. From the beginning of the ceremony to the opening match, the barrage in the live broadcast room never stopped. During the initial interview stage, there were no shortage of people mocking GH for being pretentious. Then the match officially started and it was covered in cheers for the MEN team.

However, it wasn’t difficult for netizens who followed MEN’s previous games to find that the number of supporters in this match was a bit excessive. It wasn’t clear if those who suddenly appeared were MEN’s true fans or GH’s black fans. Finally, the barrage was completely silenced by the almost impeccable performance of the GH team.

At the end of the match, GH’s players could be seen taking off their headphones. They headed to the other side to shake hands with the players of MEN. Then they stepped down, walked off the stage and hugged the man waiting under the stage one by one.

The big screen cut to that area and the face of the young coach was displayed in front of the audience. Anyone who knew the GH team wouldn’t be unfamiliar with this Coach Lin. Since the establishment of GH, he had always been by the side of his team, from the variety show all the way to the professional league.

The other team members had already embraced and only the last person was left. The originally indifferent coach seemed to pause for a moment. He looked up at the close-up shot on the big screen before a smile appeared on his face.

The two of them looked at each other for a while. Then they hugged, gently patting each other’s backs. It was clearly the same action as before but after changing the person, a strange ambiguity appeared on the screen.

After a moment of silence, screams came from one corner after another. Fans of the other teams looked up blankly and saw that the few GH supporters suddenly became agitated. It wasn’t known who took the lead but there were waves ‘Parents love is true!’

In the post-match interview, the host handed the microphone to the match’s MVP, Gu Luo. Before this, no one thought that the best performer in this year’s opening match would actually be such an unknown new mid-laner.

It was the first time Gu Luo was facing the camera lens alone like this. It was hard for him to overcome the nervousness of going on stage and at this time, he couldn’t help blushing under the attention of the public.

He couldn’t specifically remember what the host asked. He just looked at the camera mechanically and stammered uncontrollably. “H-Hello everyone, thank you for your support of our GH team. I’m very happy to have such a good performance in today’s match. I believe that in this regular season, we will go back home… no! I mean, our Go Home, we will definitely maintain our momentum and se… send, all, opponents, home!”

He took a deep breath to finish the final words forcefully. Then he sighed with relief.

Gu Luo just thought that he completed the task and his first reaction was a quick exit. As a result, he didn’t pay attention to the action of the host next to him and gave a very standard 90 degree bow to the camera.

Everything happened so unexpectedly that it almost knocked over the female host who just came over. The scene became chaotic as microphones scattered all over the place.

Lin Yan was helping the other team members packing their things in the lounge. He inadvertently raised his head and saw the scene on the TV. “Ah Mo, go and greet those in the PR department. Let them prepare to give PR training to the team members. As for Gloy’s interview, people who don’t know anything might think we cheated him into the team and forcefully brainwashed him?”

Bi Yaohua watched it with gusto. “Don’t do it Coach! This is Gloy’s personal characteristic! Doesn’t he have a lot of mom fans? Once this interview gets out, the material love will be more widespread and his popularity is absolutely guaranteed!”

Lin Yan looked back with a smile. “What about you? I remember that the Trash Talk King has a lot of father fans right? So after you get the MVP, are you going to put on a good show during the interview? Gloy has maternal love while you have paternal love. From this point of view, the fans of our GH team are really a loving family!”

Jian Ye helped in a timely manner. “The coach is right!”

“What is right?!” Bi Yaohua almost choked on his own saliva. “Coach, don’t say that. Do those idiots who bite my butt everyday deserve to be my father? I have to think about whether I want to recognize them as unfilial children or grandchildren first.”

“Yes, then think about it slowly.” Lin Yan didn’t continue this topic. However, Bi Yaohua had reminded him to click into the interface of the live broadcast room and he was a bit surprised when he saw the barrage. “Tsk, I didn’t expect for the audience to really eat Gloy’s style…”

The live broadcast room at this time was a sea of laughter. The heat was no less than when they swept through the field during the game.

[Hahahaha, what is going on with this mid-laner of the GH team? He is making me nervous.]

[I can’t stand it. Isn’t he too cute?]

[Damn, is he really the one who got five kills on the field just now? The style is completely different!]

[Indeed, the match was so fierce that when I watched GH coming down just now, I thought the man with the scar was the mid-laner…]

[I’m laughing to death. Wake up. The one with the scar is Brother Gun. Brother Gun played the big-breasted healer!]

[Yes, you don’t understand the gentleness of our male mother~~]


[I want to take the liberty to ask, is the contrast cuteness GH’s team culture?]

[Don’t say that. Isn’t BB’s shamate style head and his temperament consistent enough?]

[F&k, looking at it this way, why do I feel like there is nothing good in GH?]

The final audience interaction session was still going on at the opening ceremony. The entries #GH’s team culture#, #current style of e-sports players#, #autumn season opening match# and #GH’s strength# boarded the hot search one after another.

Gu Luo returned to the lounge with a lowered head after the interview.

He could feel that the interview was a complete collapse. He had wanted to speak tough but there was no effect. He had wanted to be calm and almost knocked down the host. He had wanted to show off but he stuttered as he spoke. Finally, he desperately wanted to dig a hole to bury himself in.

Gu Luo was mentally prepared but his teammates didn’t laugh at him as expected. By this time, everyone in the lounge had already packed up their things. Bi Yaohua carried a bag in one hand and rubbed the grandma gray hair with his other hand as he passed by. “You’re finally back, MVP rookie.”

Jian Ye followed from behind and gently patted Gu Luo like he was a puppy. “Not bad, not bad. Keep up the good work. We will rely on you for our team’s new popularity.”

Even Chen Yushen passing by tried to reach out and touch it. He was presumably surprised to find that it felt good. After a pause, he couldn’t help touching it twice more.

Gu Luo’s head was rubbed a few times and he was a bit shy. Then he looked up and found that Jing Yuanzhou had come to his side. Gu Luo saw his own captain and instinctively paused. He was instinctively preparing to send his head up when Jing Yuanzhou handed over his bag. “Your things are already here. Let’s go back.”

Gu Luo was stunned for a moment before coming back to his senses. “Ah… thank you, Captain.”

Jing Yuanzhou smiled. “Don’t thank me. It is your coach who helped you clean up.”

Gu Luo looked back. “Thank you, Coach!”

Lin Yan walked over to Gu Luo, his broad palms naturally covering this person’s head. The hair that had just been erected was suddenly squashed. “Don’t thank me. Before the next match, prepare some interview drafts in advance. I found that you didn’t realize interviews are necessary after winning a match.”

Gu Luo didn’t expect that after going around in a circle, the problem he was most worried about eventually came back. His face was hot and his entire head was lowered as he replied helplessly, “Hmm… I’ll pay attention next time.”

Under the guidance of the staff, the group of people went through the safe passage to the parking lot. They had planned to take the business car back to the club, but the moment they walked out of the exit, the scene in the parking lot stunned everyone.

No one thought that the teams who came today hadn’t left yet. At a glance, they could see the brightly colored uniforms. These people were gathered in groups of three to five to talk. Then they noticed GH’s appearance and stopped communicating with each other.

Lin Yan glanced at it briefly and raised his eyebrow with surprise. BK, LDF, Three, PAY… none of the present top teams in the league were absent. He felt a moment of consternation at this scene but he also understood it.

He glanced over and saw that the man next to him was also showing a rare stunned expression. Such an expression was so rare that Lin Yan couldn’t help taking a second look before opening his mouth with a smile, “This arrangement is so big. Aren’t they waiting for you?”

The moment he spoke, a few people emerged from the crowd not far away.

“Then let’s go first. Captain, we’ll wait for you in the car.” Bi Yaohua was particularly sharp-eyed at this time. His shooter’s precise intuition played a role as he quickly found the escape route and grabbed the others to run away.

Lin Yan gently patted Jing Yuanzhou on the shoulder. “Don’t worry and chat slowly.”

Jing Yuanzhou’s gaze skimmed over his face. “Okay.”

Luni saw everything. Once Lin Yan was far away, he asked in a mocking tone, “This type of chatting requires your coach’s approval?”

Jing Yuanzhou was indifferent. “Yes, we have strict family education.”

Luni couldn’t tease this person and choked up instead. It took him a long time to let out a word. “F&k!”

So proud of being supervised?

In a rare manner, AI’s attention was attracted. “This coach is the one who was playing jungler at the time? When can I make an appointment for a doubles match?”

Jing Yuanzhou answered, “It’s inconvenient. He only lines up with me.”

AI was frowning when DeMen next to them stopped it in time. “Well, it doesn’t matter if it can’t be arranged. We can go back and play together.”

AI glanced at Demen without much interest. “Whatever.”

Jing Yuanzhou looked around and laughed. “So what are you all doing here? If I remember correctly, today is the opening ceremony and not the closing ceremony right? Are you all so leisurely that you can come over?”

Just now, a group of great gods were talking and Ku Tianlu didn’t dare open his mouth. He heard this and finally found a chance to interrupt. “It’s because today is the opening and GH’s first public appearance so we…”

Before he could finish, he heard the loud voice of the teenager next to him. “Master, welcome back!”

Such a voice passed through the empty surroundings and fell into his ears clearly, each word knocking against his heart. Jing Yuanzhou had guessed it already but his eyes still inevitably shook.

Wuhoo and Come of the Three team walked over and reached out their hands. “Welcome back.”

Jing Yuanzhou shook hands with the two people in turn while smiling. “If you hadn’t been looking at the time on your phone the entire time, I would’ve been more moved by this sentence.”

Wuhoo raised his eyebrow. “I wasn’t the one who wanted to come. I would be happy without you in the league. However, Come said that everyone from other teams is here. If we don’t come then it will be very impolite. However, it is a waste of time.”

Come looked helpless. “I didn’t say that.”

Jing Yuanzhou had long been used to the duplicity of this great god shooter. “Don’t worry, you will soon find that GH is the bigger trouble for you.”

“Are you so confident?” Wuhoo glanced at him. “You haven’t been in the professional league for so long. I can’t tell if your skills have regressed or not but your mouth is still the same as always.”

Luni couldn’t help laughing. “Okay, there isn’t much difference between the two of you. No one can say who is good.”

He noticed the eyes of the two people and cleared his throat. Once he looked at Jing Yuanzhou again, his serious expression was restored and he reached out a hand. “In any case, welcome back, Titans.”

Jing Yuanzhou glanced at the particularly delicate and small ponytail at the back of Luni’s head today and his lips were faintly curved. “Thank you.”

The afterglow of twilight sprinkled a layer of light on this group of people. The players of other teams looked at the top players in the league from a distance with moved expressions. Was this the friendship between the strongest players in the China division? Yet even if they were touched, they didn’t dare approach rashly. In the end, they were filled with complex and full emotions as they stopped talking.

It was just… just now, it seemed that a few media reporters had secretly ‘passed by’. Did they need to send a representative to remind the great gods?

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1 year ago

This team is seriously too cute ww, cant get enough of em

Thank you for the chapter!!

7 months ago

Jing Yuanzhou’s gaze skimmed over his face. “Okay.”

Luni saw everything. Once Lin Yan was far away, he asked in a mocking tone, “This type of chatting requires your coach’s approval?”

Jing Yuanzhou was indifferent. “Yes, we have strict family education.”

Luni couldn’t tease this person and choked up instead. It took him a long time to let out a word. “F&k!”

So proud of being supervised?